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Old 10-08-2007, 10:17 PM
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Default Pokemon: Journey to Life

This is my master piece. I have spent a few days trying to figure out what kind of RP I should make. So here it is!

Journey to Life


Fantasy/Adventure/Spiritual RP

The train departs at 9:00 AM. For whatever reason it is, you end up on it. The train was off to Ecruteak and begins at Goldenrod. The forecast was clear weather and a bright sun; a cool 88 degrees breeze in the air would follow forward at the stop at Ecruteak. All on your own, you decided to take this train. You showed your ticket to enter, and as you did so, you watched the many people that were going to be riding along with you. What are you feeling; hate, happiness? Something in-between? You had a mood as you got on, and you sat down with the same mood as the train departed.

The departure itself was quiet; you barely heard the train starting up as you paid more attention to pressing matters, or were just staring out into space. Maybe you were listening to an MP3 player; you could have also been talking about your last victory as the trainer you are. Or are you a trainer? Who’s to say you’re not a casual person? Someone who needed to get to Ecruteak on reasons other than battling? What kind of person are you? You don’t think of these questions; you sit and mind your own business. Or you go to the observation cart and watch the view; you enjoy your trip. Or you could hate it too.

All of this was you. It was all about you, and all that you knew about the train was that it was taking you to Ecruteak. But something happened somewhere in the middle of it all. The train wasn’t stable for some reason, and shook shakily. And then it derailed; that’s one of the two things you know. The other thing you know is that you’re dead.

But what you don’t know is that you weren’t supposed to die. You and a few of the other passengers were supposed to live the crash, but died anyway. It disrupted the timeline, and changed everything. You never made it to heaven; you never made it to hell. You and the others are now stuck somewhere that shouldn’t exist; an extra dimension shaped like the bottom of a never ending pitfall.

The ceiling is never ending. You ask yourself what the place is, and you find that it is some sort of throne room. There is no throne in sight, yet the marble stairs leading to a large platform above tell you that this built like that of a king’s palace (except more grungy). Of something almighty. Or maybe it doesn’t tell you that; maybe it confuses you, and you still have no clue on where you are.

You continue to study this place. You know it is like that of a cave, except possibly made to look that way instead of naturally formed. The marble stairs are out of place and lead to a top where there is nothing; it is more like a large podium if you thought more about it. The rest is too dark to view, but had there been more light, you would have pictured the rest of a caveish entrance.

Water enters from the endless pit above, forming a large sphere above the podium. It stretches to a magnificent size, and becomes the majestic shape of a bird. The sound; the sweet lullaby sound rings through the cave, and the water disperses in all directions. It crashes right in front of you, but you feel no pain or push from it; you feel relaxed by it, and healed and more at attention. You finally see what sits on top; what stands like an almighty god before you. Lugia.

Whatever you were feeling; despair, hunger, hatred; whatever it may be, had gone away. And now you feel the need to listen to what the almighty has to say.

Who You Are

You can be as average as anybody in the world; you can be a trainer; you can be a breeder; whatever you want to be is what you are, just make it plausible to be this person. Now that you know who you are, you need to know that you were on this train that had been derailed, and are one of the dead that were not supposed to die. You stand before Lugia now, and are about to hear the reason for you being where you are. What you hear is that only one of you can return to the living world. All of you will be led to the door to the living world by a Lucario named Reller, but only one of you shall walk through it as yourself. This is your spiritual journey to life.

1. Reller (Tyrell321)

Given Name:
RP Sample:

Nickname (if any):

My Sign-up (I will not be having a human character and will instead be controlling Lugia (who is my character and no one should be allowed to RP as) and the character below. For plot reasons, no one else is allowed to RP a Pokémon either unless it is the time when you RP the reunited time (see rules for more details))

Given Name: Reller

Species: Lucario

Age: is never revealed, but through telepathy sounds the age of 17.

Gender: Male

Appearance: His fur is unkempt and messy to the point where he appears to have just gotten out of a lake and dried. His fur itself compliments this idea due to the fact that it feels very dry and rough, and not the soft type you would have expected. His red eyes can haunt your dreams with a look that could kill, and would only be missing the baring of his teeth in his blue muzzle striped with black, which make him look as if he were bearing a bandit’s mask. His ears are large, but not oddly proportioned for his kind. At the back of his head, he’d have what would be longer and thicker hair instead of fur. But, the hair was packed into four to make it separate, and more looked like fur wrapped around skin to tie back his ‘bandit’s mask.’

