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Default ~Jenny's Adventures~

OOC: I'm currently working on the next addition to my story. It should be done by then end of Spring Break. I'll post what I've already done and had graded of my story now, though. ^^

OOC2: I'm putting "~~~" between where the original posts were.

Jenny, a young Pokemon Trainer, barely old enough to be one, sat on the footsteps leading up to her house in Blackthorn City. It had been a while since she'd last been at her house, and in Blackthorn, since she was enrolled in courses at Poke-School. She was home now for her winter vacation, but she longed to return to school. Poke-School was Jenny's life, and she would not be able to live without it.

Jenny was a tall girl for her age, however. She was about 5'1", and was fairly skinny too. She had long blonde hair and magnificent blue eyes that both shined as if they were constantly basking in a brilliant sunlight. Through her 2 years at Poke-School she had acquired two Pokemon, a Lapras and a Corsola. Corsola was her starting Pokemon that she got on the first day of Poke-School. She got her Lapras as a prize of a battling contest at school, a prize she and Corsola trained day and night for.

" Dinner's almost ready," Jenny's mother called from inside.

"I'm not hungry," Jenny called back, she could smell a delicious aroma from inside the house, but even so, she just was not hungry. "I think I'll go for a walk instead."

" Don't leave my sight, Hun, I don't want you to get hurt."

"I won't."

Jenny in no way intended to keep this promise. Instead, she planned on walking as far as she pleased, to help take her mind off being away from Poke-School and her friends, since that was all her mind currently seemed capable of thinking about.

"Where should I go?" Jenny thought to herself, "There's not all that much to do around here at all, and everything worth doing I've already done...."

Then, something clicked in her mind, and she realized she should go on an adventure to where she'd always wanted to go as a child. She was unsure if she'd be allowed in, since she hadn't as a child, but she was certain she'd at least be able to sneak in. With that thought, she grabbed her pack and took off running towards the water surrounding Blackthorn Gym.

When she arrived, she immediately took out her Pokeballs and called upon her two Pokemon.

"Go Lapras and Corsola!"

The two water Pokemon then came out of their Pokeballs and straight into the water.

"Lapras," the Lapras said as Jenny jumped onto it. Lapras was one of the most considerate Pokemon Jenny had ever met, since it always seemed ready to lend a helping hand.

"Guys, want to go explore Dragon's Den? I'm not sure if I'll be allowed in, but if I am there are lots of really cool dragon types there and I know you'll love it."

The Corsola bobbed up from under the water, seeming delighted while the Lapras nodded yes.

"Okay then, full speed ahead to Dragon's Den!"

In an instant, Lapras and Corsola raced off towards the entrance, almost as thrilled about this adventure as Jenny was herself.


About half-way there, Corsola and Lapras stopped for a quick rest, while Jenny relaxed on her Lapras' back. Jenny then looked down into the water and saw a school of Magikarp swimming around. At first, Jenny didn't think much of this, but then she remembered she hadn't caught a Pokemon in nearly a year, and feared she may have forgotten how. She knew Magikarp were quite an easy catch, so she decided to try her luck at catching one of them.

She then looked back into the water, and noticed one of them seemed to be leading the other Magikarp as they swam. She decided it looked the strongest too, so she would attempt to battle and catch that one.

"Guys," Jenny called to her Pokemon, "There's a slight change of plans, and instead of going right to Dragon's Den we are going to follow that School of Karp for now."

The Pokemon were bewildered at the sudden change in plans, but being dedicated to their Trainer, they decided to obey. Jenny then jumped off of the Lapras and into the water. The water was freezing, which should not have been too surprising considering it was winter, but Jenny had not prepared herself for the water being as cold as it was. At first Jenny just wanted to get out and back onto her warm Lapras, but she knew that she couldn't.

"If we stay above water, they'll get away for sure. Come, we'll go underwater, although I won't be able to stay down for more than a few minutes at a time."

With that, Jenny and the Pokemon went underwater, quickly swimming after the School of Karp.

A few minutes later, Jenny and the Pokemon had caught up with the now stopped Magikarp. Jenny badly needed some fresh air. She felt her head would explode in this freezing water if she had to go another minute without air, so she swam up to the surface, followed by her Pokemon. Once there, she started to tell her pokemon the plan she had thought up while swimming.

"Guys, we need to get Magikarp up to the surface of the water, it'll make for a much easier battle, so here's the plan..." Jenny said, "Lapras, go underwater and use Confuse Ray on those Magikarp, hopefully once confused they'll come up to the surface. Corsola, you follow, and make sure the Magikarp that's been leading the school the whole time doesn't get away."

The Pokemon dove underwater, and Jenny stayed above, waiting for the attack and for the Magikarp to surface.


A few minutes later, the Magikarp began to surface, looking more confused than usual. She looked around for the leading Magikarp, she could tell which one it was because it was the only one that had seemed alert about what was going on, but it was no where to be found.

" Darn," Jenny whispered to herself, "It must have fled."

Jenny then dove back under the freezing water, and saw the Magikarp attempting to flee, but Jenny knew that with her Corsola following it close behind, it wouldn't succeed.

Jenny then signaled for Lapras to surface.

Once on top of the water, Jenny said "Come on, we'll follow from above water."

And they followed for a matter of minutes.

Lapras finally stopped above where Corsola and Magikarp were. It appeared they were going to face off in an underwater battle, but Corsola knew better than to fight there, so it demised a way to get Magikarp to the surface. Corsola swam under where the confused Magikarp was and launched a Spike Cannon straight up, and with that Magikarp, trying to escape, fled to the surface of the water.

"All right!" Jenny exclaimed seeing the Magikarp appear on the surface of the water, "Now Lapras, use Ice Beam to freeze that Magikarp!"

Lapras obeyed, opening its mouth and launched a fierce Ice Beam at Magikarp. The ice froze all the water for yards, but Magikarp was too far away to be froze. It appeared to do a lot of damage, but that was not enough to KO this strong Magikarp.

The Magikarp swam quickly at Lapras, quicker than Jenny had ever seen a Magikarp swim before and hit Lapras with a fierce Tackle. The attack stunned Lapras, but did little more damage than that.

"Lapras," Jenny cried, "Use Hydro Pump, and finish Magikarp off!"

With that, Lapras opened it'd mouth to reveal a fierce punch of water which steamed right towards Magikarp, scoring a direct hit and pushing Magikarp back underwater.

"Oh darn," Jenny said to herself, "It's back underwater."

Then Jenny remembered Corsola was still underwater, and she was confident her Pokemon would somehow get Magikarp to surface. Jenny then looked back underwater and saw her Corsola launching another Spike Cannon.

Almost as if this was De ja vu, the Magikarp swam back to the surface of the water, completely forgetting about its attackers there, probably because it was confused and almost KOed.

When Magikarp surfaced, it stayed in one spot; not knowing which way was up, down, left, or right.

"Great Job, Lapras!" Jenny said as her Corsola surfaced beside her, "And good job to you too, Corsola."

"Now..." Jenny said as she reached into her soaking bag and pulled out a Pokeball, "Go, Pokeball! Catch that Magikarp!"

Jenny threw the Pokeball, and it hit the Magikarp, pulling the Pokemon inside. The ball jiggled back and forth on the water's surface....

~Already Graded~
Grade ~ Magikarp: Captured!

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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

After a minute of waiting, which seemed to take hours to the anxious young trainer, the ball finally locked shut. It just floated on the water's surface as Jenny looked at it proudly. It meant a lot to her because, although it was merely a weak Magikarp, it was the first truly wild Pokemon she had ever caught, the way most trainers catch their Pokemon.

Eventually, when Jenny snapped out of her thoughts, she called Lapras over to her and hugged Corsola and Lapras both.

"Great job you two; we finally caught our first wild Pokemon!" Jenny said cheerfully, as she swam over to where the Pokeball floated and picked it up with pride.

Once the glory of getting a new Pokemon had worn off, she began to once again realize how cold the water she treaded in was, and got on the comfort of her Lapras' back once more. She then looked back to where the rest of the school of Magikarp had surfaced and noticed they looked confused. It wasn't just the Confuse Ray that had caused either; she could tell they were lost without their leader.

"Suppose we should go back and see if we can help out," Jenny said. Her Pokemon, trained to obey, agreed and at Jenny's command Lapras swam back towards the Magikarp.

Once there, Jenny released her newly caught Magikarp into the water. It was still weak from the battle, though, but it was strong enough to do what Jenny planned for it to do. She thought perhaps Magikarp could sort things out with its old school; maybe appoint a new leader, even. Perhaps it couldn't though; it just depended on how intelligent her Magikarp truly was. However, she knew that no Magikarp, no matter how strong, would be able to understand human speech, not fully anyway, and not to the extent at which she wanted to tell it what to do. Luckily for her, she had a Lapras, and like she'd done many previous times back at Poke-School, she planned to use it as a Human-Pokemon translator. Lapras was great for that purpose, being one of the few Pokemon to be able to comprehend the gist of human speech.

"Lapras, tell Magikarp to say good-bye to its friends. Also, make sure it knows to place a new Magikarp as leader figure for the School, they seem rather lost without one."

Lapras then turned to the Magikarp and began to translate. Magikarp understood and turned towards the School. Jenny had no idea what was said, but she was sure whatever it was would help. When finished, Magikarp swam back towards Jenny, and she recalled it back to its Pokeball.

Then, the School swam away, with a new Magikarp in the lead.


In a few quick minutes, Jenny and crew were back on their way to the entrance of Dragon's Den. Jenny stood on her Lapras' back, looking towards the nearing entrance to the Den. Right now, it was nothing but a dot in the distance, but soon they'd be there, ready for whatever adventure awaited beyond the entrance.

Jenny glanced around; they were sailing quickly over the water, perhaps quicker than ever before. She was sure it was because the battle had given her Pokemon more experience. Back at Poke-School they spent their time indoors learning all about stats, attacks, and much more, but they never got to go out into the field and learn about the attacks first-hand. Apart from an occasional tournament, and battles done in the rare event that homework didn’t keep the Trainers up all night, they never battled at all. This was just because of her class though, when she learned all the basics and was promoted from Class 2, which she had been in for nearly 4 months now, up to Class 3, she’d get a Field Study course.

