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Default The Shocking Start

Pokemon :: Pikachu
Category :: Medium
Characters Required :: 10,000 - 20,000
Ready to be Graded? :: Yes
My first Pokémon story I have written, not counting the one I first tried(Which went for one chapter). My last one went wrong, and I over-used the dialogues, so I couldn’t risk submitting it. This one isn’t any better, but I like it much better than my first try. I tried to add as much detail as I possibly could. The plot is... pretty dull an confusing, as beginning journeys aren't my type, and finding a plot for those... was hard. ^^;;

Okay, I really needed to change the Pokemon, cuz it looked too long. Hope this isn't much of a bother. ^^;;
:: Summary ::

Cathy leaves her home town, Pallet, to catch all of the Pokemon in the world and become a Pokemon Master. Her first stop is Viridian City, where she comes face to face with her old rival, and learns that he too, has the same goal. After losing to her rival, Cathy heads back to the Pokemon Center, only to find herself in trouble. A crime organization known as Team Rocket locks down the Pokemon Center along with Cathy in it. Needing a water source, Team Rocket holds the witnesses as hostages until their plan is complete. But during the process, they are surprised... but the most unexpected thing.
:: Table of Contents ::

[x] [CH 1] A Fresh Beginning, A First Win
[x] [CH 2] Greeting of the Rival
[x] [CH 3] The Rocket Attacks!
[x-x] [CH 4] The Shocking Surprise
[x] [CH 5] Electrifying Endings


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Default Re: The Shocking Start

A Fresh Beginning, A First Win
Cathy took one long look at her hometown again. Pallet Town. Her turquoise skirt waved gently from side to side as the cool breeze blew passed her. The bright sun was high up in the sky, gazing down on her, beating on Cathy’s pale skin. She straightened her plain white T-shirt. Cathy’s long, brown hair bounced up and down rapidly under her turquoise cap that was placed on her head as a gust of wind blew passed her and proceeded towards Pallet. She smiled and turned to face her future, to capture all of the Pokémon in the world or at least become a Pokemon Master. Cathy picked up her bright cerulean bag that was resting beside her and flung it onto her right shoulder.

“Here I go,” Cathy whispered nervously to herself and took a step, trying not to look back.

She has lived in Pallet her whole life. She has seen trainers return from their journey and depart for their journey. The more she thought about it, the more pleasant memories came back to her. How that lovely smell and her mother humming a musical tune spread throughout the town, letting her know that dinner was ready. How the sweet scent of the flowers lured her to her family’s garden. How the breeze drift silently all through the peaceful town, telling her it was time to take a run in the lush fields. How the brilliant sun shined brightly on the earth, lighting her day. And how the ocean calls her name every morning, promising her of a perfect day.

Cathy shook her head ruthlessly, trying to forget her past, and move on. As the beginning of the Route came to sight, Cathy smiled. She has hiked on this very Route several times, watched other trainers battle and catch the Pokémon that live here, and now, this was her turn. She wanted to make the town of Pallet proud, Professor Oak proud, her mother proud. She wanted to please her mom proud by coming home with all of the Pokémon in the world. She wanted to make Professor Oak proud by completely filling her Pokédex. She wanted to make Pallet Town have a hero, a Pokémon Master.
As she ambled down the narrow path towards Viridian City, she observed her surroundings carefully, trying to catch sight of any Pokémon. If there were Pokémon lurking around her, she wouldn’t want to miss it. There were a few sightings of small rat Pokémon, but she failed to catch any.

Rattata the Mouse Pokémon. Cautious in the extreme, its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment. The Pokédex respond when the tiny mouse Pokémon crossed paths with her.

They were extremely fast, so fast that each disappeared from before Cathy even got a chance to hold up a Pokéball. Once, she caught glimpse of one hiding behind a patch of grass. The wild Rattata has very sharp teeth, a purple fur on its back and creamy white fur on its belly. It also has large, scary-looking fangs and long whiskers. They were all pretty common. She also caught sight of a few bird Pokémon. They were common too, and seemed to try to avoid a battle, but one was different.
After a solid ten minutes on the road, Cathy became bored and tired, and rested on a huge Oran tree. While picking some Oran berries, a round, blue berry, a small plumped bird perched on the branch of the same tree, chirping wildly, and then started to peck on her head. Cathy shrieked and backed away.

She frowned at the bird and reached for her bag. Kneeling on the lush grass, Cathy began searching hastily through it. Cathy stood up a second later, taking out a small, red hand-held device. A Pokédex. It looked like a small book, but it could do way more than that. It has information on all of the Pokémon in its database, and gave them off it trainers. Cathy clicked it open and pointed it to the bird, which was now pecking at an Oran Berry. It is brown, except for its abdomen and esophagus, along with the end of its wings. Its beak and feet is pinkish-gray colored and are sharp. It also has black markings around its eyes, with a small crown of brown and cream feathers right above the eyes that are focused on the plumped, blue berry.

Pidgey, the Tiny Bird Pokémon. It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. The Pokédex recited.

“Well this one is the total opposite…” Cathy mumbled to herself.

The Pokédex finished, If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.

"But I didn't disturb it..." Cathy countered quietly, but knew the Pokédex wasn't going to argue back. She sighed deeply, closed her mouth, and turned her focus onto the Pidgey.

She then stooped down, pulling a small red and white sphere from her bag. Smiling, Cathy pushed the white button in the middle and then instantly, the sphere enlarged twice its normal size. Cathy threw it into the air, letting it fly. Then, in a flash, the sphere emitted a glowing red light, which soon took form of a fox-shaped Pokémon.

Her Pokémon has brown fur, with a furry, creamy-colored collar and with shining black eyes, small paws, and huge ears. It also has a pale yellow tail tip adding richness onto the cute Pokémon. Eevee purred and licked her paws.

The wild Pidgey lifted its wings, ready for flight. It cooed continually as it flapped its wings and soared above the tall trees. Eevee squealed and leaped onto a boulder out in the grassy field and into the air, trying to take down her opponent. The Pidgey effortlessly avoided the attack and soared higher. The wild Pidgey stopped a second later, turned around until its gaze met Eevee's, then dived, with its wings glowing bright white.

“What’s that?” Cathy asked no one in particular, staring up in surprise at the tiny bird, somersaulting through the air with extreme speed towards her Eevee along with its little wings spread out.

Her Pokédex flashed on and responded: Wing Attack. A move used by Flying Pokémon. Strikes the foe with its wings.

Eevee squealed and leaped again, knocking the Pidgey off course, but it then made a quick U-turn and was back with its attack. Eevee landed on the ground with a soft THUD, but was quickly thrown back a second later by her opponent’s attack.

“Use Sand Attack!” Cathy shouted to her Pokémon, surprised to see how fast the Pidgey is coming back with another Wing Attack.

Eevee nodded, turned around, and began kicking sand from the ground into the clear sky. Soon, the whole field was swallowed up in storm of thick sand, making it impossible to see what was Eevee now doing. The Pidgey dived into the cloud of sand, but then a second later; Cathy saw it fly out and into the sky. Fleeing.

When the sand storm finally cleared, Cathy could see Eevee, resting on the lush grass, exhausted. Her first battle, and win. Cathy rushed over to her tired Pokémon and scooped her Eevee up slowly.

Eevee had a few bruises here and there, but she was okay. Cathy stroked Eevee’s soft, brown fur, saying ‘Thank you’ and then gave her a soft squeeze.

“That battle was great, now get some rest.” Cathy told her Eevee and held up her Pokéball. Cathy smiled and watched as a red beam shot out of the white button and touched Eevee, removing the shape of the fox-like Pokémon. Eevee smiled at her beaming trainer before being pulled into the red and white ball.

Cathy allowed her mouth to smile back, then placed the ball gently into her bag. She swung it onto her shoulder and continued walking down the path towards Viridian City.

[End of Chapter One]

-Character Count-

Without Spaces :: 5,610
With Spaces :: 6,829


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Default Re: The Shocking Start

Greeting of the Rival
"Look mom, Viridian City!” Cathy shouted, breathlessly, even though it was a short walk from Pallet, she was glad to finally find a place to rest, or her Eevee at least. Cathy could see some buildings that were placed in that big city, but the one that caught her eyes was the gigantic Pokémon Center that was rooted smack in the middle of everything. She turned around, only to see a flock of Pidgey take off into the open sky. It didn't take her long to recognized that she was on her own now.

I’ve got to stop doing this...” Cathy thought to herself. Route 1 used to be very short, but without company, it felt like she had been walking for days. She has seemed to see things and act differently once she left Pallet. Cathy wasn’t her playful, careless self anymore. It was like she’s maturing quickly and strangely. Feeling a bit timid, she turned back around to gaze upon her next stop.
It was late mid-day when Cathy reached the entrance. The brilliant sun was still high up in the sky, along with a few small white clouds, circulating above the earth. The wind pushed against her back, telling her to move on.

Soon, Cathy was walking down the quiet streets of Viridian. Huge buildings and small houses are placed randomly in this particular city. Cathy really liked Viridian, but not as much as Pallet. It was a big city, yet filled with tranquility. Cathy smiled and sniffed the fresh air. Bad idea. Her past was thrown back at her. When she inhaled, the air smelled much like the natural air that surrounded her hometown. Cathy felt her stomach stiffened. She has just set foot on a city she has visited so many times, and felt homesick. She shook her head and continued down the flat cement.

Her first stop was the gigantic Pokémon Center that was placed in the middle of the city. A refreshing aura touched her as the doors slid open smoothly, making a path into the building. Glad to feel safe for a while, for from the start of her journey, she felt oddly restless, Cathy stepped into the foundation, eager to meet someone she knew well. The Pokémon Center was like a private building, only, it’s public. Cathy glanced around… unsatisfied for some weird reason. A young schoolboy was using the PC, screaming at it to be more precise. Another male trainer, about her age, was waiting by the counter, waiting for his Pokémon. And there were even a group of kids, studying in the lobby. Cathy silently drifted towards the counter and behind the trainer. He wore a plain black T-shirt with long, baggy pants. His wet, yellow hair was like waves, running down his head. The trainer shifted to his right and turned around. And Cathy soon wished he hadn’t.

