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Old 11-11-2007, 03:42 AM
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: January, 2006
* Birthdate: 11/15/07
* Name: (N/A)
* Alias: Sonickid01
* Sex: Male
* Race: Indian (Desi pride)
* Ethnicity: Indian
* Birthplace: (N/A)
* Location: (N/A)
* Height: 5' 7"
* Weight: 111 lbs
* Shoe Size: 11?
* Eye Color: Brown
* Hair Color: Black
* Piercings: 0
* Tattoos: 0
* Dating/Marital Status: You're kidding, right?
* Sexual Orientation: Straight
* Family: Mom, dad, brother, sister
* Pets: Both birds died.
* Grade: 8
* Occupation: Student..?
* Favorite Colors: Red, blue
* Favorite Movies: None, really
* Favorite TV Series: Drake and Josh
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Killers
* Favorite Video Games: Super Smash Brothers Melee pwns, man.
* Favorite Character: Mario/ Sonic, I guess
* Favorite Book: Harry Potter 1, I guess
* Favorite Food: Generally, Japanese food
* Favorite Beverage: Dr. Peppers
* Favorite Clothing Brands: I don't pay attention much to clothes
* Where you've traveled: Been to 5 different continents
* Hobbies and Keywords: Not really anything. A little basketball, tennis, math...
* Picture (Photo): (N/A)
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National Eating Disorders... maybe because of the clam chowder from yesterday?

