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Default The Time of Joy and Sorrow- Collab Contest entry

Author Code: Mewtwo

~The Time of Joy and Sorrow~
I awoke to screams and sounds of destruction. Staggering to my four feet I jumped to my door. Peering out I could see my fellow Corsola jumping about some were firing at what I took to be attackers while the rest was fleeing and gathering items.

I jumped over to my wife and gently prodded her with one my horns, “Taria, we’re being attacked again; I want you and the children to leave. Gather as much things as you can follow everybody else who is leaving.

A look of shock and fear crossed her face as she realized what I just said. “But they never tried to destroy the village before. Why would they do it now?”
“I don’t know, but I’m going to try and rally as many of the soldiers as I can and hold them back as long as possible. Tell the children I love them. I love you too, goodbye.” I gave her small kiss and hopped out the door into the ensuing battle. I spotted a group of ten Corsola firing back with Pin Missile at the attacking Starmie and Staryu.

“How many are there?” I asked the nearest one who was a captain in our defense force.

“At least fifty,” he said a frown over his face.

“Dang, I’ll go a gather so more Corsola to help defend.”

“Good luck, general,” he replied as I hopped off.

After two minutes of frantic hopping I had gathered all the troops, which numbered twenty, and 3 civilians. When I returned to the captain, only the captain and the two others were conscious.

“About time you showed up. Two Wailords have joined the attackers and they’re slowly pushing us back with Hydro Pump and the likes,” said the captain.

As he finished speaking a giant stream of water blasted above us and hit a building, instantly destroying it.

“I sure hope nobody was in there,” one of the Corsola muttered.

“It doesn’t matter. I want everyday to use Aqua Ring,” I said to everyone. Concentrating on what I wanted to do, I told my mind what I wanted to do and how to do it. Slowly I started to glow until a flash appeared. I then knew that it had worked. After everyone had completed my order I issued a new one, “As soon as the Wailord fire I want everybody to jump in the direction and use Mirror Coat, understand?” I said looking around at everyone. “Good, now get ready.”

“They’re about to fire!” Someone yelled out.

“Now!” I yelled jumping from behind the cover and linking horns with my neighboring Corsola. I once again channeled my energy and waited for the attacks to arrive. When they did, they slammed into the group of Corsola and bounced off in the opposite direction, themselves, the attacks hit the Wailord and knocked both unconscious from the power of us Corsola.

“Ya!” some of the Corsola cheered.

“It’s not over yet,” said the captain.

“The main attack is coming!” yelled a Corsola next to me.

“Prepare for battle,” I called out. Along the thin line of Corsola, everyone readied their attacks.



With a sinking feeling in my heart I watched Clover leave the house knowing that he might never return. Worry about that later, I told myself. I must get the children and leave right away. Getting out of bed, I hopped over to where my three sons and their sister were sleeping.

“Get up,” I whispered to them while gently prodding each of them with a horn. “We must leave,” I said when they woke. “The village is being attacked and your father and others are defending the village so we and other civilians can escape.

“What?” said the youngest, the only girl besides me, as she got up and rubbed her eyes.

“The village is being attacked!” I whispered more urgently to her and the boys.

“I want to help, Dad,” chimed the eldest, Teron.

“No! Your father said to get out of her that’s what we’re going to do. Now get up so we can leave.”

After some not-so-gently poking I managed to get all of them up and out the door. Off to the east I could see a line of Corsola fighting back against some Wailord, who were firing giant beams of water at buildings and collapsing them.

“Run!” I said to the children, as I hooked horn with two of them that were next to me. As we were leaving the village I saw other Corsola wives with children also leaving, and there were few males along with them. At least we’ll have some protection. I looked back one last time at my home, and my husband as fought the attackers.

“The general said ‘head to rocky shore’ now let’s get there!” yelled a Corsola soldier. I think he’s my cousin’s husband I thought privately. Pushing my thoughts from my mind I hopped with the rest of the Corsola, which numbered around thirty, who were mostly women and children.

After Six hours of almost nonstop hopping we reached the rocky shore coast.