It was Albert… her sworn rival.
“Well, looks like someone finally made it,” Albert stated mischievously, yet calmly.

Cathy groaned under her breath and shot back, “At least I made it… besides… I battled for my first time!” She was obviously fed up with Albert teasing her, no matter when or where she was.

Albert chucked and said, “It’s been an hour since I’d stepped into Viridian, and I already have seven wins. I bet you don't have any Pokémon.”

Cathy frowned surprised and annoyed and was about to give him a whack if not for the young woman with pink hair who had always stayed behind the counter, greeting and healing trainer’s Pokémon came up to them. She was holding four Pokéballs, all positioned in little sockets on a tray.

“Your Pokémon are all restored to health,” she notified Albert. Cathy watched as Albert picked up all three of the red and white spheres one by one. He thanked her and placed his balls in his backpack.

“Have a nice day!” the nurse said cheerfully. She then turned to Cathy, “May I help you?”

Cathy nodded, “Yes, Nurse Joy.” Cathy handed Eevee’s ball to the nurse. Nurse Joy smiled back and gently took the ball, “I’ll get into shape in no time.” then disappeared into the ER.

“Thank you,” she replied. Of course, she wanted Eevee to be healed so she could continue her journey, but she also wanted her cured because she wanted to battle Albert.

Cathy turned around to see Albert leaving. Just what she needed.

“Well, see ya Cathy. I’ve got more important things to do than stand here and talk with you.” He gave her a teasing smile and started to head out the door.

Cathy was now furious. The anger boiling inside her was like hot water in a stove, ready to be tea. She sprang towards her adversary, “You’re not going anywhere till I get a challenge!”

Albert stopped and turned around. He raised his hand in front of him, “You know you’ll lose,” he notified her simply, swaying from side to side on his toes.

“You don't know that!” Cathy hissed back, tired of his long-living confidence.

Albert smiled slipped his hands into the pockets of his pants and shook his head, “No, I do not, but you know you'll lose.”

Cathy’s anger was building. Albert seemed so confident. This would just go on and on. Usually, when infuriated, Cathy would head up to her room. So she did one thing that she usually do when her room was unavailable. She stomped her foot and countered back, but anyone could've guessed that. She gave away her personality too easily, especially around Albert.

“Stop that!” she barked back loudly into his ear, drawing attention. The Pokémon Center was silent, and all eyes were on her.

Albert shook his head quickly a few times to make sure Cathy hadn't busted anything in his ears and chortled to himself, “Well, I best be going. I’ll wait for you outside.” Then with a wink, he disappeared out the door.
“Finally… I was beginning to worry.”

Cathy frowned as Albert smirked and took out Eevee’s Pokéball from her bag. After getting her Pokémon healed, she had stomped out the sliding doors and into Albert’s face. Frustrated with his attitude, Cathy was determined to win and show it.

The battling area wasn’t big, and certainly not very, but Albert had said he didn't want to embarrass her, which turned her stomach.

The area was trashy, gloomy, stinky, and just not the best place to have your first "friendly" battle. They were battling in an ally. An abandoned one to be exact. Between the Pokémon Center and some fast food restaurant.

But infuriated enough, Cathy gave up the whining and chose first, “Come on out Eevee!”

Cathy threw the sphere into the arid air. The ball swirled a few times until it hit the ground and released a bright red light. The light immediately got into the shape of a fox-like Pokémon.

“Eee!” it squealed and wiggled its huge tail.

Albert seemed surprised for a split second, but resumed to his “cool mode” in an instant, “I didn’t know you have an Eevee. Just caught it?”

“Shut up and let’s just start!” Cathy snapped back, not wanted to reveal her past and lure memories.

Albert smirked and held out a Pokéball, “Patience, Cathy.” He smiled at her smugly and hurled his ball into the air, “I call on…”

As fast as Cathy’s, the Pokéball produced a scarlet light and soon took shape of another fox Pokémon.

“Evveee!” it cried. It’s voice was rough and crackly, unlike Cathy’s Eevee. It appeared to look exactly like hers, but with a scar running across his left eye. It was glowing white, beating every second.
Cathy gaped at Albert’s Eevee with surprise. It looked like any ordinary scar, but it seemed like it has a pulse.

Albert smiled and made the first move, “Shimmerglaze, use Growl.” He seemed a bit confident with this battle. Well, he always is.

Shimmerglaze glared at Cathy and opened his mouth, releasing a growl. It had a weird sound. The growl wasn’t mean and rough, like a wolf’s. It had a mixture of sweetness, unpleasantness, and strangeness. This attack rocked Cathy’s Eevee for a moment.

What was that?” Cathy though. Eevee didn’t seemed hurt, just shaky.

“Use another Growl.” Albert commanded again cocking his head, either not wanting to wait for Cathy to make the next attack, or wanting to skip past her turn. Whichever it was, Albert was going again.

“Quick Attack!” Cathy ordered her Eevee quickly, knowing that Quick Attack should land first. It did. Eevee leaped into the air and dashed towards Shimmerglaze, creating a white tail behind her as she made her way towards her opponent, but Shimmerglaze was back on his feet, still healthy, and gave Eevee another strange Growl. Eevee swayed from side to side.

Albert smiled cockily and sent in his next attack, “Use another Growl.”

What in the world did that thing do? What kind of attack is it? Why does he keep doing it?” These three questions buzzed around in Cathy’s head.

Shimmerglaze attacked once again with its Growl. Eevee backed down and whimpered silently.

Cathy didn’t take notice of her Pokémon and sent in her next attack, “Give it a Tackle!”

Eevee nodded and pounced towards her rival Eevee. His scar was beating fiercely. Eevee collided with Shimmerglaze, slamming it against the restaurant’s crimson brick walls. Shimmerglaze took some damage, but leaped behind Eevee and slammed into her abdomen when Eevee turned. She was smacked against the brick wall. Cathy flinched.

Shimmerglaze backed away until it was right in front of his trainer. Albert grinned triumphantly. The match was over, in what? One Tackle? Cathy was extremely surprised, yet ashamed for failing.

She trotted over to Eevee, and picked her up. She was cold. She had scratch on the sharp bricks, therefore, had scratches all over her back. She bent down and was soon on her knees. She hid Eevee’s face with hers, “I’m sorry.”

“You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or sorry,” it was Albert. He smiled. But it wasn’t the smile has usually gave other people when they wanted to challenge him. It was rather soft, but he still squeezed a lot of cockiness into it.

Albert turned to the streets with Shimmerglaze right behind him, holding his head, proud to win once again.

“I haven’t lost a single match here in Viridian, so there were much more trainers,” he stopped and continued, not looking back, “I’ve got to go. Heal at the Pokémon Center.”

He turned his head around until his eyes met Cathy’s. He gave her a wink and rounded the corner with Shimmerglaze pouncing after him, both disappearing from her sight.
[End of Chapter Two]

-Character Count-

Without Spaces :: 8,008
With Spaces :: 9,668


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Default Re: The Shocking Start

The Rocket Attacks!
“Nurse Joy…!” came a stressed and troubled voice.

The nurse glanced around the quiet Pokémon Center until her eyes met that girl. Well, she certainly does look troubled. Nurse Joy quickly hurried from the PCs to the counter. She’d been helping a pair of girls with the Message System. She was right there when the girl approached the counter. She was the same girl that had dropped off her Pokémon just a few minutes ago.

Not another one…” Nurse Joy thought to herself. “She’s the eighth one today. That boy perhaps…” but whoever the trainer lost to, she would have to cure it anyway. But she really liked the job. Trainers come running wildly in with a hurt Pokémon. She felt bad for the Pokémon to be injured, so here she was, but running a Pokémon Center wasn’t a bad vocation. Meeting new trainers and Pokémon was fun and seeing other trainers relax here was also nice.

“Please Nurse Joy, my Eevee’s a little… dirty.” Cathy rapidly spitted her sentence at the nurse, wanting her Pokémon healed. After a disappointing lost to her rival, Albert, Cathy had felt sort of grief.

The nurse eyed the trainer quickly, “Already? It’s been 5 minutes since you last gave me your Eevee. What’s wrong?”

Cathy bit her lip before replying, “We were battling… and… lost.”

Nurse Joy nodded thoughtfully and then said, “Yes, I can see. Hurry, the Pokéball,” Nurse Joy said, “I’ll make sure it comes back to you treated,”

Cathy held out Eevee’s ball. She’d been clutching it since Eevee returned to her ball, and was now sweating with her oil, “Right here,”

“I’ll tend to it as soon as possible,” she smiled, taking the ball, ignoring the sweat, and in a second, she was out of sight.

Cathy sighed deeply. This day wasn’t going smoothly like how she’d expected. First, her rival had beaten her here, and next, she lost a battle against him.
“Well, see ya Cathy. I’ve got more important things to do than stand here and talk with you.” He gave her a teasing smile and started to head out the door.

Cathy was now furious. The anger boiling inside her was like hot water in a stove, ready to be tea. She sprang towards her adversary, “You’re not going anywhere till I get a challenge!”

Albert stopped and turned around. He raised his hand in front of him, “You know you’ll lose,” he notified her simply, swaying from side to side on his toes.

“You don't know that!” Cathy hissed back, tired of his long-living confidence.

Albert smiled slipped his hands into the pockets of his pants and shook his head, “No, I do not, but you know you'll lose.”

Cathy’s anger was building. Albert seemed so confident. This would just go on and on. Usually, when infuriated, Cathy would head up to her room. So she did one thing that she usually does when her room was unavailable. She stomped her foot and countered back, but anyone could've guessed that. She gave away her personality too easily, especially around Albert.

“Stop that!” she barked back loudly into his ear, drawing attention.

Cathy took a look around the building. Two trainers were at the Trading Machine, ready to trade what looked like a Pidgey and other pig and monkey-like Pokémon. Another pair of girls was at one PC, squealing and pointing at the screen. And finally, an old man sitting silently in a booth, drinking tea with his Charmeleon.