He’s built like a fighter everywhere else; his middle body is yellow furred and acts as if it is more of a shirt of some kind other than his own body. His lower torso as well seem to be shaped like shorts, but in fact, are still a part of his body that connect onto his legs which become stronger looking and can deliver a heavy kick. His legs are black furred, while his ‘shorts’ are blue furred. His tail is average size and strict for his kind.

And alas, his arms are strong and can deliver a powerful punch. Blue fur runs through most of it, until the wrist is reached, where the fur becomes black and surrounds the paws of his. He has a spike behind both paws, sharp and dangerous, as well as an even more dangerous looking one protruding from his yellow furred chest.

And for those of you who don’t understand my writing, just look at a freaking Lucario picture and that is what he looks like. XD

Personality: He will obey only his master, and for the longest time he’s been dead in the spiritual asylum (see history), his master has been Lugia. This pushes his social skills down a notch, and he will remain quiet for periods of times unless he must speak for someone or someone wishes to speak to him.

At times, he can be rude. He knows this himself, and will straight out say something if it is the truth. However, he is not someone who is complete devoid of emotions. No, he will not, nor has he ever in his life cried. No, he has not ever in his life felt bad or sad for something he had done. He regrets nothing. But he knows what feelings are, and he knows that he has what the humans have inside him. He just won’t show it.

History: Reller’s life has not ever been important. His death was not celebrated; he was a Pokémon, and had no connections to humans in any way. He also was a loner in his life that only fought when needed, and had no family to remember him. When he died, he was chosen by Lugia to be a guardian; someone to lead the souls that don’t reach heaven or don’t reach hell. For an infinite amount of years, he has held onto this job he was given, and has done it well. He has made sure that lives found their way to where they belonged, and it is all he has ever done since.

This is his first time that he is leading people to neither of the dead havens, but back to the living. It is a challenge to fight your way back to the living world, but Reller chose to accept this job like he had in accepting the job of saving lost souls. He will have to lead humans to the world of life, and away from the dead worlds. Doing this job makes him slightly edgy; he indeed has led human beings to the dead worlds, but never has he led anybody back to the living world. It is also a dangerous cause; if a large amount of humans were to cross back into the living world as themselves when they were originally dead, it would cause a major rip-hole that could destroy the world.

Only one being could cross back to the living. There was another option, but none of the humans would choose it. Either way, they would have to be forced to choose that path if they never make it to the door…

Reller’s past has always been to help wandering souls. This is his first time helping wandering souls back to the living world, but none of this shall deter him. He is ready for the job he has been given, and is anxious to begin it.

RP Sample: liek, pwnzor RPer here! No needeth fer it fer meh. >_>;


1. I don’t want to see any pictures in your Appearance unless it is your original art, and you must still have a written description alongside it.

2. You are encouraged to have Pokémon in the RP, so go ahead and make that optional Pokémon sign-up made. However, at the start of this RP, and continuing on to later, you will not, I repeat, NOT be introducing your Pokémon for the main reason being that your Pokémon are not with you at the current timeline. As the RP flows along, you will be reunited. Also, try to pick one that has not been picked by another RPer.

3. I don’t want to be seeing any character control whatsoever unless it is DEEPLY needed (person has not RPed in four to five months now with you still waiting for a reply) or the person has agreed to you RPing for them. And if the person agrees to letting you control their character for a short time, I need to know about it (meaning the person who’s okay about it needs to PM me. If not, then the person who character controlled is out).

4. DO NOT BE A FREAKING GOD. You’re in a spiritual world, and though reality bends and some pretty strange things can happen (as you will see when the RP plays out), battles will arise, and I don’t want these things you gain in your journey to life make you an almighty god. In other words for the simple minded, NO POWERPLAYING/GODMODDING.

5. When and if you reunite with your Pokémon, I do not want you to control them as mindless drones. Be a little realistic please; it’s not so much to ask for. Also, when making your sign-up, don’t make your character the ultimate elite of all time or something; it’ll just be rejected.

6. As the RP goes along, I will be knocking some characters out of the RP one by one until there is only one left. If you want to be the last one standing, which would in this case, be the winner, then be careful with everything you do. Just a little reminder and not really much of a rule.

7. Follow all PC rules. Any questions should be PMed to me.

8. Up to five people can be in this RP. I don't count.

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