“Everyone take a breather while me and the remaining soldiers prepare a quick camp,” said my cousin’s husband, I pretty sure that his name is Spike; how original. With a thankful sigh I fell back on to a rock and lay their for a bit before I used one of the few attacks, or in this case defense, that I learned. I focused my thoughts on to a picture of me as a healthy Corsola. A flash occurred and I felt as good as new.

“I didn’t know you could do that,” said my eldest son, a shocked expression on his face and an incredulous tone in his voice.

“There’s things you I know that your not aware of, but don’t worry, you’ll learn a few things very soon,” I told him.

“Is dad going to be okay?” said the second youngest, said.

I plastered a fake smile across my mouth, “Of course he’s going to be all right. Don’t worry,” Even though I said those words I knew that there wasn’t a great chance that he or many others would return. I knew the fierceness and wrath of the attackers.

“The temporary camp is ready,” said Spike, by now was the temporary leader of our motley group.

“Okay, I want you children to go lie down and go to sleep while I help make the new village.”

“Fine,” they mumbled as they walked off to the designated area. With a frustrated sigh I walked over to the rest of the adults who were standing by a very big rock.

Spike was speaking, “I want you ten to be one group, you fifteen another, and the rest of will be another.” he rest of us happened to include me, but his wasn’t done. “The first group will start gathering materials for shelters, the second will build shelters and the last group will take care of the smaller details. Everyone understand? Good, now let’s get to work.”

At least this place has fortifications, I thought. And it was true. The village was in the middle of a ring of rocks that stood about ten feet high and were one foot thick. And in the middle of the ring it was all sand and rocks. Guess I will collect the rocks I said to my self again.

Two Months Later
“Somebody’s approaching,” yelled the sentry from the rock guarding the entrance to the village and rocky shore.

“Who is it?” said the captain of the guard.

“I have no idea but it’s a Corsola and by its looks it’s badly wounded.”

“I see,” the captain turned to his Aid-de-camp, “Alert the village and have team one report to me. Also have a medical team come here right away.”

“Yes sir,” said the aid as he hopped off. The captain glanced up through the ten feet of water to the crystal blue sky above.

“Please let this be a bearer of good news,” he muttered under his breath.
Two seconds later his aid rushed up. “Sir, the village is on alert and we have Corsola you wanted headed here now.”

“Thank you, go to the town center and schedule a meeting half-an-hour from now.” With a nod the aid once again rushed off to do his boss’s bidding. Two minutes later Team One, which consisted of five members, had reached the gate.

“Sergeant Ray reporting sir,” said the Corsola, who was leading the small group.

“Good afternoon Sergeant. I want you and your men to go outside the walls and bring the wounded Corsola back inside. Do you understand?”

“Perfectly, sir,” he replied. “Men you heard him, I want Ania and Kiu to go around the right of the wounded Corsola.”

With a curt nod at the captain the other Corsola rushed to do his bidding. Tilting a horn at horn at his aid-de-camp, the captain made his way to the over to the gate. When he reached the gate, he had it opened by the sentry standing guard. The sentry pushed a small rock that he was standing next to and with hiss and a giant thump the gate fell to sea floor. The wounded Corsola looked up and a faint smile appeared on its lips. The aid noticed that a gasp escaped the captain’s mouth.

“Call a medic!” the captain yelled as who rushed over to the wounded Corsola and setting him down on the floor. “General? Are you okay?” he asked, pain clearly seeping through his voice.

The general lifted his head, “Bring me my family,” he croaked.
By now the aid had returned with the village doctor. “Go get his family,” the captain said, turning to his aid. He turned to the medic who was examining the general. “What’s wrong?”

The doctor shook his head in sorrow, “He’s sustained many injuries both external and internal. He will not live beyond this day,” he whispered.
As the realization set upon the captain the general’s family came over and knelt beside the general.

“Dad?” the eldest said, tears springing to his eyes. The general turned his eyes towards the voice.

“Teron?” the general asked.

“Right here,” Teron whispered. The general linked horns with his son and wife.

“Take care of your sister and mother,” he whispered before turning to his wife, “I love you, be strong protect the village and our family,” he said, his voice so low that everyone had to lean in close to hear what he was saying. He turned to the captain, “You’re now in charge,”

With a shudder his head rolled to the side and a gasp escaped his lips before his eyes closed. With a sob Taria fell on the body.