It bothered her that she was wrong. It may be a past thing and can be forgotten. She would have just moved on with her life, but this was different. Albert kept showing her his cockiness while she kept arguing back. The moment they were having their little conversation always came back to her.

“She’s all healthy again.”

This snapped Cathy out of her thought and made her leap. It was only Nurse Joy. She blew a sigh of relief. One, no one saw her jump. Two, Eevee was okay. Three, she could continue her journey and stop thinking about the past.

“Thank you very much Nurse Joy,” she smiled courteously. Cathy swiftly and politely took Eevee’s ball and was about to turn for the door when Nurse Joy asked her a question.

“Is everything alright?” Nurse Joy asked, concerned about the trainer. She’d seem to take her lost pretty badly.

Cathy tried to smile back to show her appreciation, “I’m fine thank you. Just a little alert,” she replied kindly.

Nurse Joy smiled nervously, “You sure? You seem a little shaken. Maybe you should rest,” she told the young trainer.

Cathy bit her tongue this time. She hadn’t planned to stay.

“I’d love to… b-“

Suddenly, the pale yellow lights turned out with a shock, throwing sparks onto everyone under it. Cathy jumped in alarm. The girls at the PC shrieked and the power to the Trading Machine the other two boys were using was slain, making them back up, Nurse Joy took quick looks around the Pokémon Center, “Who’s there?”

Cathy glanced rapidly around the Pokémon Center. Cathy guess everyone was in a frozen position, well, she was too, for not a sound could be heard, and with the lights killed, it was impossible to tell who was doing what. But out in the dark, Cathy could hear low whispers. They had different tones and pitches, like shouted echoes into a cave while your friends, on the other side, shouted back. Cathy felt scared.

“There are a lot still in here! Why in the world did you do that!” a harsh hiss traveled through the air. It sounded like a female, clear and impudent.

“Uh, I- I thought you said switch the lights,” another replied. This one sounded like a male, with a low and uneven tone. Both came from inside the roof and out of the same place, as if squashed together.

“No! I said switch positions!” the female voice snapped quietly.

Cathy had no idea what was going on, but she knew these guys did not know how to whisper. It was mighty peculiar, but it wasn’t just their horrible whisper that tickled her. Maybe they’re whispering loudly on purpose? They must have a trick up their sleeves, whoever ‘they’ were. Perhaps they were trying to give them a heads up before their attack.

“Who’s there?” Nurse Joy shouted gently. Her voice echoed throughout the building. Cathy just realized how hollow buildings were.

Suddenly, the lights snapped back on, making Cathy leap, again.

Cathy shot a glance to the ceiling, trying to shield her eyes from the brightness of the lights to find out what in the world was going on. Someone or a group of people had drilled a hole through the ceiling, and it sure wasn’t professionals, and coming out of the opening was a thick, black cord. Dangling from the cord was two teenagers, male and female. Both wore a black outfit with a huge red “R”. The female had curly blue hair with make-up smeared all over her face and blue eyes, and the male had a plain one, with a short nose and green eyes.

The female smiled curtly, “Let us introduce you to the future rulers of this world,” she paused, and as soon as she did, a dozen others also wearing the same black outfit dropped from the gap and onto the clear, beige tiles, “Team Rocket!”
Nurse Joy gasp, the two boys both took a step back like they did when the Trading Machine suddenly turned off, the girls that were on the PC jumped back, Cathy winced, but the old man that was sitting alone with his Charmeleon had not said a word. But Cathy didn’t turn her attention to him; nobody did, for other important matters were happening. The woman laughed wickedly and the man smirked.


The rope that held them snapped apart in the middle, letting gravity take over. The female yelped, and both were carried to the hard floor. After some damage was taken for them, the pair instantly got up, embarrassed for the mess-up.

“Oh, why does that always happen,” the female said, “Nevermind. We’re gonna need everyone to move aside-“

The male teenager continued loudly, “Because we’re on a mission-”

“For-“ the female continued for her partner, but was stopped short by one of the boys at the Trading Machine who had shouted, “Why are you here, and what do you want?!”

The young trainer made a fist and shook it wildly. He didn’t appreciate the welcome he had just gotten at the start of his journey. He didn’t appear to have any unique features. Scruffy yellow hair was patched on his head and two bright green eyes were plopped on his face. He wore an everyday green T-shirt and long blue jeans.

The pair took offense of his interruption, “How dare you!” the female teenager barked.

“We were just doing our introduction!” the male snapped quickly behind his partner’s sentence, “Besides, we were just getting to that.”

“Whatever, but we can’t just let him get away after messing up our introduction,” the female said, “Go Sandshrew!”

She threw a red and white Pokéball into the air. Her orb released a red beam that soon transformed in a little rodent. Cathy curiously scanned the sandy-colored Pokémon with the white underbelly. The Sandshrew lashed at the air with its sharp claws. Cathy ebbed away. Its claws looked awfully terrifying.

“Shrew, shrew, shrew!” the ground rodent roughly chanted as it whipped the air.

Sandshrew, the Mouse Pokémon. To protect itself from attackers, it curls up into a ball. It lives in arid regions with minimum rainfall. Cathy’s Pokédex snapped on and declaimed.

“That’s right Suzan, show that little naughty kid,” Suzan’s partner shouted out.

“I choose you, Squirtle!” the boy shouted and let his ball fly into the air. His ball produced a red light as well, and a turtle Pokémon soon took shape out of the red glow. The Pokémon looked harmless. It was light, blue with a shell over its body and had big shining eyes. Cathy thought it was amazingly cute.

“No battling in the Pokémon Center!” that was Nurse Joy in her firm yet soft voice.

“We don’t care” Suzan snapped at the nurse and then turned to her co-worker, “do we John?”

John shook his head playfully. Cathy hasn’t heard anything about this Team Rocket, but she knew right away they were here to create chaos and trouble.

“We need a water source for our latest plan. So move out of the way and nobody gets hurt,” Suzan said a moment later. Her Sandshrew stepped up in front of his master and nodded dangerously, raising his claws in the air.

The other Team Rocket members, whom Cathy presumed as the grunts, muttered in support and agreement. They all took out their Pokéballs, getting ready to battle just in case Sandshrew lose, as it is a Ground vs. Water encounter, but they weren’t really alert. Cathy could see the boy that owned the Squirtle smile boldly. He seemed positive about this battle, but Cathy felt unsure. There was a chance that he’ll lose. Team Rocket had them outnumbered greatly.

“Oh? That is your choice eh?” Suzan finally said after a long silence and didn’t wait to begin the battle, “Well, here’s your punishment. Tackle!”

Her rodent kicked back its hind legs, got on all fours, and dashed to the turtle. The Squirtle wasn’t fast enough, or was caught by surprise. The Sandshrew scurried to the Squirtle and forcefully rammed the Water Pokémon with its head, sending the turtle Pokémon flying backwards and thumping against the Pokémon Center’s wall. Nurse Joy, who was taken back with Suzan’s counter, watched silently and fearfully as the Squirtle winced with pain and others, including Cathy, watched with the same face while its trainer shouted encouragement to his Pokémon.

The turtle tried to balance itself on its two legs and one arm with the other arm supported by the wall. Cathy was amazed and surprised about how powerful the Tackle was. She couldn’t even imagine her own Eevee doing that.

Get up! Get up!” Cathy found herself encouraging the Squirtle to get on its feet, for she didn’t want to find herself monitoring Team Rocket’s plans.

“Finish it, Fury Swipes!” Suzan ordered her Sandshrew determinedly. And that was it. The Ground Pokémon streaked towards the Squirtle, raised both of its paws, leaped into the air, and came down, slashing wildly at the Squirtle. The attacked Water Pokémon tried to retreat backwards, but it was too slow, giving the Sandshrew quite a lot of an advantage. When it found out that receding backwards wasn’t a choice, the Squirtle gave a moaning cry and retreated in. It pulled its head, feet, and arms into its brown shell. Cathy found herself sighing with relief, for she knew that the shell of a Squirtle was extremely hard, but she wasn’t quite right.

The ground rodent kept lashing continuously at the Squirtle’s hard shell, and everytime it did Cathy could hear a brittle screech. She didn’t know where it came from, the shell, or Pokémon. The Squirtle gave low moans of soreness, urging the Sandshrew to scratch the shell harder and further, as if to break it, and it kind of did. Suddenly, a moment later, a shrill cry escaped from openings of the Water Pokémon’s armor. It wasn’t the usual piercing cry, but tainted with a lot more. But the cry of shame caught Cathy’s ears at once. Disappointment.

The cry didn’t last very long.

The unfortunate Squirtle couldn’t take it any longer. The Sandshrew stopped immediately and skipped back. There was a moment of silence, combined with a moment of breathlessness, but Cathy couldn’t hold it any longer than 15 seconds, because sorrow excitement and worry was sparkling inside her, and snuck a quick breath, before a pair cerulean of arms and legs and a smooth bald head with a dazed face (with a tongue slicking out of the mouth) slipped out of their openings. The Squirtle has blacked out.

The boy stared dumbfounded at his fallen Pokémon. Cathy stared also, but at the floor. She didn’t want to be caught staring. Her mother had told her it wasn’t nice to stare at anybody.

She watched sadly, and supposed everyone else did too, as the young trainer dart to his fainted Squirtle with tears seeping from his eyes.

“How...?” Cathy heard him whisper once, and thought he must have whispered a few more times. Cathy wanted to know the same thing, but used in a different sentence. She could see the Rockets smirk and smile triumphantly as the boy walked back to the Trading Machine, pitied to have his Squirtle battle against a Sandshrew and lose, even though her eyes were glued to the floor.

Nurse Joy watched hopelessly, avoiding eye contact with anybody in the Pokémon Center, well, Cathy, for she was the only one that shot worried glances to the nurse. Cathy had never seen Nurse Joy so... helpless. She’d always been a living ball of fire, but against Team Rocket, she and almost everybody seemed bleak.

“If Team Rocket is so bad... why have I never heard of them?”

“So you see?” Cathy looked up. It was John’s annoying voice again. “Team Rocket cannot be beaten!” He declared gleefully.

