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Old 12-20-2007, 07:23 PM
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Default Faye

Thank you, Kaze

Rating: PG-13
Reason: Language and violence
Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy

Chapter Guide
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13



The bright light that lit the large room seemed very dim in the present mood. Seated around the large round table were the leaders of the world’s most powerful regions. None of them spoke. They simply gazed uneasily around at each other. Alyssa Clear, the dark haired president of Johto, gave a small cough, turning silver eyes on Michel Delizzo, the Prime Minister of Kanto. The man’s graying hair flopped about his head as he placed a hand on his lined face.

“Well,” he said in a gruff voice, turning bright blue eyes on the assembled leaders sitting around him, “what are we going to do?”

Hoenn’s young administrator, Trevor Moore, swallowed as he tugged nervously at the neck of his tie. “What can we do?”

Alyssa Clear ran a slender hand through her hair and sighed heavily. “The only thing we can do,” she began in her calm voice, “is find the One.”

The silence in the room tensed. “Don’t you think that’s a bit extreme, President Clear?” asked Shinnoh Prime Minister Clarisse Taro.

There were murmurs of agreement from the congregation but Alyssa Clear merely shook her head. “It is, but these are extreme times. If something isn’t done soon-“

“But we’ve never even tested the I.D.B.R.,” protested Trevor Moore.

“On the contrary,” said Alyssa Clear coolly, fixing the Hoenn Administrator with her sharp gaze, “we have.”

“When?” demanded the young man incredulously, “and why was I never informed?”

“You were elected barely two months ago,” wheezed the ancient Fiore president, Joseph Krane, “and were therefore considered untrustworthy. You were only informed of the I.D.B.R. because it is mandatory for all members of the Interregional Alliance. That didn’t mean you had to know everything about it.”

Moore scowled but did not press the matter. He was a very intelligent man, if a bit rash, and he knew when there was no point in arguing. He couldn’t blame them for not trusting him, but he wished he had known about the testing of the I.D.B.R. before he had made a fool of himself. “So,” he said at last, looking around at the group, “I presume the test was a success?”

“Yes,” said Alyssa Clear briskly, “but that’s not the biggest problem.” There were nods and more murmurs from the Alliance. “As you all know, the discovery of a parallel universe is a thing of science fiction to most of the world. There are very few people who believe such a thing exists. We are all aware that it does and that there is a way to create a bridge of sorts connecting the two worlds. However, this is not only a procedure that is dangerous to those performing it; it is also dangerous to the balance of the world. Ironically the only one who can save our world lives in that parallel universe.”

Michel Delizzo spoke up. “How can we be sure of that?”

“The simple answer is, we can’t. We can only trust in what has been told to us. We know that the parallel world exists and must therefore accept that the other information is correct as well.”

“President Clear,” began Trevor Moore politely, “even if what has been told is completely true, how will we be able to locate the Chosen One?”

“She’s already been located, Administrator Moore,” said Alyssa Clear, smiling slightly.

Many of the men in the room had to work to hide their scowls. The fact that a girl had been chosen to save their world was a kick to the ego. Several of the women, however, wore looks of mild smugness on their faces. The President of Cerio nudged the President of Orion and held out her hand. The man sighed and removed two hundred dollars from his pocket and handed it to her.

Alyssa Clear cleared her throat and said, “Are we all agreed that the appropriate action at this point is to use the I.D.B.R. to create a bridge between our world and the Chosen’s and convince her to help us?”

There was a murmur of assent from the assembled leaders.

“Good,” said Alyssa Clear, taking a deep breath, “we’ll begin operations A.S.A.P.”
Ripped from my world and tossed into the role of savior, I can't decide what's harder, ending a war destined to leave this world in ruins or fighting against my longing for home. I hate this world, I love this world, but it isn't mine. Why must I save it? Faye

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Default Re: Faye


Definitely and interesting start, and a intriguing plot thus far. I can't help but notice the similarities between this and Phillip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy. Of course, it could be purely coincidental, but there is a certain resemblance.

And on the topic of parallel universes, physicists of today have all kinds of theories concerning it, and there is a possibility that they do exists. Just thought it would be an interesting tid-bit.

Originally Posted by Suicune's Child View Post
The President of Cerio nudged the President of Orion and held out her hand. The man sighed and removed two hundred dollars from his pocket and handed it to her.
I loved that part; it adds a bit of lightheartedness to the grim situation. This has a lot of potential, and as long as you don't get trapped by the typical "Chosen One" plot, this is well on its way to becoming a great story.


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Default Re: Faye

Thanks. ^_^
And you aren't the first person to tell me this sounds like Philip Pullman, which it does, but I honestly didn't mean for it to. It doesn't stay on that path, though.

Chapter 1

“Come on, come on, move faster,” I muttered to myself, staring doggedly at the clock on the wall behind the teacher. The second hand dragged forward to slowly I was convinced it had stopped. I tried focusing my eyes on the teacher for a moment then looked back at the clock. Yes. The second hand had moved. I turned my eyes to the teacher again and caught her staring at me. I gave her an innocent smile and quickly focused my gaze on my paper.

Mrs. Edison was notorious for making an entire class stay after the bell if even one student wasn’t paying attention. Unfortunately it was hard to dislike her because she often acted like a kid herself, unless she was doing some serious teaching or was in a bad mood. Sadly, today she was in a bad mood.

I picked up my pencil and twirled it between my fingers, staring blandly at the slender object's black surface and thinking about everything I planned to do once school let out. First I’d get something to eat, then I’d call Jake to remind him about taking me to the movies tonight, then I’d…Oh yeah, I couldn’t do that. I could go to the movies, but I had track practice after school so I had to put everything off for another hour or so.

I sighed. There were times I wished I’d never joined the team and this was one of them. Practice had an irritating way of cutting into one’s free time. Still, it could be worse. I could have lost my mind and decided football would be fun. If I had, I’d be in a wheelchair with a broken neck, back, and everything else.

The ringing of the bell drove all thoughts out of my head. I grinned as I scooped up my books and joined the jumble of students pressing towards the door.

I picked my way through the crowded hallway until I reached my locker. There I dumped my books and went to collect my bag so that I could change out for practice. I hummed as I walked, looking cheerily around at the mass of students talking happily to each other as they made their way to the buses.


“Hey, Faye,” said my brown haired friend Jessica as I entered the locker room.

“Hola, Jessica,” I replied, grinning at her as I dropped my bag on the floor. “Have fun in History?”

Jessica rolled her eyes. “Of course not. Mr. Boremetodeath is the dullest teacher in the world! I can’t believe he got a teaching job at all.” She began on one of her usual rants about how boring history was to begin with and how Mr. Brandy made it ten times worse.

I laughed as I unzipped my bag and pulled out my running shirt and shorts. “I do feel sorry for you, but not much. I like my seventh period class, most of the time anyway.”

“Quit bragging,” said Jessica huffily, pulling off her pink shirt and pulling on the white one she wore to practice. “You don’t even have to put up with him this year. You got Mrs. Davis and she actually tries to make history interesting.”

“Yep,” I said happily, checking my reflection in the mirror as I pulled my black shirt on. The fair skinned, stormy eyed girl in the mirror grinned as she flipped her brown-blonde hair over her shoulder. “I did have to put up with him last year, though,” I said, turning away from my reflection and smiling at Jessica.

“Quit bragging,” she said again, looking at her own reflection to see if her make-up looked all right. I didn’t really get why she felt the need to wear make-up, but that was just me.

“What are two fussing about today?” asked our dark haired friend, Hope.

“Oh nothing,” I said sweetly, bending down to untie my shoes. “Just talking about how much Jessica hates Mr. Brandy.”

“Well I can’t blame you,” said Hope, pulling a tank-top and yellow pair of shorts out of her bag and beginning to get dressed herself. “I had Mr. Brandy last year and I had to work really hard not to fall asleep.”

I grinned. “Same here. He could turn the most interesting topic into the dullest rant.”

Jessica tugged on her running shoes and made a noise like car exhaust. “There isn’t any topic in history that’s interesting, no matter how you teach it.”

“You’ll think differently when you get Mrs. Davis,” I said, struggling into my own shoes. The blasted things always gave me trouble and I was too lazy to loosen the laces. Finally I managed to get them on and tied and I stood up, slinging my bag over my shoulder. “Hurry up, Coach doesn’t like us being late.” I deepened my voice and shook my finger at them. “You’re on track so you’re supposed to be fast,” I said, twisting my face into a half serious, half stupid expression.

“That’s right,” said Hope, imitating me. “And if you can’t even make it to practice on time maybe you should think about another sport. I hear the golf team needs a few ball collectors.”

I laughed, as did Jessica and Hope. We loved making fun of our coach. It was so easy to do. He wasn’t a bad person, he was just funnily strict.

I adjusted my bag so that it wasn’t pinning my hair against my shoulder and edged my way out of the locker room. Jessica followed me, “accidentally” bumping Hope with her bag as she went.

“Hey now, don’t start nothin’,” said Hope, adopting a tone of mock sternness.

“Oh yeah, whatchu gonna do about it?” demanded Jessica, putting on a fighting face and raising her fists. “Come on, I’ll take ya. I got backup, right Faye?”

“Sorry, Jess,” I said, waving a hand over my shoulder, “you’re on your own. I’ll be back to collect your body later.”

“Traitor!” Jessica shouted after me as I sauntered out of the room.

I grinned and poked my head back in the door. “Hey, Hope, be sure to think up a good excuse for Jessica’s death. I suggest drowning. Works every time.”

“How would you know?” asked Hope, giving me a sly look.

“Shh,” I said, batting my eyelashes in an innocent way before slipping outside again.


I took slow, deep breaths as I walked slowly towards the gym for a drink of water. Practice was nearing an end and I was pretty tired. Jessica and Hope were standing beside Hope’s car discussing some problem or another. Jessica was making exaggerated movements with her arms so she must have been ranting about something.

I shook a few strands of stray hair out of my face and bent my head to take a drink. Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw something. I frowned and straightened up, looking through the window of the door towards the empty area between the gym and the science building. Maybe it was a stray dog. Every now and then a dog from a house near the school would wander onto the campus to do some exploring.

I bent down to take another quick drink of water then headed for the door, wiping a hand across my mouth. I loved dogs, even though the ones that usually came to school were shy.

I rounded the corner and looked at the empty lot. Well, it wasn’t completely empty. Three people stood there, all older than me. Two of them were men and one was a woman. I frowned at them and took a step forward, intending to say something. However, when I moved they turned to look at me.

