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Old 01-20-2008, 04:40 PM
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Cool Pokemon Bronze Version

I´m just started with Advance Map, and can only hack :( Can you please help me with a REAL pokemon game?

Storyline: A boy named Moko, is just turned 10 years. He want to be a pokemon master, so he where going to the local pokemon lab. There he meets proffessor Migara, a older lady that are collecting pokemon. She tell him, at there should be an odd creature a place in this region, called Shiera. She give you 5 pokeballs, a Pokedex, and a pokemon, that could be a basic pokemon, that he should select by himself. Him and he´s new partner, are going on a long quest, for meeting many new pokemons, and at the last, win the League! They will go to find the king, Lancelot, where Moko should battle an Epic Fight with Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf.


After you get your starter: You will go outside and see a windflow, that are sending a letter. You read it, and in the letter there is writed: "The mystic pokemon is in the region. I have the pokemons to stop it, but if i should do that, bring med 1000000 Dollars! Lancelot."

After gym 1: You will meet your rivall. He will challenge you to a battle, and if you win, he will give you a GreatBall.

After gym 2: Just go to gym 3.

After gym 3: You will see a Team Fierce greunt outside of the gym. He will run, but tossa little key. Use it to lock up the door to the Team Fierce Warehouse in the city. There you will be challenged by the Team Fierce Leader, Birok, and if you win, he will give you the MasterBall.

After gym 4: A mystic thunderstorm begin outside. You will see Team Fierce Airplanes fly over the town, and the you will hear a roar. You will be very afraid, and then an old lady come. It´´s Migara! She heals youu pokemons, and tell you that it´s the big Giratina you heard, and Team Fierce is want to catch it! Then you will run away, and hurry continue to the next city.

After gym 5: An odd shadow is in the dark. Its your rival, that will give you a rematch!

After gym 6: A Team Fierce grunt, is challenging you in the town. If you win, he tells you at he will let you fly with this jetpack for a single tour. (The jetpack should be used to save a Skitty in the next city with a gym)

After gym 7: You will see a little Skitty in a tree. Use the jetpack to rescue it, and then it´s owner will give you a upgrade to your ppokedex.

After gym 8: You will see a big, and trall tower a place not that far away. Then you will see a Magneton flying weakly ion the air. You take it with you, and it is leve 30.

After The League: You will see, that the tower you saw in the last city, is on the top of the league. You will see a mystic man, beside of the desk in the pokemon center in the league house, and if you talks with him, he will open up to the big tower. In the big tower, you will meet the kin, Lancelot, and he will challenge you. His team is Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf. All in level 50. If you defeat him, he will let you come to the giratina tower, where you gat help of Mesprit (BUT ONLY IN THIS BATTLE!!). After you beat/catch it, you´ve won the game, and could play the game whithout something to do. The programmer can put some extra missions inafter the game.

Characters: Moko: A boy, that just began his pokemon adventure. He´s selected to rescue the Shierra region.
Migara: The national pokemon professor in Shierra. She gave Moko hes first pokemon.
Axel: Your best friend, and favorite rival. Moko are battling many battles with Axel in the storyline.
Lacelot: A very strongtrainer, that loves water pokemon. He is the leader/king of Shierra, and the owner of the 3 legendaries, Mesprit, Uxie, and Azelf.

Graphics: Sorry, i need spriters to this

The starter city: Thingyappula Town
The 2nd city: Rhino City
The nr. 3 city: Proto City
The 4th City: Michopolis Town
The 5nd city: Viella Ville
The 6th city: Shampaah City
The 7th city: Joromo Town
The nr. 8 city: Mansion Town
The 9nt city: Rollercoaster City
The nr. 10 city: Nova Ville
The nr. 11 city: Icecold Town
The last city (With the king house): Kingdoom City
The big park area: Shinji´s Resort Plains

Elite4 and gyms:
The spriters select the names of the gym leaders, and sprite em`, and the E4 should also be created by the spriters and give´d names to them, but the champion should be named Shiji.

Magic and Elements: There´s no elements in pokemon -_-'

Techniques and Skills: And theres not special skills in pokemon >.<

Enemies, bosses and quests: Every pokemon is normal enemies, and can be found in the grass, in the caves, in th water, by fishing, and they can attack you, as sprites :P Giratina should be a boss, and the rest of the legendary pokemons should be bosses to, exept of the event pokemons.

Professions/Classes: Moko is a pokemon trainer, and i very skilled in the game. He trains very much,and his IQ is on 117 ^^

The name of the game: This game will be named "Pokemon Broze Version", and i hope it will be good.

TO THE PROGRAMMER! This game should be created as a VisualBoyAdvance ROM, and be virus scanned. The game may not be given to anyone!

I really hope you will help :D

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Old 01-25-2008, 01:54 PM
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Unhappy Re: Pokemon Bronze Version

Oh, please everyone, help me with this game
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Old 01-30-2008, 01:49 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Bronze Version

I say you should make the game and then post the link or whatever
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Old 01-30-2008, 03:22 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon Bronze Version

Even though he says he needs help?
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