“Now move aside!” Suzan snapped, “We’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Cathy nodded eagerly like a little girl and glanced at the doors. She wanted to get out of here. She began shifting towards the exit silently, but John had something else to say.

“No one in this building can leave,” he barked when he saw Cathy advance to escape. His voice was bumpy, and Cathy didn’t like it. “We don’t like the police to know.” He smiled and nodded to one of the Rocket grunts. The grunt nodded back and took out a small piece of cardboard about the size of a PC screen and tilted it a little just enough to let Cathy see the big writing on it.

Pokémon Center closed.
Liquid issues

Cathy had no idea what was going on. Liquid issues? Cathy didn't care about much. It wasn't like anybody would fall for that.

The grunt smiled, “Better to tell ‘em the truth aye?” he chuckled gruffly to himself and proceeded to the sliding doors. The Rocket member pressed the cardboard against the glass doors and locked it. They had no way out and others had no way in. They had everything backed up, but anyone could have thought of locking the door. It was pretty obvious. Not only Team Rocket had successfully outnumbered them, but was armed with tools and plans.

Cathy glared at the Rocket member. This one wasn’t really different from the other grunts. He wore the ugly, black uniform with the even uglier red “R”. He also had a light mustache, black eyes, and brown hair sticking out from under his cap.

He gave her a slight nod, and mocking one, and hustled to John, ready for orders. Cathy shook her head slightly. Didn’t he already know? He should, because she did.

Team Rocket was here to steal water... for what?
[End of Chapter 3]

-Character Count-

Without Spaces :: 13,316
With Spaces :: 16,140


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Default Re: The Shocking Start

The Shocking Surprise
"C’mon people, move!”

Cathy watched with glaring eyes in disgust as the Rocket grunt barked the small body of people, picking out different ones to stand at different places. Cathy thought it was stupid and it didn’t really matter. What could they do now? She moved aside was a girl approached her. They were placed near the PCs. Cathy didn’t like her location, for it was so far away from the doors, and wanted to shout out, but she figured it wouldn’t be a good idea. Cathy shrugged and sat down on one of the PC seats. Although there were soft, purple pillow on them, it felt hard as stone.

Cathy recognized Nurse Joy seated on the couches, mumbling to herself. Now that she was so far away, Cathy didn’t feel safe. She trusted the nurse and her deeds. A calming aura surrounded the relaxed nurse. But with the distance, relaxed wasn’t in mind.

“You, go there,” she heard the grunt bark orders. He had the most annoying voice out of them all. It sounded as if two small stones were being rubbed forcefully together. No wonder he was appointed this job. Luckily, there wasn’t many in the Pokémon Center to assign spots to.

Cathy dragged her attention elsewhere in the building. She couldn’t think of anything else to do, but watch the Rockets move about. That was about all the movement. She turned to the girl that was sitting beside her. She was one of the females at the PC. The girl was whimpering, her blond hair dangling over her face. When the other female saw someone else watching at her, she stopped sniveling completely, pushed her hair out of the way, “Hello, I’m Sarah,” she greeted Cathy with heavy cheerfulness, her blue eyes glinting, although Cathy could make out bits of loneliness in them.

Cathy smiled, amused by how some people just hate being caught crying and replied, “Nice to meet you. I’m Cathy.”

The two exchanged weak handshakes and fell into a deep silence. There was nothing to talk about, really. They watched wordlessly as the grunts move here and there with buckets of water and Suzan and John barking commands. Cathy’s gaze fell to one of the grunts. The one that put up the sign on the door, or at least she thought it was he. They all looked the same. The grunt pushed a metal cart, almost like a shopping cart but with no openings, for the water, Cathy thought. It also included a keyboard with a small screen placed on the surface of the mobile. The cart was gray and looked awfully heavy. The grunt muttered under his breath as he pushed the cart towards the back of the Pokémon Center, which Cathy heard they had parked their truck.

Something else was buzzing in her mind. It wasn’t important, but thoughtful. Cathy wondered why they were called “Grunts”. Most certainly did, but didn’t do it a whole lot, and some didn’t even say anything at all and just did their job. Another thing tugged her mind. Why did they have to wait around like this? Cathy had imagined that when someone, or anyone that was held for being witnesses was told to help out, with whatever Team Rocket was doing. Why couldn’t they let them go? Cathy didn’t know why Team Rocket kept them, only to find them in the way. Of course, they would go report to the police later, but she knew Team Rocket was a big organization.

She sighed. Team Rocket was so complicated. And sitting around seemed... dangerous. But perhaps they could soak in some information while they were here. They could learn a lot, and then report them to the police. Her deep sighs transformed into smiles. Maybe Team Rocket wasn’t so accurate with their plans.

“So, um, where are you headed?”

Cathy’s thoughts exploded like someone interrupting during your daydreaming. It was Sarah. Cathy let a smile play her face.

“I just started from Pallet...” her voice faltered as she spoke her hometown’s name, but continued, “... and I’m planning to visit Viridian Forest next... if we ever get out of this mess.”

Sarah sighed, “I’m going back to Pallet... if we ever get out of here,” she replied meekly, but then carried on with a more cheerful voice, “... and I’ve heard Viridian Forest is a beautiful place... if not of the bugs,” she winced at the word "bug".

“But I’ve also heard there was trouble brewing in that forest.”

“Trouble huh? Well, I can’t think of any other trouble that can topple this one,” Cathy replied with a smile, and the two girls giggled.

“You are right girl.” The two females froze and slowly looked up. Suzan stood boldly before them, with a sneer slashed on her face, “Team Rocket is the ruler of trouble.”

Sarah groaned and stood up, pointing at Suzan, “Shut up and mind your own business!”

Suzan scowled at the younger female and told her it wasn’t nice to point before arguing back. Then an argument began, with each hunching forward everytime they shouted insults about their hair, clothes, personality, and all sorts of things. This brought back memories to Cathy’s mind. Usually, her two best friends, Samantha, or more commonly known as Sam, and Nicole, would fight and the quarrel normally lasts for days. It was a pleasure to watch them fight, but Cathy was helpless at this point, not to mention Suzan wasn't her friend at all.

Cathy noticed Team Rocket was pretty use to Suzan starting a dispute, for the passing grunts and even John, who was checking off the amount of water, didn’t even seemed to have noticed, or tried to avoid doing so. Cathy had to chuckle at this sight. Before long, Cathy got tired of them shouting insults back and forth and thought it was a bit… unsafe and placed a gentle hand on Sarah’s shoulders. This calmed her a bit, but Cathy could feel anger still bubbling inside of her.

Suzan reared back with both a frown and smirk, and stared down at the young trainer, and Cathy could tell Sarah also had her eyes on the Rocket member. They stayed in that position for quite awhile until a loud splash! was heard and Suzan broke their stare to find out what was going on.

Sarah took a seat quietly and timidly glanced at her newly made friend. Cathy chortled. When she knew Sarah wasn’t going to jump up and find someone to squabble with while she was off walking with her thoughts, she allowed her head to play her. She really wanted to get out of this mess, but finding answers would help even more.

The first thing that entered her mind was simple. Why did Team Rocket want… or need the water?

Soon, guesses start nibbling down the question. Maybe they couldn’t afford water. But that was easily crossed out. How could they not afford water after all this?

Perhaps the Pokémon Center had a larger supply of water? Cathy shook her head in her mind. No, they wouldn’t go out for the largest supply of water. It didn’t really matter.

Or Team Rocket was just looking for a group of people to bother, but Cathy thought that was a bit random, for their reason and for her to think about.

The next question slipped into her head: Why the Pokémon Center?

Certainly it was a bit risky to just barge into a trainer’s favorite stop. What if a whole group of strong trainers, stronger than the Rockets, were here hanging about. However, there was none during their latest attack.

What if the water here was poisoned, and they would use it… Cathy quickly pushed that out of the way, not only was it scary, but also didn’t fit. If it was poisoned, then they’ll probably be affected by the poison right now, or dead, or at least wheezing for life at the moment.

She skipped onto the next thought. How will they get out of here before Team Rocket succeeds with their plan of… whatever they were trying to accomplish? This is probably the problem she actually tried to consider.

Cathy sighed and although it wasn’t much, let her heavy thinking foam and disappear.
“So, I’m heading back home,” Sarah finished her story of why she was going back to Pallet. Cathy grinned and told hers, or just the basic fact, she wanted to become a Pokémon Master.

“That’s very interesting,” Sarah remarked with curiosity, “Mother wouldn’t let me do it, said I’m too young,” her new acquaintance mumbled.

Cathy gurgled softly and said, “Trust me, it’s harder than you think.” And that was true. Cathy herself had felt rather cocky when leaving Pallet Town, but after the encounter with the aggressive Pidgey, Pokémon training didn’t sound so easy.

But saying this, Cathy felt sort of uneasy. Sarah had said that her mother had told her to visit Pewter City, the city Sarah mentioned as the next one, to deliver something. Sarah had said she’d enjoyed the small and short journey, but it didn’t fill her happiness.

Cathy showed her friend her Eevee, who glanced nervously around, wondering where in the world have her trainer taken her to, but calmed down a while later and took a nap on the desk.

Cathy had asked if Sarah held any Pokémon with her. Her friend nodded cheerfully and showed Cathy her Pikachu, a yellow mouse with big eyes, big ears, and a lightning bolt shaped tail. Cathy thought it was adorable. Sarah also released a Pidgey and Bulbasaur from their balls. All three had the same expression Cathy’s Eevee had, but soon relaxed. Cathy admired the Bulbasaur’s green bulb and special features, like the huge, rolling eyes and soft skin, even though she’d also seen one at Professor Oak’s lab, and eyed the Pidgey curiously, but jumped back when it gave her a low chirp.

“All are my mother’s,” Sarah told her, and Cathy could dig out hints of sadness.

Cathy smiled, “Well, starting later isn’t gonna be any different from starting now,” she assured Sarah, and for once, she felt confident with what she’d said. Sarah looked at her and smiled as well.

There was a minute of silence after that. The two girls sat there quietly, absorbing the noise around them, but not taking any notice of that. More things, more important things, were on their mind. Sarah broke the silence.