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Old 11-13-2007, 11:21 PM
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: May 8 2007
* Birthdate: August 5 1994
* Name: Lucas
* Alias: *None*
* Sex: Male
* Race: No, I don't like run... Oh wait, Exophi already did that
* Ethnicity: German/Jamaican
* Birthplace: Ontario
* Location: Ontario, Canada
* Height: 5'6.5"
* Weight: *Shrug* between 1-1000
* Shoe Size: 12
* Eye Color: Brown
* Hair Color: Brown
* Piercings: Noooo
* Tattoos: Noooo
* Dating/Marital Status: They all still want me
* Family: One mom, two brothers
* Pets: two cats, one dog
* Grade: 8
* Occupation: Student
* Favorite Colors: Orange/Taupe (I don't know what taupe is
* Favorite Movies: Happy Gilmore, The Haunting, Little Miss Sunshine
* Favorite TV Series: The Simpsons
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: My Chemical Romance, Ten Second Epic, Tokyo Police Club, Bloc Party
* Favorite Video Games: Pokemon: Crystal, Meteos, Stubbs The Zombie
* Favorite Character: Johnny Bravo
* Favorite Book: His Dark Materials
* Favorite Food: Tacos!!!
* Favorite Beverage: My Milkshake
* Favorite Clothing Brands: Phat Farm
* Where you've traveled: Quebec City
Old 11-13-2007, 11:38 PM
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: July 4, 2007
* Birthdate: April 2, 1993
* Name: Kris
* Alias: None
* Sex: Female
* Race: Caucasian
* Ethnicity: Irish, German, Polish, etc
* Birthplace: Illinois, USA
* Location: Illinois, USA
* Height: 5 feet
* Weight: 110 pounds
* Shoe Size: 6 and a half
* Eye Color: Brown
* Hair Color: Brown/Blonde
* Piercings: None
* Tattoos: None
* Dating/Marital Status: Single
* Sexual Orientation: Straight
* Family: I live with my dad, step mom, and my little sister.
* Pets: 2 cockatiels, 1 chihuahua
* Grade: 9th
* Occupation: Student
* Favorite Colors: Black, red, purple
* Favorite Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, 1408, Disturbia
* Favorite TV Series: House, Law and Order: SVU, Grey’s Anatomy
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, Yellowcard, Relient K
* Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts I & II, any Zelda game
* Favorite Character: Midna from Twilight Princess
* Favorite Book: Twilight
* Favorite Food: Chicken, mozzarella sticks, pizza
* Favorite Beverage: Dr. Pepper
* Favorite Clothing Brands: None
* Where you've traveled: Hawaii, Arizona, Wisconsin, Missouri, South Carolina, etc
* Hobbies and Keywords: Writing, reading, photography, video games, bowling
* Picture (Photo): None. X)
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Old 11-22-2007, 10:25 PM
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: March 9, 2006
* Birthdate: Oct. 18, 1994
* Name: Christine
* Alias: Frostsuicune (youtube) Eaglemaster23 (here)
* Sex: Female
* Race: European mainly -_-''
* Ethnicity: German 60%, Japanese 15%, Russian 10%, Other 15%
* Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
* Location: Olympia, Washington
* Height: 5'3'' and still growing =D
* Weight: 90-95 pounds...?
* Shoe Size: 8 1/2 I think
* Eye Color: Brown
* Hair Color: Reddish brown
* Piercings: Ears, though I never wear earings anymore =P
* Tattoos: 0.0 sorry none
* Dating/Marital Status: Single, and plan on staying that way U_U
* Sexual Orientation: Straight, though I want to stay alone
* Family: Annoying as hell mother, father
* Pets: 2 cats 1 dog
* Grade: 8th going into High School soon ^o^
* Occupation: Forum member...? I really don't have one ^^''
* Favorite Colors: Blue, black, and silver
* Favorite Movies: Quite a few, I guess the Harry Potter ones =P
* Favorite TV Series: Naruto, Pokemon, Bleach, pretty much anime in general
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: High and mighty color, Orange range, AFI, Sum 41, Three days grace, MCR, the list goes on
* Favorite Video Games: There is no favorite with all the awesome ones in the world
* Favorite Character: Itachi Uchiha
* Favorite Book: Can't rightly say... I love nearly all of the books I've ever read ^_^
* Favorite Food: Cheeeeesssseee caaake
* Favorite Beverage: Lemonade, Pepsi I guess
* Favorite Clothing Brands: none, so long as it's not pink or bright T_T
* Where you've traveled: Like, all over the East coast and Germany
* Hobbies and Keywords: Drawing, writing, sudoku (don't ask), playing video games, the works
* Picture (Photo): (camera's in the way, I know -_-'')
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: jan 2007
* Birthdate: september 18th 1992
* Name: Cedaesha (forbidden last name)
* Alias: Dasha
* Sex: yes!... oh Female :P
* Race: errr african? ... how do you put that?
* Ethnicity: African American ...
* Birthplace: Brroklyn NY :D
* Location: at my comp :P (in BrooKlyn)
* Height: 5' 3"
* Weight: 110 (last I checked)
