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Old 08-31-2007, 12:39 AM
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Default BlazikenMaster's First Trade Thread

i am willing to trade some legit shiny pokemon only if you have the shinies that i want(or maybe somone eles if it is sinnoh and not what i have listed). Here are the regular pokemon that i have:
pichu w/ volt takle(2 females, 1 male)
elekids w/electrilizers(2 females, 10 males)
any breeded pokemon
chansey lv16
omastar lv 44
kabutops lv40
aerodactyl lv36
articuno lv50(untouched)
moltres lv50 (untouched)
dragonite lv61
mewtwo lv70(untouched)
Sudowoodo lv40
scizor lv49
blissey lv38
raikou lv50(untouched)
suicune lv51
sceptile lv50
blaziken lv37
swampert lv50 knows take down, earthquake, ice beam, and hydro pump
flygon lv45
craydily lv40
feebas lv7
beldum lv5(untouched)
regirock lv47
regice lv47
regisrteel lv47
latios lv50(untouched)
groudon lv100
craniados lv20 x2(untouched)
dusknoir lv54
froslass lv1

Chimchar lv1
drifloon lv22
prinplup lv23(with pokerus)
luxio lv23
skorupi lv26
electrivire lv30
magmortar lv32
weavile lv35
bronzong lv38
darkrai lv40(traded)
dialga lv47
cresselia lv50
shaymin lv50(traded)
lucario lv58
heatran lv70
regigigas lv70
giratina lv100

Wants(all males):
shiny low leveled elekid
shiny low leveled beldum
shiny low leveled shieldon
shiny low leveled snover
shiny low leveled ralts(w/evolution item)
shiny low leveled carvanha(with hydro pump)
shiny low leveled sneasal(w/evolution item)
shiny low leveled pikachu/pichu w/ volt takle
almost any shiny legendaries
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Old 08-31-2007, 12:40 AM
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Default Re: BlazikenMaster's First Trade Thread

oh what things we bot represent with ho-oh
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Old 08-31-2007, 12:41 AM
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Default Re: BlazikenMaster's First Trade Thread

Is your Cresselia ut and legit? if so i can offer a shiny lvl5 elekid ut for it

Edit: or shiny giratina
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