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Old 11-23-2007, 01:36 AM
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Default wxSand Synthesis and Medicine Mod Ideas

Okay, I am currently starting on 2 mods for wxSand. One is a synthesis(art of making weapons, might expand to crafting) mod, and another is a Medicine mod. I will release them here when I'm done. To download wxSand, go to here. Download version 4.4. I need ideas for these two mods. Stuff like ingredients and weapons. Just don't spam. Here's current stuff for these mods:

-=Synthesis Mod=-
Mythril- Ore
Rune- Ore
Gold- Ore
Silver- Ore
Bronze- Ore
Saphire- Gem
Ruby- Gem
Emerald- Gem
Amythest- Gem
Onyx- Gem
Diamond- Gem
Dragonstone- Gem

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