“Let them be with him for a bit,” the captain said to his men with tears also in his eyes.
Two Weeks Later
I watched as my father, who everyone else knew as the general, was lowered into the ground in a hollowed rock. Dirt from ground above was tossed over the rock in which my father lay before everyone offered condolences to my family and me. After everyone had left me, my sister, my brother, and my mother stood next to the grave for ten minutes before we too walked back to our rock house.

Arriving at our house my mother went to the kitchen and prepared a dinner of Remoraid fillets with lettuce for dinner. We eat the cold dinner in silence, never making eye contact with each other. After my brother, sister and mother fell asleep; I climbed out of my moss bed and walked over to our table, which was a large, flat, smooth rock. Grabbing a writing rock and tablet I prepared a message for my family.

Finished, I laid it down on the table, and walked outside into the cool air. Looking around carefully, I checked a time stick and saw that the rotation of the guards was about too take place. I hurried over to the small escape tunnel that was dug by the clan behind the building and crawled in.


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Default Re: The Time of Joy and Sorrow- Collab Contest entry

A few hours later

Getting out of bed I could see my eldest son was gone. I saw something on the table. Walking over, I discovered that it was a note, it read:
“I’m going after the creatures that killed my father; I will not allow this to happen to another family. Their terror must be put to an end. I might not come back alive but tell my siblings I love them as I do you.
I slumped to the floor as tears overwhelmed me.

After thirty seconds of crawling I reached the open sea and swam towards Rocky Island. Rocky Island was home to the creatures that attacked my village. The only problems that I foresaw were that Rocky Island was not very close; and that I had to pass by a human settlement or take the long way around, which could take at least a day of travel.

Just then a wave hit me from behind, and dragged me into deeper water. Opening my eyes, I was immediately blinded by light. Rolling on to my stomach, I felt sand and rocks beneath me. After my eyes adjusted,

I looked up and indeed I was on a beach. The sky was blue with not a cloud in sight and the sun was beating mercilessly down on my back.
Struggling to my feet I took in my surroundings. I was on a beach that had rocks everywhere, and behind was woods. Judging by the sun I think it’s around noon and I’m past the Rocky Island village I thought to myself.

Just then a shadow flashed over me and something pinned me to the ground. After a second of struggling I realized that it was a net. “Damn, I hate these things,” I said aloud.

“Gotcha!” a voice rang out behind me, which caused me to nearly faint from being surprised. Turning around I watched as a human with something on his head jump out of a bush behind me.

“It works!” the human shouted while jumping and dancing around the bush from where he came. And he kept on saying ‘it works’.

“Now I’ll never avenge my father,” I said aloud as I slumped in the sand underneath the net.

“Huh?” the human said, looking over at me. “What did you say?”

“I said I’ll never avenge my father,” then it dawned on me. “Wait! Humans can’t speak out language,” I spluttered.

“Humans couldn’t talk with Pokemon, but I invented the device that allows me to hear what Pokemon say and sometimes think,” he said, his face clearly stating that he was proud of his accomplishment.

“So what are you going to do with me,” I asked. He put one finger to his and the hand other went to his hip,

“I don’t know, I need a partner to help with my research and you need to avenge your father if I’m correct. So I’ll make you a deal, I’ll help you avenge your father, but in return you agree to be my partner. Deal?”

“I agree to your terms, I guess. And how come I can hear you in my head?”

“Because my machine creates a link between our brains which makes communication possible. Now don’t move; I’m going to cut you free.”

Taking out a knife he walked over and cut the ends of the net. “Now we go to my lab, so I can change.”
It was then that I noticed he was wearing a lab coat with black pants, and both had dirt caked on them and were ripped in several places.

“I think that would be best,” I muttered.

“I heard that,” he smirked back.

He led us through the wood in a long and windy way. But I was grateful because he had placed me in a backpack on his back.

“How much further?” I asked.
“Not much longer my lab is right around this path.”

And when rounded the bend there was nothing there except a lush field with flowers and grass.

