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Old 01-16-2008, 02:33 AM
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Default The Dark Riders: Grim Shadow

The Dark Riders: Grim Shadow

Long before the gleaming spheres called Pokeballs imprisoned the Mighty Ones in sterile reality, the island of Kanto was a place where myth dwelt and folktales treaded the earth. Knightly warriors flew on the backs of fiery dragons into battle against ruthless enemy forces from beyond the sea. Marius, the king of the island, ruled from the Acrolios, an alabaster castle in the Jade City of Timhera.

But there was something ... something dark as night that blazes like fire, that seeks to destroy Kanto from within its very core. As the king is assassinated by a well-placed poisoned dart, a desperate gamble is made within the House Divinia by a rival co-regent to snatch the throne. Meanwhile, tales are circulating of a monstrous beast ... made of fire, a predator of men, that seeks to devour the very world itself. Sontag, a necromancer from another land, seeks to enslave this monster for his own, enigmatic ends.

Yet from beyond the dim light of the waning moon, come five distant shapes. They gallop across the plain, jeweled spears raised high. As mercenaries ride to war--as royalty vies for power--and as Sontag Shadowbrother weaves his lethal enchantments, the Riders of the Twilight seek Kanto's last hope of salvation.

Background of Kanto's Races

Kanto has had a long and illustrious history. Their first inhabitants were tall, swarthy, and dark-haired. Named the Pelldrawm, they channeled power that would later come to be known as Omnioric energy, that used in Pokeballs and other advanced technology. They used this power to practice what we would call "magic", or more aptly psychical phenomena. A second race, known as the Idori, a stocky, golden-haired people, sailed to Kanto in huge, wooden warships carved into the shape of dragons in search of conquerable land. There power was more strange and is still speculated on to this day. They were able to use the forces of nature itself to bring devastating storms, hail, meteors and lightning on to the nigh helpless Pelldrawm. Along with their creatures, then known as the Mighty Ones, they swiftly conquered the land, building great stone cities on the once agricultural continent. Over centuries, mixed racial marriages weakened the strain and power of both races. Today, there are very few pure Pelldrawm or Idori left. However, once in a lifetime, one or two will be found, and the world will tremble in terror at their power. Linked with a Pokemon's mind, to the Kantoonese they seem completely invincible. (Be aware that if a Pelldrawm and Idori meet, their natural instincts will lean towards aggression. This doesn't mean they will be mortal enemies, but they will vehemently dislike each other for a period of time.)


If you are a Pelldrawm, you're supernatural powers can be chosen in this way:

You will have three capabilities of the following list (one exception being Sontag.)

--Teleportation (instantly dematerialize from one place to another)

--Telepathy (scan a subject's mind. Player-to-player, this is consent-based.)

--Psychometry (trace residual psychic energy based on objects)

--Necromancy (communication with spiritss of the dead and other otherworldly forces)

--Telekinesis (move objects with one's mind. Roll two six-sided dice. The higher the number, the heavier the object that can be moved and/or the farther an object can be moved.))

--Psychic combat (inflict injury on a subject's mind, closely linked to telepathy. This is consent-based, as well. Both players must roll two sets of two six-sided dice. The first set determines the psychic strength of the attack. The second determines the success of the attack. Add the success rate to the strength to get the number of the attack. For defense, it is similar. The first set of die represents the strength of a mental barrier. The second set represents a successful defense. Add the two numbers together to get your result. Next, subtract the two results. This will determine the amount of damage inflicted on the opponent's mind. All players start off with 65 points of mental stability. If reduced to 0, they are nothing more than a vegetable.)

--Psychic Manifestation (able to manifest oneself in the mind's of others)

--Mental Bond (One-time power only. Able to form a permanent bond with another human or Mighty One. Once again, consent-based.)

--Psychic Control (Able to control another subject's mind for a very short period of time. Player-to-player, this is consent-based. Each player rolls a six-sided die. Whoever has the highest number wins the conflict. If the opponent also has the power of control, they may exercise it.)

--Meditation (able to heal mental and physical injuries through trance.)

--Energy Conduit (you are a channel for pure, destructive Omnioric energy.)

--Astral Projection (able to project your spirit outward to far-off locations.)

If you are an Idori, you have a somewhat more limited set of powers, though the first three are automatically chosen. Those that you may choose (2 others) come with serious flaws.

--Creature Affinity (can bond instantly with any animal or Pokemon.)

--Omnioric Fist (able to channel lightning, ice, or fire through one's hands)

--Weapon of Nature (able to imbue a weapon with the power of frost, flame or thunder.)

--Nature's Pawn (able to channel raw forces of nature through one's entire body at great risk of physical harm. Roll a die when using this ability. If the die rolls 1, your character is completely unharmed. 2 or 3, and your character is knocked unconscious for a brief time. 4, and your character is severely hurt; recovery taking up to a week. 5, and the severity of the injury increases to a two week recovery. 6, and the character is in a coma and completely helpless.)

--Human Affinity (Able to form a permanent, ultra-controlling bond with one other person at the cost of some of one's sanity. Works the same as Psychic control, except it is permanent unless revoked. This completely disables the other player's control of a character and allows the controller the ability to control the character's actions. An Idori character has 7 sanity points. A control bond will reduce sanity by a point every six posts. The bond can be broken or revoked, and sanity will be regained by a point every four posts.)