“Tell me, Cathy, what is it like as a…” her voice weakened, “a trainer?”

Cathy glanced at Sarah and felt home tugging her, “Well, it’s kinda complicated… but once you get use to it, it’s a blast!”

Cathy felt a little embarrassed, for she didn’t know much of Pokémon training, yet. Sarah squirmed in her chair, flooded with excitement. Cathy smiled to herself, delighted.

“Tell me more, in detail,” Sarah said.

Cathy chuckled nervously, “I’m still a rookie,” she smiled, “but I’ll tell you everything that comes into my mind as I talk.”

Sarah sat back in her chair and Cathy swirled around in her chair until they were facing each other and until she knew Sarah would be able to soak up her words clearly. Then she began.

“The beginning should be quite simple. You visit the region’s professor, and in our case, Pro. Oak. You get to choose your starter: Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle, but mine was different. I found it while chasing the Charmander I scared off. Anyway, you pick the one that suits you best, and that’s your starter. After the good-byes, which are very hard, you set off. At first, it may seem a little easy, maybe because of the excitement, but it’s really not. Once you have your first battle, with a Pokémon or trainer, you’ll find it quite difficult to get use of battles and your Pokémon themselves. I could even remember when that Pidgey attacked me. It gave us quite a scare.

“Going on. Wild Pokémon. I’m pretty sure this is very basic. Pokémon live in the wild, awaiting trainers to capture them. But of course, it isn’t necessary. You can befriend them too. Anyway, you capture Pokémon to add to your team. Different Pokémon live in different places and environments, depending on their type. You’d commonly find more, of course, common Pokémon. So, if you do capture a Pokémon, you’ll want to start a bond between the trainer and Pokémon at some point. It’s certainly a pleasure to grow and learn new things together within trust.

“Then there’re towns and cities. Gyms are place in most of them, providing the badge you need to enter the Pokémon League if you win. They say gym leaders are experienced trainers that specialize in one type. It’s pretty difficult to beat one. If you do beat one, you are rewarded with the gym’s badge and a proud victory. It’s always a pleasure to finally know that you have completed such a difficult task and thicken the link connecting to your Pokémon.”

Cathy took a deep breath and smiled at Sarah. Her throat was obviously dry from the endless speech. She sounded just like her teacher, going over the aspects of a trainer. She was glad her teacher went over that; otherwise she would have been completely empty.

Sarah rocked her chair back and forth excitedly, “Wow!!” she squealed.

Cathy smiled, pleased. Although she had repeated the whole thing from her teacher, she felt proud. She sighed with joy, completely refreshed. Sarah couldn’t stop grinning. “Mother had never told me any of that,” she heard her friend murmured. Cathy could see Sarah was tangled with something else besides joy, something she didn’t know. But Cathy didn’t want to act so uneasy and grinned as well.

“What?!” Suzan’s sharp voice bellowed within the Pokémon Center like dead leaves in the autumn winds.

Sarah quit smiling and Cathy looked up. Suzan was now holding a grunt by his uniform collar and was screaming in his ear now. The grunt only begged her to let go, whining like crazy. Cathy got up with a questioning look on her face. What was going on? The female shook the grunt like a ragged doll. The grunt replied with a garble of words. John ran over, completely confused.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, but knew he wasn’t getting an answer. The other grunts stopped moving about and looked over to where the small action was happening. Even a few captives stood up to see what in the world was going on.

Suzan ignored everything but the grunt she was shaking to his death. “Did you see who?” “Where is it taken?” “Did it just come for another batch?” “Why weren’t you on duty?” she started bombing him with questions, but the poor grunt just shook his head wildly, pleading her to let go of his shirt neckline.

“Answer me!” Suzan roared as the grunt was shaken to his fatality.

“Uh, Suzan, I think you’d better stop or else we’d have another death on our hands,” John muttered to his partner. Suzan glared at her partner with shimmering outrage and dropped the young grunt to the floor. He quickly retreated, eyes filled with fear. Well, of course. He was lucky he didn’t die from Suzan’s mad hands. Cathy had to feel sorry for that grunt. Suzan seemed so vicious. She was glad she was part of the crowd and not working for Team Rocket. She couldn’t even believe anyone wanting to join Team Rocket.

“Go fetch your Pokémon!” Suzan barked to all of the grunts staring with confusion, “We’re gonna have to teach that crook a lesson.”

The grunts hesitated. Cathy laughed quietly under her breath. They had no idea what it was for, but seeing the dangerous stare in Suzan’s eyes, they hurried to the ER, but before the first one reached the ER doors, it slid open smoothly, giving them the sight of an old man.

“There is no need to.”

He stood there calmly, supported by a crane with a dragon’s head on the tip. He scowled at the grunts, although it was hard to tell whether he was scowling or smiling. His eyes may have been closed, for wrinkles covered his whole face. He wore a pale yellow robe with long and fat sleeves that you could hardy see his hands. A Charmeleon, a red salamander-like Pokémon with a fire burning on the tip of its tail and three sharp, front and back claws, and a Cubone, a brown Pokémon with a dinosaur-shaped body with a hard mask over its head that held a hard bone, flanked him, the Charmeleon with a dodgy smile, and the Cubone carrying a calm smirk, though you could only tell with its half squinting eyes through two sockets so it can see through the helmet it wore.

“Old man, get otta the way! You’re suppose to spy for us, not get in our way!” one of the grunts shouted. Cathy glanced at the old man. He was the one sitting at the booth earlier. Cathy squinted her eyes. Spy?

The old man shook his head, gray hair dancing gently. When he spoke, it sounded as if two pebbles were being rubbed together, “Spy… Rotten souls you are, I was told to watch for any actions and report them to you. A silly prank like that is…”

“Shut up and just get otta our way!” the grunt barked. Suzan, who was arguing with John, stomped over with a proud smile, “A smart one, eh?”

Cathy figured she’d been listening the whole time and frowned. She hated it when Suzan was in everything. The female Rocket irritated her.

The old man chuckled, “Foolish fits better. Now you shall leave this be. The water is gone, gone like the wind and is never coming back.”

Suzan gave him a confused look. John rushed over quickly, “Gone?”

The elderly male smiled, “Yes. When you lost that batch of water with the chemical, you lost everything.”

Cathy watched, trying to soak up everything they were saying. She fitted some to the unsolved puzzle she’d been trying to figure out. So they were after something in the water after all.

Suzan growled with fury, “You… that trick was unacceptable! Team Rocket does the scamming!”

John stepped up, “Forget it. The man will pay for what he has done!” He yanked a Pokéball from his belt and threw it into the air. The ball swirled in mid-air before opening with a start and releasing crimson, glowing beam of light that held the form of a small rat Pokémon.

When the blanket of red unwrapped itself from the creature, the purple rat with the creamy underbelly fell to the floor. Its paws landing gently on the solid tiles. It screeched and bared its two front teeth.

“Rattata, attack that ignorant man with a Hyper Fang!” John ordered impatiently. His Rattata gave an ear-piercing cry and dashed for the elderly man, showing its sharp teeth. Cathy could see its eyes flashing with danger, ready to fight anything that stood in its master’s way. The tooth was enormously big and sharp. Along with that, the Rattata was amazingly fast, like an arrow making its way for the kill. That was what the teeth stood for, to sink itself into the Charmeleon’s skin.

The old man didn’t move, and his two Pokémon understood the message. The Charmeleon lifted its right arm and the Cubone raised its bone and raced up to collide with the tiny mouse, although it didn’t seemed so tiny at the moment with Cathy glanced at the Rattata. Cathy could see the rat was aiming its attack at the Charmeleon. Why not? If she were engaged in this battle, she’d do so too. The salamander looked treacherous, but the bone in the Cubone’s hand was scary the same.

When the Rattata knew that it could reach the Charmeleon’s arm with its Hyper Fang, it halted, claws screeching against the tiles, and leaped, mouth wide open and teeth revealed to everyone. Cathy could hear Sarah shifting nervously beside her.

“Slash!” the aged male called commanded suddenly. Charmeleon also came to a stop. It raised its claws and sprang to the air. The whole world must have held its breath. Not a soul was moving.

The two fierce Pokémon crashed, but everyone knew only one could fall first. They watched in silence. The Rattata’s teeth stretched out to meet the salamander’s arm, but before it did, Charmeleon quickly twisted in the air. The Rattata’s front teeth pierced empty space. The Charmeleon had missing the attack barely, and when he wheeled around again, he lashed at the rat’s face with its claws, forcing it back. The Rattata cried with pain as the Charmeleon quickly grabbed, clenching it without any motion of mercy and pitched it to the ground. A shrill cry escaped the rat’s mouth as it plunged to the earth like a meteor falling from the sky.

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Default Re: The Shocking Start

:-: Continued From Chapter 4 :-:
Its landing wasn’t a very enjoyable sight, if you could call it a landing at all. It had no control whatsoever. It couldn’t move, speak, hear, sniff, or even think. It came falling down like thunder, trying to escape the clouds and roar above the earth. Finally, it could hear the gasps of the spectators. It was closer to the ground. After that, all was black.

The Rattata hit the ground, almost creating an earthquake, stomach slamming the ground like a space shuttle falling from space. A cloud of dust swirled around the fallen rat.

No one dared moved. When the dust cleared, they could witness a tiny, unconscious rat; painfully sprawl on the hard tiles with no movement. Its eyes were closed tightly and a tongue lolled out of its mouth.

“What?!” John wheezed, surprised with the results. He stared in complete astonishment as Charmeleon swirled in the air and landed gracefully beside the Rattata. He looked slightly pleased, but it acted as if nothing had happened. Cathy reckoned the Charmeleon needed some real challenge to satisfy itself.

Hanging his head in embarrassment, he held out his Rattata’s ball and returned his Pokémon. The red blanket draped around the fallen rat and pulled it inside of its ball.

The old man smiled proudly, but Cathy could make out bits of grief in his smile. He didn’t enjoy seeing the Rattata get beaten.

Sarah stared at the spot where the Rattata had hit with amazement, as if she’d had just witnessed the greatest battle in her life, but it was indeed the most interesting in Cathy’s time of Pokémon training, which wasn’t long.