Jenny the looked forward again and saw they grew ever nearer to the entrance. Unfortunately she could begin to perceive the presence of a human in front of the entrance.

"Oh shoot," Jenny thought, "He must be a guard, and I doubt he'll allow me in." The guard purposed a new challenge, but Jenny was sure she could get past, somehow.

When Jenny finally arrived on the shore near the Den's entrance, she recalled her two Pokemon, planning face the guard alone. Then she heard a call from the man.

"This is not a playground for little girls, go back home."

Although Jenny admitted she was young, she'd never let anyone get away with referring to her as "little girl", especially by someone who did not know her.

"Who are you calling little?" Jenny shouted back, looking towards the guy. He was tall, and cloaked in full black. His hair was black as well, and shades covered his eyes, although Jenny assumed his eyes would be black too.

"Go away, you have no business being here," the guy responded in a calm manor

"Hmmm," Jenny said, pondering what to do next, "Sure, I'll go. I didn't mean to create chaos here. I am very sorry to have disturbed you, Sir." With that, she turned back towards the water and walked slowly away, making every step as short in length from the last as possible. When she dared, she looked back over her shoulder to look at the guard, to see how he had reacted to this. He had obviously bought every word she said, since he had disappeared into the cave now.

"Funny, shouldn't a guard stay in front of the cave guarding it?" Jenny thought, "No matter, I'll just wait a bit. If he doesn't return to his post I'll simply sneak in. I've heard the Den is huge, he would never find me in there. Actually, he'd never even find out I am there."

With that thought in mind, Jenny stood there and waited for minutes, and when it became obvious that the guard was not going to come back, Jenny slowly walked back towards the entrance. She walked cautiously, looking foreword as far into the cave as she could see, to continue making sure the coast was clear. She couldn't allow a slip-up since she knew the guard wouldn't do something so foolish next time if he found out how determined she was to get in.
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Soon, Jenny was in the cave. It was incredibly dark in there, but Jenny could see a light in the distance. The tunnel itself was rather humid, and she could sometimes feel a drop of water fall from the roof of the cave. This was obviously a tunnel to where the real Den was, but it itself was rather mysterious, especially because of how dark it was.

Jenny then began to think of Dragon's Den itself. The only thing she knew about it was it was filled with Dragons. Whether it was underground or below-ground, on land or on water, Jenny didn't know.

As Jenny approached the light at the end of the tunnel, she slowed down. She didn't want to risk being caught, so she decided to carefully leave the tunnel.

Once there, she took a moment to awe at the beauty of the Den. It was shielded from the sun by the mountains on all sides, and there were hardly any plants, but there was a huge lake, stretching as far as Jenny could see. This definitely wasn't any ordinary lake, the water was crystal clear, which was what made the place so incredibly beautiful.

When finished glancing staring out into the Den, she poked her head outside of the cave a bit and glanced to her left. No one was there, so either she was completely safe or someone was on her right side. She then turned her head to the right, and sure enough the guard was there, only there were three of them. All of them were dressed exactly alike and were talking in a hushed tone. Jenny couldn't hear them at all, but she saw their lips moving.

"Again, this is strange, why are the guards talking so quietly? And why are there so many?" Jenny thought, "Heh, at least they seem so caught up with talking I doubt they'll see me. It's so dark in here that if I just managed to get a bit further away from them, they'd never see me. Of course, if they do spot me, they'll never out-run me."

With all that in mind, Jenny took off in sprint, heading left away from the guards, not daring to look back.


In a few minutes, when she was sure she was out of their sight, she quit running. She panted heavily. That had to have been one of the fastest runs she'd made in her entire life. She glanced back to where she came from and saw nothing heading her way. She had made it.

"What space cases," Jenny thought suspiciously, she had been sure she would be caught and thrown out. "I made plenty of noise and yet they did notice. This is more than a bit peculiar." Then Jenny sighed, "Or perhaps this is just a lucky day for me! I caught a Pokemon, slipped past some guards, and am now in a place I have always wanted to go to."

Jenny then walked over to the water and kneeled down by it. It was a lake for sure, but it was not like most lakes she had been to where on the edge the lake was somewhat shallow and kept getting deeper the further towards the center you went, it was deep at the edge too. The shore of this lake was like a cliff; where the land ended, there was a pretty much straight down drop going on for as far as you could see. These cliff-like edges were jagged and rocky, which much reminder her of the Northern Coasts. Also, despite how clean and transparent the water was, all that you could see when you looked down was darkness. This place was perfect for Dragons.

"Go Lapras!" Jenny said softly, still slightly worried about being caught. Lapras appeared floating on the water, and Jenny got aboard her Lapras.

Lapras was obviously tired out from the battle, and Jenny knew that Lapras wouldn't be able to last as long as was needed in this condition, which would cut their exploration of Dragon's Den short. Jenny couldn't afford to leave, heal Lapras, and then sneak back in again. First off, she knew it'd take too much time, and after being gone for this long, she knew her mother wouldn't let her come back. Secondly, if she had to sneak back again, she'd have to go through all the trouble of getting past the strange guards again, which she definitely didn't want to do.

"Hmm," Jenny spoke softly, "I can tell you are tired, but we can't go back for a rest now. I did bring some healing potions with me in pack though, it's my secret stash. If you'd like, I can heal you."

Lapras nodded, agreeing to be treated with a Potion. So Jenny swung her pack around so it was in front of her and started to rummage through it, looking for a healing potion.

"Ah, here it is," Jenny said eventually, pulling out a Super Potion from the bag, "Now just hold still and I'll spray this on you, it should make you feel much better."

Lapras nodded OK once more as Jenny sprayed the Super Potion. Almost instantly, Lapras began to look much better. It puzzled Jenny how a spray could work so quickly, but she was glad it did.

"Alright then Lapras, let's head out into the lake. Full speed ahead!"

And they were off, heading out into this mysterious lake.


As they sped over the lake, Jenny looked around, trying to spot some Pokemon. She looked all around, into the sky, and down into the water, but she still saw nothing.

"Funny," Jenny thought, "I thought this place was supposed to be filled with Dragons. I should at least see some Magikarp."

As they continued on and still saw no Pokemon, Jenny grew more and more suspicious. Eventually, she called out to her Lapras telling it to stop.

"Perhaps the Dragons are deep underwater, in a place this deep, I doubt they'd stay on the surface," Jenny said, hoping that was why she hadn't seen any yet, "So Lapras, dive underwater! I'll hang on as you swim down."

Jenny knew she wouldn't be able to last long underwater, so she took in a huge gulp of air. Then, Lapras dove down into the water. As they went down under the water, Jenny was shocked at how warm this water was. Outside of the Den the water had been freezing, and yet this water, blocked from the heat of the sun, was filled with warmth.

As they continued to speed down, Jenny still saw no Dragons at all. Perhaps this trip had been a waste after all, and the Den's Dragons had been nothing but a myth.

Finally, when they made it to the bottom of the Lake, they still saw nothing. Also, they couldn't spend time exploring down here either, since Jenny needed to get back up to the surface for some air. She could feel her lungs caving in, but she was sure she'd be able to make it if they headed back up now.

Before commanding her Lapras to head back to the surface, she took one last look around the rocky floor of the lake. This time, however, she noticed something she'd missed the last time. There was a Dratini lying not too far from where she was and it looked hurt, really hurt. Staring at it, she didn't know whether to help or not. If she didn't, the Dratini could die here, but if she did, she could die from lack of oxygen. Worst of all, she didn't have the time to think before her next action, there wasn't the time.


Her first impulse was to save a Pokemon, no matter what. Without the time to think over the consequences of making this decision, she grabbed onto Lapras, and as though her Pokemon could read her mind, it immediately started to swim over to Dratini lay. As Lapras moved, it seemed to Jenny that they were going slow, very slow, perhaps even backwards. To her this seemed like one of those dreams where no matter how fast you run, you only get farther away from what you are running towards. In just a few seconds, she needed air so badly she couldn't manage to think, or look ahead to see where she was going. All she knew was that her whole body felt like it would cave in at any moment.

She managed to open her eyes a bit, but despite how clear the water was, everything was blurry, and what she could see was fading away quickly. However Jenny could see something in the distance coming towards them, something that hadn't been there before. It did not at all look like a Pokemon, but this didn't even register in her mind though, nothing did, nothing mattered anymore, nothing at all, except perhaps a faint feeling to go on and get the hurt Pokemon. It was too late to turn back now.

Eventually, after a half minute that seemed to take a lifetime, Jenny felt Lapras slow to a stop next to where Dratini lay. Then Jenny's body gave out, it couldn't go on any longer without air. She lost control of her muscles and body then, no longer could it be controlled. Therefore, her grasp of Lapras was lost, and while Lapras was busy picking up Dratini, Jenny began to float away and landed not too far away. When Lapras noticed, it swam towards her as fast as it could to pick her up and raise her too the surface. Hopefully it wasn’t too late.
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Hours later, Jenny woke up, surprised she's still alive. Although still somewhat out of it, she can tell something isn't right. She was sitting on a chair on a wood floor, with walls on her sides. There were also a few windows, and outside of them was water.

"Where am I?" Jenny thought, starting to look around, confused. If Jenny had had more energy, she would have immediately tried to escape, but since she was feeling tired, she didn't.

As Jenny continued looking around, becoming more alert every second, she realized that this must be a submarine, and a fairly nice submarine too.

"But what would a sub be doing in Dragon's Den?" Jenny continued to think, "And why am I in it?"

Jenny then looks down at herself, and noticed she was tied to a chair. Shockingly enough, she hadn't even noticed this before now; actually she couldn't even feel any part of her body. She was in the dead end of a hallway, although she was able to turn her head and see around still. As she continued to recover, she again noticed something, she had some rag jammed into her mouth.

"Ahhhhh!" Jenny screamed, realizing she was captured.

In a moment, Jenny wished she wouldn't have made a sound. It would surely attract attention to her, which definitely wouldn't be good. Also, she began to fear meeting whoever had captured her. Someone who'd do something like this most certainly wouldn't be nice. Also, she continued to wonder why there was even a sub here.