The woman seemed to be the one in charge because she took a step forward and fixed me with a piercing gaze. Her eyes were bright silver which was pretty creepy.

“Err,” I said, trying to think of something to say. “Hi.”

The woman didn’t speak for a moment. She seemed to be thinking about something. Her eerie eyes gave me a quick look over then she spoke in a mild tone, “Are you Faye Ilene?”

To answer the strange lady with the creepy eyes or to not answer the strange lady with the creepy eyes, that is the question. “Who wants to know?” I groaned inwardly. That question was as good as a yes.

“My name is Alyssa Clear,” said the woman promptly. She motioned to the two men behind her. “This is Trevor Moore,” she indicated the young and rather hansom young man with light brown hair to her left, “and this is Michel Delizzo,” she indicated the older man with graying hair to her right.

“Uh huh,” I said, allowing my eyes to linger on the man called Trevor Moore. Hey, there was nothing wrong with looking. “And, uh, what are you doing here?”

The man called Michel Delizzo stepped forward. “We represent the Interregional Alliance as well as the regions of Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn. We have come to ask for your assistance.”

“Muuhh…wha? Interregional Alliance? Kanto, Johto, Hoenn?” Well, these guys were certainly off their rockers. “You mean, like, the Pokemon Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn?”

The three stared at me with looks of shock on their faces. “How-how,” said Trevor Moore, apparently unable to find the words he wanted.

Alyssa Clear composed herself and fixed me with her piercing gaze again. “How do you know about Pokemon?”

What did these guys think I was, stupid? Who didn’t know about Pokemon? “Duh, because it’s currently one of the most popular games in existence. Plus the cards and show and all that stuff. Ya know,” I said, feeling kind of nervous at the dumbfounded expressions on their faces, “Satoshi Tajiri and all that.”

“Who is Satoshi Tajiri?” demanded Michel Delizzo, glaring at me.

“The creator of Pokemon,” I replied slowly, looking from one face to the other and feeling even more nervous. “You know, the Japanese genius person. If you know about Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn you must have heard of him. Well, maybe not must have, but-“

Alyssa Clear held up a hand to stop me. “It’s obvious that someone from our world must have crossed the inter-dimensional gap and turned Pokemon into a game here. Perhaps because he could not find his way back.”

Inter-dimensional gap. So these guys really thought they were from the Pokemon world? If they were five I could believe that, but come on, these guys were at least in their twenties. “You guys do realize Pokemon isn’t real, don’t you?”

The three fixed me with glares again and I decided shutting up would be a good idea. “No, Pokemon are real. I’m not sure what you know about them, but I’m sure it will be useful. Now, to business.” The woman straightened up and gave a small cough. “As Prime Minister Delizzo said earlier, we represent the Interregional Alliance as well as our own regions. We have come to your world with the help of the I.D.B.R. to ask your assistance. Our world is currently in trouble and you are the only one who can help us.”

“You have problems, you know that, right?”

Alyssa sighed and reached into the gray jacket she was wearing. I turned to give the lot of them a look over and saw they were all dressed in suits. That was weird, but not as weird as what they had said. “Here,” the silver eyed woman said, offering me a photograph.

I hesitated then took it and glanced at the picture. It showed Alyssa Clear dressed like a normal person with a Delcatty in her arms. It looked much more realistic than the anime version Delcatty I knew, but that didn’t mean anything. I had seen some splendid drawings of “real-life” Pokemon online. “Very nice,” I said, handing back the picture, “expertly drawn, really. But what does it prove?”

Trevor Moore adopted an exasperated expression and took another step forward. “Listen, Faye, I don’t know how we can convince you that we’re telling the truth-“

Michel Delizzo cut him off. “We need your help. Please just trust us until we can prove that we’re telling the truth.”

“And how exactly do you plan to prove to me that you’re not lying or just crazy?” I folded my arms over my chest and looked at them skeptically.

“We’ll take you to our world and show you.”

Old guy saying come to my world so I can prove to you that Pokemon are real. Yeeaahh, no. “I have to get back to practice now. Nice talking to you.” I turned and raised a hand in farewell then started back around the gym.

“Wait,” said Alyssa Clear, hurrying up to me.

“Look, Ms. Clear, since you seem like a nice person I won’t tell on you for trespassing on school grounds, but I really don’t have time to waste talking about nonsense. I like Pokemon just as much as anyone else, but that doesn’t make me stupid and gullible. Now, please excuse me, I have plans.”

“At least allow us to prove that we are not from this world. Please, it won’t take more than a minute of your time.”

I sighed and turned back to look at her. She seemed truly desperate and I wasn't a completely heartless person. If it would make her leave me alone I could wait around, at a safe distance, and let them "prove" themselves. “All right. But hurry up with it.”

Alyssa Clear smiled in relief and beckoned me over to the gym wall. I followed slowly, keeping my distance. Trevor Moore and Michel Delizzo moved back as Alyssa Clear positioned herself in the middle of the lot. She pulled a remote of some kind out of her jacket pocket and flipped a plastic covering off it. An antenna extended a red light on the end began flashing.

The silver eyed woman hit a few buttons on the device and pointed it at the air. There was a burst of light and I couldn’t help yelling in surprise and bringing my arm up to shield my eyes. I could still see Alyssa Clear and the two men standing there, looking at me with mildly pleased expressions on their faces.

Behind them was a shimmering hole in the air. As I watched, the shimmer became clearer to reveal what looked like a bridge. It was made of a thousand different colors that twisted and swirled, fighting each other for space. On either side of the bridge was swirling darkness. As I watched, a line of color sailed passed then stars appeared and vanished.

“What is it?” I breathed, staring in awe at the sight before me.

“That,” said Alyssa Clear calmly, “is the bridge to the world of Pokemon.”

“So,” said Trevor Moore, apparently delighted by my shock, “do you believe us now?”

I tried to speak but no words would come out. Instead I just nodded, staring at the brilliant bridge before me. The bridge to another world.

“Will you help us?” asked Michel Delizzo sternly.

What could I say? Still unable to speak, I nodded.

“Good,” said Alyssa Clear briskly. “It would be best not to dawdle. Undoubtedly someone will be coming to investigate your absence soon. Come along.” She stepped aside and motioned towards the bridge.

I looked nervously from face to face. Trevor Moore gave me a nod of encouragement and slowly I took a step forward, then another. As I passed them I could feel a strange energy pulling me from the bridge. It seemed to be calling me. I looked up into Alyssa Clear’s bright silver eyes and saw her give me a nod. Then I took a deep breath and stepped onto the bridge.
Ripped from my world and tossed into the role of savior, I can't decide what's harder, ending a war destined to leave this world in ruins or fighting against my longing for home. I hate this world, I love this world, but it isn't mine. Why must I save it? Faye

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Default Re: Faye

I like chapters like this; I use them often enough in my own fanfictions. You know, something that shows a typical day in the life of your protagonist or whatever.

Anyway, this gets pretty interesting. The IDBR; I'm guessing it stands for Inter Dimensional Bridge (Something beginning with R...xP).


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Default Re: Faye

Yeah, I like using chapters like that too. I think they give you a view into how the person lives and what they're like in every day life. And for a story like this, it gives a view of the before life.

And you're right about the name. The R stands for Ray, which I had to add because IDBR sounds cooler than IDB.

Chapter 2

Walking across that bridge was like walking through a dream. Lights and colors swirled beneath my feet but it didn’t seem solid. It was as though I was walking on air but at the same time like water, or maybe grass. I was terrified yet thrilled at the same time. The scene around me changed then changed again and then again. A million stars sprang up from nowhere, then great streaks of light danced overhead, then a field of what looked like distant flowers.

I couldn’t make out any distinct sounds but there were sounds. It was as if the noise was coming from very far away and being squeezed through a filtered tube before it reached me. A couple of times I thought I heard voices and once I was sure there was a cry, but then it changed to a rushing that might have been wind or water.

I’m not sure how long it took to cross the bridge. It may have been a couple of minutes or a couple of hours. I didn’t pay attention to the time.

Eventually something became visible in front of me. It looked like the end of the bridge. Beyond it was another hole. I squinted. Beyond the hole was a dimly lit room with no apparent detail. I sped up, holding my breath. The room became clearer as I moved. Steel gray in color with machines lining the walls. Only what was right in front of the hole was visible. On either side was a blur of indistinct color.

I was on the point of crossing from the bridge to the room when I realized what I was doing. I was walking from one universe to another with no idea of what lay ahead. I had just left my friends and family behind and they would probably be looking for me by now. I stopped and felt panic rising in me. What was I thinking?

I turned, intending to run back the way I had come, but I couldn’t. Alyssa Clear, Michel Delizzo, and Trevor Moore were standing behind me. Alyssa raised her eyebrows but didn’t speak. I tried to open my mouth but it felt like my lips were glued together. I shook my head at them and pointed back towards the world I knew. Alyssa shook her head and moved over so I could see the bridge, or rather, the empty space where the bridge had been.

The silver eyed woman gave me a push but I didn’t move, just stared. She gave me another push and I took a few steps backward. There was no going back right now. I had to know why the bridge had vanished but I couldn’t speak. Finally I turned and took the last few steps into the unknown world.

The room I was in was virtually the same all around. Large, gray, and dull. Machines lined the walls, all flashing and beeping. I could see a computer screen that seemed to be showing a virtual image of the bridge as well as the four people that had just crossed it. As I watched the bridge shrunk to nothing then the picture on the screen went blank.

“Well, we’re here,” said Alyssa from behind me.

I whirled around and glared at her. “Take me back,” I demanded, backing away from her.

She seemed surprised by my sudden change of heart. “Why the change?”

“You tricked me. Anyone who saw that bridge would be too shocked to think about what they were doing. I just left behind my friends, my family, and my world. I didn’t say anything to anyone and I didn’t get a chance to do so. Make the bridge come back.” Behind her I saw the faint shimmer in the air then nothing. Where the edges of the hole had been was a gigantic metal ring.

Alyssa Clear sighed and moved past me to the computer screen that had displayed the bridge. “We just opened a portal between two universes twice in quick succession. We have to let the machine recharge. Just calm down. If you still feel the need to return home later we’ll open the bridge again.”

I glared at her but there was nothing I could do. I was stuck, at least for the moment. “Fine,” I snapped, whirling around and walking away from her. “But you had better keep your word.” It was an empty threat. There was nothing I could do to her if she didn’t, but I wanted her to know how serious I was.

