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Old 11-20-2007, 12:16 AM
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Default The Pokeshipping/Advanceshipping Dating Game!

Umm, everyone please disregard the title, I meant to put "Pokeshipping/CONTESTshipping Dating Game".

The Story:

Ash and Misty are on a double date with May and Drew at a local restraunt. Tensions are running high, because Misty's being overprotective of Ash(she never trusted May), and it's intimidating the other three. Also, Gary's in the next booth over, giving the girls a weird look...

The Play:

To play, create a scenario to either break the ice or ruin the date. Be sure to be very specific about what happens.For instance...

What if the Waitress/Waiter slips and gets a drink all over someone? Will they get mad and storm off, ruining the date? Or will they laugh at themselves, breaking the ice?

The Prizes:

Every Monday, I'll judge the scenarios that have been entered. Below are the prizes:

Best Date Ruiner: Knowing you won.

Best Ice Breaker:Knowing you won.

Best Overall:Knowing you won.

Yay, affirmation!
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Old 11-24-2007, 03:39 AM
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Default Re: The Pokeshipping/Advanceshipping Dating Game!

Gary glanced over at the couples. They were laughing and having an awesome time. Misty stared at her food in disgust. Escargo and trout. She hated fish, but that was all she could afford. Ash had the same dinner. Although Ash loved escargo, and he had it on his plate also, he didn't take a bite. He couldn't afford anything else and May and Drew refused to pay for them. May and Drew, however, had a very fancy food that tasted absolutely delicious. The name I forgot, but I can tell you that they were practically chomping down on the expensive food.

Gary took a bite of his saucy spaghetti and observed their blast. He was planning a prank on the guys. He absolutely loved both girls and died to have a girlfriend like one of them. Through Ash's laughing was a punch of nervousness. He was nervous about kissing Misty. Actually, it was normal to be nervous about that stuff at this age. He was thirteen, but he STILL didn't have his first kiss yet. He still continued to laugh.

Gary started his plan. When the four left to wash their hands after they ate their main meal, Gary did his immature plan-whoopie cushions. He placed whoopie cushions on the guys' seats and pretended to be passing by while the four exited the bathrooms.

When Ash and Drew sat down on their seats, a fart noise devoured the resturant. Quickly, the two males explained that is was a whoopie cushion, and the girls cracked up. The boys nervously followed along. DAMN! thought Gary. I HAVE TO GET THEM BACK SOMEDAY!
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