Footsteps could be heard coming down the hall then. Jenny froze in panic.

"What will he or she do to me? Torture? Take my Pokemon? Wait, my Pokemon..." Jenny thought, and then looked down at her belt, "Holy......their balls are gone!"

Jenny screamed once more as a tear appeared in her eye. She buried her face in her hands and cried loudly. Her Pokemon were her life, and in a few minutes they had been taken away. She was so upset she completely forgot about the footsteps growing ever nearer until she heard a voice.

"I thought I said to stay the heck away from here."

Jenny looked up towards the guy. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, but she immediately knew who this was, it was the guard she'd snuck past earlier.


At the sight of the guard, Jenny threw up the rag, and it landed on the floor in front of her.

"Wha….what?" Jenny said confused, "You caught me, so now you're kicking me out of here? There was no reason to tie me up you know!"

"Kicking you out? The man sneered, "More like locking you up."

"Jail!? Why!? It's no big deal I entered, really! Just don't send me there, I am too young!" Jenny screamed.

"You shouldn't assume, I never said it was jail. I'm no friggin' cop."

"Then...then...why are you locking me up?" Jenny said, more confused than ever.

"That's none of your business. Also, shut up and be glad I'm not gonna do worse to you."

The man walked away, laughing. Jenny looked back at him as he disappeared out of sight.

"What's he doing, why are my balls gone, and why is he going to lock me up?" Jenny thought, "Well, one thing's for sure, he's not a guard. Also, maybe this could explain why...everything's so weird here. I mean, Dragon's Den without the Dragons? I knew something was strange about that."

Jenny continued to run everything that had happened through her mind, trying to make sense of it all. Then she looked towards the window, outside was water for as far as could be seen, but there wasn't a sign of life outside anywhere.

"I'd try to escape, but then...who knows where this is going? If I got caught, I'd be in so much trouble, and also, I need to find my Pokemon first..."

For a few minutes, Jenny sat wondering what to do. She couldn't hear a thing besides the water outside, so she assumed the guard must be the only person on the sub. Eventually, she felt the sub stop moving. She looked outside the window again, and saw steep rocky walls.

"We must be at our destination..." Jenny thought, "When I get out, I'll try to escape...oh, but what if my Pokemon are with this...guard? Then I'll have to find them first. I guess I'll have to play what happens by ear."

She waited for a few minutes, wondering how long she'd sit here before she got out. Then she heard some footsteps and talking from down the hall.

"Shoot, he must have gotten reinforcements on the sub...this can only make it harder..."

As the footsteps continued to approach, Jenny felt her stomach turn upside-down in fright. She could hear the footsteps only yards away, and the talking had come to a stop. Then she felt someone grab her neck.

"AHH!" Jenny screamed, to scared to prevent it from coming out.

"Untie her now! Then dump her in 82's bag!" She heard the man who was holding her neck say, as she continued to scream.

Jenny tried to gasp for air, her neck was being held so tightly she couldn't get any air down. Also, she continued to struggle to get loose, but couldn't. She then felt the rope that had been tied around her and the chair drop away, and another man pick her up as the other man continued to hold her neck. As they turned around, she could she the original guard. However, all three of these men looked exactly alike in their black cloaks and uniforms underneath.

"LEMME GO!" Jenny managed to scream, but the guards paid no attention.

"Open the bag; we'll get her in it!" The man holding her neck said. As he said that, the guard, or 82 as he had been called earlier, opened his bag up. The two men holding Jenny then dropped her into it; all the kicking and screaming Jenny had been doing didn't delay these men at all.

Inside the bag, Jenny continued to squirm, but no matter how much she did, the guard just held onto the bag. Jenny couldn't escape.
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Jenny continued to scream as she felt 82 begin to walk. Jenny could tell he was being very clumsy, since she kept hitting either the walls or the floor. As Jenny felt the man turning, she also heard the men talking, so she decided to stop screaming and listen in, to see if she could find out what was going on.

"What will the boss say when he finds out a little girl snuck past you!? If it risks exposing our plan he would kill all of us!" said one of the men. Jenny assumed it must be the man who'd been holding her because he had a very deep voice, much deeper than the original guard she'd met or the guy who'd seemed to be giving orders earlier.

"The boss won't find out," 82 sneered, "Not unless either of you tells him about this."

"But sir, if he sees this girl is locked up he'll wonder how she got there. He wasn't born yesterday, you know," said the deep voiced man.

"True," 82 said, "Well, I'll just say it was during Joe's guard period....that idiot makes so many errors the boss would believe every word of it. Not to mention it'd get him killed, which he deserves"

"Hey, notice the little nuisance finally shut up? Perhaps she died from lack of oxygen in that bag...then we won't have to worry about her!" said the man who'd been being quiet, and also the one who seemed to take charge earlier. His voice was high for a man, and he sounded young.

"You idiot, she wouldn't have died," 82 said, "And why don't you shut up? You're good for nothing, except stating the obvious."

"I'm much more use than you! You wouldn't of opened your bag if I wouldn't have told you to. And...."

"Shut it," 82 cut the young man off, "We're at the exit of the sub and we don't need the whole team to hear us fighting."

For a moment, there was silence, and then Jenny heard a man climbing a ladder and then turning a handle. She could tell it was a handle because of the way it squeaked. Then she felt 82 lifting her up. She hit against the wall a lot, and did not seem to go up very far.

"If you can't hold her while you climb the ladder I'll do it. The last thing we need is for you to drop the bag and have her escape," the deeply voice man said. Jenny felt the bag being given from one man to the other. For a minute after that, the man now holding her didn't move, but then she felt him begin to climb the ladder. He was only using one hand, but he moved up it as though it was nothing, and Jenny didn't hit the wall at all. In a moment, he had gotten Jenny through the exit of the sub.

"Just throw her in the cage over there," 82 said.

"That box-like cage is for a small Pokemon, she'd have a hard time fitting," the man with the high-pitched voice said.

"Shut it, 24," 82 said, "She didn't buy a luxury suite or something."

Jenny was then dropped into the cage, and she squirmed out of the bag. The cage she was now in couldn't have been bigger than 3 feet by 3 feet, but it was big enough to fit her inside. She looked around, and in the distance she saw her Pokemon and the Dratini also in cages, but they all looked really hurt, perhaps paralyzed. Then she looked around to try to determine where she was. She hadn't previously seen this areea of Dragon's Den. About 10 yards inland from where the lake ended there was a huge rocky wall. Also, there was a large cave enterance in this wall not too far away from her.

"What the...?" Jenny thought, "They weren't that hurt before..."

"Go Butterfree!" Jenny heard 82 call out.

"Uh-oh," Jenny thought, "He must be going to use a Stun Spore on me...this isn't good."


The Butterfree came out of its Pokeball. It was probably the strongest looking Butterfree Jenny had ever seen. It flapped its wings to stay in the air, but didn't move at all. Jenny tried to keep her cool, in fear that they'd attack quicker if she panicked.

"Sir Sir!" 24 screamed, "We could get in trouble with the law if we hurt the girl!"

"You nitwit," 82 replied, "We've broken so many laws I lost count. Why is this any different?"

"Whatever," 24 mumbled.

Jenny looked up at 24. He looked different than the other two men. When you looked into his eyes, they weren't cold rocks like the other men's eyes were; they had a hint of innocence and youth left in them. A hint he wasn't all evil.

"Anyways," 82 said, rolling his eyes, "Butterfree, use Stun Spore!"

Jenny guess had been right about what they were going to do, and her silence hadn't prolonged the attack long. Not being able to control her fear anymore, Jenny screamed, although nothing she could say or do now would prevent the attack now. The Butterfree had already flown over her and was fiercely flapping its wings. As it flapped them, a gold powder fell over Jenny's cage, and Jenny became paralyzed. This was one of the worst things Jenny had ever felt. Her body was weak and she couldn't get it to move. Also, it felt as though she was on fire.

"Good, good," 82 said, "Now 54, take her and the Pokemon inside the cave. Take them to the Dragon Capture area."

54, the man who had the deep voice, then went over to the Pokemon's cages and picked up Corsola's and Dratini's, and carried them away into a large cave entrance, which was only a few yards away.

"Sir, Sir!!" 24 exclaimed.

"What do you want now?" 82 answered.

"He can't pick up Lapras' cage, look how big it is!"

" Duh," 82 replied, trying to act like he'd already realized that, although he hadn't, "Well, I do have its Pokeball that I took from the girl, we could just recall it and bring it in that way."

"Ah, okay," 24 said sarcastically, "Glad that you think of everything."

"Well go get the girl's balls and bag, they're back in the sub," 82 said.

"Where in the sub?!" 24 asked.

"Near the controls on the right."

"Umm...where is that?"

"You nit, it's on the right!" 82 screamed, "Well like they say, if you want the job done right, you got to do it yourself."

Then 82 turned towards the submarine and walked towards it, opened the top hatch again and climbed down the ladder, leaving 24 alone with the captured Jenny.
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Although in pain, Jenny looked up at 24, who was standing only a few yards away. He looked nervous, and he kept tapping his foot in a way that made him seem even more nervous. Then she looked towards her Lapras who was located a few feet behind 24. It looked much more hurt than Jenny felt. As the time went by, Jenny could feel herself beginning to recover from the Stun Spore, but she still felt a burning sensation throughout her body.

"Well," Jenny thought, "He's probably the easiest of these three to get any information from, so while we're out here alone, I might as well try."

"Why are you doing this?" She asked.

"Wha...what!?" 24 said shocked, not expecting to have Jenny talk to him. Then he paused for a moment, trying to regain his posture, "You talkin' to me kid?"

"Sure am, now answer my question."

24 smirked, he knew he wasn't supposed to tell and felt superior because of that.

"None of your business, kid."

"Oh, really? Suppose this is a game for you?" Jenny said, in a taunting way.

"No it isn't!" 24 said back, "It's our top secret plan!"

"Oh," Jenny rolled her eyes, "You three are so lifeless that you have to make top secret plans about catching little girls!?"