Being the wisea$$ that I am I made a comment, “This is your lab? Does your elevator go all the way to the top?”

“I forgot how to laugh,” he replied. He reached into his breast pocket and pulled out an item that looked like a cell phone, yes I may be a Pokemon but I know about technology. Extending an antenna, he pointed it
at the middle of the field and pressed a combination of numbers. And before my eyes an elevator appeared.

My mouth dropped open and my eyes bulged, “Woah, didn’t see that coming,”

“I know you didn’t,” he replied smugly.
He replaced the item in his pocket and walked over to the elevator.

Once inside, he pressed one of the buttons decorating the thing. The doors quickly closed and a light popped on.

“Now what?” I asked nervously.

I looked down at the little Corsola as the elevator shaft slowly moved downward. Chuckling, I replied to his comment. “Now, we go down into my lab,”

The elevator continued its soft rumbling until it came to a sudden stop. In front of my, the tan-colored doors slid open.

The sight awed the Corsola beside me, although I really should’ve cleaned before I left. It was partially my lab, and partially my living space. Wooden tables hugged the walls, and sat in the middle of the room. Adorning these tables were pieces of electrical equipment, their wires flying all over the place. Tucked into a single corner of the room was my bed, its sheets flung back.

He chuckled. “Didn’t bother to clean?” he asked sarcastically. I merely gave him a small kick in his side.

“Yeah, I wasn’t expecting company,” I told him, and walked toward my bed. I neatly pulled the covers over the pillow, and flopped down on the bed. The Corsola seemed unsure of what to do, his pink horns quivering in confusion.

“First things first,” I began, pointing at him. “What’s your name?”

He chuckled. “Teron. And yours?” he asked, curiously inspecting my lab.

I got up off my bed, and picked up a pair of navy blue jeans off the ground, as well as a clean shirt from a nearby dresser. “Professor James S. Sandri. James to you,” I told him as I began to change my clothing. “So, your father was killed. Who killed him?”

As I changed, Teron told me his story. It was very interesting; I had no idea that Pokemon clans fought with each other—this was new news to me. As he went on with my story, I rummaged around in one of numerous boxes around the room. Pulling out a large rolled up map, I headed over to a table. Pushing the electrical junk off of the table, I laid out the map.

Teron trotted up to me, and I lifted him up and placed him on the table. Laying out the map, I placed my finger down on one patch of green. “This is where we are now,” I told him. I was pointing to an area a little north of Fuchsia City, not far from the sea. “This is where I found you,” I said, pointing to a spot just off the coast of Fuchsia City. “Do you have any idea where the Staryu lives?”

Teron frowned. Something told me that he didn’t know what to do with a map; he probably knew about where everything was by use of familiar landmarks. His expression soon changed though. “They live on an island which we call Rocky Island. I don’t know what you’d call it though,”

I glanced down at the map. “Well, I found you around here,” I said, pointing to a place right off of the coast. “And you were heading this way,” I continued, moving my finger north of where I had found him. I found myself pointing at Pinecone Island. It was known for its very rock surface that looked like a pinecone. “I guess this would be it then,”

Teron looked up at me. “So, when do we leave?” I chuckled.

“Impatient, eh? Well, it’ll take a good hour or two to get there,” I began subconsciously twirling my finger around. “By the time we got there, there wouldn’t be very much sunlight left to find the Staryu. I think we’ll go in the morning, when they are still tired after their sleep,” I told Teron.

He looked displeased with me, and opened his mouth to say something, but I stopped him. “Think about it. Would you rather fight them when we can’t see well and when they are wide awake, or when we can see well and they are still tired?” I inquired, jabbing a finger at him. Teron looked away shamefully, and I grinned, knowing that I was right.

“Now, we have two hours until sunset. I figured I could take you out and show you our area, since this is where you’ll be for awhile,” Teron glanced at me, then nodded, and I picked him up. Walking over toward the elevator, I slipped into a pair of flip-flops, and stepped into the open door of the elevator. The doors closed shut with a “ding” and the elevator began to hum softly as it journeyed upward.

