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Old 11-06-2007, 11:58 PM
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This is the first story of a series- tell me if I did something wrong, please. but none of this:

what I wrote: helloh

first post: you spelled hello wrong.

second post: I may be the first one to say this but you spelled hello wrong

third post: guess what? YOU SPELLED HELLO WRONG LOL



After a long tough day, I finally came home. It is always the same old thing- get bullied and do homework. Now, the odd thing is the REASON I get bullied. It is all because I like pokemon. Everyone laughs at me because I walk around with a Nintendo DS containing a FireRed version and my Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team. I did my homework, and pulled out my Nintendo DS and began playing my mystery dungeon game. I played it until it was time for dinner, and I saved the game and turned it off. I walked downstairs and began eating. Ugh, fish again. In the middle of eating, my mom asked, “honey, when did you get that black eye?” I kept myself silent, because a gang had asked me for my lunch money, and I said no. The last thing I remember before all the stars and birdies was someone saying, “Here’s a knuckle sandwich for the pokekid!”

I walked into my room after dinner, got my PJ’s on, and plopped down onto my bed like a bag of sand. I looked at my Pokemon mystery dungeon poster above my dresser, and I fell asleep thinking, ‘I wish that every day was like Pokemon mystery dungeon.’


When I woke up, I woke from hearing someone screaming out my window. I shot up to see what the ruckus was. There was a huge commotion outside- there were pokemon running around EVERYWHERE! They were running around like lunatics, some pokemon were crashing cars like demolition derby, others were just trying to get away, but for some reason these weird looking pokemon that I’ve never seen before were stealing things from people’s houses such as money, jewels, and even cans of soda. One I saw trying to open a pickle jar.

After seeing those weird pokemon, I knew I needed to tell one of them to stop stealing from people’s homes. I turned around and tried to run outside, but I accidentally tripped. I looked at my feet to see what had tripped me, but I didn’t pay attention to what tripped me- my feet were stubby and BLUE, and I didn’t have any legs! I started to stop caring about the weird looking pokemon, and ran to the mirror in the bathroom to see what the heck happened. When I was in the bathroom, my forehead touched the brim of the sink. I grabbed the stool that I used when I was five years old and pushed it in front of the sink. I stepped onto the stool and screamed- I WAS A MARILL!!!

the next part of the series is coming up- so hang in there! please tell me if you like it or if you H-A-T-E it.
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