“Good,” Alyssa said calmly, ignoring my last statement. “Here, put these on.” She took a wrapped bundle from on top of one of the machines and handed it to me. “You have to fit in if you’re going to be in this world. Most trainers don’t dress like that.” She gave my Track and Field t-shirt and short shorts a disapproving look.

I felt my heart leap involuntarily. She had said trainer. Did that mean I was going to be a trainer? But I couldn’t think about that now. I could come back after telling my mom and friends not to worry.

The three adults left the room with strict warnings not to touch anything. I allowed one of my fingers to hover over the computer screen and stuck my tongue out at them. Trevor Moore rolled his eyes and closed the door behind him.

I sat down on the cold metal floor and unwrapped the bundle of clothes I had been given. Surprisingly they were to my taste. A pair of faded jeans with the beginning of a hole in the knees. Perhaps the people here had the same dress sense as the people back home. Along with the jeans was a brown belt with six clips attached to it. I didn’t have to think too hard to figure out what they were for.

A fairly plain and slightly worn black tank-top and similar t-shirt made me sigh. I liked black just fine but I had been kind of hoping for blue. Oh well, I could bring some of my own clothes from home when I went back to my world. A brown jacket with a stiff collar was under the shirt and beneath that was a brown hat that looked like it might belong to a paperboy.

Beneath all this was a pair of sturdy traveling shoes. They were the only thing in the pile, apart from a fresh pair of underclothes, that looked brand new. It made me wonder if the faded and worn look of my clothes was factory or human made.

Slowly I began to get dressed. Everything fit well and I wondered how they had gotten my sizes. It didn’t really matter. The clothes were comfortable and likable and that was really all that mattered.

I wrapped my running clothes up in the left over packaging and noticed a dark green backpack underneath. I smiled at it and opened it to examine the contents. There was nothing remarkable. It looked like the contents of an average girl’s purse, really. A hair brush, a small mirror, a wallet, a notepad with pencil, and a few hygiene products. I couldn’t help sighing but decided to make use of the brush and mirror to fix my hair.

I slipped the hair tie I had been using around my wrist and pulled the brush through my hair until I was satisfied it was smooth. I picked up the hat I had been given and pulled it on then checked my reflection in the mirror. I liked the look. Kind of girly but not too much so.

I put the brush and mirror back in the backpack and zipped it up then slung it over one shoulder and stood up, looking around. “Now what?” I asked the room, clutching the package that contained my clothes to my chest. Perhaps I should investigate the room behind the door Alyssa and the two men had gone through.

That’s what I did. My footsteps seemed to echo through the entire room as I made my way towards the door. It was as dull and metallic as everything else in the room. The place didn’t feel like it belonged to the world of Pokemon, but then again, what did I know? I watched a show meant for kids. That much was obvious by the censored cussing and usual lack of real violence. This was the real world.

I reached for the doorknob then paused. I could hear voices from the room beyond, many of them. They seemed to be arguing.

“…How can we be sure this child is the Chosen One? From what you say she’s already caused you trouble.”

“We have to trust what we’ve been told, Prince Douglas. What else can we do?”

“We can send the kid back to her own world and deal with this on our own.”

“And then what? Sit around and wait for the world to finish falling apart? That girl is our only hope.”

“She’s fifteen. What could she possibly do that we can’t?”

“That remains to be seen, but I am sure she’ll succeed.”

“Why do you have such faith in her, President Clear? A child from another world, a world where they have apparently turned Pokemon into a game and disgraced our regions with childish stories. It will take us a long time to teach her the basic skills needed to survive in this world. Anyone who doesn’t already know the simplest-“

“We don’t know that she’s completely ignorant. It’s possible that what may be a child’s game in her world holds true facts in the real world. She did seem to know what a Delcatty was, or at least she didn’t ask about it when I showed her a picture of one.”

“Knowing what a Delcatty looks like won’t help her in the slightest. What really matters is-“

I backed away from the door so that the voices faded into a jumble of indistinguishable mutterings. I felt irritated and also ashamed. I prided myself for knowing quite a lot about Pokemon, but now I wasn’t sure if it would be any help. I didn’t even know if trainer had the same meaning as the way I knew it.

Suddenly I heard footsteps and the door was thrown open. Alyssa Clear looked around the room until she spotted me then marched over. “Good, glad to see they fit. Now come on, there are people you need to meet.”

I hesitated. “They don’t sound like they really want to meet me.”

Alyssa sighed and ran a hand through her dark hair. “They do, they’re just anxious. Things are going badly and they want a simple solution. I wish they’d learn that there’s no such thing as a simple solution.”

I sighed and allowed myself to be dragged forward into the next room.

It was very large but not as big as the one with the portal device in it. It was pretty plain too, though a bit more decorative. A large, round table stood at the center of the room while a several colorful banners hung around the walls. Each had a logo on it. My eyes were caught by a banner with a large bird over a grand tower printed on it. It had to be Johto’s logo.

Seated around the table were people of various ages, many middle-aged. I counted and came up with about fifteen. I guessed that each one of them represented a different region though I only knew about four, no, five of them. Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Shinnoh, and the Orange Islands. This was assuming that Orre and Fiore weren’t real.

All of them stared at me as I entered and I felt myself getting a bad case of stage fright. Did I have something on my face? Oh right, I’m the one who’s going to save their world. Ok, stare on.

An ancient looking man with a very wrinkled face and very little hair stood up. “So, you’re Faye Ilene.” His voice was a wispy wheeze but he smiled at me. “It’s an honor to make your acquaintance.”

I smiled back at him. I was glad I could make him happy because it looked like he was about to die.

A young woman with black hair stood up and gave me a look over. “You certainly don’t look any different from any other trainer I’ve seen, but perhaps that’s because you’re dressed as one.” She paused as though expecting me to say something then continued, “So, has President Clear told you why you’re here?”

I blinked. President Clear? Did she mean Alyssa? I turned to look at the silver eyed woman who smiled at me. I immediately felt ashamed of how I had spoken to her earlier and attempted an apologetic smile. “No, not really,” I admitted, turning back to the black haired woman.

“Well I’m not the one to explain,” she said, sitting back down and folding her arms over her chest.

I wondered why she had brought it up if she had no intention of telling me, but it seemed rude to say this so I didn’t. Instead I turned to Trevor Moore who was sitting near me. He shrugged and nodded to Alyssa Clear who moved forward and turned to look at me.

“Where to start,” she said thoughtfully, looking me over a couple of times. “Hmm, I suppose I should try to make this story as short as possible. Here are the basics. Our regions are at war. All of them, for one reason or another, are caught up in a civil war. Famine and death are growing every day and if something isn’t done soon our whole world could be destroyed.”

I nodded, trying to take all this in. It didn’t seem real. Wasn’t the Pokemon world supposed to be a more or less happy place that didn’t have war? I thought about this for a moment and realized this was foolish. This world was just as capable of going to war as mine was. But every region?

Alyssa Clear allowed me a few moments of pondering then continued, “There is a…prophesy, of sorts. Basically it was instructions for stopping the wars and saving our world. It told us how to breach the gap between two worlds, yours and ours, and how to find the Chosen One, the one who had the power to help us. The Chosen One would be able to put an end to the fighting with the help of their soul companion and a power beyond our imagining. The Chosen One is you, Faye.”

Talk about an ego boost! I had personally never thought I was that special but if this prophesy could tell people how to create a bridge between two worlds it had to be right about me. So, the Chosen One, eh? I liked the sound of it. I wanted to make some very impressive statement about how they could all count on me because it looked like they were expecting it, but instead I simply said, “How do you know it’s me?” So modest.

“Your name is mentioned in the prophesy as well as your general location. Since that information led us to you, it must be you.”

That made sense. “So,” I said, looking around at the assembly, “what am I supposed to do? Do I need to go find a legendary Pokemon and use its power to end the wars?”

“No. Besides, most legendary Pokemon are only myths. We don’t know what you have to do but we do know that only you can do it. Now, here’s the big question, will you?”

I was taken a back for a moment. I didn’t really think I was going to be given a choice in the matter. I had to consider. Did I really want to travel around warring regions trying to stop them from killing each other? The truth was, I kind of did and I kind of didn’t. I was always bored with my tame life and longed to do something to help the world, but this wasn’t just some harmless adventure. War was dangerous and there was every chance that if I accepted I’d end up being killed.

Still, if this truly was my destiny, then I must be destined to succeed. And after all, these people needed me. What else could I say but yes?
Ripped from my world and tossed into the role of savior, I can't decide what's harder, ending a war destined to leave this world in ruins or fighting against my longing for home. I hate this world, I love this world, but it isn't mine. Why must I save it? Faye

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Default Re: Faye

Very nicely done.

Faye is one of the most believable characters I've read about in recent fanfictions. Yes, she's a hero, and feels the need to save people, but she's plagued with doubts and worries just like the rest of us. I thought the description of the travel between the two universes interesting. The only problem I have with it is you used "at the same time" in two consecutive sentences which kind of stemmed the flow. Here:

Originally Posted by Suicune's Child
It was as though I was walking on air but at the same time like water, or maybe grass. I was terrified yet thrilled at the same time.
If you used it on purpose then I apologise for not realising that. I've become quite attached to your story...xP


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Cool Re: Faye

Awesome! Great story! Keep going!
PS that'd be so cool if that actually happened.

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Default Re: Faye

I didn't actually intend to do that. ^-^; It does kinda hold the affect I was going for, though, so I think I'll leave it.

Chapter 3

There was a lot of talking going on in the room now. It had been nearly an hour since I accepted the task of saving the Pokemon world and my ego had been steadily growing ever since. This was mainly due to the fact that everyone except the three who came to get me was addressing me as Chosen One.

I was pleased to learn that my rudimentary knowledge of Pokemon was more or less correct, though there were some holes. For example, there was no such person as Ash Ketchum and Team Rocket had been defeated about a hundred years ago. Not to mention the fact that, although they had been thieves, they were also murderers. In fact, the entire organization had been made up of skilled assassins. That was news.

The more I learned, the more I became convinced this was real. I was a pretty creative person, but there was no way I could think up all the things they were telling me. The fifteen men and women in the room were all the leaders of the fifteen most powerful regions in the world and they made up the Interregional Alliance. The Interregional Alliance was in existence to prevent war and help each other to maintain stability and prosperity. Didn’t seem to be working too well at the moment.

