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Old 12-03-2007, 02:59 AM
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Default Make your own Cheat!

Title tells all. Must be fake. State which game its for too.

Game:Pokemon Pearl
Cheat:Get Parakeru from LostMagic as a Pokemon.
1. Make your name Isaac.
2. Ctach the following Pokemon (in order): Staravia, Machoke, Heatran, Sealeo, Finneon.
3. Go to the one Hiker's house to trade the Finneon for the German Magikarp.
4. Evolve the Magikarp.
5. Trade the Gyarados to a friend.
6. Have them level it up to 99.
7. Get it back while it holds a Rare Candy.
8. Go back to the Hikers house.
9. Go In front of him and use the Rare candy on Gyarados.
10. He will say "Well, that is amazing. I didn't know you would take such care of my Pokemon! Here, take this." he will give you a Chain Flute.
11. Go to the Pokemon League.
12. Go to Luician.
13. Give him the Chain Flute.
14. He will say "Oh wow. To have this, you must know HIM."
15. You will be escorted out of the Pokemon Leauge.
16. For the Final Time, go to the Hiker's House with only Foppa.
17. He will say that he is actually evil and battle you with a level 100 Lumineon.
18. Beat it and the Hiker will disappear. Lucian will come and say that the Lumineon's soul was transported into another Pokemon, but it ended looking deformed. He will give you number ???, Parakeru!
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Old 12-03-2007, 03:35 AM
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Default Re: Make your own Cheat!

Cheat:Catch a Shadow Shiny Gallade
1. Beat Evice
2. Trade your Umbreon to a Sapphire Version (must be sapphire)
3. Train it to level 100
4. Trade back to Colloseum for Espeon
5. Go to Justy with only the Umbreon in your party.
6. He will comment that you are quite the exquisite trainer and will give you a hold item called a Fighter's Eye
7. Make Umbreon hold it and re-battle Evice. Lose.
8. You will be transported to a secret area and your female partner will not be there.
9. Go to the right until you find a statue of Gallade
10. Make Umbreon get rid of the Fighter's Eye and Toss it.
11. The statue will glow and you will battle a level 100 Gallade. Your Female partner won't tell you it's a Shadow Pokemon (cuz she's gone ) but it is, so catch it.
12. When you transfer it to ruby (must be ruby), migrate it to diamond (must be diamond) and trade to Pearl (must be Pearl) and it will become shiny.
13. Congrats on your new find!

EDIT: No one else is here so I will make another cheat

Cheat:Catch Version Exclusives from the other Game
1.In Go to Mossdeep
2.Go to Shoal Cave
3.Catch a Snorunt
4. Fly to Littleroot
5.Talk to the little dude with glasses 10 times
6. He will then say to give him a Blackglasses
7. Give him the Blackglasses
8. He will Battle you, known as Super Nerd Glenn
9. His only Pokemon is a Murkrow
10. Beat it wit your Snorunt
11. He will Say that Tate is hiding something from you, so go talk to Tate
12. He will deny, so you must battle him again, He has a Solrock.
13. Beat him.
14. He will give you a Red Jewel (in Sapphire) or a Blue Jewel (in Ruby)
15. Go to the Top of Mt. Pyre
16. Talk to the Old man
17. He will put it on the shrine next to him and it will golow
18. Go catch you Version exclusives! You can catch Groudon (in Sapphire) and Kyogre (in Ruby) at the place where you battled the other earlier.
If you don't like Psychic Types or if you love Fighting, Poison, Ghost or Dark Types, I hate you.

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Old 12-04-2007, 01:04 AM
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Default Re: Make your own Cheat!

Nice. BTW Paul doesn't have Chimchar anymore. XD Ash does.......Wait....CHEAT!

Get exclusive Pokemon (Turtwig OT Ash, Piplup OT Dawn, RARE:Chimchar OT Paul)
Game: D/P
1. Find, Capture or Migrate at least 10 legendary Pokemon.
2. Beat the Pokemon League 3 times.
3. Go back to the Pokemon Leagues Entrance with any 6 of the 10 Legendaries you have in your party. (NOTE: You must walk there from Vistory Road, no Flying)
4. Go inside and attempt to go into the league.
5. As you near it, a boy/girl will come and challenge you to a battle.(If you are a boy, the trainer will be a boy and vice-versa)
6. PKMN Trainer Ash (Lukas if your name is Ash) or PKMN Trainer Dawn (Hikari if your name is Dawn) will appear will battle you with a sinlge Pokemon. They wil be either Pikachu level 75 or Floatzel level 99. But there is a slight problem, all your Pokemon will be level 37.
7. If you beat them, They will say how ythey are impressed of you. They will tell you to find a Pokemon for a Special award. (Until you find the Pokemon, they wont let you into the Pokemon League). You must get them a Pokemon they had ever had in the anime.
8. Give that Pokemon to them.
9. They will give you, in return, a level 25 Turtwig or Level 25 Piplup. They will have a different OT, but the same ID as yours.
10. To get the other one, you must get 5 more legendaries, do the same thing and you will battle the other Trainer.

Pauls Chimchar:
11. For this one, you must get all legendaries (including event only) and beat the PL 10 times in succesion without a single Pokemon fainting.
12. Challenge the league an 11th time.
13. Instead of Cynthia being there, Paul will be.
14. He will battle you with:
Level 60 Ninjask
Level 62 Ursaring
Level 66 Electivire
Level 65 Honchkrow
Level 63 Ice Punch Weavile
Level 70 Torterra
15. Beat him and he will give you a level 50 Chimchar, OT Paul, ID 12345, instead of going to the hall of fame.
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Old 12-07-2007, 12:02 AM
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Default Re: Make your own Cheat!

This looks sorta fun!

What:Get to use an Org.13 member
Game:Kingdom Hearts 2
1.Go to Twilight Town after beating Pride Lands twice
2.Talk to Olette
3.She will say"I saw a strange creature near the mansion,you should check it out!"
4.Go to the town station
5.You will see a Nobody Dragoon,walk near him
6.A cut-seen should show,watch it.
7.After wathcing the cut-scene get on the train to the other part of Twilight Town
8.You will see Roxas standing at the bottom of the steps,talk to him
9.He will transport you to The World That Never Was.
10.You should see Axel standing infront of many heartless and nobodies.
11.Approach Axel.
12.He needs help so you say "Let's Do It!"
13.He say's "We may need more help......"
14.You will then get to choose any member of the Org.13 besides Roxas or Axel(he will be there fighting along side you.)

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Old 12-08-2007, 02:43 AM
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Default Re: Make your own Cheat!

The Great Ninja Gallade Cheat - works on Diamond/Pearl

Start the game with the name 'NLade'.
Select the water-type starter.
Capture the following Pokemon or their evolutions IN ORDER: Starly, Bidoof, Bidoof, Starly, Starly. Capture only these pokemon, and name them 'nonja'.
Go to Prof. Rowan's house. He will be unimpressed with the pokemon you caught. He will take away the last Bidoof and give you a Ralts, telling you to raise it to be a half-decent Pokemon to make up for all the other Pokemon.
Release the Nonja 'mons. You should now only have Piplup and Kacha, the Ralts.
Take the Pokemon to the shore to swim.
A big wave should take Ralts away...continue the game as normal, but defeat the Elite Four with five pokemon in your party.
Just as the ceremony finishes, a mysterious figure breaks the wall, grabs you, and runs off.
Safely on Iron Island, your kidnapper reveals himself to you. It was Lucas/Dawn.
Lucas/Dawn runs off leaving a single pokeball behind in the sand.
Grab the Pokeball.
Kacha the Ninja Gallade is now in your party.

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