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Old 10-05-2007, 06:43 AM
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Default Re: The Second Age of Pokemon: Volume I

OOC: Where's the Discussion thread?

Kana looked up to the endless sky. She wanted to look at the fluffy clouds even closer. Just then, the sky seemed to become a little bigger, and her feet felt cool. Her will to go to the clouds had unleashed her ice powers. An ice stalagmite sprouted from the ground beneath her feet and grew towards the sky, bringing her along on the top. However, that was too slow. In fact, she could just hop off the stalagmite and still live.

Kana decided to experiment the ice with her will, just like what she did with the reflection. She willed it to turn left, and it did. She wanted it to form an 8, okay, so it can. The ice did almost everything she wanted it to. It zigzagged, it curved, it disappeared and reappeared, it changed shape, it flew, it shrank. It can even be shattered, each individual shard controlled, and pulled together to form one piece again, all with her will. The only thing it cannot seem to do is be quicker at what it was wanted to do, no matter how much it was willed. Everything seemed to take up at least five minutes to accomplish. Maybe the reason is this was the first time she was making use of her powers, or perhaps they were not fully grown yet. More likely both. Kana was so exhausted after playing, she finally reshaped the ice to form a kind of hollow hemisphere to take a nap in.
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