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Old 07-17-2007, 01:28 AM
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Default Throwing vibrating ducks at baby seals, also known as Psychic's URPG Stats

UserName: Psychic

Instant Messenger: PsyMoonShadow on AIM on MSN

Money: $32,000

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 35/32/--
FFA Record: Pouncefang dies second, Pouncefang dies fifth, Pouncefang is 3rd out of 11, Pouncefang is 11th out of 14, Bladewing is last out of six, Bladewing is second out of seven, Bladewing is sixth out of seven, Pouncefang is ??, Pouncefang is second out of ten, Pouncefang is third out of twelve, Bladewing is sixth out of ten, Bladewing is eighth out of fourteen, Pouncefang is third out of ??, Pouncefang is last out of eight, Pouncefang is second out of six

Current Position: Trainer, Story Grader

Current Pokémon:

Scyther, male
nicknamed Bladewing
obtained via starter
Swarm and Technician
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 17/16/--
TMs: Steel Wing, Roost, Giga Impact
Others: Bug Buzz

Golbat, female
nicknamed Nightfang
obtained via story
Inner Focus
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 06/07/--
TMs: Shadow Ball, Fly

Unown F, genderless
nicknamed Foundfriend
obtained via story
Win/Loss/Draw Record: --/--/--

Persian, female
nicknamed Pouncefang/Puss
obtained via trade with ~Falcon~
Limber, Technician
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 10/29/--
TMs: Thunderbolt, Double Team, Return

Noctowl, male
nicknamed Villageguard
obtained via trade with Gambling over Dancing
Insomnia, Keen Eye
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 04/01/--
TMs: Psychic, Fly

Xatu, male
nicknamed Sight
obtained via story
Synchronize, Early Bird
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 04/06/--
TMs: Fly

Charizard, female
nicknamed Firetail
obtained via Mart
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 07/10/--
TMs: Fly

Golduck, male
nicknamed Swiftbill
obtained via story
Damp, Cloud Nine
Win/Loss/Draw Record: 05/06/--
TMs: Waterfall

Eevee, female
no nickname yet
obtained via Secret Santa from pokeking1
Win/Loss/Draw Record: --/02/--

Mismagius, female
nicknamed Darkcry
obtained via trade with SalamenceMaster
Win/Loss/Draw Record: ??/??/?? (total 9)
TMs: Thunderbolt, Will-O-Wisp

Kabuto, male
nicknamed Shreadshell
obtained via trade with Leman
Swift Swim, Battle Armour
Win/Loss/Draw Record: --/--/--
TMs: Waterfall

Feebas, male
no nickname yet
obtained via Easter Event
Swift Swim
Win/Loss/Draw Record: --/--/--

Lileep, female
no nickname yet
obtained via Underground
Suction Cups
Win/Loss/Draw Record: --/--/--

(all Pokémon images made by me, credit needed if used, if you wish to make them yourself ask me first
or PM me and I'll make 'em for you

HM02 Fly
HM07 Waterfall
TM78 Sandstorm
TM92 Hail
Sharp Beak
Mind Plate
Thunder Stone
Metal Coat (want to trade away)

Used Items:
Steel Wing, Giga Impact, Roost on Bladewing
Shadow Ball on Nightfang
Taunt on Skorupi (traded)
Fly on Nightfang, Villageguard and Sight
Return on Pouncefang
Waterfall on Swiftbill and Shreadshell

Items I want to buy later:
For Bladewing: TM102 Aerial Ace
For Nightfang: TM06 Toxic, TM66 Giga Drain, TM77 Sludge Bomb, TM109 Roost, TM137 U-turn
For Sight: TM66 Giga Drain, TM72 Shadow Ball, TM102 Aerial Ace, TM119 Silver Wind
For Firetail: TM Earthquake, TM Rock Slide, TM Focus Blast
Silverpowder, Shell Bell

(idea and image by me, no stealing)



Past Trades:
Mart Skorupi for ~Falcon~'s Persian
politoed123's Numel for Gambling over Dancing's Noctowl
Story Gastly for SalamenceMaster's Mismagius
Underground Lileep for Leman's Kabuto

Future Trades:
male Sneasel for FireFlyK's Shiny Abra

Awaiting Results:


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Old 09-16-2007, 10:49 PM
Psychic Offline
Master Trainer
Join Date: May 2007
Location: On Serebiiforums
Posts: 445
Default Re: Throwing vibrating ducks at baby seals, also known as Psychic's URPG Stats

Name: Psychic
Age: 17
Gender: female
Bio: A simple girl, Psychic doesn't seem like such an astounding person at first glance. She has quite pale skin (despite being outdoors quite often), long, wavy blond hair that just reaches her waist and bright blue eyes. A tad bit tall for her age and of average weight and build, she has smooth features and a light demeanor. Her usual attire consists of a sleeveless purple top with a v-neck and a pair of dark blue cargo pants and relatively worn running shoes.

