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Old 02-06-2005, 11:00 PM
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Default Graphic Arts Tutorials

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ____________________________________________

People, this is getting to the point where it's just SICKENING. There are FAR too many people who suck at using MSPaint now, to the point where it's getting out of hand. The next fusion/recolor sprite that I see that sucks, I'm killing everyone. So I made a nice tutorial for you all so you may learn what I know. Isn't that lovely?

This Chart is referenced a lot.


This is a biggie.
I'm going to be rather blunt with you. The colors MS paint gives you SUCK. DO NOT USE THEM!
(Exceptions being the black, the two greys, and the white)

When I go around and see sprites that use the basic colors, it hurts my eyes. And it bleeds. It really does.

"How do we change this, TMTS?" You ask? The answer is QUITE SIMPLE my friends! Just simply Double-click on a square in your pallette you aren't using, and a little window pops up!

Click "Define Custom Colors >>"

And Hazzah! You now have a VERY wide range of colors to pick from, ranging into the millions!

For this example I did a complex grayscale pallette, but it can be done with any color, and when it comes to sprites, you RARELY have to do that many, especially for a recolor. 5 or so is usually good.

You can also select two colors at a time, for your convenience. Just right-click the second color, and now whenever you right-click in the drawing area, it'll use the second color. Also when you do this, whenever you erase anything (don't use the eraser! (BLUE) ) by moving around with the square selector (see red). Same goes for the eyedropper (yellow) which will be explained later.

LESSON TWO: Transparencies, and getting to know the toolbar!

No. Not acceptable. This is perfectly fixable! First, when you're moving the sprite or w/e, select it, of course.

Now drag it over to the bg or whatever, and click the option marked in PURPLE on the tool reference chart. This will make whatever your second-color is transparent as you drag it over your bg.

UH OH! That white on Qwilfish's tail is transparent!
Never fear! for this can also be fixed easily! But first, we must learn about MAGNIFICATION!

Marked in GREEN above, the magnifier

Is an invaluble tool in paint, especially when spriting. Most people will recommend x 8 magnification, so use that. magnify your area you need to work, and click the x8 when you go to magnify again.

Now that we have it magnified, we need to fix that blue part!

Just select the white color which was erased when it was transparenced, and use the paint-splash tool (marked in orange) to color in what needs to be fixed.

All done! YAY! That wasn't so hard, was it?


This is barely a section, but nowadays most people like it when you save files as .PNG. This not only saves space on your computer, but also allows for a bigger image without being smashed through Photobucket or whatever. When you go to "save as", go down to the file type.

Select .PNG, and save as you normally would.


It's been MAIMED!

Sadly, people, I've seen worse. I really have.

IF you're going to do recolors, make a sprite tower. It helps. It's worth the time, and it keeps it organized.

NOW, in the SCAREY event you'd actually WANT to do a blue pikachu... I'll show you how it's done.

First, using the eyedropper tool, make a chart of all the shades in a pikachu.

Now slowly replace each color with the corresponding one, until you're done.

Hazzah! Now how good does THAT look?

(Or, you could find a program that does this FOR you, such as... never mind, this is a PAINT tutorial.)

LESSON FOUR: Extra tips and tricks, and Metalizing.

Just a few small points to get to before moving on to a new section.

- NEVER expand/mizimise with paint. PLEASE Don't. It makes it look like CRAP.
-...especially sprites
-When making banners, a simple black border around the edge does WONDERS, but you can add to that and make it spiffy with a metalized border, explained in a little bit.
-If you're going to ADD to a sprite or something, make it connect by including a black/whatever color border, and add shading to what you added so it MATCHES the sprite.
-NEVER save as .GIF. GIFs suck. They look like crap and should only be used when animating, or when it's ABSOLUTLY necessary.

Metalizing is really easy, and can give borders/sprites that extra flare.

Simply do multiple squares or w/e of slightly different shades of black/grey in color order, and you get a really cool effect!

And voila! Spiffy-ness WITH PAINT! Wow! (results are the conan banner in my sig)

You can take this several steps further if you want by using other colors, but this works pretty good.

Here's something I did 2-8-05, messing with a complex sprite tower of a greyscale. It turned out pretty good, and might give a few ideas for the people like me stuck with paint.

LESSON FIVE: More cool shortcuts!

Just a few shortcuts to make your life a bit easier.

CTRL+C - copies whatever's selected
CTRL+V - Pastes what was copied last
PRNT SCRN/ Print Screen- Takes a screenshot of the screen at the time. Then can be pasted with CTRL+V. (see image below for location for the mentally impaired)
thanks D.2

CRTL+E,1,TAB,1,Enter- Minimises the area of the paint screen to one pixil, so you can paste whatever to minimize your workspace, or if you want to quicly crop by slecting what you were working on (let's say a button) and then doing this, and pasting. Magically it'll be cropped. (I use this A LOT)
CTRL+E- brings up atributes for the window, I like to start with 1000x1000 for big prodjects so I can copy every single step of the way as I go through, incase I mess up! (Paint can only "UNDO" 3 times...)
CTRL+Z- Undo. Very Helpful if you're spriting and paint splash the wrong pixil.