24 made fists with his hands, obviously angered with Jenny. Then he looked towards the entrance to the cave and towards the sub, to make sure his partners we're back yet.

"Listen you twit," he then said, "We of Team Rocket have bigger plans than that, you just managed to get in our way. So now you will suffer."

"Ah," Jenny thought, smiling because of her success in getting some information, "Team Rocket? Sounds familiar. I think they've been on the news before. Some kind of evil Pokemon organization I think."

"So," Jenny said, "You're going to capture all the little girls who come in here? Not just me? Wow, good plan!"

24's face filled with anger, he realized he was being taunted and he did not at all like it.

"Idiot! We're here for the Dragons, not annoying little girls!!"

For a moment there was silence, and then 54 came running out of the cave.

"Everything okay here?" 54 asked, "I heard you screaming."

"Everything is just fine," 24 remarked, trying to look calm and collected, "Just get the girl out of my sight."


54 walked over to Jenny's cage and picked it up as if it were a feather. Jenny didn't even bother screaming because she knew it'd do no good, and plus she was busy thinking.

"So that might explain why I couldn't find any Dragons..." Jenny thought, "Since Team Rocket is stealing them all. Well, since they're wild, I doubt it's considered stealing, but I'm sure they aren't supposed to mass-capture all the Pokemon here. Although that chat with 24 revealed almost no useful information to me, other than what I may have been able to guess anyway. I still have so many questions. How are the capturing all the Dragons? What do the plan to do with them? How long has this been going on? Where is everyone who's supposed to protect this place, such as the real guards and Clair?"

Jenny stopped thinking then, and noticed she was inside of the cave. It wasn't much of a cave, but rather a building in a cave, with walls, machines, chairs, and empty cages everywhere. Jenny noticed 54 was carrying her towards a stair-well.

"Wow," Jenny thought, "There's so much here, this operation must have been going on for a while, but why wasn't it stopped sooner?"

Once up the stairs, they were in a narrow hallway, with metal walls on each side, and every so often a metal door-way. Through the walls Pokemon could be heard, and they sounded angry. Every so often there was a loud boom that sounded much like the launch of a Hyper Beam. In a few minutes, 54 stopped at a door near the end of the hall-way, and entered a password into the control next to it, and it swung open. Inside the room were her Pokemon minus Lapras, the Dratini, and a cage full of Magikarp.

"Great, this must be where I'm going to stay for who knows how long" Jenny thought sarcastically.


54 sat Jenny's cage down in the back corner of the room, and then walked out, closing the door behind him. Jenny was almost fully recovered from the Stun Spore now and her Pokemon were looking much better too.

"Hey Corsola and Magikarp," Jenny called out to them.

Magikarp, although recovered from Stun Spore, was just flapping around its cage. It really needed to be put back in water. The other Magikarp looked like they needed water too, or at least to get out of the cage they were tightly packed into. It appeared as though there were maybe 20 or so in a cage about the size only 5 should be put in. However Corsola, unlike the Magikarp, looked fully alert. Also, it seemed worried about being in this cage, although somewhat relieved that its Trainer was now with it. The Dratini had fallen asleep.

"Corsola," Jenny said, "I'm going to get us out of this place, no matter what, but I'm going to need your help."

Corsola looked happy, and shook its head, agreeing to help.

"See Corsola," Jenny said softly, not knowing if anyone else could hear or not, "If they brought you, Dratini, Magikarp, and me here, they'll probably bring Lapras too. So if we can escape from our cages before they bring it, we can attack whoever brings it in and escape. Although, this may be difficult...but I think we can do it!"

Corsola bounced up and down in happiness.

“Now Corsola, launch a Bubblebeam at the bars to weaken them!”

Corsola opened its mouth to let loose a swift stream of bubbles, which headed right for the bars. When they hit they appeared to do no damage at all to the bars.

"No matter," Jenny thought, "Even if it doesn't do any noticeable damage after one attack, it will weaken them a bit. I just hope we can break Corsola out of its cage before the guards come..."
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

"Now Corsola, use Harden!"

Corsola glowed a bright white for a moment, and then light faded. Corsola's body shone now, it looked tough like a rock.

"Now Tackle the bars!"

Corsola back as far as it could away from the bars of its cage and then ran towards them. It directly hit one of the bars. The bar had bent itself outward.

"Tackle it again!"

Again Corsola backed up and ran directly towards the bar. This time when it hit the bar broke in two.

"Nice work Corsola! Now to break my cage open..."

The door then swung open, and cut Jenny off mid-sentence. It was all three of the guards, and 24 was holding a Pokeball, presumably Lapras', and 82 had Jenny's bag on his back.

"Shoot," Jenny thought, "They found us before I could free myself."

"Corsola, Bubblebeam!"

Corsola widely opened its mouth and launched a harsh stream of bubbles, which knocked the men over, and the Pokeball fell out of 24's hand. 24 didn't move anymore, but 54 and 82 got up.

"Corsola, go over to the Pokeball and press its button!"

Corsola didn't fully understand the sentence, but it understood enough to go over to the Pokeball.

"Oh no you don't," 54 said, diving towards the Ball, but he was too late, Corsola had already pressed its button.

In a burst of brilliant red light, Lapras appeared. 54 hit his head on Lapras' back mid-dive, knocking him out.

"Oh no you don't, go Butterfree!" 82 screamed. He was the only of the three men who was conscious.

"Hydro Pump now, Lapras!"

As 82 reached for his Butterfree's Pokeball, Lapras opened its mouth to launch a Hydro Pump. A swift jet of water plowed towards 82, knocking him over before he could get to his Pokeball.

"Wow," Jenny thought, "He looks like he's knocked out now. I never expected to take them by that much of a surprise; they weren't even prepared for an attack. Although I am very glad they weren't. If all the team is this unprepared I should have no trouble escaping..."


"Corsola," Jenny said "Break me out of this cage, use Tackle!"

The already hardened Corsola then charged towards Jenny's cage, breaking the bar down and then flying into Jenny.

"Ouch," Jenny said. She hadn't even considered that when Corsola charged into the cage it would hit her too. Then Jenny got up and went over to where her Bag and Pokeball lay. She recalled Lapras into its Pokeball. Then she went into her bag to get Magikarp's Pokeball. Once she had it in hand, she recalled Magikarp too.

"Well," she said, turning to Corsola, "Guess we shouldn't leave the Dratini here. If it wasn't for saving it, we may have not gotten captured in the first place, so why desert it now? Tackle its cage too!"

Corsola charged Dratini's cage, and broke one of the bars in half. Jenny walked over and carefully picked the sleeping Pokemon up from out of the cage and held it in her hands.

"Looks like I'll have to carry it out."

Jenny then walked towards the exit of the room, carefully stepping over the knocked out guards, with her Corsola bouncing right along side her. When she got to the door she looked both ways, to make sure no one was in the hall. No one was there, so she carefully walked back down the hall-way they way they had originally came, towards the stair-well leading to the exit.

"No one appeared to be in the first floor the first time I went by," Jenny thought, "So perhaps I'm already free."

As she started down the steep stairs, however, she could hear voices in the distance.

"Where are those three fools?" She could hear a deep, mysterious voice ask.

"Sir, I don't know," said another. This voice was higher than the first one. It almost sounded like a low-pitched woman's voice.

"I should have seen they were fired long ago," said the first again, "The base is huge, we can't find them alone, but we need them for the testing..."

"Yes we can, we have to," the female voice said, cutting him off. "I'll take the right half of the building and you take the left half."


Then all that could be heard from the bottom floor was footsteps, both leading in separate directions. In the background, however, angry Pokemon's roars could still be heard.

"This is my chance to escape," Jenny thought, "It's a pity that I have to leave this place when something definitely needs to be done about all this. I suppose I could just contact the authorities though."

Then Jenny picked up her Corsola who was right beside her and placed it on top of the Dratini. The load was heavy, but Jenny knew she would be able to get out the quickest if she carried Corsola. Then she walked carefully down the steps. When she reached the bottom, she carefully glanced into the room there, making sure it really was empty. When she was convinced it was, she made a dash towards the exit of the cave.
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Jenny had made it; no one even noticed that she was there. Although she knew she'd have to get out of the area before anyone noticed the three guards recovered consciousness. Now she was outside, near the edge of the water looking down into it.

"Whew," Jenny thought, "I'm glad I escaped."

A small voice in the back of her head was telling her she needed to take action to defeat Team Rocket, but she knew she could never do it alone. She decided to head back home for now. Jenny then tilted her heads upwards; it was nearly pitch black outside now.

"If I head off now," she thought, "It's so dark they'll never find me. So I'll get a very good head start."

She set Corsola and the Sleeping Dratini down and reached for her Lapras' Pokeball, releasing it into the lake and then carefully setting Dratini and Corsola onto it. Then she stepped onto it herself.

"Off we go Lapras," Jenny said, "Go about 50 feet away from the edge and then stay about that distance and swim along the edges. Keep an eye out for the exit from the Den."

With that said, Lapras took off swimming, and Jenny fell asleep on its back as it went. She'd had a long night and couldn't have stayed awake much longer no matter what.


Hours later, Jenny woke up. It was now very bright outside and the sun was right over-head.

"Shoot, I didn't realize I'd be gone so long," Jenny thought, "Mom's going to be worried sick."

Then Jenny noticed that she and Lapras were on the shore near the entrance. Jenny was worried that a guard might be there, but after a minute of looking around, she decided there wasn't one. Jenny then got off of her Lapras onto the rocky shore with her Corsola following close behind. The Dratini had now awoken but it didn't seem to want to move.

"Oh well," Jenny shruged, "I can't expect to control a Pokemon that isn't mine. Although I can't leave it here with Team Rocket about....."

Jenny turned to Corsola and then to Lapras, checking to see if they were in good health.

"They're a bit tired," Jenny thought, "But they're strong enough for this..."

"Lapras!" Jenny screamed, " Dive underwater to get Dratini off your back and then hit it with an Ice Beam!"

