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Old 11-16-2007, 07:22 PM
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Default UberEmeraldCloners Pokes, Tms, PPMaxes, EggMoves, [25 EVED!]

Copied straight from my marriland page, i will fix it up shortly

Hi, and welcome to my second trading Post!
First off, the majority of my Pokemon are cloned from my emerald version, if you coudn't have already guessed. All Pokemon come with any item of your choosing. Please don't give me hacked pokemon without telling me :? Hacked pokemon are fine with me, but tell me first. And I'd rather not get a Burmy who's ability is swift swim, or rock head, or something completely out of wack like that.
Note: No shines please
My Next Pal Park Transfer is at 12:36 AM (Eastern) today

EV Trained (1 is shiny) I only give stats if they are level 100, otherwise i give EV spread. If I do happen to give the statsm its HP-SPD

Umbreon (Bold) Level 57
EVs: 4 Hp, 252 Def, 252 Sp Def
Wish-Mean Look-Toxic-Baton Pass

Bastiodon (Modest) *SHINY*
Ice Beam-Thunderblot-Stealth Rock-Raor

Jolteon (Timid)
Nidden Power(Ice)-Thunderbolt-Shadow Ball-Substitute

ARCANINE male, adamant
extremespeed, overheat, thunderfang, crunch

modest/inner focus/
psychic/aura sphere/dragon pulse/dark pulse

adament/clear body/
eq/meteor mash/zen headbutt/bullet punch

Breloom (Adamant) Level 100
Spore-Thunder Punch-Sub-Focus Punch

T-Tar (Adamant) Level 100
Ice Fang-Crunch-Stone Edge-EQ

Alakazam (Modest) Level 50
[401 Sp ATk at level 100!]
EVs: 252 Sp Atk 252 Spd 6 Hp
[Level 100 stats: 237-112-116-401-182-311]
Shadow Ball-Energy Ball-Focus Blast-Psychic

Ambipom (Jolly) Level 43
[Level 100 stats: 278-289-150-140-168-344]
EVs: 6 Def 252 Spd 252 Atk
Fake Out-Last Resort

Milotic (Modest) Level 57
EVs: 252 Sp Def 200 Sp Atk 58 Hp
Surf-Hypnosis-Recover-ICe Beam

Electevire (Adamant) Level 65
EVs: 6 HP 252 Atk 252 SPD

Infernape (Jolly) Level 57
EVs: 252 Atk 6 Def 252 Spd
Clsoe Combat-Stone Edge-EQ-Flare Blitz

Feraligatr (Jolly) Level 45
EVs: 252 Spd 252 Atk 6HP
[Level 100 stats: 291-296-212-165-178-264]
Ice Punch-DD-Crunch-Waterfall

Garchomp (Adamant) LEvel 48
[Level 100 stats: 354-384-201-153-203-290]
EVs: 252 ATK 252 SPD 6 HP
EQ-Dragon Claw-Crunch-Fire Fang

Houndoom (Diablo)
Timid: Flash Fire
Flamethrower/Dark Pulse/Nasty Plot/Thunder Fang

Aerodactyl (Adamant)
Sturdy LEvel 100
Rock Slide-EQ-Double-Edge-Dragon Claw

Snorlax (Adamant) Level 40
EVs: 252 HP 252ATK 6DEF
Rest-Curse-Body Slam-Shadow Ball

Roserade (Modest) Level 36 [Poison Point]
EVs: 252 Sp Atk 252 Spd 6 Sp Def
Extrasensory-Tozic Spikes-Leech Seed-Energy Ball

Weavile (Jolly) Level 53
EVs: 252 ATK 252 SPd 6 HP
[Level 100 stats: 280-334-151-104-196-378]
IP-Night Slash-Brick Break-Aerial Ace

Dragonite (Adamant) LEvel 100
EQ-DD-Waterfall-Fire Punch

Skarmory (Impish) Level 27
EVs: 252 Def 252 Hp 6 Sp Def
Drill Peck-Roost-Spikes-Roar

BLissey (Bold) Level 100 [Natural Cure]
ST-Thunder Wave-Softboiled-Stealth Rock

My Legendaries:

