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Old 09-30-2007, 09:06 AM
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Default New RPG Project (Under Construction)

I'm planning on starting a new RM2K project, and
I'll need someone who can sprite. I'll be sure they get credit.
Any takers?

Anyway, here's the project.

Storyline: A young, headstrong warrior, Necos, 25 years old works for
a corrupted king, but does not know it. He, along with his allies, a swift
ninja and an ageless wizard, perform deeds for the king without
When the wizard betrays the King, Necos is forced to kill him. But when
Necos heard the last words uttered by the wizard, be they magic
or just wise, something inside him woke up, and he challenges the King's authority.
When Necos finds out just how deep the evil of the King actually goes, he
must embark on an epic quest and make strange alliances if he ever wants
to strike the King down and restore peace.

Plot: A young knight must ally himself with former enemies to end
the dark age that has lasted almost 1000 years under the new
royal family.


Necos: A balanced fighter. He is bold, and notorious throughout the kingdom.

King Jack Johannes: The current king of a kingdom plunged in darkness.

Tenuso: An evil demon bent on destroying the world.

Seku-Rato: A youth, skilled with a bow. Sister of Meku-Rato

Meku-Rato: Brother of Seku-Rato. Unskilled in any combat,
aides others in the field.

Coluus: Powerful half-demon with trouble controlling both halves.

Kory: Uses magic to aide her allies and drain her enemies. Adequate skill
with a mace.

Hoyiu: Powerful conjurer with control over the elements.

Melgo: Elven ranger with summoning skills and second-to-none lore
of the forest.

Lily: Strange Dryad with druidic powers and a polearm.

Dover: Mysterious Nyaad with natural magics and an axe.



Magic and Elements

Techniques and Skills

Enemies, Bosses and Quests


Game Name:
Sole Rebirth

I'll finish this up a little later.

I'm going to need some to make CharSets for my characters, and
maybe some vehicles too?

I'll also need someone who can scratch Monsters, all I can do is splice.

I don't need any sound/music, or Battle Animations.

And I just might need some Battle Backgrounds.

And I think that's it.
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