* Shoe Size: 9
* Eye Color: Brown
* Hair Color: Dark brown
* Piercings: one in each ear lobe
* Tattoos: none
* Dating/Marital Status: single
* Sexual Orientation: hehe
* Family: err mom, sister, stepdad, bunches of cousins, 4 aunts, one uncle
* Pets: a turtle named sandy
* Grade: 10 (sophomores FTW)
* Occupation: lol. occupation.
* Favorite Colors: red, orange, black... hmm fire anyone?
* Favorite Movies: pokemon 4ever (lol) uhh nothing else rly.. I dont watch movies much
* Favorite TV Series: numb3rs
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: The Used, Panic! at the disco, Common, meh thats about it
* Favorite Video Games: Pokemon games in general. Tactics ogre.
* Favorite Character: ayase (from a anime) errr SHIKAMARU-KUN!~ Gaara-domo~
* Favorite Book: Eragon. hands down. now bow your heads.
* Favorite Food: stuffing *yum*.
* Favorite Beverage: pepsi or country time lemonade
* Favorite Clothing Brands: errr not so much...
* Where you've traveled: from Brooklyn to washington D.C.
* Hobbies and Keywords: FOOD. interwebs. stuff. cows. shikamaru. bothering
* Picture (Photo): check my facebook :P ... nope not giving a link either... too bad
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: 19 August 2007
* Birthdate: 22 April
* Name: Jake Michaels
* Alias: Jakeman, Team Devastation
* Sex: Nope, just kidding, Male
* Race:Christianity
* Ethnicity: American/Canadian
* Birthplace: Alberqerque, Canada
* Location: In front of my comp. (In NJ)
* Height: Dunno
* Weight: 118 lbs
* Shoe Size: 13
* Eye Color: Blue
* Hair Color: Yellowish, sand (color)
* Piercings: No
* Tattoos: No
* Dating/Marital Status: I date a hot girl
* Sexual Orientation: Dunno what this means
* Family: Too big to explain
* Pets: None
* Grade: 12
* Occupation: Student
* Favorite Colors: Black, Red
* Favorite Movies: Pokemon Ranger and the temple of the sea
* Favorite TV Series: Pokemon
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Good Charlotte
* Favorite Video Games: Pokemon, Mario, Final Fantasy
* Favorite Character:Too many, I can't decide
* Favorite Book: 101 tips to be dumb!
* Favorite Food: Burgers
* Favorite Beverage: Coke
* Favorite Clothing Brands:nike
* Where you've traveled: many places
* Hobbies and Keyword:Cool, Devastation
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: May, 2007
* Birthdate: N/A
* Name: Jake
* Alias: Treeky111
* Sex: Male
* Race: English
* Ethnicity: Indian
* Birthplace: Richmond, Virginia
* Location: Virginia
* Height: 5'8"
* Weight: 98 lbs
* Shoe Size: ?
* Eye Color: Blue
* Hair Color: Blonde
* Piercings: 0
* Tattoos: 0
* Dating/Marital Status: What?
* Sexual Orientation: Straight
* Family: Mom, dad, sister
* Pets: Dog, fish
* Grade: 7
* Occupation: Student
* Favorite Colors: blue
* Favorite Movies: Spongebob?
* Favorite TV Series: Spongebob?
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Ghostbusters
* Favorite Video Games: Super Smash Brothers Melee, Pearl
* Favorite Character: Spongebob
* Favorite Book: Warriors: The Darkest Hour
* Favorite Food: Rice!
* Favorite Beverage: Root Beer
* Favorite Clothing Brands: Volcom
* Where you've traveled: Maine down to Florida, California
* Hobbies and Keywords: Lacrosse
* Picture (Photo): Not happenin buddy
Old 11-30-2007, 08:21 PM
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: April 24, 2007
* Birthdate: May 12, 1993
* Name: Daniel (is my middle name, my first name just sucks)
* Alias: Don't need one
* Sex: Male
* Race: Asian American
* Ethnicity: Laotian, Burmese, Chinese
* Birthplace: Takoma Park, MD
* Location: Maryland (that's all you get)
* Height: 5' 8" or 5' 9"
* Weight: 135 lbs.
* Shoe Size: 7½ - 8½
* Eye Color: Hazel
* Hair Color: Black
* Piercings: No
* Tattoos: No
* Dating/Marital Status: Single
* Sexual Orientation: Hetero Sexual (Straight)
* Family: Mom, Dad, Sister
* Pets: Dog
* Grade: 9th
* Occupation: Student
* Favorite Colors: Red, Blue, Lime, Yellow
* Favorite Movies: Too many
* Favorite TV Series: Sonic X, Family Guy, Simpsons
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Anything Japanese I suppose (except classical)
* Favorite Video Games: Don't ask, WAY too many
* Favorite Character: Miles Tails Prower (Sonic), Pastel (Graffiti Kingdom), Mog (Graffiti Kingdom/Super Bust-A-Move 2), Latias (obviously Pokemon), Hamtaro (obviously Hamtaro)
* Favorite Book: Harry Potter
* Favorite Food: I dunno...something...
* Favorite Beverage: Soda, Water, Juice, and Thai Tea
* Favorite Clothing Brands: I have no idea
* Where you've traveled: Thailand, Japan, China, France, Canada, Laos, Korea, Australia (this also incudes plane checkpoints)
* Hobbies and Keywords: Stuffed Animals (which I never touch), 50 state quarter collection, mood swings, boredness, phobic
* Picture (Photo): Heh, heh, wish