Like a fair few people in the world, Psychic is able to understand Pokémon speech. This skill is rather basic and she isn't an expert at it, however she gets the basic idea behind what they say. She understands her own Pokémon the best after being with them for so long, and in some cases doesn't know a word of some Pokémon languages. Also like her name says, the teen has slight telepathic and telekinetic powers. This is one of the reasons she understands Pokémon so well, as well as being able to get a basic idea of what other people around her are thinking. To use telekinesis Psychic requires a great deal of concentration and control, and since it can be draining to use she tries not to use her powers too often, as well as being sure not to tell others of her power just to avoid problems.

She is a very easygoing person, easy to get along with, though she tends not to speak very much; Psychic does a lot more thinking than speaking, usually only starting a conversation when she wants to voice an important thought. Sometimes it seems that she prefers Pokémon to people, which is quite possible. She is incredibly close with her Scyther, Bladewing, who was her first Pokémon, and at times she treats him more humanely than she treats most humans. He always remains out of his Pokéball unless it is completely necessary.

Completed Stories:

What They Didin't Tell You In The Brochure
Summary: Psychic and Bladewing journey to the Ruins of Alph, a place long-deserted by tourists, looking to do a bit of exploring. However what they get is much more than what they bargained for as Bladewing finds a way into the secret underground passageways not even the excavators had uncovered. From then on the two manage to get attacked by multiple Pokémon and find something disturbing about the place, when really all they want to do is get the heck out of there.
Pokémon Aiming For: Golbat, Natu and Unown
Level and Length: Hard/Medium/Simple, 62000 characters
Status: Complete - Golbat, Natu and Unown CAPTURED!

Halloween: A Hassle!
Summary: When Jeremy attends a costume party dressed as Stan Irwin: Alligator Hunter, he hopes to rustle up his crush, Nicole. Unfortunately, the chase leads him into a forest right near the houseparty - oh, the things a boy will do to be noticed...
Pokémon Aiming for: Gastly
Level and Length: Hard, over 38,000 characters
Status: Complete - Gastly CAPTURED!

Stories in Progress:

Scrambling After Eggs
Summary: When Psychic's cousin Ryan asks her to eggsit for him for a few days the girl cheerfully accepts, but Ryan didn't tell her about how hard keeping track of one little egg can be! The chase leads Psychic and Bladewing from an angry mother's nest to a rushing river to the territory of carnivorous Pokémon as they try to keep track of this adventurous egg! They're seriously not getting paid enough for this...
Pokémon Aiming for: Electrike, Psyduck, Sneasel
Level and Length: Medium/Medium/Hard, over 30,000 characters
Status: about 40% complete
Parts One and Two Complete - Psyduck CAPTURED!
Not yet written the rest

Tyrant of the Skies
Summary: Ironbeak Swiftclaw owns the land and the skies of Eastern Johto. Along with her bird minions, the Skarmory rules the area, forcing wild Pokémon to either take her side or cower and fear. What will our heros do to combat the menace?
Pokémon Aiming for: Skarmory
Status: floating around in my head

Emotional Rollercoaster (working)
Summary: ???
Pokémon Aiming for: male Ralts and female Ralts
Status: still trying to figure out plot

Graded Stories:
The Night of Meditites! By Linoone – Meditite not captured
Repression of Memories by free2rhyme – Sandshrew not captured
Yamikarasuu, Gimme your Kricketots! by Murkrow Mistress – Kricketot captured!
Tragedy of the Oasis by Eraizaa-kun – Ralts captured!
The Bitter Butterfree by Canis Lupus – Magby captured!
Sphealing Great! by Moosefan – Spheal not captured
Pokemon Center: A Living Ghost Story by Eraizaa-kun – Duskull captured!
Eternal Dilemma in Eterna Forest by eb90 – Burmy captured!
Island Adventure by Treeky111 – Starly captured!
Catching Beautyflies by DarkGardevoir – Ninjask not captured
On the Road to Solaceon by NeonDragonair – Doduo captured!