Through all the talking I got the strangest feeling that there was something they weren’t telling me but when I mentioned it they just laughed and said I needed to stop using my imagination. That comment convinced me that I was missing something, but I didn’t bring it up again.

It felt like years passed before Alyssa Clear called a halt to all the discussions. I was grateful to her. Fascinating though it was to sit with the leaders of fifteen great regions and learn so much information, it was also exhausting.

“I think that’s everything we need to tell you,” she said, smiling at me.

I gave her a weary smile in return and rose to my feet. I stumbled. I had been sitting on one of my legs for a while and had completely forgotten about it. This was do to the fact that it had long since become numb.

Trevor Moore took hold of one of my shoulders to help steady me and it took a lot of effort not to blush. The guy was really good looking. Had I been at school I probably would have made some joke about him being a knight in shining armor but…I had completely forgotten about going back home!

“Umm, excuse me,” I said, raising my voice so as to be heard over the hubbub around me. Trevor looked at me with a “go ahead” look so I continued. “I had planned to go home and tell my family not to worry about me. I also wanted to make sure I had everything wrapped up that needed to be wrapped up, so-“

The ancient man I had learned was called Joseph Krane, the president of Fiore (it was real after all), let out a laugh that sounded more like a life or death struggle for air. “Chosen One, you cannot go home yet. You have a world to save. Anyway, no one would believe you. Look how reluctant you were to accept what President Clear was telling you.”

I had to admit the guy had a point. “But,” I stuttered, trying to think of a good argument, “How am I supposed to concentrate on what I’m doing if my mind is back on my own planet?”

Alyssa Clear smiled. “This is your planet, in a sense, just not your world. We’re still on Earth, just not the one you’re used to.”

Right, complex rules of parallel worlds that would probably be very important to me in the future. But that didn’t help me. “I can’t just let my family and friends freak out about me being gone. They’re probably already looking for me. My friend Jessica rode the bus home once when practice was canceled and her mom didn’t know and she started calling everyone she could to find out where she was. It’ll be just like that with me only I won’t be at home with no clue about the panic.”

“Calm down, Faye,” said Clear softly, laying a gentle hand on my shoulder. “Whatever you’re supposed to do I’m sure it won’t take long. We’ll come up with a good excuse for your absence while you’re away then send you right back home once everything is over.”

Well that was reassuring. “Why can’t I just go back and tell everyone I’m all right and that they don’t need to worry. Even if I don’t tell them where I’m going it might help.” I knew from the looks on everyone’s faces that I wasn’t going to get my wish. Perhaps I shouldn’t have agreed to help them. I caught myself. Just because this lot were being pushy and uncooperative, just like politicians are supposed to be, didn’t mean everyone on the planet was. There were surely people worth saving.

“I tell you what, Faye,” said Clarisse Taro, the woman who’d refused to give me information earlier, “you come back in a week, if you’re not already finished with your mission by then, and we’ll let you go home for a while. That ok?”

I didn’t believe her but the notion that everyone here seemed to think this whole adventure wouldn’t take too long gave me heart. At least I wouldn’t have to worry too much about being gone. A week was a long time for someone worrying about their missing daughter, but at least it wouldn’t be a month or a year. I could handle that.

At last I sighed and nodded rather glumly. “All right, you win. After a week, if I’m not finished, I’ll go home and talk to my family.” I stretched my arms over my head and flexed my fingers. “What time is it?”

“About eight at night,” said Michel Delizzo, checking his watch.

I was surprised that so much time had passed. Perhaps the clock settings were different in this world. That would make sense. Or perhaps it was simply because I was on another continent. I considered this idea for a moment. I didn’t even know what continent I was on. Well, best to ask now before I forgot. “Where exactly are we, anyway?”

“On an island off the coast of Johto,” Alyssa Clear replied promptly. “We’ll sail you to the mainland tomorrow before we head back to our respective countries.”

I nodded. “Fine by me. So where do I sleep tonight?”

“The rooms are down that hallway,” she pointed to a blue door on the opposite side of the room, “two doors down and to the left. I suggest choosing number seventeen because the rest will be occupied.”

I yawned and nodded, rubbing my eyes. “Seventeen, sure.” I said goodnight to the people nearest and tottered off towards the door. The hallway behind it was lined with red carpet and I noticed that the door to the conference room I had just left was marked with a large IA in very fancy writing. “Interregional Alliance. Why do they need the inter part? Couldn’t they just call it the Regional Alliance? It sounds better.” I shrugged and made my way to the door Alyssa Clear had specified.

The hallway passed that door was lined with yet more doors, each with a number on it. I made my way down the hall, not paying much attention to detail. I noticed the carpet here was a dull red and the doors were green. Whoopee. Finally I came to room 17. A small plastic envelope on the wall held a card which I promptly removed and swiped through the card reader attached to the door. A green light lit up and I pushed the door open.

I had expected something like a fancy hotel but instead I found myself in a cozy, meaning small, and quaint, meaning very plain, room with a twin bed. The bed was accompanied by a nightstand with a battered alarm clock standing on it and a desk with a lopsided chair. Obviously this room wasn’t intended for regular use. Still, I wasn’t complaining. A bed was a bed and at least I didn’t have to worry about anything other than dust.

I quickly untied my shoes and dropped them beside the bed then did the same with my socks, jacket, t-shirt, and jeans. I flopped back on the bed and stretched again, looking at the wall behind me. The bed was very comfortable and decked with about five pillows and an equal number of quilts and sheets. What the room lacked in decorations it made up for in comfort, and that was what was important.

I yawned again and rolled around on the bed until I found the most comfortable spot. Then I snuggled under a couple of the blankets and pushed my head against as many pillows as I could. At least I’d sleep comfortably, if not peacefully. My mind was still full of everything I had learned and my worries about the people I was leaving in the dark. My body was exhausted, however, and soon won over against my mind, allowing me to slip into sleep.


I was woken sometime in the middle of the night. According to the glare from the alarm clock it was 2:00 in the morning. I frowned, trying to figure out what had woken me. At first I thought it was the dream I had been having. I had been battling with a purple Ursaring while at a track meet and my opponents lime green Delcatty had been too busy chasing the runners to attack.

I soon realized that this was not the cause. Someone was standing in the doorway to my room, staring at me. I gulped and pulled the covers up to my eyes, gazing nervously at the person. Whoever it was stood there for only a moment longer, then turned and closed the door behind them.

I allowed the covers to slide down my face and sat up, breathing rather faster than usual. Who had that been? I had half a mind to get up and follow them but I knew that was a stupid idea. It was probably just a maid or someone making sure I was all right.

I curled up under the covers again and stared at the wall. The faint glow from the alarm clock allowed enough light for me to see the outlines of everything in the room. I was ashamed to admit it, even to myself, but I was a little afraid of the dark. It was such a childish thing but who could blame me? A strange person had been watching me while I slept and I had seen enough movies to know that those people were usually psychotic murderers waiting to pounce on their unsuspecting victims.

I forced myself not to think about that. “Stop being stupid,” I said to myself, tucking my face further under the covers and closing my eyes tight.

It took a long time for my restless mind to drift back to sleep and when it finally did my dreams were full of unease and worry.


Morning came far earlier than I would have liked it to. Though I had gone to bed early and only awakened for a short while, it still felt as though I had only been asleep for an hour or two. There was nothing I could do about it, however, so I had to get up.

There were no windows in my room but the light leaking through the cracks in my door were enough to see by. I looked more closely around my room, hoping to see a bathroom so that I could take a shower. Fortunately there was. Chosen One or not, I didn’t want to go who knew how long without bathing.

The water pressure was lousy but the heat felt good. I allowed my thoughts to wander, stopping every now and then to ponder some bit of information I had learned recently. The more I thought about it, the less likely it seemed. Sure, everything around me was real, and my situation probably was too, but everyone was so sure I’d succeed and quickly.

The night before I had been tired and drunk on praise so I was perfectly prepared to believe this. Now, in the morning, as the warm water splashed over my face, I felt that there was something wrong with the picture. I had had the feeling there was something I wasn’t being told before and it was stronger now. After all, if I, a fifteen year old kid from another world, could fix this world’s problems in a couple of days, then why hadn’t the people who lived in this world been able to do anything?

I shook my sodden hair out of my eyes as I turned off the shower and reached for a towel. It struck me how similar this world was to my own. So far I hadn’t seen anything that was really different from my own. It was a bit drabber, but that was it. It wasn’t as if there was nothing drab about my world, but my area had been pretty well off and I had a comfortable life.

Once I was dry I pulled my clothes on and proceeded to brush my hair. I winced as the brush hit a snarl and sighed. “Why did I have to be born with hair?” I asked the empty bathroom, staring moodily into the mirror. It was a question I had asked countless times before and was often accompanied by a comment about how I planned to shave my head. Fortunately I had never acted on my irritation, well, there had been that one time I had told the barber to cut off as much hair as she liked, but the woman had been sympathetic and hadn’t snipped more than a few inches.

I tugged my paper-boy hat on and flicked a strand of damp hair off my shoulder. “Shexy,” I said to my reflection, grinning and packing the brush into my green backpack before slinging it over my shoulder and flipping off the light.

The hallway seemed much drearier than it had the night before. I did notice a few portraits of people who were probably famous that I had missed but it didn’t help. If anything, it gave the place an “old mansion” feeling and old mansions weren’t that great in my opinion. There were plenty of people who loved them, of course, but I wasn’t one of them. I was the one who immediately came up with some ghost story about the place usually involving ancient murders and aliens.


Alyssa Clear, Trevor Moore, and Michel Delizzo were waiting for me when I entered the conference room. All three wore the same outfits they had been wearing the day before and all three looked as if they had been awake for hours. I was normally a pretty good morning actor, but I still have a grudge against the real morning people.

“Good, Faye, you’re awake.” Alyssa Clear looked me over then around her and beckoned me closer. “Faye, there are a few things that I need to tell you. Now, quickly, before the others get here.”

I blinked. A secret? One that must be told while the other members of the Interregional Alliance were away? Sweet. “Ok,” I said, walking over to her.

She leaned forward slightly, her silver eyes darting around the room. Trevor Moore and Michel Delizzo moved closer, shielding us from view. “Last night you were told some things that weren’t exactly true.” She paused, considering, then said, “To be more precise, that weren’t mentioned.”

I knew it! “Like what?”