Lapras, shocked to be starting a battle, but willing to obey, did so. It dove into the water head first, the Dratini falling off its back as soon as it hit the water. As surprised as Lapras was to be attacking, Dratini was ten times more surprised to get attacked. It had felt safe on the Lapras' back, but not anymore, now it was angered. Next, an Ice Beam came strait up through the water. The ice froze everything in its path, but Dratini managed to dive out of the way just in time, only getting some minor damage. Then Lapras surfaced on top of the water again. Dratini then started blowing into Lapras and launching bolts of thunder towards it, which came from its white swirled ears.

"Shoot, its using Outrage. Lapras use Body Slam!"

Lapras charged at Dratini, ready to slam it, but Dratini dove underwater before it could hit. Lapras was startled, and looked around for the Dratini.

"Lapras! It's underwater! Launch and Ice Beam at it!"

Jenny said this too late, Dratini had already plowed up towards Lapras and hit it while coming out of the water. This knocked Lapras over, and startling it. Lapras was looking fairly weak now, but Dratini still appeared to be at full strength.

"If Dratini keeps up its Outrage long enough, it'll become confused," Jenny thought, "So I just have to keep this battle going long enough...or I could..."

"Lapras, use Sing!"

Lapras then paused and began to sing its lovely song. However, Dratini was so caught up in its Outrage that the song had no effect. Instead, it nearly put Corsola and Jenny to sleep. Dratini once again charged at Lapras.

"Stop singing and get out of the way," Jenny said tiredly.

Lapras stopped singing, but it took too long getting out of the way, and Dratini rammed it.

"Shoot," Jenny thought, "Lapras looks so tired, I got to switch Pokemon."

"Lapras, return!" Jenny yelled, as Lapras turned into a flash of red light and retreated to its Pokeball, "Now, go get Dratini, Corsola!"

Corsola then dove into the water, strong and ready to fight.

"Be careful, Dratini is using its Outr..." Jenny cut off right there; Dratini was no longer attacking vigorously, it now looked confused, "Yea! Launch Spike Cannon at it!"

Corsola launched swiftly moving spikes from its back strait towards the confused Dratini, scoring a Direct Hit. Dratini shock in pair and then swam around in a circle.

"One more time Corsola!"

As Corsola started to attack, Dratini widely opened its mouth, and a flash of bright light came soaring at Corsola, and exploding when it hit, causing a loud bang and causing water to splash up everywhere. When the water cleared out of the way, Jenny could see Corsola was nearly knocked out, but Dratini appeared very tired as well.

"Corsola, Recover!"

Dratini was too tired from the previous attack to do anything to stop Corsola from recovering, but Dratini was beginning to look better fast.

"Corsola, hit it with Bubblebeam!"

Corsola opened its small mouth and launched a fierce stream of Bubbles right at Dratini. Dratini tried to escape but it was still too tired from using the Hyper Beam to do much. The Bubblebeam got a Critical Hit on Dratini, but since it had type disadvantage, it still wasn't enough for a KO.

"Now Corsola, use Tackle!"

As Corsola sped off towards Dratini, Dratini sped towards Corsola. In a moment they both collided, and Dratini's Slam had been much stronger than Corsola's Tackle so it did the most damage, but Dratini received a fair amount too. Although, since Corsola had recovered, it was still strong, while Dratini was weak and nearly knocked out. For a moment, Dratini just stayed in place in the water, and then Jenny decided that it was time for the capture. She reached into her bag, grasping a hold of a Pokeball.

"Go, Pokeball!" she screamed as she through the ball towards the Dratini. Before it hit, Dratini looked up and saw it, but it saw it too late. The Pokeball hit Dratini on its back and engulfed the Dratini inside.


Then Jenny looked back towards the ball, it was shaking vigerously back and forth, having a hard time keeping the Dratini inside.

"Come on," Jenny thought, "Lock already!"

~Already Graded~
Outcome ~ Dratini: Captured!
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Finally, the ball stopped shaking and sat still on the surface of the water. Dratini had been captured.

"Wow, I caught a Dratini--a Dratini!" Jenny thought, repeating herself, "One of the rarest Pokemon, wait until I tell my friends back at..."

She stopped thinking for a moment, shocked at how long she'd gone without thinking of Poke-School. Normally, that would have been all that was on her mind, but it most certainly was not now.

"I guess this adventure preoccupied me a bit," Jenny thought as she shrugged, "But I guess I better be getting back to town now. I have to heal my Pokemon, report this to authorities, check-in with my mom, and so much more."

Then Jenny turned and looked towards Corsola for a moment, remembering the battle.

"Corsola," Jenny eventually said, "Get Dratni's ball and swim it in to me."

Corsola nodded. Instantly it swam underwater, and in a moment appeared again right under the ball, getting the ball caught in the coral on its head. It then swam back towards the shore to where Jenny stood.

"Thanks," Jenny said as she leaned over to pick up the ball off of the top of Corsola's head. She put the ball on a belt loop on the back of her belt next to three other balls. Then she turned back to Corsola.

"Follow me, we're going out the exit and to the Pokemon Center," Jenny said to Corsola. Right as she said that, Corsola jumped out of the water. Jenny stood up, then the two then walked out the exit. When going through, Jenny made sure no one was on the other side, and once assured no one was, they went to the water that lead to the edge of Blackthorn next to the gym.

"Go Lapras!" Jenny called out, as Lapras appeared in a flash of red light, "Back to Blackthorn we go."

With that said, Jenny and Corsola jumped onto Lapras' back and Lapras sped off towards the other side of the lake.


10 minutes later, they were nearly across the lake. Jenny had been looking down into the lake as they went by, and it seemed the Magikarp were doing fine without their leader. They were not doing much anyways. As Blackthorn City came into view, Jenny began to think about her mother.

"I sure hope she isn't too mad at me," Jenny thought, "I went off saying I'd be back soon, and then didn't come back. Knowing her she'll be worried sick. Even worse, when she sees I'm fine, she'll be mad at me for lying to her. I'll get in trouble for sure."

Then Jenny sighed, and looked down at her Corsola. Jenny was now sitting and Corsola rested on her lap.

"At least you'll be at my side," Jenny said, hugging Corsola. Out of her 4 Pokemon, Corsola was Jenny's favorite. She'd had it for nearly a year now and she had become very close to it.

Lapras eventually came to a stop as it reached the shore of the lake, next to Blackthorn Gym. Jenny and Corsola got off of Lapras' back and then Jenny recalled Lapras back into its Pokeball.

"To the Pokemon Center!" Jenny said to Corsola, "We'll take the easiest of the places we need to go to first."

Jenny and Corsola then started to walk towards the Pokemon Center. It was only a few blocks away, the nearest of the three places too. Although as Jenny and Corsola walked down the streets, she noticed that there weren't many people around. Just a few people whom she'd never seen before wearing long coats, either white or black.

"Weird," Jenny thought, "There should be plenty of people outside now, it's Winter Break! Not to mention how nice the weather is, normally we would be snowed in for the winter."

Then Jenny looked up into the sky and saw some Pidgey flying past over-head. Also she saw some Spearow with them too. They appeared to be flying towards Mount Silver, which towered over everything in the distance.

"Another strange thing, why are there Pidgey and Spearow here? They're not native to mountain areas such as here. Not to mention I learned that usually Pidgey and Spearow do not get along well at all, and yet they seem to be coexisting with each other just fine now."

Then Jenny shrugged, "Oh well, perhaps they're just very late to migrate for the winter."

Finally, Jenny reached the Pokemon Center. It seemed to be one of the few buildings that were open, and Jenny was glad it was. She walked up to the door and pushed it open, and once in she noticed very few Trainers were there. Nurse Joy was behind the main counter, and she looked a bit worried.

"Joy!" Jenny called to the Nurse, "Long time no see, can you heal my Pokemon?"

Nurse Joy looked up at Jenny, she stared for a moment, blankly. Then, in a minute, a bit of anger showed in her face.

"What do you think you're doing outside!?" She said loudly, still staring at Jenny.

"Why shouldn't I be outside?" Jenny asked, a bit confused, "Can't you just heal my Pokemon?"

"Fine. Although if I was your mother I'd never let you leave my sight at a time like this."

Jenny sat her balls down on the counter and picked her Corsola up and sat it there then quickly turned away and walked towards one of the many empty tables.

"I wonder why she is so angry," Jenny thought, " Did something happen while I was in the Den?"

For a moment, Jenny sat thinking, confused about the situation and wondering what was wrong. Then she heard a call from the entrance to the Center.



Jenny sat still as stone for a moment. She was sure that voice calling her had to be her mother, and she had not even had time to think over what to say yet. She pretended to ignore the voice and stared at the table.

"Hey Jenny, did you hear me?" The voice called again. Jenny thought for a moment, the voice wasn't angry at all. It did not even sound like her mother, but instead a teenage girl. Jenny turned her head and saw that the person calling her was her friend Breanne. Breanne was tall, nearly 5'8" and had short brown hair that was only 3 inches long, at most. Her eyes were a mix of brown and green, and her skin appeared to be perfect. She wore a black leather jacket and a black mini-skirt. However, this was nothing at all like Jenny remembered Breanne. Last time they'd seen each other was over two years ago, when Breanne was 13. Back then she'd had beautiful long brownish-blonde hair that went all the way down her back and she had been nearly 7 inches shorter. Also, she never would have worn the outfit she was now wearing then. Breanne had always worn light blouses and pants, not black leather and skirts.

"Breanne!" Jenny called to her old friend, "Long time no see, what've you been doing all these years?"

For a moment Breanne was silent and then replied, "Nothing, just stuff."

"What an odd silence," Jenny thought, "Breanne had always been as open as a book before. Oh well, I suppose a couple of years really can change a person."

"Anyway," Breanne continued, trying to sound a bit friendlier, "How has your life been?"

"Oh, it's been good. As you know I was at Poke-School, and there I got a Corsola and a Lapras! I also just caught a Dratini and a Magikarp in Dragon's Den. Isn't it neat I finally got to go there like we'd always wanted to do before?"

Breanne was silent for a minute; she appeared to have been shocked by what Jenny said. The situation made Jenny feel very uncomfortable.

"Is something wrong, Breanne?"