LESSON SIX: Cropping stock images to perfection..

Now, in the even you'd want to use stock images, to make something look nice, you want to remove the square-border around it, or if it has a few frilly white spots around the edge of the image (especially with GIFs or anime pictures of pokemon or w/e), you might just want to remove them. Here's how, explicitly explained with 7 WHOLE PICTURES! WOW!

Step one: get your picture. For this example, I'm using a diglett, mearly for simplicity.

Step two: Uh oh! You got a cool background or w/e, but those frilly white spots around the picture don't look too good!

Step three: Make a nice square around the picture off to the side using the tools indicated

and then fill it in with a color like bright red or black, one that shouldn't appear very much on the picture or w/e.

And slowly erase any trace of white-grey. I recomend bright red for this reason, but for some reason I used black in this example. Bear with me...

Step four: Now that you're done isolating the picture, it's time to place it back on the bg!

If you read earlier, you SHOULD know how to do this, but...

Seeing as ironicly that shade of black is in the image, paintsplash your mini-work area with another color, like red.

Do a transparent replace, and you are done! This example looks like crap, but that's because I kinda sped through it... I trust anyone can do better... I hope... continued there.
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Default Art Tutorials

Note: This tutorial will use only the most beginner tactics. There are far more effective ways to do every single step in this tut. I know. But, they're harder to explain.

Do you have no artistic sense? Do you have little to no talent with Photoshop? Despite these infirmities, do you still want to gain respect as being good with Photoshop? Well, then you want to be a trendwhore. This tutorial will teach you how. It will be split into 4 different parts:

Part 1: Background
Part 2: "Render"
Part 3: Text: blended thingy
Part 4: Random/stupid trend stuff:

Part 1:

Now, backgrounds are very easy to do. It is probably THE easiest thing to do. Let's begin.

Step I: Go to File->New... You can name it whatever you wish. Change width to... 400 PIXELS. Height to... 120 PIXELS. These proportions aren't mandatory, they're just easy. Make sure to change mode to RGB, and contents to Transparent. (Again, this step isn't mandatory, this is just an example)

Step II: Now most talented people make a large abstract piece, like really big, wallpaper size at least. They then change the size by either cropping or transforming and make that their bg sig. Not you! Remember, you have no skill. Therefore, you're going to make your bg much easier. Set your colors to default (Foreground 000000, Background FFFFFF). I believe in Photoshop 7.0 you press D, and I can't afford CS, nor will I pirate it. Go to Filter->Render->Clouds. Keep pressing ctrl+F till you find something you like. Name this layer Layer 1.

Step IIb: Instead of doing the previous step, some trendwhores even rip someone else's bg to start off. I don't suggest this, but by the end of this tutorial, it should no longer be recognizable.

Step III: From here, the easiest trendwhore thing to do is grunge. Why? Well, all you have to do is just mass brushes and blend, and you're respected for no reason whatsoever. Real easy, huh? Before you start, you might want to download some brushes. I generally make them myself, but.. that's a whole different tutorial. If you know how to make your own brushes, why are you even reading this tutorial. I don't know where to download good brushes, but I'm sure you can Google it. In fact, I've heard there are some on deviantart; if you don't know what that is, Google it. So, back to the tut. Create a new layer, "Layer 2". In Layer 2, you have two choices.

-Choice 1: Filter->Render->Clouds it, and then brush away. I don't suggest doing more than one brush type on one layer, and I also don't suggest too much brushing. If you can't even tell which brush you used once you're done with this, that's too much brushing. Anyways, how to brush? Well, there is a tough way of doing this, but that requires too much skill. So, just get your brush, that's the tool in your tool window that looks like a brush. Opacity 100, Flow 100, Mode 100, and select your brush. For now, you can make your foreground either black or white, since you haven't gotten too far yet, but for subsequent layers, you should choose a contrasting color. For example, if your piece is awfully dark, choose white, and vice versa. Anyways, brush it up, until it looks pretty. Change the layer mode to something, I usually use overlay, soft light, or hard light, but feel free to experiment. If something needs to change, try changing the opacity. You could add a layer mask, but if you know how layer masks work, you shouldn't need tutorials.

-Choice 2: Instead of the above step, you could skip straight to brushing, and now cloud it. I suggest this if it looks like its too dark or if one layer seems to be dominating the piece.

Step IV: Repeat Step III many many times, the more layers the better. Remember to use contrasting colors. You can always make something that is "flat" much more contrasting, but it looks worse if there is like black and white and you try to blend it. Also, when you think you're done, one by one, unclick the eyes on each of your layers. If the piece doesn't change when one layer is missing, then its not blended well. If it still looks good, that's fine. If it looks better, well, that's good too. Re-click the eye, and repeat for all your layers.

This is what I've got at the end of Part 1. Yea, I know my brushing sucks, but then again, it all depends on what brushes you use. You'll probably not use your own because... well most people who make pics this way have no skill, so they download other brushes.

