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Trainer's Stats Post and update your trainer stats here. You can also find the stats of other trainers.

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Old 09-22-2007, 10:21 PM
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Default Cae's Compound Stats [V.2]

-- Caecity's URPG Stats --
-- Pokemon/Stories --
Pokemon Obtained:
Politoed, Sudwoodo, Togekiss, Lapras, Mr.Mime, Nidoran, and Nidoran [7]
Stories Written:
One- [url*] link [/url]
-- Trainer Stats --
Trainer's Name: Cae[city]
Position: Regular Trainer. Park Ranger.
Currency: 5.750$
Contact: AIM: BoEmerald Email:
-- Battles/FFA/Tournaments --
[Currently Reset]

Total Number of Battles: 2 [Wins]
Total Number of FFAs: 1 [Forum]
Total Number of Tournaments:0
-- Trades/Story Deals --
[Currently Opened]
Up For Trade: Nothing
Story Deals: None
-- Items --
Used: TM Ice Beam, TM Aerial Ace, TM Thunderbolt, TM Hyper Beam, Soothe Ball, Shiny Stone
Not Used: Smooth Rock [x1]| Iron Ball [x1]| Type Pokerader [x1]| Moon Stone [x2]|
-- Purchases --
PokeMart: Purchase 1
Park Mart: [url*] link [/url]
-- Trips --
[|Underground|PokeMart|Park Mart|]
Park Mart: Type Pokerader
-- Important Links --
-- Pokemon Stats --
-- Mr.Mime []
Gender: Female
Special Moves: None
Battles: 1
-- Lapras []
Gender: Female
Special Moves: Thunderbolt, Hyper Beam
Battles: 1
-- Politoed []
Gender: Male
Special Moves: Ice Beam
-- Togekiss []
Gender: Female
Special Moves: Aerial Ace
Battle: 2
-- Sudowoodo []
Gender: Male
Special Moves: None
-- Nidoran [F][]
Gender: Female
Special Moves:
-- Nidoran [M][]
Gender: Male
Special Moves: None

C a e c i t y -- The blindness {{of love.}}

JentleViolence, my p a i r.
Empoleonx2, my former s o u l.

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