"Oh, yes," Breanne said, "I was just about to head off to Dragon's Den. Apparently Team Rocket set up a HQ there, did you see anything that appeared mysterious in there?"

"Yes, and I was just about to report it to authorities! Or do they already know?"

" Don't bother telling them, everyone knows, but I advise you not to discuss it."

"Why not?" Jenny asked, confused at why it shouldn't be discussed.

"Just because," Breanne responded, "Want to come out and see my strategy to defeat them?"

"Sure," Jenny shrugged thinking it'd be interesting to see how her friend planned to take out so many Team Rocket members. Breanne turned and walked back out the door, gesturing for Jenny to follow.
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Jenny carefully rose from her seat and followed Breanne out the entrance of the Pokemon Center. Once outside Breanne walked to an empty area in front of the Pokemon Center, filled with rocks. Jenny walked over the rocks cautiously, making sure not to trip over them.

"So Breanne," Jenny said once they'd come to a stop, "What do you plan to do?"

"Go Golbat!" Breanne said, not answering Jenny.

"Wow, it hasn't evolved yet? I figured it would since it has been 2 years..."

"It's too stubborn to evolve," Breanne said, cutting Jenny off, "But anyway, I'll assume you know Team Rocket's plan."

"I heard a little," Jenny said. She felt as though Breanne was keeping something from her but she did not want to admit it. Instead she waited to hear what Breanne would say next.

"Well then, Team Rocket plans to take control of Pokemon using High Frequency Sound Waves, so I did some research and figured out that when the sounds are emitted if I use Supersonic to counter, I can then take control of them instead. However, I'll need to concentrate Golbat's power to do so, and I have a research group working on that..."

"Slow down a bit," Jenny said, cutting Breanne off, "You have a research group? You came up with this in the first place? How did you know?"

"Ah, well, that's not important," Breanne said sharply, "But would you like to see how powerful Golbat's Supersonic is already?"

"Sure," Jenny responded, "It'd be nice to simply see how much your Pokemon's Power has grown. But..."

"Golbat, show Jenny your Supersonic!"

"Wait Breanne, isn't that a..."

Before Jenny could finish her sentence, Golbat had opened its mouth wide open. Nothing appeared to be happening, but Jenny felt a slight tingle in her ear. She looked to Breanne, who had shifted her position, and now had a big grin on her face. Then, in the distance, Jenny heard a loud bang. She turned quickly around to see what had happen. She was shocked to see what she saw; all the windows of the Pokemon Center and all the other businesses in sight had broken windows. Jenny spun back around to face Golbat again, whose mouth had returned to normal.

"Breanne!" Jenny cried, "What was that!? The power was amazing!"

"Just an attack," Breanne said, she didn't even seem to care about the damage she'd done to the local businesses, "Now I best be heading off. Farewell!"

Breanne through a Pokeball and a Charizard came out. She quickly sat down on it and recalled Golbat.

"To Dragon's Den."

Charizard flapped its huge wings and sailed up into the sky, heading towards the Den, as Jenny looked at them in amazement.


Jenny then turned and started to head back to the Pokemon Center to see if her Pokemon were healed yet. After a few steps, Jenny's head began to hurt, and as she continued walking, the pain only got worse. To Jenny, everything was now bright, and the colors everywhere were almost too vivid to stand, but she kept walking.

"The colors," Jenny thought, although thinking seemed to cause a pain in her head, "What'd Breanne do?"

She looked at the Pokemon Center up ahead. It was painted red, and had white trim. The colors jumped out at Jenny, and almost overwhelmed her. Eventually, she reached the door and stumbled inside, to see an unpleased Nurse Joy standing in her way.

"I told you that you shouldn't be out," she said slowly, she seemed confused too, "You should have listened."

"The windows..."

"They'll be fine," Nurse Joy said as she lowered herself down onto a stool, "Your Pokemon are on the counter, all in their balls. They're healed."

"Thank you," Jenny said, looking towards the counter, but it was nothing but a blur in the distance. She struggled a bit to determine exactly where it was, then stumbled over to it and picked up her balls.

"Flip the sign to 'Closed' when you leave."

"I will."

Jenny stumbled over to the door, switched the sign, which now showed the word "Open", to "Closed", then headed out. Once outside she sat on the ground and leaned back against the outside wall of the Pokemon Center, resting.
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

10 minutes later Jenny felt something tap her head. It felt as sharp as a knife. She did not wish to move but when she felt herself tapped on the head again she decided she must do something.

"Get away!" Jenny screamed, keeping her eyes shut. One of the out-of-place Spearow that she had seen earlier had landed on her head and was pecking at it. Spearow seemed to be looking for something, perhaps worms to eat, which it would be unable to find on Jenny's head. Although whatever it was doing, Spearow seemed very confused.

"That's it!" Jenny said, "I will not be abused any longer, whoever you are!"

While saying that she opened her eyes and gasped, shocking the Spearow into flying a few feet away. Jenny simply stared at the Spearow for a couple of seconds.

"Articuno!" Jenny screamed, "The Articuno was pecking my head!"

Jenny stood up, picking a ball off her belt.

"Go Dragonite, use Hyper Beam to weaken Articuno!" Jenny said as she threw her Pokeball. Dratini came out of it, and it appeared to be confused by nothing except Jenny calling it " Dragonite", unlike Jenny and the Spearow. It launched a Hyper Beam at Spearow anyway. As the attack approached, Spearow used Agility to get out of the way.

" Don't let Articuno run, use Flamethrower Dragonite!" Jenny said, oblivious to the fact that she was comanding a Dratini who did not even know that attack and needed to recharge from the Hyper Beam. Spearow, angered about being attacked, was fully ready to battle, even in its confused state. It launched a Mirror Move to send a Hyper Beam right at Dratini. Dratini, being a Pokemon who usually was found in water, wasn't fast enough to escape on land and was Directly Hit by the Hyper Beam.

"Articuno is too powerful!" Jenny screamed, looking up at the Spearow, "I'll need a stronger Pokemon than Dragonite!"

She held up Dratini's Pokeball, recalling it back in a flash of red light.

"I'll use my strongest and rarest Pokemon now, go Corsola!"

She grasped Corsola's Pokeball and released it. Once out Corsola bounced up and down, waiting for a command.

"Corsola, use Flamethrower! Articuno is weak against your Fire attacks!"

Corsola turned around to look at Jenny; confused at why its Trainer asked it to use an attack it didn't know.

"Corsola, we're fighting Articuno! Attack now!"

Corsola looked up and saw nothing but a Spearow. It tried to figure out what Jenny was talking about, but failed. Spearow soared down towards Corsola and continuously attacked it with Fury Attack. Corsola waited for its command, but when none came, it opened its mouth launched a swift Bubblebeam at Spearow, knocking it away.

Jenny was no longer even paying attention to the fight, but rather some Swinub travelling in the distance. Dispite her confusion, something seemed strange about the sight, but she couldn't figure out what. She shrugged and turned back to the battle.

"Come on Corsola, use Fire Punch!"

Even though Corsola was dedicated to its Trainer, it quit listening. It knew it would be defeated if it didn't attack with attacks that it knew, and it did not want that to happen. Spearow flew back in and jammed its beak into Corsola, this was its Drill Peck. Corsola yelped in pain but Jenny took no notice.

"Good Job Corsola!"

Corsola ignored the remark and launched a Spike Cannon at Spearow. The Spikes launched from coral on Corsola's back were extremely swift. The attack hit Spearow very hard, and Spearow flew back up into the sky, and then flew back down, slamming itself into the ground. The confusion was taking effect.

"Alright!" Jenny screamed, "Articuno is almost defeated! Now I need to capture it..."

Jenny pulled her bag in front of her and began to look for the Pokeballs in it, although she couldn't find them. She had forgotten where they were, though she continued to look. Corsola, however, continued the battle. It ran towards the Spearow, who was getting itself up off of the ground, and hit it with a fierce Tackle, knocking the Spearow back down.

"Oh," Jenny said eventually, "There's the ball!"

Jenny walked over to the Spearow who was now lying on the ground and held the ball out in front of her.

"Good job Corsola, now Articuno, I will capture you!"

She looked down at the Spearow, but to her it took the shape of a huge Articuno in front of her. She threw the ball down at the huge target that Articuno seemed like, but the ball missed where Spearow actually was completely, and rolled along the ground. To Jenny, the ball appeared to be rolling through Aritcuno.

"Impossible!" she screamed, "It was an illusion!"

She looked back down towards the ball and headed for it, but while walking, the pain in her head increased even more. Everything was a spinning blur now. As she looked around, a sense of panic took control of her, and she felt as though she needed to fear for her life. Right then, she fell to the ground, knocked out. Corsola ran to her side, to try to comfort her, but as it did, Spearow began to get up. Corsola, sadly looking down at its Trainer, didn't even notice Spearow.

In a moment, Spearow ran at Corsola and hit it with Peck. Corsola was weak now. It looked around to see if anything could help, but when it decided no one was coming it used Recover. The Recover lit its body up in a magnificent glow, and when the glow subdued Corsola had its energy back. It opened its mouth and launched a Bubble attack at Spearow. This was enough to bring Spearow down.

As the Pokemon fell, Corsola used its limited knowledge to determine what to do next. What it knew was its Trainer had wanted to capture this Pokemon. Corsola looked up at the Pokeball, which wasn't far away and started to walk over to it.

In a minute, Corsola was at the Ball. Corsola got on the other side of it, and pushed it back towards Spearow. As it approached, it tapped the ball with its head, causing it to roll towards Spearow. Spearow was too week to see it coming and when the ball bumped into it, the ball opened up and withdrew Spearow in a flash of red light. It shook back and forth as Corsola just stared at it.

OOC: As for the Supersonic being so strong, don't grade me down for that being unrealistic since I'll explain that later in the story.

~Already Graded~
~Outcome: Spearow Captured!