Part 2:

A render is not always an actual 3D render created by a 3D program. Yes, this is the contradictory world of graphic arts. It is really just the focus of the piece. Of course, you can make your own render in a 3D program, brush it up, texture it up, and make it great, but then, you probably don't need a tutorial. And of course, you could rip someone else's render, but that's evil. I suggest just being a trendwhore.

Step I: Your best choice for a render is something that is currently popular. It could be a videogame, a movie, a TV show, or, in a more mature forum, a beautiful woman. I'll pick the most trendwhoreized franchise ever... Halo. Either import or copy your "render" into your piece. Destroy half of the work involved in the picture, and desaturate it. Ctrl+U should do. I generally don't use this method, but, whatever, this is a beginner tut.

Step II: You might have noticed that the picture you chose dominates your piece now. Well, that's a little much. You could crop out just what you want, but hey, why even do any work at all in making your piece? Create a layer mask. Do this by selecting your picture layer, and click the rectangle with the white circle in your layers window. A small rectangle should pop up by the layer you chose. If its not pure white, make it so. Now, depending on how much of your picture you want, you can either make it all black or all white. If you want most of the pic, keep it white. If you just want a bit, invert it black. Make sure your layer mask and not layer is selected, and use a standard brush, preferably a soft round one that's pretty big, and select what you want. White means it shows through, black means it is invisible. You can make it messy, just make sure you take out most of the bg, and not too much ofwhat you want.

Step III: Change your layer mode to something, anything. If you want a standing out look, try hard light. If you want a well-blended look, try soft light. Change your opacity till it looks good.

This is what I've got so far. It shouldn't look similar, seeing as how you've got a different "render" and different brushes.

Part 3:

Time for the text.

Step I: Type out what you want. Doesn't matter what color it is. Use a relatively large font and thick font. I used Impact, size 36, strong. Add the following layer styles. Do this by clicking that f in your layers window while having your text layer selected.

-Fill Opacity: 0
-Drop Shadow: Default except Distance 3 instead of Distance 5.
-Inner Shadow: Default except Opacity 65 instead of Opacity 75.
-Bevel and Emboss: Default except Size 0.
-Stroke: Default except black stroke, Size 1.

Step II: Add a layer mask to your text layer. You could use brushes of your choice, but I usually use faux finish. Access these brushes by clicking the triangle arrow button to the right when you usually select your brush. A window should come up, select Faux Finish. You can either replace or append, doesn't matter. Now, with your color black, and opacity and flow at 100%, brush the sides of the text. Use the largest brushes you can, otherwise it looks nasty later on. If it looks good, you can brush the text itself, but I do most right at the edges.

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Default Re: How to be a trend*****

Part 4:

Random trendy stuff time! Yay!

Step I: Use the rectangular selection tool to create a relatively thick line towards the bottom of your sig. Not ON the bottom though. Fill it with white. Change it to soft light, opacity 80%, and add a 1 pixel black stroke to it. On this bar, add a stupid philosophical quote to it in small text. Use 04b08, smallfonts, or silkscreen. Remember to add ... to the end of your quote, and don't use quotes, or quote the actual person who said it. Make it low opacity, but still high enough to read.

Step II: Go on google, and google any word. Copy the search results. Paste it onto a text layer, use white, 1pt font, arial, sharp. Move this to a corner. DO NOT make it centered, either right or left, but not center. Lower the opacity a bit.

Step III: Create a new document, 2x2. Color the top left and bottom right pixels black, and leave the other two transparent. Edit->Define Pattern, save it. On your original document, go to edit->fill, and change it to pattern. Select the thing you just made, keep mode normal and opacity 100, press ok. Its a little dark, so lighten it up, change it to soft light and lower opacity till its good.

Step IV: On your layers window, click that circle which is half black and half white. Its towards the bottom bar. Select Color Balance, and a window should pop up. Although this entire option was designed to allow for multi-colored pieces with very vibrant colors, we'll ignore that. Just pick a color you like. Experiment if you wish.

Step V: If you feel its a little dark, nows the time to change that. Although you COULD use curves, its very difficult to explain how it works. I just suggest using the same halfblack halfwhite circle, only making a brightness/contrast layer. Change the settings till its good.

Step VI: Select the whole piece by pressing ctrl+A. Create a new layer. this is border 1. Edit->Stroke, do a 3 pixel border, black. Create a new layer. Edit->Stroke, do a 2 pixel border, white. This is border 2. Hold control and click on border 2. Now with your cursor, select border 1. press delete. Delete border 2 now. Now create a new layer. Press ctrl+A, and Edit->Stroke, do a 1 pixel border, black.

There, now you're officially a trendwhore. Use no skill and pretend you're skilled!

aye, i know, this specific banner was bad, but whatever, its how trendwhore sigs are made, i'll post up some other examples

EDIt: I realize, the following sig MAY be inappropriate for those under the age of two. If you are younger than... 53, do not click: Any inappropriate material is BARELY visible, but............ w/e not taking a chance

most of my sigs aren't made with these methods, but w/e, they are absolutely the easiest to do.

