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Old 01-17-2008, 02:09 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

Ok, I'm in the middle here. I really want to join, as this is a very well put together rp and stuff (although I am still confused.) Only problem is that it will take forever to write a sign-up, and I'm tired and have a headache(My stupid school had a lockdown all day, the teachers wouldn't tell us a dang thing (do they ever tell us anything?) we couldn't go to the bathroom, and we couldn't eat lunch for the whole day. All because someone put a gatorade bottle filled with dry ice in the men's toliet.) I'm still a bit confused on how this works, and the plot line is off. And I also hate the fact that there is only one spot left. I'd gladly let a better rper in so.... Yeah.... If I can make a good sign-up, I'll try (but I'm almost certain that another rper will take it before I do). I take one look at the sign up length, or just the background length, and I think "Holy doughnuts, how the heck can I do something like that?" Most of my charactars have never had a good background, having a very boring life. ug... This is gonna be one heck of an rp, and I'm gonna pray that my parents will let me on long enough to do this......

Wall of text summarized: I'll try.

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Old 01-17-2008, 03:07 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

Wateri is approved. ^_^ And Splishee, you're all set with the bonus.

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Old 01-17-2008, 11:15 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Pieces of the puzzle (Apps may now be posted! =)

Signup sheet
WHOA here’s my Sign Up, ha it was interesting but hard. Hope I did everything right and I’m accepted.
Points: ?5?
Name: Ry
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Homeland: Quilsoni Region

Appearance: Ry is tall and skinny, but not too skinny (127 lbs/5’11) He wears Cydiquil’s pokeball on his neck as a necklace. He normally wears a yellow, red, or blue shirt with blue or black pants. He has brown spiky hair and brownish reddish eyes. He has 2 pairs of shoes: black shoes and blue ones. He has 2 scar’s: on his right arm, and right above his left eye.
Personality: Ry likes adventures wit other people. He normally likes to be the leader, but will obey anyone that’s in charge. He normally trains with Cyndiquil and Rai, but treats all his pokemon equally. He enjoys reading, drawing, finding new pokemon, battling, and finding new battle strategies. He likes talking to his pokemon, and other people that he considers his friends. He enjoys spending time with his pokemon and normally gives them the day off every now and then.
Background: Ry has known Cy since birth. They were born on the same day. (Ry’s father had a Typhlosion (Cy’s dad) Ry remembers all the good times he’s had with Cy, especially that time with the Ninjask. (mentioned below) Ry has done many things in his life so far. He has traveled to Katinara Region to do some exploring (he caught Gabtie there.) He was there for a year studying the Gabite, the way they lived, what they ate and has sketched many pictures of them.

Items in your backpack:
5 Pokeballs
- 3 Potions
- 1 Antidote
- $3000
- Books: 2
- Sketch Pad: 3
- Pens: 2
- Mechanical Pencils: 3
- Extra Clothes: 4 pairs of pants, 5 shirts (2 yellow 2 black, and 1 red), 3 Boxers and 4 socks
- Bottles of Water: 2
- Covers: 1 blanket and 1 sheet
- Cell Phone: 1
- PokeFood: 3 bags
- Map of region
- Oral Supplies: Toothbrush & Toothpaste

How you are spending your Pokemon points: (List them and what they cost. Example:
Starter: Cyndiquil (Free)
Riolu (1)
Gabite (2)
Ghastly (1)
Total: (4)

Name: Cy
Gender Male
Age: 16-17
Appearance: Cy is a reddish
Personality: Cy was Ry’s first pokemon. Cy normally is by Ry’s side. Cy doesn’t like being inside his pokeball, but Ry carries it anyways. Cy is playful with the other pokemon. He likes to train, but prefers to play with other pokemon. He is almost ready to evolve.
Background: Cy has been through almost everything with Ry. They knew each other since birth (Ry’s dad had a Typhlosion (Cy’s dad.)) Cy was with Ry when he first left on his jorney. Cy and Ry have a special bond that has developed over the years. Cy used to be scared and shy with other people until one day. Ry and Cy were walking in the woods, when a group of Ninjask came out of nowhere, angry, and started attacking them. Cy didn’t know what to do. The Ninjask were attacking Ry and Cy was his only pokemon. Still Cy just stood there and didn’t know what to do. Then all the Ninjask gathered their enery together and where about to release a huge Shadow Ball. Then Cy sensed that Ry was scared and felt ashamed that he didn’t help earlier. He suddenly gained courage and released a powerful Flamethrower. It had hit all of them. Then the Ninjask decided that they had enough and fled.
Learned moves: Flamethrower, Eruption, Roll Out, Swift
TM moves: Dig, Aerial Ace

Name: Riolu (Rai)
Gender Male
Age: 5-6
Appearance: Rai is a goldish color and a scar on his left eye.
Personality: Rai is always looking for something new to do like Ry does. Rai, like Cy, doesn’t like being in a pokeball, but he goes into it every now and then. Rai is always cheerful and likes going off by himself often.
Background: Rai was abandoned when he was born, Ry found him just in the nick of time and rushed him to the PC. Ever since then they gained a special bond together. Rai had a scar on his left eye like Ry does. He got it a long time ago in a battle against a Scizor (he won the battle but hurt his left eye, for a while he couldn’t see in his left eye for a while, thus developing an Aura (like the Lucario in the movie) allowing him to see with his eyes closed.)
Learned moves: Aura Sphere, Copy Cat, Reversal, Endure
TM moves: Dragon Pulse,
Traits: Super Speed

Name: Gabite
Gender Male
Age: 3-4
Appearance: Gabite’s spikes on his body are larger then usual.
Personality: Gabite enjoys sleeping, but when he’s called for battle he be up and ready to fight. He likes to help train the other pokemon when he’s not sleeping. He helps Ry look after the other pokemon, sort of like a Guardian, even though he’s young he considers himself to be older.
Background: Gabite was Ry’s third pokemon (first on he caught.)
Learned moves: Dragon Rush, Dig, Dragon Claw, sand Storm
TM moves: Iron Tail
Traits: Sand Jet

Name: Ghastly
Gender Male
Age: 0-1
Appearance: Ghastly is a little larger than most Ghaslty’s
Personality: Ghastly Ry’s newest addition to the team is very energetic. He likes to play tricks on anyone. His personality is like a childs (since he is one lol.) He likes to keep Ry up at night. Ry usually walks with Ghastly in the night since hes most active at that time. During the day Ghastly usually stays under a tree ir in the shade so he’s not in the sun.
Background: N/A
Learned moves: Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Hypnosis, Dream Eater
TM moves: Energy Ball
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