“Like the fact that this is going to be very dangerous. I had to play along but you have to know what you’re really getting into. I honestly don’t think this will be over in a couple of days, maybe not even a couple of weeks. I don’t know what you have to do, but it can’t be easy. Remember when I said nothing was simple?”

I nodded.

“Well, that was the truth. I could be wrong, but I doubt I am. Now, there is a lot about this world that you don’t know. From what I heard you talk about last night I know that you are quite ignorant about things here. Perhaps you have a good knowledge of Pokemon, but not of our world. The fact that you call it the Pokemon world proves that. We only call it that for your benefit. You don’t call your world the-the Animal world, do you?”

This made sense and I hoped I hadn’t caused insult by addressing this world as I had. “You’re right,” I said, keeping my voice as low as Alyssa’s. “Sorry. I’m just not used to this place yet.”

“Exactly my point. You’re ignorant. Don’t look at me like that, it’s not meant to be an insult. Now, there is no way you’ll make it on your own. I knew that long before we came and got you. So the three of us, Prime Minister Delizzo, Administrator Moore, and myself, have arranged for you to have a traveling companion.”

I frowned. This wasn’t new. Hadn’t they told me that my “soul companion” would be traveling with me? That was weird, yeah, but like Alyssa had just said, I was ignorant of things in this world. “You mean the soul companion you mentioned yesterday?”

Alyssa smiled and shook her head. “No, that will be a Pokemon.”

Sweet! A Pokemon, a real Pokemon, my Pokemon. Danger or not, this was going to be a good journey. I could train hard and be ready for whatever came my way. I wondered what it would be. Perhaps a Chikorita or a Cyndaquil, I liked both. Though they’d probably be evolved and trained a bit already. If war was really as bad as I had been told then they wouldn’t send me out into the world with a baby starter. Oh well, a Pokemon was a Pokemon.

Alyssa Clear was speaking again and I pulled myself back to reality to listen to her. “Your traveling partner will meet you at the port. I can’t discuss it further here. Just promise me you won’t tell any of the others about this. They wouldn’t be happy about it.”

“I won’t tell,” I said, pulling my fingers over my mouth to indicate that my lips were sealed.

“Good.” She smiled at me then straightened up and turned. The sound of the door opening alerted all of us to the arrival of several more members of the Interregional Alliance. Alyssa Clear and the two men moved off to greet them. Trevor Moore winked at me and I felt my face burn slightly.


The boat ride to the mainland took much longer than I thought it would. When Alyssa had told me the island was off the coast of Johto, I had thought that meant very close. It turned out this interpretation was very wrong. Johto was a big region and it had been very small in my eyes when I gazed over the ocean from the dock.

The ferry we were on was much nicer than the building which was appreciated. The only problem was that I had never been on a boat before, not one like this. I had been canoeing a couple of times and when I was little I rode a tiny boat across a lake, but this was the ocean and I stumbled around for about ten minutes before finally finding my balance.

Once I had I was slightly seasick and ready to sick down. I joined Alyssa, Trevor, and Michel in a parlor room and we talked a bit more about my mission. I was quickly growing fond of this group. They seemed to be the ones working the hardest to help me.

“When do I get to meet my Pokemon?” It was the thing that had been on my mind since it was mentioned.

“When we reach the mainland,” said Alyssa, exchanging a smile with the other two.

I frowned. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing,” said Michel Delizzo, shrugging. “You just seem so much like the ten year olds a few years ago.”

I guessed he meant the kids who were finally old enough to start their Pokemon journeys. I wasn’t completely ignorant after all. “Right,” I said, turning to look out the window. There was silence for a moment then I remembered something. “President Clear,” I said, turning to her, the frown back on my face. “Last night I woke up and saw someone standing at my door. I thought maybe it was a maid so I didn’t think much more about it, but I didn’t see any maids anywhere, so-“

Alyssa Clear sighed and shook her head. “It was probably Robert,” she said sadly.

“Who’s Robert?”

The three exchanged another glance then Michel Delizzo said, “Do you know Clarisse Taro?”

“Yes,” I replied, remembering the dark haired woman who had been a bit annoying.

“Robert is her son. He’s…” He closed his mouth, opened it again, mouthed a few words I couldn’t understand, then sighed, “Different,” he finished.

I didn’t need to hear more to understand what he meant. Robert must be a special person, in a mental way. I felt guilty for thinking ill of Clarisse. She had good reason to be grumpy. “What was he doing at the…the hotel thing.”

“We call the whole building the Interregional Alliance Conference Hall,” said Trevor, grinning with amusement.

“Clarisse is afraid to leave him on the mainland. There’s too much going on and she doesn’t want him to get hurt. He usually stays at the Conference Hall and sleeps in room sixteen.”

Ripped from my world and tossed into the role of savior, I can't decide what's harder, ending a war destined to leave this world in ruins or fighting against my longing for home. I hate this world, I love this world, but it isn't mine. Why must I save it? Faye

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Default Re: Faye

Oh yeah, sixteen. Why hadn’t I thought of that before? There were only fifteen Alliance members. I should have wondered why I was assigned to room seventeen when only fifteen rooms were in use.

“Look,” said Alyssa, obviously keen to get off the subject, “we’re nearly there.”

I looked out the window and felt my eyes widen as the sight of the Johto region hit me. Land stretched in both directions as far as I could see. I could see beaches lining the coast but there didn’t seem to be much activity going on. Why? War or not, people should still have some time to enjoy themselves.

Beyond the sand were buildings and a few palm trees. These trees looked almost exactly like the ones I was used to except they had white patches beneath the leaves. They must be this world’s version of coconuts or perhaps some other kind of fruit.

The ferry sailed nearer and I wanted to ask about the lack of activity, but the sight of the region that had become my favorite over the years of my Pokemon fandom prevented me from doing so. It was beautiful to me. A paradise. How could war be raging in a place that looked so perfect? It just didn’t seem possible.

The ferry slowed and soon stopped next to the dock. I got to my feet, my eyes still glued to the window, and walked quickly towards the door.

The ocean glittered as I leaned over the railing, taking in as much of the land as I could. This was where my adventure would begin. It would be great. Sure, there would be hardships along the way, but they wouldn’t be too bad. This place was too wonderful. And I was about to get a Pokemon, a real Pokemon, as well as a traveling companion. This was going to be great.
Ripped from my world and tossed into the role of savior, I can't decide what's harder, ending a war destined to leave this world in ruins or fighting against my longing for home. I hate this world, I love this world, but it isn't mine. Why must I save it? Faye

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Default Re: Faye

And the hole gets deeper.

So most of the members of the IA don't want Faye to know the truth about her mission? Interesting. And then there's Robert; I have a feeling there's more to him than what Faye thinks. And Faye has a crush on Trevor Moore, how sweet xP.

Nice transition chapter, seeing as we're finally going to meet a Pokémon, and possibly start Faye off on her journey or whatever. I like Johto a lot too (and so do you, as your name suggests, xP) so I think I'm going to enjoy this part immensely. I also liked Faye's willingness to take in a secret that's big enough to be hidden from the other members of the Alliance.


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Default Re: Faye

Chapter 4

I stood on the white sand of the beach near the dock and squinted at the buildings I could see in the distance. I was keen to begin investigating this new world but I still had things to do before I could set off.

“You’re partner will meet you further along the beach. We told him not to wait too close to the dock.”

I nodded, continuing to stare down the beach. “When do I get my Pokemon?”


I turned quickly to stare into Alyssa Clear’s bright silver eyes. “Now?” My voice was oddly breathless but I couldn’t help it.

“Yes,” the president answered, smiling. “But before I give it to you, there are some things you need to know.” For some reason she took a glove out of her pocket and pulled it onto her right hand before reaching into a pocket and producing a small sphere. She moved her finger and the ball expanded, becoming the perfect size to fit into a person’s hand.

It wasn’t the kind of Pokeball I had envisioned. I had expected it to be the familiar red and white color, but instead it was a shimmering silver. “This Pokeball was mentioned in the prophecy along with everything else. It took a long time to figure out how to create it.” She offered me the ball then hesitated and said, “I’m not really sure what it will feel like when you touch the ball. This is the only one currently in existence because it took so long to create. It has never been touched by a bare human hand before.”

Strange though this was, I didn’t hesitate to take the sphere from her. A moment later I regretted it. A jolt of something like electricity slammed into my hand and spread quickly through my entire body. I gritted my teeth and tightened my grip on the Pokeball. Slowly it changed from the silver to a deep, stormy blue. I could feel my eyes widen as I watched and heard an intake of breath from Alyssa Clear beside me. The ball’s color stopped changing but continued to swirl. I could feel an odd warmth coming from it. It was comforting and I could feel my muscles relax as the odd sensation the ball had produced ebbed from my body.

Finally Alyssa spoke again, her eyes locked on the ball in my hand. “That isn’t an ordinary Pokeball. We call it the Soul Ball. The Pokemon inside it is very special. It represents who and what you are at the very deepest level. It is essentially your soul in physical form.”

“My soul,” I whispered, awe struck. “So that’s what you meant by my ‘soul companion’.”

“Yes,” said Alyssa, nodding. “The one who touches it with their bare skin will determine what it is. That’s why we’ve never touched it without a glove. Once the creature inside becomes linked with a person it will stay that way forever. Basically, it will always be your soul. It can never become someone else’s.”

I felt excitement rush through me much like the jolt from the Soul Ball I had just received. In one quick movement I hit the dark spot in the center of the sphere and tossed it into the air. I had imagined this scene hundreds of times before but the reality was still far greater, even if it was basically the same.

The Soul Ball opened to reveal a great flood of bright blue light that twisted and writhed as it began to form the creature it held. My heart began pounding wildly and my eyes widened even more. It seemed that the creature within was small, but that didn’t matter. It must be a Vulpix or maybe, my heart swelled with the thought, maybe it was a Mew. After all, I was the Chosen One.

It seemed to take an eternity for the light to take on a recognizable shape. It curled into a small, crouched figure with a long, curling tail. Small round ears poked out of a pointed head and short fangs protruded from the mouth. Then came the color. The top of the creature’s head, body, and the whole of its tail were purple while the rest of it was white. The light faded and it turned to look up at me through large red eyes.

I gaped, all thoughts wiped from my mind. No way. It couldn’t be. I was the chosen savior of the world! It wasn’t possible…”I-I’m a…Rattata?”