--Form of Fire, Wind, Thunder, or Water (able to transform into pure flame, wind, water, or lightning. However, the risk that one will be unable to resume human form is very high. To calculate this, roll a six-sided die. If the number is less than five, then you are temporarily unable to take on your human shape. Repeat this for each post until the roll is successful.)

If you are a regular human, you only have one option for supernatural powers of any kind. While Pokeballs do not yet exist, Pokemon willingly serve their masters in many capacities. Up to three Mighty Ones are allowed in one player's possession. This will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Players Needed:

--Royalty of the court of Divinia (Original concepts highly recommended here.)

--Sontag Shadowbrother, the Necromancer.

--Envoy (messenger of the light, herald to the Dark Riders)

--The five Riders of the Twilight (original or archetype, only must be convincing and well thought out.)

--General Akerleth of the Far Reaches (Orre)

--The three legends (again, these concepts will be archetypical, but do your best to come up with something well-drawn.)

This is a, shall we say, highly selective RP. I like to consider myself someone of high standards. Thus, it will be more difficult than might be expected to gain entrance.

Here is a brief application form that must be filled out. The long application will be sent to candidates whose short applications bare respect of their talent.

Name of Protagonist:


Race (Human, Pelldrawm or Idori):

Physical Description:


Supernatural Powers (if applicable):


History (keep it concise--we do not need every last detail, or even close.):

Let me know if there's anything I should add, as I am a bit new to this.

Paradoxes, by there very nature, cancel each other out. This logically means that they don't exist. But saying something that must exist doesn't exist is a self-contradiction. So say good-bye, folks, the universe is about to go through a total existence failure.

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Old 01-16-2008, 09:56 PM
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Default Re: The Dark Riders: Grim Shadow

Name: Sontag Shadowbrother


Description: Sontag has an intimidating outfit, draped in black, even the head. His lower body is in loose, black paint, held up with a belt, also black, but with a sterling silver belt buckle. His shirt is, like everything else he wears, is black and tightly sticks to the skin, but nobody sees it. That is because of the long robe he is never seen without, which has a hood, that hides his pale head, which follows the skin trend of the rest of his body. The rest of his face is obscured by a mask, which is enchanted by necromancy. It cannot be taken off unless Sontag wants it too, and he is able to see and breathe, and talk perfectly, even though his mask does not have a hole for talking. Under the mask, is a perfectly normal, and attractive, face. He has shining blue eyes, neck length dirty blond hair, and, as stated before, pale skin. His hands, obstructed by(black) gloves are perfectly groomed fingers. His feet, in black shoes, lay toenails that are also groomed. His torso and legs are thin, and without his magical powers, would be powerless. The final trademark of Sontag is the hilt he keeps at his side. It is enchanted, and can hold and size and kind of blade, but does not make them weightless, and must use a seperate spell to make the blade weightless, which is an advanced and draining form of Necromancy.

Skills: Sontag has amazing skills. He can move quite fast, and can strike with a knife or dagger and kill before the person can react, or feel it. He also has the eyes of a hawk and can see far without the aid of Necromancy.

Supernatural Powers: Sontag, the Necromancer, is powerful despite his true appearance, is extremely powerful. His Necromancy has the power to posses, and enchant things, such as his mask. He can pin people against walls, or make them float in mid air. He can teleport, but only about twenty feet, and any farther would make it take longer, and it is wuite painful to go more than a mile, which would take at least half an hour. He can also dissapear, but not in the immediate sense. He can simply take on the exact texture and coloras his background, but he can still be felt. Also, Sontag cannot replicate spikes. Sontag's most intimidating ability is the ability to inflict pain without even thouching a person, though there is a limit. Using magic is hard and draining, and requires a sufficeint amount of hard work, and must be used with care.

Personality:Sontag is a cruel and evil person. He is ruthless and merciless. He has no respect for the feelings, emotionally or physically, of people. He will kill for the fun of it and enjot it highly. Sontag only will not even think of killing is his personal advisor and assistant, Cecil. He cares for Cecil only a little, but not to extensivly. But coming from Sontag, that is alot, actually more than anyone had ever asked for, or even thought that that much effection could really come from the ruthless Sontag Shadowbrother.

History:Sonatag wasn't always a bitter, cruel person. He was born to a caring family, a nice father, a tender mother, and a sweet older sister. But when he was 15 he found a secret in his back yard. In it was a scroll, and upon opening, you would read that the next word you said would influence the flow of your life to follow. If you said yes, you would become a Necromancer, who live forever, but would crumble to dust if were not cruel, if you said no you would become a Geomancer, who also lived forever, but must be nice forever, if you said neither, you would be the master of your own life. Santog wanted to pick no, but his father said if he wanted a to go hunting at that moment. Just then, forgot about the next word thing, and said yes. A trance came over him, and he gained the power of a Necromancer, and the blast of energy turning him into a Necromancer killed his entire family. Afterwards, he gained many followers, all almost as terrible as Santog is.

I'll finish this lot in a little while, I have to leave now.

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Old 01-19-2008, 08:59 PM
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Default Re: The Dark Riders: Grim Shadow

Cypher Lord ... I am sorry to have to say this, but you're rejected. The app is, well ... it's just not written well. Also, there are far too many spelling and grammar errors. I apologize if I sound harsh, but as I have said. This is a pretty selective RP.
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