Alright, I googled brushes, temp. downloaded to desktop (I refuse to use them) and made this. Remember, NEVER credit the person who you downloaded brushes from. If you do, people will begin to doubt your omnipotence

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Default Re: How to be a trend*****

Some veterans of making sigs might remember a wonderful place known as Redutopia. Unfortunately, too much bandwith was being used, so the owner shut it down (but being the nice guy he is, he let people retrieve their sigs AND gave out the source; however, we'll be using a different source). These were very popular, even after he shut the site down, as they were relatively easy to use


Step 1. Find a website host. It must be able to handle php, and make sure it doesn't have too many limitations. Anglefire/geocities/that kind of thing is bad. I personally am using and I am loving it

Step 2. Open up notepad. I am REALLY sorry that I do not remember where I obtained this source. If someone tells me, or I find out who, I will add credit immediately Copy and Paste the following source into notepad


        What to do:

        1. Modify the $folder setting in the configuration section below.
        2. Add image types if needed (most users can ignore that part).
        3. Upload this file (sig.php) to your webserver.  I recommend
           uploading it to the same folder as your images.
        4. Link to the file as you would any normal image file, like this:

                        <img src="">



        5. You can also specify the image to display like this:

                        <img src="">

                This would specify that an image named "gorilla.jpg" located
                in the image-rotation folder should be displayed.

        6. Note, you may have to add a fake param to the url, to fake out
           the [img]blabla[/img] on bulletin boards.. i know i have to do
           this for ubbthreads and ipb.

           Example: [img]

           The parsing code will get fooled by seeing a .jpg at the end and
           voila, you get a rotating siggie.

        7. Note 2, this could also be done for avatars... i leave that to you.

        That's it, you're done.


/* ------------------------- Config -----------------------

        Set $folder to the full path to the location of your images.
        For example: $folder = '/user/me/';
        If the sig.php file will be in the same folder as your
        images then you should leave it set to $folder = '.';


        $folder = '.';


        Most users can safely ignore this part.  If you're a programmer,
        keep reading, if not, you're done.  Go get some coffee.

    If you'd like to enable additional image types other than
        gif, jpg, and png, add a duplicate line to the section below
        for the new image type.

        Add the new file-type, single-quoted, inside brackets.

        Add the mime-type to be sent to the browser, also single-quoted,
        after the equal sign.

        For example:

        PDF Files:

                $extList['pdf'] = 'application/pdf';

    CSS Files:

        $extList['css'] = 'text/css';

    You can even serve up random HTML files:

            $extList['html'] = 'text/html';
            $extList['htm'] = 'text/html';

    Just be sure your mime-type definition is correct!


   $extList = array();
        $extList['gif'] = 'image/gif';
        $extList['jpg'] = 'image/jpeg';
        $extList['jpeg'] = 'image/jpeg';
        $extList['png'] = 'image/png';

// You don't need to edit anything after this point.

// --------------------- END CONFIGURATION -----------------------

$img = null;

if (substr($folder,-1) != '/') {        $folder = $folder.'/'; }

if (isset($_GET['img'])) {
        $imageInfo = pathinfo($_GET['img']);
        if (isset( $extList[ strtolower( $imageInfo['extension'] ) ] ) &&
        file_exists( $folder.$imageInfo['basename'] )) {
                $img = $folder.$imageInfo['basename'];
} else {
        $fileList = array();
        $handle = opendir($folder);
        while ( false !== ( $file = readdir($handle) ) ) {
                $file_info = pathinfo($file);
                if (
                    isset( $extList[ strtolower( $file_info['extension'] ) ] )
                ) {
                        $fileList[] = $file;

        // If we have at least 1 image
        if (count($fileList) > 0) {
                $imageNumber = time() % count($fileList);
                $img = $folder.$fileList[$imageNumber];

if ($img!=null) {
        $imageInfo = pathinfo($img);
        $contentType = 'Content-type: '.$extList[ $imageInfo['extension'] ];
        header ($contentType);
} else {
        if ( function_exists('imagecreate') ) {
                header ("Content-type: image/png");
                $im = @imagecreate (100, 100)
                    or die ("Cannot initialize new GD image stream");
                $background_color = imagecolorallocate ($im, 255, 255, 255);
                $text_color = imagecolorallocate ($im, 0,0,0);
                imagestring ($im, 2, 5, 5,  "Bleh, nothing there", $text_color);
                imagepng ($im);

Step 3. Go to File->Save, with these settings.

File Name: sig.php
Save type as: all files

If you plan to put your images in a different folder than this php, feel free to configure it. I suggest keeping it simple and leaving it default

Step 4. On your website host, upload your images and your sig.php file. If you did not configure your php file, and instead kept it as default, upload them all in the same folder

Step 5. On the forum, use the regular [IMG][/IMG] tags, except with the php file as the image location. On some forums, it will not work, but, for now it does. There is a way to make it work even on forums where it doesn't work, but I haven't encountered the problem, so I'm too lazy to find a solution.
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Default Re: TMTS' MSPaint Tutorial!