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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: pfffh
* Birthdate: 04/07/95 figure it out!
* Name: Ryan
* Alias: GS, Ryan, Raz
* Sex: Male
* Race: White
* Ethnicity: english
* Birthplace: England
* Location: australia
* Height: dunno
* Weight: 43g
* Shoe Size: 8
* Eye Color: blue
* Hair Color: brown
* Piercings: no
* Tattoos: no
* Dating/Marital Status: had some but not ATM
* Sexual Orientation: straight as a pole
* Family: my bro, mu and dad.
* Pets: my dog roxy FTW
* Grade: 6, should be in 8 in england
* Occupation: nuthin
* Favorite Colors: Always changing
* Favorite Movies: naruto movie
* Favorite TV Series: naruto
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Fallout boy FTW
* Favorite Video Games: pokemon, megaman, naruto, kingdom hearts....
* Favorite Character: pokemon= ash, naruto= naruto, megaman= megaman, KH= sora
* Favorite Book: what the hell is this?
* Favorite Food: chicken
* Favorite Beverage: cola
* Favorite Clothing Brands: Volcom FTW
* Where you've traveled: Spain, australia, england
* Hobbies and Keywords: skating, and my keyword is What a drag!
* Picture (Photo):in your wildest dream

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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

* Join date: november 2 2007
* Birthdate: feb 23 1995
* Name: korey
* Alias: Smiles!
* Sex: male
* Race: white
* Ethnicity: n/a
* Birthplace: windsor
* Location: windsor
* Height: 5'3
* Weight: 95lbs
* Shoe Size: 9
* Eye Color: hazel
* Hair Color: brown
* Piercings: n/a
* Tattoos: n/a
* Dating/Marital Status:single
* Sexual Orientation: straight
* Family: lots
* Pets: smokey, oreo, my cats
* Grade: 7
* Occupation:student
* Favorite Colors: blue, green
* Favorite Movies: blades of glory, rush hour 3,
* Favorite TV Series: family guy
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: lots
* Favorite Video Games: POKEMON!
* Favorite Character:dragonite FTW!
* Favorite Book: i hate reading
* Favorite Food: pasta, pizza lasagna
* Favorite Beverage: pepsi
* Favorite Clothing Brands:hollister
* Where you've traveled: florida
* Hobbies and Keywords:travel soccer travel hockey.
* Picture (Photo):look, what you look like thread.

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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

My Awardz | My Artz | My Fanfic

Underwater pic = flickr.
Sprites = pokesho.

* Join date: May 2007
* Birthdate: June 4th.
* Name: Lauren.
* Alias: Drift.
* Sex: F.
* Race: Whitee.
* Ethnicity: European n' stuff.
* Birthplace: Rawr.
* Location: You'd love to know that. ;D
* Height: Tall I guess.
* Weight: Never ask a woman how much she weighs.
* Shoe Size: I never pay attention.
* Eye Color: I don't even know, lawlz.
* Hair Color: Black. (Naturally.)
* Piercings: None, not even meh ears. :O
* Tattoos: None.
* Dating/Marital Status: Single.
* Sexual Orientation: Straight.
* Family: I have a lot of family... xD
* Pets: 3 kitties and 1 doggy. :3
* Grade: 12th after summer.
* Occupation: Art student.
* Favorite Colors: Black, blue, red.
* Favorite Movies: Ah... So many...! o.o;
* Favorite TV Series: Too many. >.>
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Again, too many. But I will say the chili peppers that are red hot. ;]
* Favorite Video Games: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon (obviously), and more.
* Favorite Character: Pikachu! 8D
* Favorite Book: I don't read much. :|
* Favorite Food: I love food in general. 8D
* Favorite Beverage: Soda! ^^
* Favorite Clothing Brands: T.U.K, Loungefly, Mighty Fine, Tripp, Sugar...
* Where you've traveled: Mars, Saturn, Venus, the Moon. :o
* Hobbies and Keywords: Art, computer graphics, video games, music.
* Picture (Photo): zomg.