Suddenly, the doors opened, and I found myself looking at the same flower field as before, but covered in the strange light of dusk. I stepped out of the elevator, and it slid back into the ground. Setting Teron down on the ground, I let him have a look around. “Over that way,” I said, pointing to where we had entered the field earlier today, “leads back to the ocean. We’ll be going that way tomorrow morning,”

I picked Teron up once more and started down a different path. “This way leads back to Fuchsia,” I told him as we continued through the wooded path. All around us, small l birds twittered as they headed into their homes for the night. The green plants swayed graciously in the cool breeze. We were silent, simply enjoying the sounds of nature around us.

Soon I saw an orange piece of tape on a tree. “See that tape?” I asked him, holding him in one arm and pointing with another. “That means that we are getting close to Fuchsia City. It’s a very beautiful city,”

“Really? Well, you’ve never been in the ocean then,” Teron told me with w wink. I laughed.

The trees soon stopped, leaving us on a cliff. I set Teron down and pointed out. Small dust clouds came up from his feet as he eagerly trotted close to the edge of the cliff. “Wow,”

Small buildings littered the city. I could see assorted trainers and their Pokemon, bustling around like ants in their home. Delicious smells wafted up from the city, and it made me instantly hungry. It gave me great joy to see Teron so happy, even after all that had happened to him.

As I gazed around, something caught my eye. “Teron, come here,” I commanded. Teron gave me an angry look.

“And why should I do that?” he demanded. I frowned at him

“Because, there’s some strange footprints over here,” I told him smartly. Teron approached me slowly, and looked down at the footprints. They were large, with three toe-like things each. It looked as if what ever it had been, it was running. I bent down closer, and turned my head to the side. I could see the footprints continuing. Getting up, I began to track the footprints, with Teron following right behind me.

The trail continued on through the forest, up until a point where there had seemed to be a fight. The footprints were smeared everywhere, and there were odd indents in the ground. Teron glanced at it. “There looks to have been a fight here, but it seems that the creature with the big feet won. The other one’s footprints don’t continue on before or after this point,” he said. I nodded, and glanced at my wristwatch.

“Teron, let’s head back now. It’s getting dark, and we’re going to need to be up early tomorrow,” I explained. Teron sighed, and I scooped him up in my arms and headed back to my home.

As the elevator zoomed back up to the surface, I looked down at Teron. For someone who was going to go get revenge on his father’s killer, he seemed rather calm, which I would’ve never been able to do.

The doors opened, and bright light filled every nook and cranny of the elevator. Teron and I stepped out, and the elevator sunk back down into the ground. I began to head towards the ocean, with Teron in my arms. We were silent, as we thought of what was ahead of us.

“So, do we have a generic plan?” he asked me, breaking the odd silence.

“Uhh,” I stuttered, unsure of what to say. “Well, we’re going to need to take a good number of them out before we find the one who killed your father,” I told him. “I’m guessing that we might be able to get a surprise attack on them, although I’m not too sure,”

“Oh, I think we can. Although we’ll have to swim to get over to the island, they won’t be able to get ready in time,” Teron laughed. I nodded, and we continued our journey.

Soon, they sound of crashing waves met my ears, and I ran forward to see the ocean. Teron overcame me, and splashed into the ocean, enjoying the feel of the water. While he enjoyed himself, I began to strip down to my wetsuit. Placing my clothes behind a rock, I motioned for Teron to follow me. I carried a waterproof sack that held some Pokeballs, and a couple Potions in case we needed them. We followed the shoreline along, the soft sand squishing in between my feet, and the water lapping at my feet as well. The air had a taste of salt, but not too much salt.

It wasn’t too long before I could see the jagged rocks of the Staryu’s island jutting up out of the water. It wasn’t too far to swim—Teron and I would be fine. Teron stopped and glanced at me. “I’m ready,” he announced. I agreed, and we headed out into the ocean. The water was actually rather warm, and Teron and I easily made good progress towards the island. He seemed delighted to be back in the water.

As we approached the island, I could see Teron speeding up. “Teron!” I hissed. “Slow down!”

Teron looked at me with a frown, and continued his swim towards the island. I sped up, angry at his disobedience. Suddenly, I felt something brush past me leg. Sticking my head down into the water, I could see a Staryu swimming away. “Teron! They found us!” I yelled. There was no use being quiet now.