(this post shall be used to continue the tutorial- link on first post)

Fast mass-recoloring

This trick has several ways to be performed, but this is the way I recommend- especially for sprite sheets, which is rare in pokemon anyway.

1) use eyedrop to select color you want removed. Set as color 2
2) make/select the color you want to replace, set as color 1.
3) make a large box of the color you want to replace the color selected as color 2.
4) set as trans-select, move sheet or w/e.

There was a thread made about a different way, using the eraser tool, but I tend to find that this method can lead to error. Remember to use sprite towers, folks! It makes the process a lot easier.

The spray-paint tool

It's sucks. It's NOT for coloring, it's NOT for writting, hell, I don't even know WHY it exists. PLEASE DON'T USE IT!

Difficult Colors: Yellow and Brown

I've been noticing lately that people REALLY don't know about yellow and brown.

First of all- Brown. The good brown shades are kinda hidden, but they genearally fall into the specified range.

And now for yellows. People seem to have this WEIRD disability that like... stops them from knowing how to coordinate colors... Well this is something I recomend for making yellow sprite towers- DON'T USE THE SAME DISTANCE! Yellows change VERY fast as you add more and more shading, so try to do them semi-exponentially.

If you do the same distance from each color, you end up with
A) something that looks like practically the same shade over and over or
B) An over-jellified sprite. that's when it takes a color, and there are so many subtle shades it... looks like jelly.

ONE last note with yellows- TRY using the cream-shades. They work VERY well and prevent the sprite from looking gaudy.

FireFox and Transparencies

If you're one of the many smart people who've switched over from Internet Explorer to Firefox, then you've probably noticed when you copy/ paste from the net a image with a transparency, it pastes as BLACK insted of IE and AOL's white. This can be a problem in POKEMON sprites, as they actually USE that shade of black. This is a simply solved problem- all you have to do is "print screen" the page, and crop out the image.
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Default Re: TMTS' MSPaint Tutorial!

Originally Posted by Deoxysfan
I have the sprite part but can you tell me how do you host it on the net?
Here is the EASIEST and fastest possible site for hosting imgs: On the home page you will see :

click on browse!! a window will open up and you must open the document you want to host:

After clicking the document you want to host, you click:

Then you will se on the bottom of your page:

Walla! the hosted picture including the URL and what not, it would be a good idea to email this link to yourself just incase. ( If this doesn't make sense, then sorry no one will be able to explain it to you in an easier way. )
Clicky :O | Banner by Alonzo

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Default Re: How to be a trend*****

Originally Posted by Lightning Pikachu
t35 Just wont load for me.

If it doesn't load, get a new computer, that solves everything. Also, when uploading files on t35, get SmartFTP to do it.

Once the program is started, fill in the address bar with:

The login section should be like this:

And the password is whatever it is.

To make a rotator from here, right-click in the screen that just popped up from the login and click "New Folder". Double-click your new folder to enter it. Once inside, copy and paste the .php file (not the text, the file) into the folder. Now, for the images, first make sure they have no weird characters (! # @ |) and maybe numbers as the filename. It would be best to just use lowercase letters and periods. Now copy and paste the image files into the same folder as the .php file. It should look like this:

Now go to your t35 page.

Find the folder you made and then the .php file. The .php file is the actual rotator and the other files in the folder are the images that can show up.
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Default ROD's Unprofessional Sig Tutorial

Added Tut 01: 10.21.06
Added Tut 02: 11.06.06

Please ignore the above. I am working on the sig as you read this, and I also intend on making a seperate post for each tut and just link it in this post. This message will be gone when this is forfilled. :x

Bonjour! I got bored one day and decided to make a thread for my sig tuts. Meaning, I will more likely add on more. Like a little archive. But there's only one tut right now. D:

This is done using PS7... D:

I would like you to keep these three things in mind when reading this tut:

1. This is just how I do things.
My sigs are usually based around one color, two at most. They're often bright or grungy, too. There are more than one way to making sigs. So if you don't wanna add grunge or sparklies, don't. Or you want it smaller/bigger. It's YOUR sig.
2. I'm not Miss Perfect.
I mess up ALOT. And I'm not a pro at making graphics. There are many more graphic artists on this forum who are better than me, as you all may know.
3. Have fun. D:
Don't make a sig if it feels like a chore!! And don't go crazy if something goes wrong. Keeping this in mind keeps you sane. Like me. :D [/lie]

Just so you know, in case you want some visual reference, I have images. Just click the step. Just keep in mind some of them are big. ^ __^;;

Oh!! One more thing... Label your layers. It really helps. I didn't. It didn't help. D:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ok, let's go. = w=

Step 1: Get the image.
My signatures usually involve using just one image. I know, depressing. D:
But, you can use more if you like. I decided to use this image. Aoi Kimizuka is SUCH a wonderful artist. / / /

Step 2: Duplicate the Layer.
The next two steps will help in making the image either darker or lighter.
If you like the way it is, keep it.
I want it brighter, so I'm just going to go ahead and duplicate that layer. ;D

Step 3: Gaussian Blur.
If you skipped the last step skip this one and the next, too.
Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. I usually do 1.5 ~ 3.
For this image I used 1.5.

