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Old 02-21-2005, 01:45 AM
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Smile Halo: Pokemon Evolved

Ok, I'm starting a project, where I am fusing the Halo world with the Pokemon world. I'm gonna start posting graphics, then I'm gonna make a game out of it. So far, I only have one type of soldier down: Spartan + Cacturne = Cactan.

I need help with fusions:

Spartans - Cacturne
Cortona - ?
Marines - ?
Commander Jacob Keyes - ?
Sargent Johnson - ?
Grunts - ?
Jackals - ?
Elites - ?
Hunters - ?
Flood Infection - ?
Flood Carrier - ?
Flood Combat - ?
Flood Brain - ?

Please tell me if I have forgotten anyone on the list.
Once I am done with this, maybe I'll do a Halo 2

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