Soon after, we pulled ourselves up onto the island. It wasn’t called Pinecone Island for nothing. Rocks stuck out from the island, leaving it a very hazardous place to be. It looked almost like a mountain, sticking up out of the water. No trees or caves marked its surface, just rocks. Lots and lots of rocks.

I could see the water bubbling as the Staryu bustled, getting ready to deal with the invaders. One jumped out of the water and launched a stream of bubbles at us in a Bubblebeam attack. “Teron, use an Aqua Ring to deflect the bubbles!” I ordered. Teron closed his eyes. Out of the water shot a stream of water, which encircled Teron. It continually swirled around him, and as the bubbles got close to Teron, the stream of water hit into them, popping them.

Much to my surprise, geysers shot up out of the water, heading straight towards us. I realized what they were doing. The Staryu were using the water to their advantage to use a Water Gun attack to knock us back into the rocks. If it connected, the attack would be lethal, as the sharp rocks would cause lots of damage. I turned around frantically. The rocks shot upward towards the sky, which wouldn’t help us at all. I needed to somehow move the rocks to our advantage…

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Default Re: The Time of Joy and Sorrow- Collab Contest entry

“Teron, try an Earth Power attack!” I cried, inspiration coming to me. Teron closed his eyes once more, summoning the power to do the attack. His eyes shot open right before the Water Gun attacks hit him. I could feel the island we stood on trembling. Suddenly, the rocks changed positions, making stairs for us on the island. I began to climb higher and higher, with Teron following close behind. The higher we were, the less of an advantage the Staryus would have.

We soon got to a point where we could climb no higher. We were a good distance off of the sea level, out of range of the Staryu’s attacks. “Teron, now that were high enough, use another Earth Power attack! Maybe we can break the rocks free!” I exclaimed. Teron nodded, and closed his eyes. Soon, the island began to shake. I gripped one of the rocks as I held on for dear life. Some of the rocks at the top of the island shook free, and hurtled toward the ocean. An unfortunate Staryu leapt out of the water to see what was going on, and was hit by the falling rocks. He fell back into the water, his gem blinking fiercely.

Their gems were their weak point! I relayed the information to Teron. He would need it more than I would. Suddenly, a group of Staryu leapt out of the water onto land. Their orange bodies glinted in the sun as they leapt nimbly up the rocks, to our high point. Out of their gems that were positioned in the middle of their bodies, little glowing stars began to form. “Get off our island!” they screamed at us.

“Not until I get who killed my father!” Teron roared. They flung their little stars at Teron, but he absorbed the blows with his pink horns. I could see that nothing was going to get in the way of his dream.

“All right Teron! Use a Spike Cannon attack on their gems!” I ordered. Teron nodded, and his pink horns began to shed their outer layer. This dead skin was hard, and could be used like a missile, which is exactly how Teron used them. Somehow, he launched the dead skin off of his horns, aiming it directly at the Staryu’s gem. It gave a cry of pain, and tumbled down the rocks, back into the water, its gem flashing rapidly.

Its comrades met the same fate, and we were left alone on the rock. “Good job,” I praised. “Maybe they’ll have enough sense to call a truce,” I muttered.

I was proved wrong though, as another group jumped up onto the rocks. What was different about these though was that they had screens of shimmering light hanging in front of them. “Light Screen,” I muttered. This would soften the blows of our attacks, unless we could take them out. “All right Teron, let’s try an Ancientpower now!”

Teron nodded. A large jagged rock from somewhere further up the mountain floated down to Teron. “YAAH!” he cried, launching the boulder at the Staryu. A shattering noise confirmed my thoughts. The heavy boulder had broken through their barriers. I watched as it tumbled down the island, and as the Staryu tried to flee but were crushed by the boulder, and flung into the sea. “How’s that?” Teron asked me, grinning broadly.

“Oh, it’ll do,” I said with a wink. Teron laughed. Another splash made me look to see what they were sending at us now. It was a Starmie; it’s purple points glinting dangerously. Well, they would be if it weren’t for the fact that it had a white rock wedged in between two spikes.