“Well, well, looks like the visitors should be leaving,” the old man said with mock in his voice, “if you need packing, let me know.” He chuckled. Charmeleon returned to his side.

“Edwin, you… ridiculous man!” John hollered with anger that anyone could make out easily.

Edwin, the elderly male, smiled, “Ridiculous fits your name. Now, please, the exit is behind you,” his voice narrowed with sternness, “and tell Giovanni that his latest plan has been demolished.”

Giovanni. That name struck her, but she could make out where she’d heard that name.

Suzan glared at Edwin and John clenched his teeth. They knew they were beaten, but failing wasn’t part of their plan. The grunts, however, appeared worried.

“You have drove away with our water, and you’re gonna pay for that,” Suzan snarled with irritation before reaching for a Pokéball which she threw to the ground. It made contact with the Pokémon Center floor and opened up, emitting a flash of red light.

It shaped the form of another rodent. As the light disappeared, everyone could make out a small purple rodent with big ears. It had two sharp front teeth and a large horn on its forehead with also a few spines on its back and red, glaring eyes, giving it a vicious look.

“Nido!” it hoisted its head and cried, squinting its eyes at the light.

Nidoran(M), the Poison Pin Pokémon. It scans its surroundings by raising its ears out of the grass. Its toxic horn is for protection. Cathy’s Pokédex blinked on.

“You’re gonna pay old man!” John also released an orb into the air. The ball twirled and emitted the same red light that also took form of another rodent. This one appeared light blue with a short horn and pointed teeth. It also had spikes on its back, but much smaller than the other one.

“Niiiiido!” the tiny rodent also raised its head to call out with a shrill pitch. Its red, shimmering eyes narrowing onto every moving thing.

Nidoran(F), the Poison Pin Pokémon. While it does not prefer to fight, even one drop of the poison it secretes from barbs can be fatal.

“Gosh… they really like rodents…” Cathy could hear her mind remark.

Edwin peered at each of the Nidoran and grunted, “This is a waste of time. Leave.”

Suzan smirked mockingly, disgusted, “Time wasted… ugh! Nidoran, Poison Sting!”

“Nidoran, Poison Sting as well!” John cut in, heavy with revenge.

The two Nidoran darted up to Edwin and his Cubone and Charmeleon, horns glowing deep purple with bits of white swirling madly around it.

The Ground and Fire Pokémon leaped to greet them, Cubone swinging its bone for a Bone Club and Charmeleon baring its teeth that were covered in fire for a Fire Fang.

The first to collide were the Charmeleon and Nidoran(F). When the salamander lunged thirstily to bite the hopping rodent with its blazing teeth, Nidoran sprang and dropped headfirst. As it plunged to the ground, it began twirling. By the time Charmeleon knew it had chomped air, it was too late. Nidoran(F) dived from the air and sank its shimmering horn into the Fire Pokémon’s back. Charmeleon bellowed with pain. Its head, arms, and legs were weakening as the poison made its way through the Charmeleon’s body, forcing pain into its muscles.

The Fire Pokémon fell to its knees, clutching its head, growling wildly. John’s lips were covered in hot salvia, hungry for more revenge, “Show this man what humiliation fells like, Poison Fang!”

Nidoran(F) glared at the poison Charmeleon and scurried to it, mouth open wide, teeth wrapped in a bubbling purple fizz, marking the end of their match.

Meanwhile, the Cubone and Nidoran(M) clashed. Cubone dashed and swayed its bone at the same time back and forth as the purple rodent dodged them all. Irritated that it isn’t making any process, Cubone changed its strategy. It lowered its head until its eyes couldn’t be seen and all it could see was the tiled floor, and charged aimlessly to the Nidoran.

Although it couldn’t see anything in front of him, the Cubone could easily make out the Nidoran’s moves with sound. It traveled to him and echoed within his helmet. The Nidoran had leaped and was now plummeting down to attack easily with its Poison Sting, just like how the Nidoran(F) had. Cubone halted under the Nidoran and jumped as well, trying his Headbutt in the air. Now, the Nidoran was falling, so it couldn’t turn back, and with was difficult for the small rodent to shift about in the air, so Cubone had total advantage.

The Ground Pokémon rammed the male Nidoran hard, showing no mercy whatsoever. It made a soft crack when Cubone made contact. The Nidoran shrieked as it fell to the earth. Cubone hit the ground first with a click from the bone making contact with the floor, gracefully landing with both feet and holding onto the bone. It could hear the Nidoran’s shrill cry as it was pulled to the ground. Cubone wheeled around, picked up his greatest weapon, and lashed out with its bone, smacking the plunging rodent on his flank, sending him flying towards Suzan. She squealed unpleasantly as she witness her Pokémon being struck. It landed in front of her feet, crying with agony.

Suzan stared in shock, but didn’t show it for long. She quickly returned it and yanked out another ball, “Go, Sandshrew!”

Her ground rodent was released from its homey orb and nipped the air with its claws.

Cathy felt a jolt of uncertainty run down her spine. That particular one gave her a scare.

When Cubone knew that a new opponent had entered the ring, it gave an unsatisfying grunt before giving the yellow Pokémon a hard stare. It glanced to its right, witnessing the Nidoran(F) jumped and tried to gash his ally with her teeth bared and swirling around them was purple, but Charmeleon left his pain, the poison that quickly made its way up to the salamander’s head, and leaped away. It crouched and lunged at the rodent, thrusting its right arm forward as it glowed pure white. The Slash hit directly, jabbing the Nidoran’s cheek. It cried as it was flung backward.

Charmeleon’s feet hit the ground as it threw its head back, flames forming viciously in its mouth. Its eyes were clouded with utter vengeance. It growled and pitched its head forward, letting the fire in his mouth crackle and shoot towards the falling Nidoran. And before the rodent hit the floor, the jet of flames surrounded it, burning its pale blue skin and blinding its eyes. It shrilled as the flames dancing madly and licked against the Nidoran’s hard skin. The flare surprised many, but it also bought little hope. This man, Edwin, was something.

Finally, when the red-hot ball of fire disappear, an unconscious Nidoran(F) fell to the floor with a soft thump. Its skin color had changed into a dark blue color and a glowing burn was left on its right flank. Charmeleon snorted pleasantly.

The Cubone nodded slightly and faced the Sandshrew again. It was two against one. Charmeleon, who appeared to have healed from its poison, bounded over to its friend and the two stood side by side, glaring at the Sandshrew.

Cathy could feel all of this heating up, as if this battle was the heart of a burning flame.

Edwin stepped forward, eyes narrowing on Suzan and John. He took a breath and said in a croaky voice, “I do not wish to fight any longer. The day has been tiring and enough Pokémon hurt already.”

Silence pinned down everyone, including Suzan and John. Finally, Suzan and John exchanged glances and threw their heads back, laughing mockingly. The grunts shrugged and snickered gruffly as well.

Edwin grunted, “Very well. We will have to remove you ourselves.”

Suzan snickered, “Fine then, but we’ll demolish you first!” And when she said that, the grunts moved forward as if on cue and pulled orbs out from their waist. John smiled gleefully and Sarah winced at the scene. The start of a huge battle, no, chaos, was about to begin.

Suddenly, everyone saw a flash of pure yellow light through the ER glass window. Then a crash followed, triggering another flash of light. Electric. Edwin backed away from the doors as it slithered open, releasing shock through the small crowd. Electric jolts dancing on everything, licking them with their static tongue. Suddenly, a figure stepped out into the open.

It was a small, bright yellow rat. It had a pair of big ears each with a black tip and red pouches on its cheeks. Its tail unmistakable resembles a lightning bolt. Electric shocks were hopping on its red pouch and attached itself to anything nearby.

“What?” Edwin shouted, surprised. “What are you doing here?”

Cathy fixed her eyes on the old man. Did he know this strange Pokémon?

The tiny mouse released yet another charge of electrical energy and broke into a laugh. “Pika, Pika, Pika!” it cried.

Edwin stared angrily at the mouse. “Don’t play anymore tricks on me you naughty critter!”

The Electric Pokémon cocked its big head as it scanned the irritated man. It smiled and pulled out a small silver badge from behind its back.

“Hey! That is mine you are holding” Edwin shouted calmly. “So it’s true, you have escaped from the burning truck and stole my badge.”

The mouse glanced from the badge to the annoyed Edwin and began laughing out loud. It held out the glistening badge and placed it on top of its head, and marched back and forth like in a band, laughing with mockery.

Edwin frowned with irritation and snorted to his Fire Pokémon, “Charmeleon, get that Pikachu! I will not let Erma’s symbol fall into the wrong hands… especially the hands of a rat.”

His salamander nodded and glared at the mouse before pouncing to seize it. Charmeleon stretched its claws out. The Pikachu pouted. He knew with one strike, it would been over, but just before he got the chance to take hold of the little Electric mouse, it hopped out of the way and paddled up the cot, chattering amusingly. Charmeleon growled with anger before darting after it. Although Charmeleon was strong and had more experience with battling, the Pikachu was way faster, and scurried up and down, laughing. Finally, Charmeleon grew tired of chasing this mouse for no good reason and of this nonsense and plopped down on the ground, sweat covering its forehead. It growled furiously with irritation.

Cubone eyed the Charmeleon and hopped up to finish the task. But it failed. The Pikachu was just too fast, and worse, Edwin’s Cubone wasn’t built to chase. It collapsed on the floor, breathing deeply, trying to find air for its tired lungs. Pikachu kept giggling harder pleased that it had won the small game of tag.

Edwin’s anger was building. “Get up!” he scowled at his Pokémon. That badge seemed important to him.

Team Rocket, whom Edwin kicked out of attention, watched with confusion and anger. The man has ruined their plans.

“Alright, I shall fetch it myself,” Edwin grumbled after ages of throwing complaints at his Pokémon and Pikachu. His scrolled up his sleeves, which seemed impossible to do, and rushed to the dancing mouse on the floor. He held out his hands and kept his eyes on the Pikachu. The Electric rodent saw the old man coming towards him and grinned. This man was crazy!