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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Breanne sat on her Charizard, legs tangling over the edge of Charizard's side, soaring over Dragon's Den. She sat quietly, not saying a word, presumably thinking to herself. She glanced down at the deserted lake, her eyes half filled with sorrow and the other half with glee. The lake was beautiful, and the water lay perfectly still. Although, as Jenny had already seen, there were no Dragon Pokemon in Dragon's Den anywhere. The absence of Dragons definitely took away from the beauty of the sight. She then quickly lifted her eyes from the lake again, looking towards the afternoon sky.

In a few minutes, Breanne looked down again. She tilted her head one way, and then another. It appeared as though she was looking for something. After a few glances at different areas of Dragon's Den, she grinned.

"Charizard, land now! We've already flown past the entrance!" She said harshly, not even glancing towards Charizard. Instead she continued to look down towards Dragon's Den. Charizard quickly obeyed Breanne's command. Charizard flew down to the ground on a sharp angle, nearly throwing Breanne from its back. When it approached a thin strip of land by the edge of the lake, it straitened its path back out suddenly and landed in a crash, skidding across the rocky ground until it finally came to a complete halt.

"Stupid lizard," Breanne said under her breath, trying to keep Charizard from hearing. She then took a Pokeball from her black, silver-spiked belt and recalled Charizard back into a flash of red light, then turned around. She was near the entrance to the cave where Jenny had been held prisoner, although the submarine was no longer located near the edge of the lake. She began walking towards the entrance to the cave, taking no precautions to avoid be caught at all. In fact, she seemed perfectly comfortable walking towards it. Although she did appear to be looking for someone, almost as though she expected someone to be there. As Breanne approached, a man quickly stepped out of the cave, staying right in front of the entrance. The man appeared to Jenny's "friend", 24. Apparently he'd recovered from Jenny's attack. For a moment he simply stood in place cracking his knuckles. Doing so made him did seemed to look a bit worried about something. He was so preoccupied with his knuckles that he did not seem to notice Breanne's presence at all.

"John!" Breanne then shouted out, ruining the silence. As she said that she eyed 24, with a grin on her face. Quite surprisingly she appeared to be happy that one of the Team Rocket members who she had told Jenny she was going to defeat was blocking the way. 24 then glanced up at her, eyeing her in return. It was quite obvious that Breanne and 24 knew each other, and also that Breanne had not told Jenny the truth about her plans. After a moment where 24 and Breanne just looked at each other with smiles in their eyes, 24 began to walk over to where Breanne stood.

"Breanne," 24 said, somewhat passionately, as he continued to walk towards Breanne, "I've missed you so much..."

"Not now," Breanne said, cutting him off, her expression had changed to a quite serious one. Her eyes no longer glowed with happiness. A somewhat worried expression now took over her face. 24 stopped dead in his tracks, seeming a bit disappointed, "I found out about the next phase in the plan."

The worry 24 had when he was standing along in front of the entrance returned to his eyes. He quivered and took a deep breath in as he did. After he did he regained his composure, glancing at Breanne, waiting for her to continue. Breanne looked back at him, silently, as if she did not want to elaborate on what she had just said.

"Go on," 24 said eventually. Breanne nodded slowly, keeping eye contact with 24, and then opened her mouth to continue.

"They plan to try to take control of humans next with the waves," she said, now looking away from 24's eyes, as if she did not want him to see them, "And you're one of the first test subjects."

24 and Breanne were silent for a moment, both looking in opposite directions. Breanne then glanced back to 24. 24 was biting his lip, and he was cracking his knuckles again. It appeared as though he was still trying to take in what Breanne had just said.

"It seems as though my worst fears have been confirmed," he said softly, looking up towards Breanne, searching for reassurance, although he found none.

"There's no time for talk now," Breanne said quickly, "They plan to do the initial experiment today. Although there's something even worse, they plan to increase your strength just like they did to my Golbat, after they get control of your mind. I do not think you will be able to survive that, since almost all of our top Science Officers have said the experiment would fail for sure. We need to retreat into hiding now."

"What about my friends? Any information on what will happen to them?" he asked.

Breanne remained silent. She looked at him with big sorrowful eyes that told him the answer to the question. He continued with his nervous habbits.

"There are a few places in which the waves will be unable to reach," Breanne continued, turning toward the area of land she had originally landed on, "And the nearest one won't take more than a few hours of a ride on my Charizard's back."

"Mind explaining to me what how exactly they plan to pull this off?" 24 questioned her, apparently he had not been explained the operations of his own Team, "And why they will not reach everywhere?"

"I will explain once we are out of here," Breanne replied, tilting her head back towards 24, "It could take a while to fully explain. Now let's go."

Breanne picked Charizard's ball back up off of her belt and pressed its button, releasing Charizard onto the ground in front of her. 24 stepped aboard it, straddling a leg over Charizard's wide back. Breanne pushed herself up on the other edge, legs hanging over the edge. When they were both aboard, Breanne grabbed one of 24's hands and laced her fingers into it, smiling at 24 as she did.

"Up, Charizard!" Breanne then commanded, "Head to Seafoam Island."
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

50 minutes later, Breanne and 24 were up in the sky, sailing over New Bark Town. Breanne looked down at the city. No human was outside, but plenty of Pokemon were. They all appeared to be confused. Some were attacking each other, others were running in circles, and some were walking in a line, running into anything in their path. Although, no matter what each Pokemon was doing, all of them seemed to be headed in the same general direction, northeast, towards the mountain range that lay there. Almost immediately after looking down, Breanne tilted her head back up towards 24.

"Appears as though we're over New Bark Town," Breanne said slowly and softly to 24, "Remember when we met for the very first time?"

24 smiled gently, and glanced towards Breanne.

"How could I forget?" he said sweetly, "That was the day that blessed my life. My first Pokemon and you in the same day, what could have been better?"

Breanne smiled, and for a few minutes they stared at each other in silence, deep within their own thoughts. Then 24 broke the silence.

"Breanne," he said seriously, glancing away from Breanne, "What is the deal with these waves anyway? You said you would explain."

"Fine," Breanne said, disappointed that 24 had ruined the special moment they had been having, "You do know about the hypnotic waves they were testing, right?"

"I think I heard about those," 24 responded.

"Well," Breanne continued, "They have been experimenting on Pokemon who can produce the waves. Pokemon like my Golbat, that is. With the experiments, they increased the strength of each Pokemon, making the waves extremely powerful and mind-controling."

"I see," 24 said as Breanne took a breath for more air before she continued on.

"Also, they have created a wave amplifier, which increases how far the waves can travel. The waves produced by these super-powered Pokemon can cover a huge area even without it though. Although the amplifier is quite useful."

"So, they plan to take control of the minds of Pokemon, and then what?" 24 asked, a bit confused.

"The final step of the plan is to gather all the Pokemon at the new base we built at Mount Silver. To do this, though, we have a team of Hypno near the top of Mount Silver hooked up to amplifiers of their own, and they are using Hypnosis. From there, the signal can reach nearly everywhere in the Kanto/Johto region. Although their Hypnosis power doesn't have much strength since it is traveling such a long distance. Only weak-minded Pokemon, or Humans, can be taken control of, so that's where the confusion comes in, to weaken the Pokemon's minds. We tried this before, without the confusing the Pokemon first part, and it failed miserably. Although this time is should work."

"Amazing," 24 said softly, "I've been with Team Rocket for nearly two years now and yet I had never heard any of this. Oh, and how does Team Rocket plan to confuse the Pokemon in the first place? I mean, from where?"

"Stations, there are amplifier stations we have set up near our minor bases everywhere will confuse the Pokemon. However, the toughest part is all of Team Rocket has to keep their Pokemon in their Pokeballs or else their own Pokemon will become confused too," Breanne grinned, "Although that's not true for all members..."

"I see," 24 paused, trying to take in all of what Breanne had just said, although that was difficult, "But one more thing, the lab at Dragon's Den was invaded earlier by a girl. What if she gets away and alerts someone of our where-abouts? It is one of the main bases, and if the police invaded there..."

" Don't worry about that," Breanne grinned evilly, "Assuming you mean Jenny, I took care of her already. Plus, even if she did report us, our plan would have already succeeded by the time they did anything."

"Thank God," he said, putting an arm around Breanne. Breanne then reached out an arm and put it around him too.

"You know," Breanne said abruptly, "What would the other Rockets think if they saw us like this? They usually just..."

"They haven't found out, and they don't need to know. If they had known you would have never been given the information about how they planned to experiment on me. It's best this way."

"I suppose..."

Suddenly Charizard made a sharp turn to the right. The turn nearly knocked 24 off. Luckily Breanne was experienced with flying on Charizard. She quickly reached out towards him and held his arm tightly, pulling him back onto Charizard.

"What in heck was that!?" Breanne screamed at her Charizard, then looked up. A flock of Pidgey was following them close behind. Although they seemed to have no idea what they were doing, or that they were chasing after a Pokemon that could easily destroy them. They all appeared confused, like all the Pokemon in Blackthorn were.

"Charizard," Breanne screamed loudly, "You can out-fly Pidgey! Go, go, go!"

Charizard grunted and then flapped its wings strongly, pushing itself far ahead of the Pidgey and nearly doubling its speed. When Charizard was nearly out of sight from the Pidgey, they stopped, and changed their path. Now they appeared to be chasing a lone Spearow. Charizard then continued on its way to Seafoam.

"Appears this area is affected too, I knew that was scheduled sometime for today. I had heard they were coming out here with the machines."

"But," 24 cut Breanne off, "If that was so, why wasn't Charizard affected by the hypnotic waves?"

" Do you really think I'd let my own Pokemon get hypnotized, 24?" Breanne asked sarcastically, "Like I said, some members, the elite members, can have their Pokemon out even during the scheduled wave times. We have electronic ear-plugs that block out the waves."

Breanne leaned back and sighed, glancing up to 24, somewhat tired of having to explain everything to him, although she was fully willing to.

"Anyway, it won't be too much longer until we get there now."
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Not too long later, Breanne and 24 had arrived on Seafoam Island. The island appeared like a small beach, but on it there were 2 huge rocks that stuck up from the ground. Both were entrances to caves. Besides the Pokemon in the caves, the island was completely deserted. The undesturbed island was completely beautiful, however. The ocean waves from around it gently pushed their way onto the sandy shore.