Step 4: Blend Layers.
Okay, at the top of your layers window there should be a drop-down box that says "Normal". Play with these settings while having the duplicated layer selected. Clicking this step shows some examples. I also lowered the opacity of some.
For this I went with Color Dodge, 50%. ;3

Step 5: Select a Color Theme.
Being as color is important in my tut, go ahead and do this. OR you could just skip this and readjust color later on.
Make a new layer over the duplicated layer. And fill it with a color.
I chose to go with an orange theme. ^^

Step 6: Blend the Layer of Color.
Do this just like you did with the blurred layer. Usually, I don't use the "Color" setting, as it looks dull.
For this I chose Overlay, 100%.

Step 7: Play Around with that Color Layer.
Remember the setting you chose for the color layer. Now you're gonna change it to Color Dodge, Linear Dodge, some type of Burn, or SOMETHING. Just so you get something that's kinda cool. This step also makes the sig either darker or brighter.
So, go to Select>Select All. Then go to File>Copy MERGED. Paste as new layer. Reset layer color's blending style.
This step probably made no sense. D:

Step 8: Blend and Order.
Look at the image for this step. See the settings? The first two are ABOVE the layer of color and the last two are BELOW it.
I chose to go with Hue, 100%, ABOVE layer. :3

Step 9: Controlled Coloring
I really get into sig making. XD
Ok, see any weird color figments you dislike? I do. I don't like the yellow in the leaves.
So make a new layer and color over it. And then set the setting to Color or something of your liking.
Or you could just color over something to make it blend/stand out.
I really do adore how her hair/eyes stand out now... <3

Step 10: Brushing.
I love brushes. They don't love me at times, though.
This process involves alot of layers.
If you brush up something and have it just to your liking, make a new layer for the next brushes you choose. PLAY with the SETTINGS. Opacity and Blending settings play a nice role.
Most of the next steps will be tips. :D

Step 11: DON'T Ignore the Smallest of Changes!!

More like a tip, but meh.
If you apply a brush and it just barely looks different? KEEP IT.
Most people will consider only large changes.
But remember! 1+1=2!! These will add up!

Step 12: A Brush Tip.
Look at the image for better info.
Like I said, play with blend settings and opacity. Even go into Layer>Layer Styles and apply some stuff there.

Step 13: Patternize.
It's not a word, but I'll use it because I'm sure I can. D:
Patterns. I love patterns. They add texture and more appeal. Like grids, scanlines, dots, checkerboard patterns, and so on. Image has more info, yet again.

Step 14: Glowing Substance (Like Sparklies).
I added some sparklies because I thought it'd look cuter...? :D
They can be anything other than sparklies, too. :o
Outer Glow will be your friend in no time. (Again, see image for better info.)

Step 15: Adding Grunge.
This gets messy. Just follow as the image says. >o

Step 16: Adding Text.
Finally! >D
Add some text and make it "fit, but stand out."
Varsity text would look kinda weird with this image, so I chose a cute script font.
I wanted to brown to stand out more, so it's there. See how it fits and still stands out? :D

Step 17: Add a Border.
I know, I changed the font and added some text in the corner. I like to insert lyrics from a song I was listening to while making it. D:
Ask yourself if you're done. If so, proceed with doing the following:
1)Flattening Image
2)Duplicating it.
3)Applying a 2px Stroke of White, Inside.
4)Repeating Steps 1 and 2.
5) Adding a 1px Stroke of Black, Inside.
You can do it differently, of course! :D

And you're done. :o
The only reason it doesn't look like the one I have now is because I adjusted colors later. XD
I was very blunt on some of this stuff, I know. I'll make seperate tuts for teh details. DX
I'm also willing to ask any questions. >o


Kaliber 10000

SimplytheBest Free Fonts
Vanilla Design


sex. it can has consequences.

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Default Gimp 2 Tutorial

Gimp 2--How To Use It

So, I've seen this randomly mentioned in threads around the Art forums. People always complain about not knowing how to use Gimp. Well, I have Gimp 2, and I have gotten the hang of it. I haven't mastered it, but I can use it properly. Here, I am going to pass on what I have figured out.


Gimp 2 Tool Index

These are the tools used in Gimp. I have them divided into color coded rows. Note that I do not know how to use all of the tools, but I definitley know how to use the ones required to make semi-photoshop images. I will give the best description I can for each tool, and I will show you specifically how to use it later. For now, here are the tools:

Row One

Orange--Selection Square: This tool is used to select regions. It works primarily for the layer you have chosen in the layer tab [discussed later].

Yellow--Selection Circle: This tool works the same as the square, but it selects circular regions.