It didn't seem possible. I had been brought from another world by word of a prophecy that said I was the one who could save this world from destruction. The leaders of the fifteen greatest nations had welcomed me, praised me, expected amazing things from me, and I was a Rattata at heart? A little purple mouse that couldn't do much more than growl and bite. Well, their world was doomed.

‘Faye,’ the Pokemon said, tilting its head to the right.

I jumped and looked down at the creature. “You talk!”

‘Of course,’ the little mouse said, smiling in a rodent-like way.

“Well…” said Alyssa Clear, obviously at a loss for words as she stared at the embodiment of my soul. Apparently Rattata wasn’t what she had been expecting from the savior of her world. “Rattata are very…very hardy creatures. And you two can obviously understand each other so…”

She didn’t finish her sentence. I couldn’t blame her. The tiny creature in front of me must have made all confidence she had had in me vanish. “Can you understand what she’s saying?” Wait, she? How did I know she was a she? Oh right, my soul. We were spiritually linked or something like that.

“No,” Alyssa replied, looking at Michel and Trevor who both shook their heads, remaining silent. I wondered if either was capable of speaking at the moment. “It-She just sounds like a normal Rattata to us, which is to be expected. No one but you will be able to tell there’s anything unusual about her.”

I nodded. “So…now what?”

“Now,” said Trevor Moore, speaking at last in a rather bland tone, “you start your journey.


The three leaders didn’t hang around after wishing me luck on my journey. They all boarded the ferry and sailed back to the island. Though this was Alyssa Clear’s region she didn’t plan to travel through the war to get to the capitol, wherever that was. I wished I had asked but the thought hadn’t entered my mind until after she was gone.

I sighed and turned away from the sight of the shrinking ferry and began to make my way along the beach. I guessed that the thing I needed to do now was find my traveling companion. I wished they had told me what the person looked like, but I had to respect their paranoia.


I turned with a slight start. Oh yeah, my soul companion could talk. “Yes…uh, Rattata?” It seemed rude to call the little creature by her species but I had no idea if she had a name or not.

‘Call me Dawn,’ the Pokemon said, smiling up at me. She had a calm, quiet voice, much like the rational part of my mind that sometimes prevented me from doing stupid things. The only difference was that her voice had a higher pitch, something that would be expected from a mouse.

“Dawn,” I said thoughtfully, rolling the name around on my tongue. Even though I knew nothing about the little Rattata, the name was perfect.

‘Faye,’ Dawn said again, drawing my attention back to her. ‘I don’t think they expect you to succeed anymore.’

I laughed. I had been thinking the exact same thing. “I agree. I personally can’t blame them, but…” I stopped and looked down at Dawn. The little Rattata cocked her head to one side but didn’t reply. “Sorry,” I said, looking away.

‘That’s quite all right,’ she replied, raising a paw to her mouth and giving it a lick with her tongue. ‘Rattata in this world are supposedly weak and best kept as pets, not as battlers. But you must remember that I am your soul so I have your power.’

I was surprised at this. “But,” I stammered, feeling less confident now than I had before, “I don’t have any powers. I can run, yeah, but that’s not going to help.”

‘It may,’ Dawn replied simply, placing her paw back on the ground and motioning for us to continue walking.

I shrugged and began across the hot sand again. A warm breeze messed with my hair and I felt myself becoming uncomfortably warm in the jacket I was wearing. I paused to remove it and put it into my backpack before continuing. It had to be at least spring here, or maybe it was just because I was in a tropical area. I had never been to the beach in winter or fall but it always looked like a warm place to me.

A shadow passed over us and I looked up to see one of the palm trees I had spotted from the ferry. The white patches I had seen were fruit, though exactly what kind I couldn’t be sure. Suddenly my foot hit something lying on the ground and I stumbled. I turned my eyes to the ground and saw one of the white fruits lying there. About the size of a baby’s head and pure white in color, it looked almost exactly like a coconut.

The knowledge that I hadn’t eaten since arriving in this world struck me and I realized that I was very hungry. “Do you think these are good to eat?” I asked, bending down and picking up the fruit.

‘I don’t see why not,’ Dawn replied, leaning forward to sniff the object. She suddenly lurched away, coughing, and at the same moment someone shouted at me.

“Drop it!”

I was startled and quickly released the fruit. I turned to see a boy, around my own age with brown hair, charging towards me across the sand. I was barely able to register his existence before he was beside me. He seized my wrist and yanked me to my feet then pulled me towards the water.

“What-” I started to say, but he yanked me down again and forced my hand into the cool ocean. The boy pressed my hand against the gritty bottom and rubbed it roughly against the sand. A moment later my hand began to sting as the first layers of skin were torn away. I was so shocked by the sudden happenings that I didn’t object.

Finally the boy released my wrist and I pulled my hand out of the water. My palm was raw and red and a few spots of blood oozed through the skin. “Why did you do that?” I asked in an oddly calm voice, turning to look at the boy. He was very good looking and dressed a lot like I was.

The boy turned orange-brown eyes on me and frowned. “That coconut was poisoned,” he replied simply, standing up and brushing sand off the knees of his faded jeans.

I stood up too, imitating his movements, then frowned and looked towards the palm tree I had found the coconut under. “Poisoned? Why would anyone poison a coconut?”

“Coconuts were very popular as a source of food and drink here,” the boy said, brushing some of his rather long hair out of his eyes. “Not too long ago a gang of Greens made their way here and poured poison around the base of just about all the fruit producing trees in the area. The fruit turned white and anyone who touched it became sick. Anyone who ate it died.”

I was stunned and thought about sticking my hand back into the water. “They poisoned the food source? That’s…that’s…”

‘Sick,’ Dawn finished in a mortified tone.

I looked at her and saw that her purple fur was standing on end. “Yes,” I murmured, “sick.” I turned back to the boy who was giving me a look over then asked, “You said the ‘Greens’ did this. Who are the Greens?”

The boy smiled. “You have to be Faye.”

I smiled back. “I am. You must be the one who’s supposed to travel with me.”

The boy nodded and held out his hand. I took it with my good hand as he said, “My name is Soren Moore. I’m a trainer and escort to the Chosen One.”

“Soren Moore?” I released his hand then asked, “Are you related to Trevor Moore?”

“Yes,” Soren replied, brushing his hair out of his eyes again. “He’s my older brother.”

I gaped at him. Trevor had looked really young, but I had thought it was just because he worked out or something. If Soren was his brother…

Soren broke into my thoughts with a chuckle. “Trevor is the youngest Administrator Hoenn has ever had. He’s twenty-two. I’m fifteen.”

“I thought you had to be old to become the leader of a country, er, region.”

Soren laughed. “Maybe where you come from. In Hoenn you have to be at least twenty, but the people do prefer people who have a bit more experience behind them. The only reason Trevor was elected is because of the current situation in Hoenn.”

“Oh,” I said simply. I exchanged a glance with Dawn who seemed to be waiting for something.

“Anyway,” said Soren, “you wanted to know about the Greens?”

Dawn nodded, as did I. I had almost forgotten about my earlier question but now I returned my attention to Soren and waited patiently for him to continue.

“The Greens are one side of the war in Johto. Their enemies are the Whites. This area was once a White area but after the fruit was poisoned it was deserted. The Greens would have taken it over but their own actions prevented them from doing so. It was too dangerous.”

So nice of the Interregional Alliance to drop me at a place like this. “So, the Whites are our allies, in a sense, right?”

Soren shook his head. “No. The Whites have done horrible things too. President Clear is working hard not to take sides. She wants to end the war in a stalemate. If neither side loses then neither side wins and that prevents tensions later on.”

This seemed like a very good plan. “I think that’s a wise decision.” I paused then asked, “Why are the two sides called the Greens and Whites? Is it because of the type of Pokemon they train or something?”

“No. It’s just the color of their uniforms. The names are just common referral. They refer to themselves as something different. I think the Greens are the Revolutionists and the Whites are the Defenders.”

“Revolutionists and Defenders? Sounds like there are some big changes happening.”

Soren shrugged. “I don’t really know. That would be my guess but I don’t know what started this war. The war in Hoenn was started by groups called Torrent and Inferno. They’ve been fighting for ages but suddenly they decided to band together and take on the region. It’s amazing how much support they got from ordinary citizens and trainers. Those who opposed them fought back and bam, civil war.” He sighed and shook his head, causing his hair to fall into his eyes again. “But that’s not important right now. We’re in Johto, not Hoenn.”

I was surprised that a war could be started by two gangs, but then again, Torrent and Inferno were probably similar to the Aqua and Magma I knew about. Whether their motives were the same didn’t matter, I had the gist. Was that how the war in Johto had started? It didn’t seem likely because Team Rocket hadn’t existed in centuries. Perhaps it was a new team.

Well, all that could be thought about later. At the moment I wanted to leave this area. I also wanted to eat. “Is there anywhere around here that still has uncontaminated food?”

“I don’t know. I wouldn’t risk it.” He motioned for me to follow him and set off across the beach. I followed, bending down to pick up Dawn as I did so. The little Rattata was very light. She couldn’t have weighed much more than a house cat.

Soren led me to a building that seemed to be falling down. I could tell it had once been very nice, probably very popular too. A bar was positioned at the end of the room and tables were scattered about. It was a restaurant of some kind and, judging from the faded sign hanging over the door, it had once served coconuts. I sighed as I entered, wondering again why someone would poison a communities food source.

‘War does strange things to people,’ said Dawn softly, looking around the room with a sad look in her eyes.

“Yes, it does.”

“Can you understand that Rattata?” asked Soren, lifting a green backpack, which was much bulkier than my own, from behind the counter of the bar.

“Yes,” I replied, wondering if Soren knew what Dawn really was.

He didn’t seem to because he gave me a very curious look. “I’ve had my Pokemon for a long time and I’m only beginning to understand what they’re saying. You haven’t even been in this world for more than a day and you can already understand your Pokemon. That’s amazing.”

I exchanged an amused glance with Dawn but didn’t allow my humor to show in my voice. “I suppose.”

Soren stared at me for a while longer then turned to look around the room. “I think this is all I left here,” he stated slowly, turning his head from side to side. “We can get going now.”