Regirock- Level 40 Untouched

Regiice- Level 40 Untouched

Registeel- Level 40 Untouched

Ho-oh- Level 100 **UNCLONED ONLY 1**

Lugia- Level 95 **UNCLONED ONLY 1**

Kyogre- Level 75

Groudon- Level 75

Raquaza- Level 75

Latios & Latias Level 40 Untouched

MewTwo- Level 70 Untouched

Moltres- Level 50 Untouched

Articuno- Level 50 Untouched

Zapados- Level 50 Untouched

10 ANVI Celebi

Other Pokemon:

Ditto (MOST natures to choose from) Mostly level 45
Gible- Level 1 (Adament) [Egg Moves: Earthquake and Dragon Claw]

Sneasel- Level 1 [Egg moves: Ice Punch, Brick Break, Arial Ace]

Larvitar- Levels 1-6 [Egg moves: Comming soon!] (a few natures)

Skarmory- Level 1 [Egg Moves: Roost Drill Peck]

Totodile- Level 1 [Egg Moves: Thrash, Ice Punch, Dragon Dance] (Natures: Jolly, Adamant)

Elekid- Level 1 [Egg Moves: Cross Chop, Ice Punch] (Natures: Adamant)

Panphy- Level 1[Egg Moves: Ice Shard] Natures: Adamant)

Snorlax Level 1 [Egg moves: Curse]

Tyrouge- Level 5 [Egg moves: Brick Break]

Hitmonchan-Level 20 [Egg moves: Brick Break]

Hitmonmonlee- Level 20 [Egg moves: Brick Break]

Hitmontop- Level 20 [Egg moves: Brick Break]


Chimchar- Level 1 [Egg Moves: Fire Blast] (Almost Every Nature)

Cyndaquil- Level 1 [EggMoves- Fire Blast & Flamethrower] (Most Natures)

Charmander- Level 5 [Egg Moves: Dragon Claw and Dragon Rush]

Swampert- Level 50


I also have many other random pokes, just ask.

Aswell as most Diamond Exclusives

TMs: (all easily cloned)
01 Focus Punch
02 Dragon Claw
03 Water Pulse
04 Calm Mind
05 Roar
06 Toxic
07 Hail
08 Bulk Up
10 Hidden Power
11 Sunny Day
12 Taunt
13 Ice Beam
14 Blizzard
15 Hyper Beam
16 Light Screen
17 Protect
18 Rain Dance
20 Safegaurd
22 Solarbeam
23 Iron Tail
24 Thunderbolt
25 Thunder
27 Return
29 Psycic
31 Brick Break
32 Double Team
33 Reflect
34 Shock Wave
35 Flamethrower
36 Sludge Bomb
37 Sand Storm
38 Fire Blast
39 Rock Tomb
40 Aerial Ace
42 Facade
43 Secret Power
44 Rest
46 Theif
47 Steel Wing
48 Skill Swap
49 Snatch

Hold Items: (all easily cloned)
Hard Stone
Soothe Bell
Grip Claw
Miracal Seed
Smoke Ball
Black Gasses
Light Clay
Shell Bell
Soft Sand
Amulet Coin
EXP. Share
MYstic Water

Other Items and Such:
Rare Candies
PP Maxes
Master Balls
Some Berries
Most Plates
Most Incsints
Thunder Stone
Fire Stone
Leaf Stone
Water Stone
King's Rock
Moon Stone
1x Skull Fossil

Untouched, EV trained, Level 100's, good natured, or eggs.
Other Pokes too, just offer, I will reply!

Primape [Egg moves: Reversal]



Items I Want:
EV Trained
Shadow Ball
Choice Band

Other Pokemon too, don't be shy to offer anything. If you have any questions just ask.
My Trading Thread

I will never use skarmbliss, just one or the other.

-Lvl 100 single, NO LEGENDS, Sleep/evasion/1HKO clause. And no Hackamon! Wins- 16 Loses- 4 :D
FC: 2320-3200-0298
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Old 11-16-2007, 08:00 PM
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Default Re: UberEmeraldCloners Pokes, Tms, PPMaxes, EggMoves, [25 EVED!]

i will trade you a ut e4all manaphy for your ev'd arcanine

Get your own Gamercard Sig.

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