Blue--Lasso: This tool selects hand-drawn regions from your layer. Simple outline the part you want to select.

Purple--Area Select: This tool selects areas according to the limitations you specify. [Ex. All of the same color in that layer]

Red/Dark Blue/Green--This goes under the "Haven't Figured Them Out Yet" section. If you know what they do, just post a reply with a description. I will edit it under the appropriate tool.

Pink--Eyedropper: This tool selects a color from your image. Hold the mouse over the color you want, and left-click. Wahlah, you have now selected that color.

Dark Green--Magnifying Glass: This tool zooms in and out of your image. Select the tool, then select "Zoom In" or "Zoom Out" from the options below. Then, click over the image and it does the specified action.

Light Green--Um, Haven't figured it out yet. n_n;;

Black--Image Movement: This tool moves selected areas. After selecting a region, hold the mouse over that area. Left-click and hold it, then move the mouse around the screen. Move it to where you would like your image to be, and let go. Then, click an area outside of the region to place it.

Row Two

Orange--Crop: If you want to cut your image, select an area of your image. This tool will automaticall crop the image to where the region you selected is the full picture.

Yellow--Rotation: This tool rotates the selected image. About as simple as that.

Blue--Shrink/Stretch: This tool changes the size of the selected region. Pull the corners out to make it grow, and move them inwards to make it shrink.

Purple--Shear: To use this tool, select an area. Then, move the corners as needed. This will tilt the image from side to side, causing it to appear diagnally.

Red--Perspective: This tool takes away the limits of the Shear tool. You can select the corner of your image, and move it in any direction. This can cause it to come towards the viewer, go away from the viewer, etc.

Dark Blue--Mirror: This is really simple. Select this tool, then click on your image. This causes the image to become a mirror of the original one.

Green--Text: Select this tool, then select the font, font color, and other specific details. Click on your image where you want the text to be, and type in your text. Note that you can move it around using the Image Movement tool.

Pink--Pour Tool: You can use this to fill in specified regions. You may also fill the whole image with a pattern.

Dark Green--Gradients: This is a cool part of Gimp. Select this tool, then select the specifc gradient to you want. you can place these first and make them the background, or you can place these over the image. If you do the second, be sure to adjust the opacity scale at the top. Towards the front=more transparent; Towards the end=less transparent.

Lime Green--Pencil: I don't think that I really need to explain this, since you have seen it in every image program known to man.

Black--Paint: This is like a newer pencil. The difference? This tool has hinted edges. That means, it looks cleaner. The outlines fade into the background color.

Row Three

Orange--Eraser: This pretty much does what it says. It erases.

Yellow--Brushes: Yes! The almighty brush tool! For this one, select a brush from the drop-down menu. Then, you can choose to use a color from the gradients, or a normal color. The normal color never quite works for me, so I stick to the gradients. To give your image Photoshop-ish effects, play around with the brushes. Also, play with the opacity to make it look cooler.

Blue--Ink: This is pretty much the same as the paint/pencil tools. The only difference is that it can blob up if you hold it in one space for too long, and the lines aren't as smooth. It really is like an ink pen!

Purple--Pattern Painter: Use this to paint similar to the Paint tool. With this tool, though, you can paint using the Gimp patterns. Change opacity to add texture over your images.

Red--Blur/Sharpen: This tool is used to blur or sharpen your image. Select one of the two in the option section, and then select the brush. I recommend the biggest version of the "Fuzzy" brush, since it gives you nice blurring effects. This is great for smoothing out images or trying to connect them. The sharpen is great for making one section of the image stand out.

Dark Blue--Smudge: This tool smudges your image. You can use this to make two images flow together. You can also use the Blur tool over it to smooth out the smudging.

Green--Dodge/Burn: This is great for making your images look 3-D. Simple select the tone [Shadows, Midtones, Highlights] and the "Fuzzy" brush tool and get to work! Use the dodge to make the area lighter, and the burn to make the area darker. For the tones, shadows are the strongest, and highlights are the weakest.


Here are very simple examples of how to use the above tools. I'm only showing the ones that change your image [A.K.A. everything but the selection tools, etc.] and I will show you using the Aerodactyl sugimori image.

Original Image:















Pattern Painter:




Those are not the best examples of how to use them, but they definitely show what each tool does. Use the tools the way that you think they should be carried out to make your projects look their best!

Note: To add a semi-transparent image, paste it onto the canvas, and go to the menu bar at the top. Select "Layer", the select "Transparency" followed by "Color to Alpha". A window pops up, and the default color is white. Select okay, and the image will be semi-transparent. I'm still working on how to get the white area to go away, so that the whole image is not transparent.

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Default Graphic Arts Tutorials

This was made using PS7. Whether it is translatable to GIMP or PSP is beyond me. Try though! :D

I've decided to make a second tutorial! This is much better than the last, mind you. ;D

In the last tutorial, which is in the collective thread of tuts, I focused on mainly duplicating the image and doing it that way. Well, not as much this time around. I focus more on color now (As in RIGHT now).