Wow. I love filling out surveys. xD

Maybe back. Maybe not.

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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

^ Credz to Rob ^

* Join date// July 21, '07
* Birthdate// July 13, '93
* Name// Alonzo
* Alias// Alonzo
* Sex// M
* Race// White
* Ethnicity// Trinidad and Austrian
* Birthplace// Smithtown, New York
* Location// New York
* Height// 5'7" brah
* Weight// 127
* Shoe Size// 8 1/2
* Eye Color// Brown
* Hair Color// Black.... If you want to be all technical about it, it's actually Dark Brown
* Piercings// Nah, brah
* Tattoos// Not now, but maybe[emphasis on the 'maybe'] get one some time soon
* Dating/Marital Status// Single
* Sexual Orientation// Straight as this line --> __________
* Family// 'Lots, brah
* Pets// Tank o' fish
* Grade// 9th
* Occupation// Artist//Graphic Artist
* Favorite Colours// Blue, Red, White, and Black
* Favorite Movies// 'Spiderman 3'[It's the shiznit], 'Stay Alive', and 'lots more
* Favorite TV Series// Too many :P
* Favorite Bands/Musicians// Too many :P
* Favorite Video Games// Pogeymanz, Halo series, Mario series, and The Legend of Zelda series
* Favorite Character// Mario, Link
* Favorite Book// "Romeo and Juliet", "Of Mice and Men", and "Night"
* Favorite Food// Steak is 1337
* Favorite Beverage// Your mom
* Favorite Clothing Brands// Stuff
* Where you've traveled// Florida, California, Georgia, Miami, and New York
* Hobbies and Keywords// Graphics, your mom, sketching, and your mom. Did I already mention your mom?
* Picture (Photo)// roflmao

There ya' go. Now stop stalking me.


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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

All About EB!

* Join date: June, 24, 2007
* Birthdate: November 18th
* Name: Puru
* Alias: Puru / eb
* Sex: Male
* Race: Indian (Desi)
* Ethnicity: Indian
* Birthplace: Gujrat, India
* Location: Ontario, Canada
* Height: 5 foot?
* Weight: 100 Pounds
* Shoe Size: 7
* Eye Color: Dark Brown
* Hair Color: Black
* Piercings: None
* Tattoos: None
* Dating/Marital Status: Single
* Sexual Orientation: Straight
* Family: Mom / Dad / 2 sis / Many cousins
* Pets: None
* Grade: 9
* Occupation: Student / Subway Sandwich Artist
* Favorite Colors: Navy / Orange
* Favorite Movies: Too many to list
* Favorite TV Series: Too many to list
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Queen / Led Zeplin
* Favorite Video Games: Too many to list
* Favorite Character: Lunatone
* Favorite Book: Tris's Book
* Favorite Food: Subs / Pizza / Curry
* Favorite Beverage: Coke / Coffee
* Favorite Clothing Brands: Don't know
* Where you've traveled: All arond the world
* Hobbies and Keywords: Graphics / Music
* Picture (Photo): Lol, keep dreaming
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

All 'bout me

...well you asked...