Grader Wages:
8/12/07 to 9/18/07: $4,500
9/19/07 to 10/29/07: $3,000
10/30/07 to 12/25/07: $6,000
12/27/07 to 2/14/08: $5,500

Past Battles:
VS RocketMeowth: Bladewing owned Coin with X-scissor
VS Epic Trainer: his Jolteon one-hit KOed both Bladewing and Nightfang with stupid Thunder
with djax94 VS Tamer Marco and Epic Trainer: Bladewing and Raslap owned Gengar and Torterra
VS politoed123: I was tired and didn't know what type Budew was, but Nightfang still beat him;
quote of the battle "Me: so now homosexuality is an insult?!"
VS politoed123: This time he won- I was almost as big of an idiot as last time
VS rust: He knew my Pokémon so he pwned me with type advantages, no problem;
quote of the battle "Me: I did so much damage to your mother"
VS politoed123: damn Elekid
VS politoed123: this time it was 2vs2 and I won thanks to Bladewing being awesome
VS politoed123: damn Elekid
VS politoed123: damn Elekid
VS politoed123: I used the Numel he gave me minutes before to beat Roserade and Electabuzz
VS politoed123: 3vs3, he beat me even without Electabuzz: time to get more mons ><
VS djax94: Luck hates me and again, I need more mons
FFA: The guy I teamed up with had to leave and ironically, his replacement killed Pouncefang in one go
VS djax94: Another loss; I have really rotten luck
FFA: Pouncefang was fifth to die, didn't do so bad
VS FireFlyK: Since she was only training Abra, Bladewing and Sight beat it and the Duskull no prob
VS FireFlyK: Sight and Villageguard beat Abra and Pouncefang
VS FireFlyK: In this one Sight beat BOTH Abra and Duskull- I wouldn't have had we not realized that FFK was accidentally calling Duskull "Dusklops"
School Tournament Battle - VS ball: They put me up against someone way too strong for me. Poliwrath and Weavile made short work of Pouncefang, Sight and Bladewing, and lol boobs
VS FireFlyK: With her evolved Kadabra and Snover I didn't win, but my first Pokémon evolved. Yay Sight!
VS djax94: We had to suspend it and finish it later- we suspended with me winning, and when we resumed Pouncefang and Villageguard beat Meganium and Charizard!
VS politoed123: Villageguard was able to slowly hack away Garchomp's HP thanks to a long Hyonosis, he quickly took care of the Magby that was switched in and Bladewing finished off Garchomp - I actually beat him for once!
with politoed123 VS Rpgraccoon and pieatingfiend: Gengar's t-bolt made quick work of Bladewing and his Garchomp just couldn't survive Sandslash
VS Eraizaa-kun x7: Bladewing KO'd Ralts with ridiculous ease, especially with +4 attack (he killed it four times over)
VS Claona: I forgot about Chinchou's Volt Absorb and had Pouncefang T-bolt it, but in the end I still won
VS djax94: I told Bladewing and Nightfang to use all the wrong attacks- 'nuff said
VS SalamenceMaster: Firetail beat Chimchar but when Charizard was sent out it sub'd and Dragon Danced so when Pouncefang came all she could do was break the sub before Earthquake KO'd her real fast
VS SalamenceMaster: Bladewing took care of Ralts, but Firetail just couldn't handle the freaking Salamence >>
VS Pikablu Pie: Firetail beat Spearow and Bladewing beat Buizel in my first forum battle
VS Sota: Firetail + Rhydon = 1-hit-KO ;;
VS Eraizaa-kun: Bladewing took out Gallade but Slowbro beat Pouncefang (forgot about Own Tempo and tried to confuse it XD)
VS Husnain: Firetail burned both Eevee and Bidoof, Pouncefang didn't really do anything XD
VS huncrew: Bladewing easily beat Primeape (dunno why he used it o.O) and Sight finshed off Mareep
FFA: Pouncefang finished third out of eleven: we were on a big team and in the end four of us faced each other, with three of us teaming against Starmie - fun!
VS c-wooper: Bladewing took care of that Duskull without even breaking a sweat
VS Canis Lupus: Bladewing beat Mudkip, Bronzor beat Bladewing but thanks to Smokescreen Firetail beat that thing
VS Cress Albane: Yeah, as if Firetail and Sight actually stood a chance against him and his Heracross and Gyarados? :/
VS Kneecaps x5: Nightfang beats Abra twice, Firetail beats Abra three times...crappy intro to the URPG, if you ask me. >>
FFA: Finished eleventh out of fourteen - teamed up with Kneecaps and FireFlyK, and Pouncefang was killed by a randomized Earthquake whose original target I had just KO'd
FFA: Out of six, Bladewing was first to die thanks to the set Sunny Day and a Monferno (damn they're fast)
VS PhantomKat7: Firetail easily beat Pidgey and Whismur and I was drowing in a pool of flattery ^^;