"Seafoam Island," Breanne said to herself, "We have no plans to take control of the Pokemon here so far, so you should be plenty safe inside the cave."

"Wait," 24 cut her off, glancing questionably at her, " Do you mean I have to live in that cave from now on?"

"Either that or die, your choice," she said, walking toward the right entrance, "I'll head in with you and look for a safe place for you to stay."

"Whatever," 24 said, following Breanne slowly into the cave. He seemed a bit flustered over having to live in a cave and was most certainly not the loving person he had been while on Charizard.

Once inside the small opening, Breanne and 24 stood still. The cave was dark on the inside, so they could hardly see where they were going.

"John," Breanne said, squinting to see where John was in the dark cave, " Do you still have that Charmander I gave you when our Pokemon bred?"

"Yes, I do," 24 paused, "Are you suggesting I use the light on its tail as a light in this cave?"

"Yes I am."

"Go Charmander!" 24 shouted as he threw a Pokeball. Charmader came out, and as it did the cave became much lighter. Breanne looked around. The cave appeared to be moist, but other than that it was wide open, with rocky walls far apart from each other, with rocks scattered throughout the area in between the walls.

"I suggest we go down a floor, to be on the safe side," Breanne said, " Do you see a rope ladder anywhere? There's supposed to be one leading down to the next level."

24 shrugged, he did not know any more than Breanne did. They continued to walk on.

After 10 minutes they still had no luck. Breanne sat down on a rock. 24 stood next to her. 24 began cracking his knuckles, a bad habit of his. The joy of meeting back up with each other had worn off and now they both seemed rather depressed.

"It has to be somewhere," Breanne said.

"I suppose," 24 said afterwards, not longing to find it either way.

"Is your Charmander poking me, John?" Breanne asked him suddenly. 24 looked at her for a moment and then towards Charmander who was standing next to Breanne, not poking her at all.

"No, are you imagining things?" 24 asked.

"No!" Breanne jumped up quickly. As she did she noticed a sleeping Seel behind the rock she had been sitting on, "Stupid Pokemon."

Breanne kicked at the Seel, awakening it. Seel didn't seem pleased, if anything, it was now extremely angry. Its eyes narrowed and it was not the happy Seel most people see.

"Why did you do that?" John asked, staring at the Seel, "It did nothing."


Before Breanne could say her sentence, Seel's horn had lit up and from it came a beam of colorful ice, its Aurora Beam. The attack almost hit Breanne, but just barely missed. Breanne looked down at Seel in anger, making a fist and pounding it against her other hand.

"Go Numel!" Breanne screamed, picking a ball off of her belt. From it came Numel, Breanne's newest Pokemon, "Knock Seel dead with Earthquake!"

Numel stomped its feet onto the ground, causing a violent shaking in the cave, knocking Seel, Charmander, Breanne and 24 over.

"Nice move," 24 said sarcastically, dragging himself up off of the ground.

"Shut up," Breanne said in return, glaring at 24. While 24 and Breanne had been talking, Seel had gotten up. Its horn started glowing again and it launched an Ice Beam at Numel. The ice was strong and thick, freezing everything it touched. When it hit Numel for a moment it appeared Numel was frozen too but then the ice melted away.

"You can't freeze fire that easily," Breanne sassed to Seel, "Now Numel, hit it with Flamethrower!"

Numel opened its mouth wide and launched a line of fire right at Seel. The attack hit strongly and knocked Seel back nearly 20 feet. As Seel got up it began to flop away.

"Oh no you don't!" Breanne said, "Numel, follow that Seel!"

Breanne ran quickly towards the Seel, panting after every step she took. Although before she got there, Seel disappeared.

"What the...!?" she said, looking around. Then she glanced back at 24 and Charmander, "You follow me and help look for Seel too."
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Default Re: ~Jenny's Adventures~

Breanne slowly walked foreward, looking for where Seel might have gone. She looked to both sides, then down. As she looked down she noticed a hole in the ground in front of her.

"The rope ladder to the Basement Floors," she said to herself, "Seel must have jumped down it."

Breanne lowered herself to the ground and then grabbed the top of the rope ladder and swung herself into the hole. She looked up towards Numel, who would be unable to climb down a ladder, and recalled it back into its ball. Then she went on down the ladder. The hole was long, so the land between the floors was thick. It appeared to be a huge solid rock, almost. Finally the ladder led her down into the openness of the next floor down. She jumped off of it and looked around. This floor seemed to be half water and half land, which was not surprising considering that they were on an island. The water looked nice and clean unlike the ocean's water though. Breanne continued scanning the area for Seel. Eventually she saw it near the edge of the water, about ready to jump in.

"Go, Squirtle!" she screamed, releasing her Squirtle, "Jump into the water and head after Seel!"

Squirtle was another new member of Breanne's team. She had gotten it in a trade with another Team Rocket member not too long ago. Even so, Squirtle was very obedient anyway. Squirtle dove into the water and swam towards Seel. The battle would be much tougher now that it was in the water, since Seel could now use much more speed than it would be able to on land. Breanne turned to look for 24, who was no longer behind her.

"Squirtle, use Water Gun and hit Seel! Keep up the attack until I return."

Squirtle launched the beam of water at Seel but Seel swam underwater just in time to avoid being hit. Breanne turned around and walked back to the ladder, and looked up it. She could see 24 at the top looking downwards.

"Come down already," Breanne said to him.

"Am I supposed to trust my life with that old rope?"

"It'll be fine, chicken," Breanne said rolling her eyes at him. She never had known a bigger coward, and yet she liked this man anyways.

"I am not a chicken, you..."

"Prove it," Breanne cut him off, taunting, "By going down this old rope ladder."

"Okay..." he said, taking a huge gulp of air.

"Tell me when you're down, I've got to finish my battle."

Breanne turned around and walked back towards the battle. Not much had happened in it while she was with 24, since both Pokemon had dodged each other's attacks.

"Squirtle, dive underwater, hide from Seel!"

Squirtle disappeared into the water, and Seel looked around for it, not knowing where it went.

"Now, hit it with Skull Bash!"

Squirtle came flying out from under the water, right under where Seel was. Its head came out first and hit Seel, sending Seel flying a few feet. When it came back down it smacked into the water. The impact with the water alone appeared to do a lot of damage.

"Stupid Seel doesn't stand a chance against me," Breanne said with confidence, "Finish it off. Withdraw into your shell and then launch a Hydro Pump!"

Squirtle did as it was told. Its head, legs, and arms disappeared into the holes in its shell and out from the holes came a strong blast of water. The water flew everywhere, hitting both Breanne and the Seel.

" Don't hit me!" Breanne screamed, " Direct the attack at Seel!"

Squirtle evened itself out with the top of the water and spun on its surface using Rapid Spin in place, still releasing water. The Hydro Pump covered the top of the water and knocked Seel underwater.

"Enough Squirtle!" Breanne screamed. Squirtle stopped spinning and quit launching water. It came back out from inside its shell. Breanne grabbed a Pokeball from her belt and waited for Seel to surface.

"Seel, I've got you!" she yelled as Seel came back up from underwater. Although before she threw it she noticed something, Seel was glowing! Also it appeared to be healing as it glowed.

"What the heck!?" Breanne yelled.

"It used Rest."

Breanne turned around and 24 was standing there, grinning proudly. He had, finally, made it down the ladder.

"Rest fully recovers a Pokemon but puts it to sleep for a short while," he stated, "I'd advise weakening it again before you attempt to capture it."

"Oh, I knew that," Breanne lied, glancing away.

"Also it appears I am not the chicken you though I was," 24 continued, "Although you should be attacking now, not talking."

"Right," Breanne said, now looking back at the battle, "Squirtle, swim to Seel and use Bite!"

Squirtle swam towards the sleeping Seel and opened its mouth to take a big Bite at its head. Squirtle locked its mouth and continued to Bite on Seel's head, although Seel still didn't wake up.

"Keep it up," Breanne said, "Crush its head!"

Squirtle re-bit Seel's head, and after a few minutes it let go. There were huge bite marks from where Squirtle had bitten it.

"Ha ha!" Breanne laughed, "It's defenseless!"

"Not for long," 24 said, laughing too, "So don't get too cocky."

"Fine, Squirtle, Bubble attack!"

Squirtle opened its mouth and launched a stream of Bubbles at the sleeping Seel. Right after the attack hit, Seel woke up.

" Darn it," Breanne said, "Use Water Gun!"

Before Squirtle could launch the attack, Seel charged at it with a furious Take Down, knocking Squirtle into the water.

"Squirtle, get up and use Water Gun now!"

Squirtle didn't respond. It surfaced on that water with X's in its eyes.

" Darn you, weak Pokemon!" Breanne screamed, picking up its Pokeball, "Return."

"I told you not to get cocky but do you ever listen to me? No," 24 said rolling his eyes. Breanne turned towards him.

"Why can't you ever be supportive!?"

"It's not how I am, you know that," he shrugged, "Now send your next Pokemon, Seel is swimming away."

"Fine, go Golbat!"

Breanne grabbed a ball from her belt and from it she released her Golbat. Golbat soared over to where Seel stayed in the water.

"Hurry Golbat, before it moves hit Seel with Poison Fang!"

Golbat quickly soared down towards Seel, and before Seel could dodge the attack, Golbat stuck its huge fangs into Seel's head, causing 2 more injuries to Seel's head. Golbat then unleashed Poison into the cuts. Once done, it flew back up. Seel yelped in pain but Breanne showed no mercy at all.

"Golbat, finish it off with Wing Attack!"

The super-powered Golbat soared back down at Seel, open its wings as wide as they could go and hitting Seel with them. The attack threw Seel across the water and onto some rocks not to far away from where Breanne stood. She walked over to the knocked out Seel.

"Ha," Breanne said, "That is exactly what you get for attacking me!"

Breanne smiled and reached for one of the empty Pokeballs on her belt. Once she grasped one she lifted it up and threw it back down at Seel. The ball hit Seel and pulled it inside.

"Now you're mine!"

The ball shook vigorously back and forth.

~Already Graded~
~Outcome: Seel Captured!
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