I nodded and tightened my grip on the Pokemon in my arms. They were such casual words but what we were about to do was not casual. Heading off into a region plagued by war was scary, even if I was the Chosen One. I remembered the thought I had had when I accepted the mission set to me. If the prophecy was correct, then I was destined to succeed. That didn’t mean this was going to be easy, but at least I knew I wouldn’t fail.
Ripped from my world and tossed into the role of savior, I can't decide what's harder, ending a war destined to leave this world in ruins or fighting against my longing for home. I hate this world, I love this world, but it isn't mine. Why must I save it? Faye

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Cool Re: Faye

yay! new chapters!
Sorry I haven't been on for a while. Relatives visit at and around Christmas...all the time.
It's a good story, keep goin!
(that's funny though...a Rattata. I got nothin against them, I actually like them, but...)
I'm not really on this site anymore due to the horrible lag, so if you want to contact me, DA would be your best choice.

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Default Re: Faye

Ah, another fine chapter.

So Faye's like a Rattata? Interesting. Maybe it's because she's, like President Clear said, hardy, or a survivor, or something. Either way, it's an unexpected turn of events, though not undesirable.

Good luck on the next chapter.


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Default Re: Faye

This chapter doesn't have a lot of action in it, but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway. :)

Chapter 5

The lack of life was very unnerving to me. Soren didn’t seem bothered, though, so I acted as though I wasn’t either. Dawn insisted on being carried. I assumed it was because she was tired or something but a light at the edge of my mind told me it was because she wanted to protect me. Although I tried not to think about it, I still didn’t think Dawn could do much in a battle. Soul or not, she was still a Rattata.

Fortunately I didn’t have to worry about battling because there were just as many wild Pokemon around as the forest as there were people. In other words, there were none. This was probably due to the fact that the food source for the Pokemon had been poisoned, too. I still couldn’t understand why anyone would do such a horrible thing and I felt very bitter towards the Greens.

After a while of walking through unchanging forest scenery, Soren attempted to make conversation. “So, what’s your world like?”

I considered the question. “Well,” I began slowly, frowning, “it’s a lot like this one. Beaches and trees, boats, water, war, pushy political leaders.”

Soren laughed at my last comment. “They can be a bit annoying,” he admitted, grinning.

“A bit?” I said incredulously. “Do you know they refused to let me go back to my own world so I could reassure my parents that I hadn’t been kidnapped and murdered? A kid doesn’t just vanish from school, something has to make them vanish and my mom’s paranoid enough without anything actually happening.”

Soren shook his head. “I feel sorry for you and for them. They’re going to be worrying for a long time and I’m sure it’s going to be horrible for them.”

I laughed dryly. “The Interregional Alliance seems to think this whole journey will be over in a matter of days.”

He looked back at me, one eyebrow raised. “Do you believe them?”

“I’d like to,” I said, sighing and looking down at the Pokemon in my arms.

‘I would too,’ she said, her ears twitching in an agitated fashion, ‘but neither of us are stupid. We know that this is going to take a long time. Alyssa Clear confirmed that.’

I nodded. “Yes, she did. Do you think they’ll keep their word about letting me go back after a week?”


“I don’t either.” I looked up and caught Soren’s puzzled gaze. Oh yeah, he couldn’t understand Dawn. To him it sounded like a bunch of squeaks or something. To me it sounded like regular talking, which was weird because Dawn was a mouse. Still, this world was different from mine and Dawn was the embodiment of my soul.

We continued on in silence. I wondered vaguely about what things would be like once we left this area. There would be people, hopefully friendly, and maybe Pokemon. I couldn’t wait to come across wild Pokemon. I didn’t know if they were anything like what I thought, but that didn’t matter. Dawn hadn’t been expected, but she looked pretty much like what I associated with Rattata. Much more realistic, but still what I recognized.

Time passed, trees passed, and the day passed with no change in scenery. All around us there was forest. The trees were in full bloom and the undergrowth was hard to walk through. In some places there were vines with sharp thorns growing all over them and they hurt when walked into. Very soon I had several scratches on my arms and I rather regretted taking my jacket off. Obviously it was for more than warmth.

Still, I was used to forest. I often went hiking in the woods behind my house, though I preferred to walk along the bed of the creek so as to avoid all the undergrowth. My main concern then was spiders and ticks but they didn’t exist in this world, as far I knew anyway. I wanted to ask Soren but I didn’t want to reveal further ignorance.

I looked up and saw the brilliant blue of the sky glimmering through the canopy of trees above me. This place was so much like home, but it was also different. I couldn’t place the difference. Perhaps it was the lack of birds chirping in the trees or the rustle of small animals skittering through the bushes. Maybe it was just the knowledge of where I was or maybe it was the Rattata clutched in my arms and the brown haired boy walking in front of me.

At last the trees began to thin and I could see a path ahead of us. “This leads to a place called Azalea Town. Ever heard of it?”

I smiled. “Yeah. It’s the place with the Slowpoke’s Well and Kurt the ball maker, right?”

Soren turned his head and raised an eyebrow at me. “Once it was. Kurt, I’ve heard of him. He was very famous in his day, which ended many years ago. The Slowpoke Well, well, it was a celebrated relic of the town but the actual well was removed and the whole thing was turned into the Azalea Military Base.”

I turned my head away from him and looked at Dawn. The little Rattata’s eyes held the same emotion I felt. Sadness. I really had no idea what the Slowpoke Well had been like, but just the fact that it had been important and now it was gone was enough. “Why did they use a town relic as a military base? Couldn’t they find a less...less important place?”

Soren shook his head, turning his eyes back to the path. “It was the perfect location. It was underground and already had a path and passageways carved into it. It was a popular tourist attraction.”

“Ok, I guess that makes sense. But why did they have to remove the well?”

Soren smiled, but it was a strange smile. Satisfied, perhaps, with something else mixed in. “The people of Azalea didn’t like their relic being turned into a military base. Some tried to stop it and their efforts led to a riot. In all the confusion and fighting the well was destroyed. After that people stopped fighting and accepted the change. Not like they had much choice.”

It really was terrible. War led to destruction, but so did fighting war. How in the world was I going to stop it?

‘Don’t fret so much, Faye. Fate chose you, remember? You’ll find a way.’

I smiled at her. “Thanks Dawn.” For some reason it seemed natural that Dawn could understand what I was thinking. It made sense, but I didn’t need to think about it. I didn’t even wonder how she knew, I just accepted it.


Azalea was nothing like I had pictured it. I had imagined a pleasant little town with old fashioned houses and kind people. It certainly wasn’t that.

Houses were the first thing that came into view. Long, winding rows of them. Red brick and grey stone mostly. There were a few wooden houses scattered about, but the majority was made of sturdier material. I couldn’t help wondering if this was because of the war or if it had always been this way. I didn’t ask Soren.

Beyond the houses was the town. Building after building, some eight stories high. The main part of town lay a little ways away from the suburban area and it looked like it was suffering from hard times. The place was pretty nice, but many of the buildings looked worn. Several of the shops had “Closed” signs over the doors and many more were just empty.

Soren didn’t speak as we made our way through the streets and neither did I. I just looked around, amazed at what I saw. There were lots of people walking around. They seemed to be suffering just as much as the buildings. A lot of people wore clothes that looked second hand, much like my own.

This made me think and I muttered a question to Soren. “Up to this point I thought the worn out look of my clothes was just style.”

He grinned at me, guessing what my question would be. “It’s not. It’s so you’ll blend in. People, particularly traveling trainers, which are rare enough these days, don’t have brand new clothes with fancy embroidery. Clothes aren’t much more expensive than before, but this area is having financial problems. Not all places are like Azalea. It’s just because of Grein Beach Resort, the town that was poisoned. They offered a lot of business because they’re so close to Azalea but that can’t happen anymore.”

I shook my head. “This is crazy. People shouldn’t…” I paused, looking at a woman with bright red hair who was glaring at me as though I had committed some horrible crime. She folded her arms and intensified her glare to the point where I couldn’t help demanding, “What?”

She scoffed and scowled at me. “I don’t know you,” she said testily, her hazel eyes burning with suspicion.

“And I don’t know you. Glad we’ve got that straightened out. Now, why are you looking at me like that?” I could hear Dawn groan inwardly. Apparently the mind reading thing worked both ways. Soren merely shook his head but didn’t interfere.

The woman let out a sort of hiss that was rather creepy. “I bet you’re one of the Greens, aren’t you? Don’t try to play dumb with me, I can see through your disguise.”

What disguise? I wasn’t wearing a dress, like her, but that didn’t really mean I was in disguise. I was about to mention this when I man with black hair and dark purple eyes laid a hand on the woman’s shoulder. “Let her be, Matilda. Can’t you see the girl has a Pokemon with her? And she’s wearing a trainer’s belt. It’s obvious that she’s not one of the Greens.”

This sparked my interest. Why did having a Pokemon or being a trainer make it impossible for me to be a Green? Were they against Pokemon or something?

“It’s probably a trick,” the woman spat, continuing her glaring.

I was quickly becoming irritated but felt a mental nudge not to do anything stupid. I could have sworn I heard Dawn’s high voice warning me, but I spoke anyway. “I’m not a Green, never have been. Stop being a-” there was another nudge at my mind and I switched from my usual choice of words to a more polite version, “judgmental just because I’m a stranger.”

Soren stepped in at this point and gave me a pat on the shoulder. “You’ll have to forgive Judith, ma-am. She’s from Kanto, like myself, and hasn’t learned her manners yet.”

I scowled at him but Dawn grinned mousishly. Serves you right for stirring up trouble.

Shut up, she was asking for it.

She was just worried. There’s a war going on. It’s natural for people to be suspicious of strangers.

That’s no reason to look at me like I’m the spawn of the devil or something.

Dawn rolled her red eyes. I admit she wasn’t being very nice or very fair, but you can’t go talking that way to complete strangers. There’s no point in making enemies.

All right, all right, I get your point.

“Something the matter?” Soren’s voice cut through my preoccupied thoughts and I suddenly realized I’d been having an argument with Dawn inside my own head. Either that or I was arguing with myself. The irritated look on Dawn’s pointed face proved this second option false.

“Not at all,” I said cheerfully, smiling up at Soren and the woman called Matilda. “I’m terribly sorry for my coarse behavior, ma-am. I’m just a bit tired and hungry from my travels.”

The man who had reprimanded Matilda earlier smiled at me. “It’s understandable. I’ve heard that Kanto is worse off than Johto, though I don’t think it makes much difference. Personally if I were you I’d leave this continent and head for Fiore. It’s supposedly the most peaceful nation of the Fifteen Powers at the moment.” He raised a hand and laughed. “But I’ve gotten off track. There’s a nice hotel not too far from here. I’m sure they have a room. They have a restaurant there as well.”

