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Default Fire Emblem: The Rebel's War

Fire Emblem: The Rebel's War

It is now seven years past the Mad King's War. Begnion, Daein, and Crimea, along with the Raven land of Kilvas, and the Wolf kingdom of Hatari, have all signed a peace treaty. Under the Raven Ambassador, Nealuchi's permission, along with Queen Nailah's, a pact of peace was willingly made with the three Beorc kingdoms. But, tensions rose high when the kingdoms of Gallia, Goldoa, and Phoenicis were asked to sign the treaty, which was dubbed the "Tellius Peace Treaty." Each nation had it's own reasons for not being to excited to be under the same rule as the Beorcs. Some Laguz started even to despise their fellow Laguz for signing under the Treaty. Rumors spread about why such an offering was posed to them. Parts of the Laguz government suspected the usage Feral Ones, after the Laguz had been tainted. That the Beorc's wanted Feral Ones to wage war with, though there was no one to wage war with, unless bonds would be broken.

Now, several months have passed since the proposal had been made. Laguz governments were still deciding if it was a set up or not. The now repopulating Herons did not trust the Beorcs at all, after their massacre, and their hawk allies, who took them in, will not let the Heron tribe's existence be jeopardized. Dragon Laguz still unshackle their brother's and sisters from slavery. Each time the Empress of Begnion or the Queen of Crimea showed her face in either of the three nations, the Laguz were only reminded more of their mistreatment. Each tribe of Laguz have either been slaves, or murdered violently, by the Beorc nations. Constantly pressured the Queen and the Empress, the Laguz were constantly pushed farther off the edge. Riots broke out in Gallia, demanding the King take action. The Dragon Laguz were confronted by Dragon mounted soldiers even when offered to sign the contract. Finally, at the dead of night one dark, stormy night, all hell broke loose in Crimea, which, thankfully, only bordered Gallia.

Several dozen rioting Beast Laguz raided the nearest Crimean village, which was unfortunately not well guarded. The citizens, not at all prepared to fight, were instantly wiped out. News of this spread to Queen Elincia as quickly as the soldiers moved. But, that appeared not fast enough, as when help finally arrived, the Laguz were gone. The next morning, Dragons flew in great numbers near the border of the Begnion empire, and non of which belonged to Beorc. Empress Sanaki, though inexperienced, grew worried, and sent aerial knights to the border, to patrol, and make sure the Laguz didn't attack for Begnion did. By nightfall, when all aerial units had reached and spread across the border, it was once again too late. Dragons had already begun their assault on the Empress' country, wreaking havoc with their immense breath powers. Spearsmen, bowsmen, and bowgunsmen were all the troops that damage flying units at all. Any others had to trade in their axes and swords for spears, man watch towers, or retreat, waiting for back up.

Meanwhile, during the assault, Queen Elincia and Empress Sanaki both received news of Gallia attacking Begnion again, and Phoenicis invading the Raven land, Kilvas. As the battle-wrought night finally turned into day, the Queen and Empress were begged not to go, but agreed to meet, along with King Naesala, and Queen Nailah, King Cainghis, King Tibarn, and King Dheginsea, rulers of Gallia, Phoenicis, and Goldoa. Each ruler had an agent in the dark, ready to make themselves seen if need be. The group of kings and queens argued and raged for hours, while forces still fought around. Finally, at the end of the third day of the Laguz siege, it was official that the Laguz Rebellions, and the Tellius Army, were now at a racial, rebellious war, which would not end by treaties alone. Suddenly thrust into combat, once peaceful Laguz now viciously attack the Beorcs they ate with the very last day. Cainghis recalled all of the Best Laguz in any Beorc settlements, ordering to destroy as much as they could on the way out to Gallia.

The Dragon assault was finally coming to an end, as most of the Dragons either died, and retreated. In each non-allied Laguz nation, the kings have rallied up all of their residents, and convinced them that now is the time for war, now is the time for revenge, that now is the time, the time, for freedom. Wrought with vigor and rage, the Laguz rushed to the borders, readying the moment to strike. Meanwhile, Beorcs gathered as many of their forces as they could, putting Fire mages at the Gallia border, and Wind mages at the Goldoa border. Gates and walls lined up with Beorc soldiers, waiting to know when to make a move. Beast Laguz posed themselves in under and anywhere else. The air screamed with rageful howls from the Laguz. Stillness also plagued the islands of Phoenicis and Kilvas. All was still for about an hour, as reinforcements tried to strengthen each side. Even Queen Elincia rode into battle, along with Lady Lucia and Haar in the air, and Geoffrey and the Crimean Calvary Brigade on the ground.

And then, the first move was made; a single arrow slung through the air, and struck a Laguz directly. A split second after the Laguz rushed in to attack, the Beorc forces charged in to battle, with numerous Wolf Laguz strewn about. Now, it's your turn to make a move, and join the army, in attempt to restore peace between nations and races.


Racial Class*:
Military Role:
Physical Description:

*: See Discussion [Still working on it >.<;]

Might be a little rusty. I haven't written anything in a while. And I never was good with building up rageful pressure. Oh well, hope it's good! Now, to make the discussion...



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