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Old 09-29-2007, 10:53 PM
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Default The Riddle Test....

There are many Riddles out there in the world....How many do you know? Here's a test to challenge your knowledge:

Riddle 1-Im the beginning of the end, and the end of time.

Who knows? - You might even find me at the end of this rhyme.
(Answer)_______________(What am I?)

Riddle 2-Im perfect and golden if left alone.

A single word destroys me - Im suddenly gone.
(Answer)_______________(One Word)

Riddle 3-Minerals are found in me.

And I am found in minerals too.

What am I?
(Answer)________________(One or Two Words)

Riddle 4- Study these letters - B, C, D, E ,__?, P ,T ,V.

A letter is missing - which one could it be?

(Read the hint.)
(Answer)_________________(One Letter(say the letters aloud-its not a sequential solution))

Riddle 5-A venue to view the performing arts.

Or a place dedicated to the repair of body parts.

What am I?
(Answer)__________________(One Word)

Riddle 6-It's happening now - the movement in water, air and cables too.

Go with the flow my friend - the answer will come to you.
(Answer)__________________(One Word)

Riddle 7- Look carefully at these letters.

H, M, R, T, V, X.

Which letter does not belong?

(Read the hint.)

(Answer)___________________(One Letter (it's not a sequential solution- Now reflect on your answer))

Riddle 8-I'm often found in crosswords and other puzzles too.

Confuse 'a ragman', and the riddle's solved for you.
(Answer)___________________(One Word)

Riddle 9-Remove six letters to reveal an old friend.


(Answer)___________________(One or Two Words)

Riddle 10-I belong to you - a gift from fathers and mothers.

Occasionally used by you - more often used by others.

(Answer)___________________(One Word)

*Credit to for the Riddles*
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