My stomach yowled with pleasure at the word “restaurant” and I was immediately keen on the idea of going to the hotel. “Thank you very much, sir. We’ll go there at once!”

The man waved his hand airily. “Don’t mention it, young lady. And please, my name is Charles.”

“Hmph,” said Matilda, turning and stalking off. I could hear her muttering as she went but couldn’t make out the words. I was sure they weren’t nice.


Soren didn’t think going to the hotel was a good idea. “They’re going to charge us both our arms and legs as well as your Rattata to get a room and decent food. Not many travelers in a time of war which means very little business.”

I had to admit he had a point. Fortunately we were able to find a cozy little café called “Locho’s Latte” which looked like it was well kept.

After we had sat down and been greeted by a waitress who gave us menus and asked us what we wanted to drink, I voiced a couple of questions to Soren. “Why did you call me Judith earlier? Couldn’t you have just used my real name?”

“Judith is my mom’s name. First thing that came to mind. And no, I couldn’t have used your real name.” He paused as the waitress returned with two cokes and a bowl of some kind of juice for Dawn then bustled off to tend to another customer. “Though it’s doubtful anyone knows about you yet, word is sure to get out. It’s a well known fact that the harder you try to keep something a secret, the more it’s going to spread.”

“Good point,” I said, taking a drink from my glass. It tasted like ordinary coke, but with a hint of something else I couldn’t put my finger on. Maybe lime. “This area seems to be against the Greens so that must mean they’re with the Whites. It sounds really stupid to be calling the two armies by colors.”

‘No kidding.’

“Shut up, Dawn.”

‘You should be a little nicer to me. I could be a very big pest, what with being your soul and all.’

I chose to ignore this but to keep the information in mind. There was no doubt that being able to read each other’s thoughts or whatever we could do would be a very annoying thing if used for mischief. “Anyway, from what that woman said, the Greens have something against Pokemon. Could that be why they’re at war?”

“More than likely,” said Soren with a sigh. He had been watching with partial amusement, partial confusion as Dawn and I had argued with each other. He considered for a moment, stirring his drink with his straw, then asked, “Can you really understand her?” He nodded to Dawn.

“Yeah. Is it really that odd?”

‘Of course it is. I’m a mouse. You couldn’t understand mice in your world, could you?’

She certainly had a point.

Soren nodded and shrugged at the same time. “For most people it is. There are some who learn to understand their Pokemon’s words. Most trainers do, in fact, if they spend enough time with their Pokemon. Like I said back in the forest, I’m starting to understand mine. But the way you two are talking it’s as if she’s speaking perfect Brogue.”

I stared at him in confusion then looked down at Dawn who shrugged. “What’s Brogue?”

Soren stared at me, his mouth partially open in amazement. “Come on. You can’t tell me you don’t know what Brogue is. You’re speaking it.”

“Err, no. I’m speaking English.”


‘I think the difference between your world and his are starting to show themselves.’

“No kidding.” I looked up at Soren who seemed to have reached the same conclusion as Dawn. “In my world, the language we’re speaking is called English. After England, a country in Europe.”

Soren shrugged at this and said simply, “Brogue is what we call it here. It’s the most common form of language and I think it means language.” He grinned but didn’t say whatever was on his mind because the waitress came back to take our order.

“I’ll have the Double Burger and potato strips, please.”

“Double Burger and potato strips,” said the woman, scribbling on a notepad she was carrying. “And what about you and your little Rattata?”

I glanced at my menu and suppressed a gulp. “Umm, theee,” I was looking for shrimp but it seemed unlikely that I’d find it here so I tried the next best thing, “seafood platter.” Surely there’d be at least one thing in that mix that would be good.

The waitress scribbled down my order then smiled at Dawn.

‘Corn kernels,’ the little mouse said simply.

I repeated the order to the waitress who continued to smile as she wrote down the final order and hurried off.

“It must be hard, having everything you’ve known suddenly become different.”

I shrugged and stirred my drink with my straw, thinking. Things weren’t too hard at the moment. I had felt ignorant a couple of time, that was natural, but things were similar to what I knew so I was sure things would turn out all right. “Things aren’t so different, just the animals and a couple of other things that I should have expected.”

“Animals. Hmm, that’s what you call the Pokemon in your world, right?”

“I guess you could put it that way. It’s not so different with them, either. I mean, we don’t battle animals or keep them in Pokeballs, but we do have some as pets. And there are preserves and zoos and parks and such.” I stopped, allowing my mind to wander back to the zoo I had visited a few years previously. It had been fun and I had gotten to see a white peacock which was more beautiful than the ones with color, in my opinion at least.

“What kind of animals do you keep as pets?”

“Cats, dogs, birds, gerbils, fish, rabbits, horses, sometimes other, more wild animals like squirrels and chipmunks-“ I broke off, grinning at the half confused, half interested look on Soren’s face. “They’re not all that dissimilar from Pokemon. Cats look like Meowth without the gold charm on their heads; dogs look like Growlithe, gerbils…maybe like Pichu.” I didn’t bother going into detail because the waitress came back with our food.

“Anything else I can get you, dears?” She asked as she placed a bowl of corn kernels on the floor in front of Dawn.

“No thanks,” said Soren, picking up something that looked almost exactly like a french-fry but flatter and wider and taking a bite out of it.

The waitress nodded and bustled off to tend to another customer.

I looked down at the plate of food in front of me and suppressed a gulp. I wasn’t picky about trying new things, and many of the things on my plate looked similar to regular seafood back home, but there was no knowing what it was going to taste like. I knew Soren was grinning at me over the top of his hamburger, or whatever it was called in this world. I couldn’t blame him. It had to seem extremely funny.

At last I braved a slice of grilled fish and instantly choked. Fish always looked better than it tasted and this was no exception. “What was that?” I asked, spitting out the bit of fish into a napkin.

Soren’s mouth was twitching and I knew he was fighting hard not to laugh. “Remoraid, I think. It’s usually considered to be quite good.”

“That’s nice,” I said grumpily, eying an odd red thing next to the Remoraid. Again it looked pretty good, but I was much more cautious in taking a bite this time. The taste wasn’t too bad, but it was rubbery and not the most pleasant sensation.

“I see you’re more prone to the Octillery.”

I quickly spat that out too. I didn’t care how it tasted, it was octopus and I had always found it amazing anyone could eat that. “Ok, no more guessing games. Tell me what all this stuff is before I eat it.”

There was a gagging noise mixed with squeaks coming from below the table. I looked down and saw Dawn rolling around on the floor, choking on a bit of corn but still unable to stop laughing. I bumped her with my foot in irritation but only succeeded in dislodging the kernel from her throat and making her laugh harder.

Soren decided to be sympathetic and agreed to tell me the name of the thing I was about to put in my mouth. “That’s a bit of Tentacool, a very acquired taste, those are roasted Magikarp scales, very tasty, and that’s breaded Corphish.”

I went for the breaded Corphish. I wouldn’t have guessed it was anything like shrimp because it was cut into strips like Soren’s French-fry things but it was and I ate all of it. I completely ignored the Tentacool. No power on this Earth, or any other, would make me eat it. I did try the Magikarp scales though, and they were quite good.
Ripped from my world and tossed into the role of savior, I can't decide what's harder, ending a war destined to leave this world in ruins or fighting against my longing for home. I hate this world, I love this world, but it isn't mine. Why must I save it? Faye

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Default Re: Faye

I took longer to finish eating than Soren or Dawn but I didn’t care. The waitress came back and we declined the offer of desert, mainly because I was worried about what we’d get if I asked for a hot fudge sundae. Soren reached into his pocket and withdrew a wallet. I would have gladly helped with the bill but I didn’t have any money that I knew of.

‘Try the wallet you got from the Alliance. Maybe they added some money.’

“Oh yeah.” I reached into my backpack and fished around until I found the wallet. Inside I found some odd looking bills and in the change pocket I found some equally odd coins. I had always had a thing for foreign money and this currency was no different.

“Don’t bother,” said Soren, glancing at the wallet in my hand. “That’s for emergencies. Michel gave me enough to keep us going for a while.”

“All right,” I replied absently, examining one of the coins. The face imprinted on it was that of an old man with neatly combed hair, an unusually small nose, and sharp eyes.

“That’s Henry Urick, the founder of the Silver Conference. It’s rumored that he saved a Lugia and in return the beast gave him a scale from its wing. The scale had great powers and gave any creature that held it the power to sense storms. When Urick created the Johto region’s annual trainer league, he named it after the scale. Thus, the Silver Conference.”

I found this very interesting but didn’t voice any questions. Instead I put the coin back in the wallet and the wallet back into my backpack. I looked down at Dawn who was picking a piece of corn out of her teeth. She paused to glance up at me.

There are many things in this world that are different from ours. However, you shouldn’t stick your nose too deeply into most of them. Stick to what you’ve been set to do.

I frowned at her. How can I do that when there’s so much around here that interests me? Besides, I don’t have the faintest clue how to end a war. Maybe learning about the history of this region and the things in it would help.

She shrugged and spat the kernel into the almost empty bowl in front of her. Maybe it would, but don’t rely on it. If you want to get home before the end of the year then you need to concentrate on the important things, even if they’re not as interesting.

“Ready to go?” asked Soren, putting his wallet back in his pocket and slinging his backpack over his shoulder.

“Yep,” I said cheerfully, doing the same and stretching as I stood. “Where to?”

“That’s your call. I’d advise not choosing to go to the next town, at least not by foot. We’ll take a bus. We crossed through the woods to get here because no buses travel to Grein Beach but we don’t have to do that. Trainers do because it’s part of their way of life, but these days it’s safer to go by vehicle.”

I couldn’t argue with this. “All right.” I considered. “Goldrenrod City isn’t too far from here, is it?”

He laughed. “It’s quite far, actually. But we can still go there if you want.”

I did want to and Soren said we could catch the next bus we saw. “We should do some shopping first. Get some snacks and a book or two. It’ll be a long journey.”

I thought this was a perfectly good idea and allowed him to lead the way out of the café.
Ripped from my world and tossed into the role of savior, I can't decide what's harder, ending a war destined to leave this world in ruins or fighting against my longing for home. I hate this world, I love this world, but it isn't mine. Why must I save it? Faye

My Completed Fan Fictions
My Cause|An Innocent's Revenge
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