Now then, I shall quote from my last tut:

1. This is just how I do things.
My sigs are usually based around one color, two at most. They're often bright or grungy, too. There are more than one way to making sigs. So if you don't wanna add grunge or sparklies, don't. Or you want it smaller/bigger. It's YOUR sig.
2. I'm not Miss Perfect.
I mess up ALOT. And I'm not a pro at making graphics. There are many more graphic artists on this forum who are better than me, as you all may know.
3. Have fun. D:
Don't make a sig if it feels like a chore!! And don't go crazy if something goes wrong. Keeping this in mind keeps you sane. Like me. :D [/lie]

Also, another thing. You may follow this tut and get something a good bit different from mine ie it won't be as girly or bright, depending on your selected settings. It might actually be dark and mysterious looking! :o

Last thing: This tutorial is VERY blunt. I do not provide many details. This is and isn't good for beginners--I give simple tips and some of these steps may seem confusing, so take your bet. You can call this a collection of frame-by-frame collections of progress and tips. ;3

__T I P S__

[x]Label your layers.
[x]View > Show > Slices OFF
[x]Listen to good music. ;3

I've decided to include the graphics on the page! Yay~


Step One
  • Get your image and crop it to a fitting size. I used 500 x 150, like always. I chose this image for my sig and positioned it so she wasn't in the middle, but on the side.
  • Tip: Hold "Shift" when resizing for it to be proportional and not stretched.
  • Here's a look:

Step Two
  • Duplicate your image and set it to Soft Light 100%. Then duplicate the base again and set it to Screen at w/e setting you find comfortable. AND, if you feel that the base image is slightly blurry, Filter > Sharpen > Sharpen.
  • Order should be Soft Light > Screen > Base.
  • So far. Kinda UGUU:

Step Three
  • Unless you want to keep these bright warm colors, over all of the layers go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Selective Color. "TRIAL & ERROR". XD
  • Tip: Since this is just an adjustment layer you can lower the opacity later or even delete it. ;3
  • My my my:

Step Four
  • Now then, I would VERY recommend making a duplicate of your image. We're going to be flattening it next, so it's nice to have a "safe copy".
  • Layers > Flatten Image.
  • Meh:

Step Five
  • Now make a new layer. Do a cute light gradient over it. Doesn't have to be cute, duh, but light colors work best, mind you. Then set it to screen.
  • Don't worry if it looks too light. If it does look too light, just go to Image > Adjustments > Curves and fix it there.
  • Pretty nice:

Step Six
  • Time for some texture. I took a floral pattern found on Google and made it a new layer. Used a mask to make it look as if it were blending, since it was small.
  • I think I set the settings on Soft Light and lowered the opacity some. I love Soft Light. :D
  • Flowers yo-ho!:

Step Seven
  • I wanna put some texture on the right side of the sig, so I used a newsprint brush (black) and put the layer on soft light. I erased where it deemed necessary and lowered the opacity. :3
  • I like newsprint, too. XD
  • Some slight balance:

Step Eight
  • Make a new layer and used clouds w/ b&w. Put the layer on Soft Light.
  • Redo the Clouds effect as many times as you need to to get the right texture. ;)
  • It doesn't look different, but is:

Step Nine
  • Make a new layer and make "vertical stripes" using the selection tool and filling them in. Set to a setting you like and so on. ;3
  • Tip: Use different colors.
  • Nyo:

Step Ten
  • Aside from adding that cute flower brush, meant for icons lol, I added another layer of clouds and set it to Soft Light and lowered the opacity some.
  • Tip: Don't use just Soft Light, explore!
  • So far:

Step Eleven
  • Soft Lighted a rose over the girl at 45%. :3
  • Learn to love patterns and textures. = w=
  • Lookin' good:

Step Twelve
  • Took a pic of a field of sunflowers at soft light and masked it. Made the left side a tad bit darker.
  • I really like floral patterns for some reason...
  • Almost there:

Step Thirteen
  • Added some more flower brushes and small text to the right side. Linear Burned at about 45%. ;3
  • Note: Later on before saving I lowered the opacity of the text. If you compare Step 15 and my sig you'll see. Oh yes, put everything on a different layer!
  • Clo-ser:

Step Fourteen
  • Around the middle of a new layer I did a gradient (diamond) red thing around her wrist and Overlayed it.
  • Tip: You don't have to do red. You can do yellow and so on, but expect a different effect.
  • Yum:

Step Fifteen
  • Added cute brushes and my BRAND NEW name. TA DA!!!1 :O
  • Tip: Be creative. Add a cute border. :D
  • Finale:

I really hope this helped some of you, even just a little. I'd love to see some examples of ANYTHING made using this or my other tut. *O*

I'll post links to brushes and patterns/textures in PS Inc. Adieu!

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Default Graphic Arts Tutorials

Alternate Templates:

[url="URL OF WEBSITE"][img]URL OF IMAGE[/img*][/url*]
^ But make sure you remove the *s ^
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