VS Dark Charizard: Bladewing OHKO'd Breloom, but Giga Impact missed Charizard, so it was curtains when I sent out Swiftbill
VS Canis Lupis: Swiftbill was put to sleep by Bronzong, so I switched to Firetail who luckily took it and his Cherrim out
VS Hakken: A little luck and well-placed swtching made his Remoraid and Trapinch beat Firetail and Pouncefang
VS djax94: Luck was evenly distributed, but in the end Misdreavus and Glaceon were too much for Swiftbill and Pouncefang
VS eb90: Swiftbill + two Water Pulses = one KOed Phanpy
VS Deoxys Trainer It was the classic Scyther versus Shiny Scizor fight! Unfortunately when it used Agility I had Bladewing do the same, then Swords Dance did him in. Damn.
VS Deoxys Trainer Electivire quickly took out Pouncefang, Firetail finished it off then Salamence's Intimidate and DD won it. I was insane X3
VS huncrew: Pouncefang took care of that ugly Grovyle evo (then our ref dissapeared to be replaced by LA) then Hitmonchan beat her to be replaced by Swiftbill who, after two Zen Headbutts, faced Dusknoir who was beat by Bladewing thanks to the dice
FFA: There were many, many truces and in the end most people had to decide which truces to break. Luckily Bladewing came out second and ddin't have to hurt too many friends to do it.
VS Deoxys Trainer: AIM wasn't working properly so I couldn't join a chat. Scizor Baton Passed to Swampert, who easily took out Pouncefang and then Firetail
VS husnain: WAR battle; Pouncefang beat Floatsel, but she, Bladewing and Sight were all taken down by an Aerodactyl >>
FFA: The dark types ganged up on Bladewing - all we could do with our team-mates was KO the crow before I went down
VS pokeking1: Pouncefang and Swiftbill lost in this double battle to Dragonair and Metang, with the Puss losing to the robot due to luck; Swiftbill evolves!
VS SKullz: Pouncefang and Nightfang easily took down Murkrow and Magby, causing an evolution to Magmar
VS Smurf: WAR battle; it was a loooong flying versus grass battle; I KOd his Torterra and even his mega Jumpluff with relative ease, but Cradily managed to outlast Sight thanks to some nice Ingrain, Toxics and Resting
VS Team Evolution: WAR battle; Garchomp took us down in four moves XD
VS crazy231: Thanks to Rest, Teddiursa beat Eevee, but Swiftbill beat it and Rhyperior, but Nidoran beat both him and Nightfang thanks to a single, very lucky Horn Drill
VS crazy231: Swiftbill beat Teddiursa, Nidoran and Rhyperior. All by himself, not even with TMs
Team FFA: Team 2 wasn't doing well even from the start, but we did decently, and Mike's Houndoom really got lucky near the end XD
with djax VS DT and Fenix: In this all-basics double battle, Porygon quickly took down Bladewing after Pichu paralized him, but Dratini's Dragon Danced Outrage KO'd em both
FFA: Teamed up with ball and May Norman, but when I wanted to go for a Gardevoir, May said she was on our team, which was wtf. For pulling such a Husnain, we ganged up on her
FFA: My team was much less disfunctional this time (save Kat's wonky AIM) and we quickly fried out the waters
VS eb90: Vulpix's superior movepool took out poor Eevee and despite a touch of luck, Pouncefang couldn't beat that Blaziken
FFA: Was doing pretty well; Bladewing helped out a newbie's female Scyther though she was fast to die, but then one of my other team-mates hit me with an Icy Wind, forgetting we were on the same team!
FFA: Teamed with Smurf and again trying to help the Scyther (who again died fast despite two DTs), we were doing pretty darn well until I had to go shower. When I came back, Bladewing had fainted XD
FFA: First battle in awhile. All there is to know is that I died first
Battle Island Tourney - VS SalamenceMaster: Tried some Perish Song stuff with Mismagius, but stat-enhacing moves were too much in the end and geez I stink at meta-game

Goals for URPG:
~Improve my writing and story-telling skills
~Be known for writing good capture stories
~Own all my favourite Pokémon
~Prove that not all fully-evolved Pokémon are awesome and their pre-vos are also great
~Be a Gym Leader for either Psychic or Flying types
~Obtain a Legendary Pokémon
~Never trade away my Unown or use it in battle

Accomplished Goals:
~Become a Story Grader
Check out the first-ever Canadian Pokémon convention, Pokéthon!
Pokéthon is a new sub-event at Otakuthon, an animé convention in Montreal, Quebec! We hope to see you there!

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