It pounced on the cot once more, cheeks filled with wild electric shocks. Edwin had expected the mouse to evade his tackle and stopped just in time. He mumbled under his breath and lunged. The Pikachu was taken by surprised. Edwin crashed onto the cot, and the folding bed collapsed to the floor along with Edwin on it. Pikachu jumped in surprise, cheeks flaring with fright. It released a charge of electric flying in all directions, killing the lights.

Cathy was fiercely startled as the lights flickered off suddenly. Tiny sparks fell on her, making her jump. Sarah flinched at the scene.

In the dark, everyone could make out another crash. A shaft of sunlight escaped through the small windows, giving them shadows. But they didn’t need it.

There was another crash and soon, an extra bolt of seemingly uncontrolled lightning. It forked the walls and triggered the machines. The fork danced and weaved inside the ER. Finally, the bolt struck something and zapped off. Suddenly, a flicker of light scratched the machine it had hit. Cathy could see tiny sparks rub against the machine. Light flickered again on the same machine until it created an orange, crackling flare. Fire. The bolt still wiggled under the flames, but the fire itself had crawled to the floor and expanded. It hissed madly and zigzagged through the room like lightning.

Sarah mumbled fearfully as other females screeched with terror. Cathy stared into the darting flames as it licked the metal of several machines. The Rocket grunts were paralyzed, and to her amusement for a second, so were Suzan and John. One of the grunts, Cathy suspected him as the one who locked it, quickly pulled out a group of keys and began testing each one out.

Everyone got up immediately and began pushing and making his or her way to the door. Even if there wasn’t much, the Pokémon Center seemed crowded. Flames hissed and sparkled in a bright orange color as it traveled out of the ER. Cathy grabbed Eevee, waking the snoozing Pokémon from her dreamy sleep. She yowled, irritated, but it was soon flushed away with horror. Sarah quickly returned all of her Pokémon to their Pokéballs.

“I got it!” someone shouted eagerly. It was the grunt, and he had the doors unlocked. As fast as mice escaping the jaws of a cat, everyone flooded out of the Pokémon Center. Cathy pushed her way out as fast as possible. She didn’t like fire. Memories of an old event pushed its way to her, clouding her brain with bitter thoughts.

As soon as she tasted fresh air, Cathy began to relax a little. Finally, after a few hours held in a Pokémon Center swarming with Rockets, Cathy could feel little hope, but she didn’t know what it was for.

Then she realized Sarah wasn’t with her. She glanced rapidly around. Her young friend was just behind her moments ago. Everyone could see the fire licking the building’s wall, slithering up to the roof. It hissed and gave a crackly cry as it began to tear down the Pokémon Center.

“Cathy!” She swung around to see Sarah, limping nervously, but her face was wrapped along with confidence. Cathy was about to jump for joy. Everyone had made it out… but…

“Cathy, Edwin’s still in there. I saw him. He got up for a moment, but slipped and fell again. The little rat is also still stuck inside,” she sputtered as she got right to her point.

Cathy’s relief disappeared like an old dream. That was who. Someone was defiantly missing. She gaze upon the smoldering building, frighten. She couldn’t just walk in there. The last time she did, it was a mistake she had regretted instantly. Her eyes stared like golf balls into the blazing fire, rippling and twisting as it chewed down the cement walls and roof.

“No, I can’t…” she started.

“Yes you can! We can’t just leave them in there. I’ll go by myself then,” Sarah spat, trying not to sound too harsh. “I’ve had a brother who died to flames,” she continued weakly and softly. She gave Cathy a timid, but scowling glance and hurried towards the blazing building. A fiery thought approached her mind. Sarah wasn’t the only one that had a brother that died because of fire.

She glanced at the crowd, chattering fearfully. Nurse Joy was on a public phone, calling for help. Team Rocket grunts were huddling together with frightens looks buried in their eyes. Suzan and John were clutching each other.

“I-I’m scared…” John mumbled in terror.

“I’m too… but… we’ve got to stay strong…” Suzan replied with the same terror. Her eyes, like everyone else’s, were attached to the blazing structure.

Cathy glanced at everyone else, clustering together as well. They tried to restrain from leaving.

“Then leave…” Cathy thought bitterly. She’d remember when she had tiredly escaped the burning house, a crowd of people staring at her.

Cathy sighed. Heat journeyed towards them. Heat breathed against her face as she turned to the Pokémon Center, if you could call it a Pokémon Center at all. The flames were quickly biting at the wood and cement that it looked like an ordinary house, being burning down by angry flames. She pushed the hair the dangled over her face behind her ears and began to run, run towards the scorching structure that was being torn apart.
[End of Chapter 4]

-Character Count-

Without Spaces :: 30,769
With Spaces :: 37,219

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Default Re: The Shocking Start

Electrifying Endings
Smoke swirled in the air and tinted everything rusty gray. Sparks that came out of the hungry flames sprang here and there. And behind all of this thick smoke that quickly took over the inside of the burning structure were hissing and laughing flames.

“I’m so stupid…” she muttered sulkily to herself. “I could have stayed outside…”

Through the smoke, Cathy could see flaring flames eating the air, its red and orange arms slithering across the solid floor. The burning house that she stayed in with her uncle and cousin threw itself right in front of her face. It nipped her head, like an annoying insect that won’t stop bothering her.

“Cathy! You… came,” a voice shouted through the smoke. Cathy could hear it scatter as it tried to fight through the smoke.

She stopped shaking her hands at the smoke and looked deep into the black cloud of torture. She could make out the outline of a young girl. She pushed she way through the haze. Suddenly, she heard a creak and before she knew it, a piece of the pavement ceiling had come crashing down, right at her feet. She jumped back, tripped, and fell to the ground, smoke squeezing her neck, fear filling her eyes. Fire that blazed on the crust began to spread.

“C’mon, get up!” Sarah was now at her friend’s side, trying to pull the young trainer to her feet.

Cathy grunted and got to her feet, breathing deeply. “That,” she panted, “was too close.”

All of a sudden, she felt hands against her back and was shoved forward into thicker smoke with Sarah landing on her. Cathy yelped as her friend collided against her. Sarah quickly got up and helped Cathy up once again.

“Alright, lets just get on with it. Where’s Edwin?”

“I’m not sure. I thought I saw him behind a barrier of fire,” Sarah replied helplessly.

Cathy shot her a nervous glance. “Fire?”

But Sarah was already dashing away, dodging pieces of blazed wood on the ground. Smoke gathered in her lungs and head licked her face as she got her legs to work.
Fire rippled behind smoke as the smoke churned. Every single blaze that lay on the ground, it seemed to Cathy, was exhaling smoke, which made it worse. Cathy hoped Sarah knew the way. Even though this Pokémon Center wasn’t so big, the place on fire made it seemed as if they were trying to find the exit of a shopping mall, only they were going deeper into the building, instead of the opposite.

“In there,” Sarah coughed, pointed at the wall of flames that lapped in front of them.

“Alright. Now what? We’re hopeless. We have nothing.”

“We have no water Pokémon, and I don’t know what else would work.”

“I’ve already established that,” Cathy muttered.

Sarah snorted. “Well, think! How can we get in…”

Cathy grunted. “C’mon. We’ve got to get otta here. Help will come.”

Sarah glared at her companion and replied simply, “Help will come, but not now.” She yanked a Pokéball from her backpack and tossed it into the smoke. Red light was emitted from the orb and shaped a bird.

Cathy forced herself to look questioning. “What are you doing?”

“Putting out the fire. Pidgey, Gust!”

Her Pidgey, a plump bird with a selection of creamy colors, chirped against the smoke and started rapidly beating his wings. The Flying Pokémon, Cathy noticed, had successfully cleared the smoke, but not the flames. Suddenly, a pang hit her. What it was attempting was making it worse.

“Sarah, stop!” she shouted. The Pidgey must be stopped.

Her friend turned to her. “Why? I’m trying to-“ She stopped dead in her sentence. The blast of air was hitting the flames, purposely trying to put it out, but instead, it did the opposite. As the Gust hit the fire, the flames crackled and spread.

“Return, Pidgey,” Sarah cried hopelessly as Pidgey was pulled back into his orb. She shot Cathy a helpless glance. She returned her friend an I-told-you-so look. What were they to do?

Suddenly, out of the blue, or gray and red and orange sparks; lightning forked the smoke and disappeared in front of their faces, sending a strong burnt smell to the girls’ noses, despite of the burnt smell that was already cloaking the entire building. Cathy nearly jumped back with fright.

“C’mon! We’ve got to get through these flames,” Sarah cried suddenly, knowing that the Pikachu was behind the wall of fire. Before either could move, another fork of lightning traveled through the air, slicing the smoke. It disappeared as suddenly as it came. A strong tension pushed Cathy.

Then, Cathy saw something that swallowed her mind. It was yellow, pure yellow, like the fork of lightning. It stood out quite easily: yellow out of the red, orange, and gray. Sarah must have seen it as well, for she gasped with shock.

“My!” she cried. Cathy could notice it was emerging from behind the flames. Maybe, Cathy could hear her mind play, Sarah didn’t have a good eye on the wall.

The Pikachu dashed behind a piece of flaming wood as soon as it saw Cathy and Sarah, but quickly darted away when it noticed it was on fire.

“I’ll go see if Edwin’s still in there,” Sarah told Cathy and disappeared between the huge gap in the barrier. “And I’ll get the mouse,” Cathy muttered.

As she approached carefully, the Pikachu shrieked and dashed away. This wasn’t going well. Then a slow moving chase began. “C’mon… I’ll help you out,” Cathy kept coaxing the Pikachu, but she just frightened it more. “That’s it,” she muttered after a series of runs. She quickly removed a red and white sphere, a Pokéball, from her bag and tossed away from her. It made contact with the floor and emitted a red beam. The cherry-red light shaped a small fox. As the red blanket disappeared, a brown creature, mostly fox-like, stood in front of her eyes. It glanced around, trembling.