* Join date: PROBABLY November '07.
* Birthdate: Jan 7th, '95.
* Name: Joe.
* Alias: Jazza.
* Sex: Male.
* Race: Human...?
* Ethnicity: White.
* Birthplace: Liverpool, England.
* Location: Australia braa.
* Height: 160cm
* Weight: 50 kilos (of muscle)
* Shoe Size: 8
* Eye Color: Hazel.
* Hair Color: Brown.
* Piercings: Lip (someday) left ear thrice.
* Tattoos: None.
* Dating/Marital Status: Taken. :)
* Sexual Orientation: Women please.
* Family: Mother and Father, then an annoying little sister and two big sisters.
* Pets: 3 goldfish (Named The Hulk, The Flash and Batman) and one fighting fish (named Steve).
* Grade: 8th
* Occupation: I work at a fish and chips restraunt thing. :P
* Favorite Colors: Green and Black.
* Favorite Movies: Nightmare before Christmas.
* Favorite TV Series: Friends.
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: A.F.I, S.O.A.D, Yellowcard, etc.
* Favorite Video Games: Bioshock, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon...
* Favorite Character: Umbreon. ^.^
* Favorite Book: Tough one...i don't know :P
* Favorite Food: Eeh, all types of food are good really.
* Favorite Beverage: Coffeeeee...or SOLO!!!
* Favorite Clothing Brands: Element, Billabong, DC, Globe.
* Where you've traveled: England, Sydney (:P), Egypt, Tunisia, France, DISNEY LAND OMG.
* Hobbies and Keywords: Music, skating.
* Picture (Photo): Keep dreamin'.


Thanks Drift for the awesome banner! <3
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Default Re: PE2K Member Factfile

All About DragoniteMistress

* Join date: Sometime in March of '06, considering my old account Nov. '05
* Birthdate: September 2nd, 1993 at 9:47 a.m.
* Name: Ashley. Or Ash to most people.
* Alias: Ash, to just about everyone. Won't say my 'rents names for me ><
* Sex: Gal powa~
* Race: Ish WHITE
* Ethnicity: Cherokee Native American, German, French-Canadian, Irish
* Birthplace: In a fancy lil' hospital 20 minutes north of Detroit
* Location: Meeshegaaan
* Height: 5'4"
* Weight: 150 lbs. of solid muscle, baby
* Shoe Size: 8 1/2 WIDE. Big Foot :O
* Eye Color: Baby blue, gray, or dark blue, depending on the lighting of the room
* Hair Color: Natural brunette but blonde now
* Piercings: Ears, think they closed up though
* Tattoos: Oh heavens no
* Dating/Marital Status: Single, but there's this boooy...
* Sexual Orientation: S.t.r.a.i.g.h.t.
* Family: Mom, dad's on the weekends
* Pets: 2 Cats (Oscar, Blackie) 1 Dog (Ringo) 1 Squirrel (Sammy) 1 Snake (Domino)
* Grade: 9th Grade, Freshmeat
* Occupation: Too lazy, writing though
* Favorite Colors: Pink, Lavender, Gray, White, Black
* Favorite Movies: The Day After Tomorrow, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (Japanese w/ subs, plz), Napoleon Dynamite
* Favorite TV Series: Will and Grace
* Favorite Bands/Musicians: Evanescence, Nelly Furtado
* Favorite Video Games: *Cracks knuckles* Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, GTAIII, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories, GTA San Andreas, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelists of the Roses
* Favorite Character: *Glomps my FR/LG rival*
* Favorite Book: Oh dear... East, The Chronicles of Narnia (entire series), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Eerie Animals, Warriors series, The Dragon Spell, Uglies, Pretties, Specials, Extras
* Favorite Food: Meatloafff, peanut butter and hershey cookies, this one French dish with mashed potatoes, ground beef, drizzled with cheese...
* Favorite Beverage: Chai tea
* Favorite Clothing Brands: Sarah Jessica Parker's Bitten, Steve & Barry's
* Where you've traveled: Throughout northern Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida
* Hobbies and Keywords: Art, Literature, Individuality, Debation, Sketching, Writing, Novels, Reading, Video Games
* Picture (Photo): *Will update soon*

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