“Alright Eevee… we have a mission… well, sort of,” Cathy said to her Pokémon as confident as she could, which wasn’t much. “Eevee, take down that mouse. It wouldn’t come any closer to me than it is.” She shot the Pikachu a look. It was about three meters away from them. Her Eevee gazed at the Pikachu with a questioning look in her deep black eyes. Her face was gleaming bright orange, reflecting the flames around her.

“Try a Quick Attack!” Cathy commanded, wafting smoke away form her face with her hands.

Eevee gave her surrounding a quick and nervous look before growling softly and streaking toward her opponent with amazing speed. Eevee looked like a blur leading a strand of glowing white light behind her. She zipped past the flames, nearly gusting them out. Pikachu, of course, didn’t see it coming, and was rammed in the stomach. It skidded back while squealing miserably, but when it got up, it was blazing furious, like the angry fire.

“Pika!” was what blazed from its mouth. The Pikachu got on all fours and darted for Eevee with the same move. Eevee tried to hold it down with her own Tackle, but the Pikachu made quite a hit, darting to its right and butting its opponent on her left cheek. Eevee was shot backward, shrieking. She got up rapidly and spat at the Pikachu in her own tongue. Pikachu spat back in its particular tongue.

As fire and sparks moaned and cheered in the background, Eevee and the Pikachu glared at one another, unmoving, except for their eyes, which were piercing with fury. Finally, the Pikachu made its move. It tried its Quick Attack once again, which annoyed Eevee, but she did the same.

The two Pokémon darted about for a while, appearing here then disappearing and then to find them someplace else. They were both careful to avoid the flames, which gathered around them, making a fire-less battlefield. At last, Eevee struck. She traced Pikachu’s steps, which were in a pattern, and gave the Electric mouse a blow from behind with her head.

Pikachu plunged forward, hitting headfirst on the floor. Eevee backed away, hoping that the mouse had given up. But it hadn’t.

Pikachu got up on its tiny feet again, but it wobbled as it got a hold of the earth. Smiling devilishly, the mouse held its right hand to its mouth and made a motion of blowing a kiss, as if a mother were wishing her child good day. A silent sliced through the air, but since the flames were cheering around them, the silence didn’t matter. Suddenly, Eevee was rotating in circles slowly, her tongue lolled out and her paws moving a strange pattern, as if dizzy.

Eevee stumbled around, eyes spinning wildly, not centered on anything. Salivate seeped out from between her clenched teeth and splattered on the rusty ground. She had no idea what in the world was going on, and her trainer was too. Cathy’s mouth dropped to the ground. Finally, Eevee came to a sudden halt. The brown fox swayed in her position and tumbled to the ground, letting a strange babble escape her jaws.

Pikachu was laughing uncontrollably, rolling on the ground, that is. Its giggle was sort of cute sounding, high-pitched and fresh. Cathy shook her head. She was supposed to be on Eevee’s side. Carrying a bold and determined face, Cathy hollered to Eevee to try to shatter her confusion.

“C’mon Eevee, snap out of it!”

Eevee’s eyes began to open. This time though, it was clear and focused. She shook her auburn-colored head and glanced around nervously. Her eyes scanned through everything they could focus on, but the one thing that the two pair of round, liquid eyes was the yellow mouse. Eevee’s teeth gritted. Now she remembered it. It was the no-good rat!

She hastily staggered to her feet and gave the mouse a piercing stare that ripped across the battlefield. Within that very second, she hurled herself to the Pikachu. The whole Pokémon Center, or the current remains of it and the crying fire, was drench in her shriek. Eevee moved swiftly, her sleek body reflecting the glowing flames. Pikachu, who was trying to chew away its endless laughter, was, of course, caught by surprise. As it tried to stop its laughing hiccups, Eevee quickly moved it her right and leaped, her eyes glaring off the lively fire that glimmered around her. She opened and aimed her small fangs to the Pikachu’s left ear. She plunged to the earth and gave the Pikachu’s huge left ear and nipped at it.

The yellow mouse screeched, its voice punching at its surroundings. The throwing fire’s voices were swallowed up by the solid scream of the Pikachu. It wasn’t a pleasant sound. It was shrill and ear threatening. Cathy sheltered her ears from the cry, wincing at the pain it cause to them.

Eevee, on the other hand, ignored the shrill and pierced harder into its flesh. Pikachu’s cries became worse, tearing the world in half. Eevee, flinching at the squeaky bellow, quickly let go of her grasp and backed away, but she couldn’t stop herself from give the Pikachu a butt with her head.

Pikachu’s cry soon became hollow as it was thrown back from the blow. The rodent finally skidded to a stop, panting wildly, for the attack or scream had tired it. But it wasn’t easy for the poor mouse to give up. Pikachu gave Eevee the glare she herself had given it. Eevee stood no more than a few feet away from the Pikachu, a tongue lolled out of her mouth.

The yellow rodent limped to both of its feet, sparks twisting on its cheeks. Its eyes glared like the flames. Eevee, slightly intimidated, made a dash for it, but before she got a chance to pick up her paws, a sheer yellow bolt of lightning launched toward her and wrapped its wavy hand around the Pokémon. She let a shrill of pain escape her mouth as the lightning strike twisted into her body. When the stunning act was finished, all Cathy could do was stare at her Pokémon who was sprawled on the floor, catching heavy breathes.

As she Pokémon got to her feet, spark danced jumped about on her body. Her teeth clenched as she saw the Pikachu with its victorious grin. Eevee stood up, limping. But the damage done to her was nothing, nothing at all. All that angered the little creature was the triumphant smile the Pikachu carried. Now she stood, ignoring the sparks that swiveled around her little brown body. Her face glowed bright orange from the fire in the backdrop.

A scowl played on her lips. Oh yes, she’ll teach this naughty mouse, whatever it is. It did not have the right to enjoy victory, if he could call it a victory at all! It didn’t know that The Sarah was trying to help? Well, she’ll certainly show it!

Eevee dropped to a crouch position, like a kitty cat ready to pounce on an unaware mouse. The yellow rat certainly fitted that picture, and so did she. A soft growl was emitted from behind her jaws as her eyes glared, focusing on the mouse.

Pikachu gazed into its foe’s eyes and let a laugh travel through the air, but only to find it scrapped by the whipping of the thick smoke and the crackle of the fire.

With a snarl Cathy has never heard from an Eevee before, the brown fox leaped, landing gracefully in the middle of the two and dashed for the Pikachu. She swayed her head back and forth before setting it into a position the fancied her. A shriek rippled through the room, fire and all, and a hard clash followed.

Eevee had sprinted to the Pikachu aimlessly and butted the unaware Pikachu. The tiny mouse was taken aback, that was for sure, by shock and the blow. Pikachu squealed as it slid backward and made contact with a broken down lump of the timber wall.

The Pikachu was still gasping for breath, letting tiny squeaks. “Pi, Pi, Pi… Pi,” it panted, eyes unfocused and wandering. It slouched there, motionless but for its stomach, which rose and fell rapidly. It was certainly too tired.

Eevee let a small smile play her lips. Success was hers. She collapsed, for the little Pokémon was too exhausted, catching for breath just like the Pikachu. Cathy rushed to her weary Pokémon and knelt down to ruffle Eevee’s soft, brown pelt. She pointed Eevee’s ball, which she held tightly since the start of the battle. She watched with a calm face as Eevee was wrapped in a blanket of red light and was pulled into the sphere.

As she placed back the ball into her bag, she seized another Pokéball, an empty one, and gazed at the Pikachu, whom sagged on the ground, staring despairingly at the trainer. Cathy felt sorrow for it. It didn’t deserved to be caught, especially since she was the one that was about to twist its fate. But it would never understand as a wild Pokémon, never know that it wouldn’t survive in this circle of flames.

Grunting, Cathy stood up and stared into its deep black eyes. It shuddered at the sight of a human gazing at it. The Pikachu made a small attempt to crawl away, but as it tried to move, its body jerked and the tiny mouse sagged back again.

No, it would be better if it came along with her. With a swift motion, Cathy hurled the Pokéball at the Pikachu. The sphere twirled until it made contact with the exhausted Pikachu. The Pokémon made no effort to counter it. A red light that leaked out of the Pokéball’s center cloaked the Pikachu, tinting it clear red. Pikachu gave Cathy a terrified stare as the blanket was dragged back into the ball.

Then a cry peeled out into the smoking room.

Sarah surged from the flames and halted in front of Cathy. “Edwin, he’s just gone!”

Cathy stared in amazement, the horror type. “What?”

“Truth,” Sarah panted. “It was as if he wasn’t even there, although it is nearly impossible to tell…” Cathy’s eyes flickered with fright. This was strange.

“So… nothing? Nothing of him? How ‘bout that badge Edwin was attempting to acquire back?”

Sarah frowned at her friend. “Nothing, period. I figured the… Pikachu had it.” There was a pause. “Where is it?”

Cathy rolled her eyes to the Pokéball that was resting on the ground. She heard Sarah gasp.

“So…” Sarah stammered.

“So what?”

“Edwin’s gone. That’s just weird.” There was another pause. “You don’t think…”

“No,” Cathy answered quickly. “You said you found no evidence of him. He mustn’t.”

Sarah nodded slightly, as if understanding, but, of course, she didn’t, like Cathy as well. The young trainer was just as confused. Edwin couldn’t just go missing.

Sarah, like some kids, didn’t believe in any sort of magic, and knew that everything had to have a logical explanation following everything. But now wasn’t the time to talk about that.

As the two girls stared into the flames, questions swelled inside of them, but nor wanted to ask a thing. Both of their minds were on one thing: Edwin. But Cathy’s was different. Hiding the far corner of her mind, watching her thinking, was the thought of something else. The orb that lay on the ground just meters away, and the creature that was secured in its tight walls… the tiny, yellow mouse.
[End of Chapter 5]

-Character Count-

Without Spaces :: 13,479
With Spaces :: 16,344

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Default Re: The Shocking Start

-Character Count-

Without Spaces :: 71,182
With Spaces :: 86,200

Ready for a Grade.

These aren't accurate, I just found out, by the way. I think I've counted the partings as well... but I'll have to calculate everything all over again.

And... uh... sorry about the length. I guess I went too far...

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