“It looks like it means peace,” Teron whispered to me, letting his guard down slightly. The Starmie continued hopping up the rocks until it reached us. It turned to Teron and spoke.

“We come in peace. Tell your trainer that,” it said, its voice sounding like you were speaking underwater.

“Don’t worry, I understand you,” I said sarcastically, rubbing Teron’s side. Starmie gave me an odd look, then continued.

“We wish to know why you have invaded our island. If there is anything we can do to solve this problem, we wish to do so,” It said, almost mechanically.

“I want to take revenge on the one who killed my father. The Staryu with the purple gem,” Teron stated flatly. I could tell he meant business.

“Well…” The Starmie said in that bubbly voice, “We were recently attacked by our rival clan, a clan of Rhydon and Rhyhorn the other day. We tried to stop them, but they kidnapped a few of our members, and the one you speak of was one of them,” It relayed.

Teron frowned. This was not what he wanted, obviously. “Well then…” he began, his emotions not showing in his voice. “I guess that we came here for nothing then,”

“We are sorry you couldn’t find the one with the black gem,” Starmie said.

“I’m sorry that we caused trouble. We’ll be leaving immediately, if you’d tell the rest of your clan to not attack us,” I apologized. Starmie nodded, if it really could nod. “We will return soon,” It said, and flung itself into the ocean, spinning like a Frisbee. Teron looked at me.

“Kinda weird how it referred to itself as ‘we’ isn’t it?” he said with a chuckle. I know that underneath his words, he was angry at not being able to get back at the Staryu. Starmie hopped out of the water again, and spun its back spikes.

“We will not attack you on your way back!” It roared from the water. I nodded, and Teron and I began our climb back down the island. Before I knew it, we were back in the water, swimming for mainland. I was guessing that by now it was around 9 AM, as it wasn’t warmed up like it usually did later in the day. I stepped onto the beach and looked down at Teron.

“So, what now?”

“We go hunt down that clan, and take Staryu from them,” he said, fires burning in his eyes.

“Okay, but lets see if I can get the Starmie clan too help us. You and me versus some strong Rock Pokemon aren’t very good odds,” I replied.

A frown, crossed his face and opened his mouth to protest but then he closed it.” Fine, but I don’t like the idea.”

“I wouldn’t expect you too. Now, we need to talk to that Starmie.”

“Fine, grab on to my horns, I’m a faster swimmer than you,” he said. I grabbed onto his horns and he sped off after the receding Starmie.
Once we caught up to him I could tell he was somewhat annoyed by seeing us again. “What do you want?’ His voice neutral, which was surprised me.

“We were wondering if your clan could help us track down and defeat you rival clan.” I stated.
He thought quietly for a few seconds before replying, “I must discuss this with the counsel before I make a choice. Follow me.”
We followed the Starmie to the other side of the island where there were some mud huts, surrounded by jagged rocks on ground and some rock dwelling in the water. The Starmie signaled to a group of Staryu who approached me and Teron. After talking in hushed tones with the Starmie, then they took us to a rock and brought us some seaweed and small fish creatures.

“I think this is part of their diet,” Teron told me.

“Well help yourself, I don’t feel very hungry at the moment. While Teron ate, I watched for the Starmie to return and I watched the other Pokemon do their daily routines.

Quickly, a couple of Staryu approached. “Follow us,” one of them said. Teron dropped one of the seaweed strands he was eating and started to follow them, as did I. As were walking more Staryu joined us until the group surrounded to a hundred plus Staryu. Are journey ended when we reached the ocean.

“We must swim to the meeting place below the water in a cavern,” the Staryu that had spoken earlier said. I took out a small device that would separate the oxygen from the water for me to breath, and I put it into my mouth, and began to follow the Staryu into the ocean. The water was cooler than it had been but my wetsuit kept me warm, as the swim was only about fifteen feet below the water level.

After I had entered the cavern and made it to ground I saw that I was in a giant cave that was big as school gym. Inside there was a circle and in it was 30 chairs, but only ten were occupied. Behind the chairs were ever-higher steps ringing the ones in the center.

“The Starmie pointed at two empty chairs in the circle. Teron and I sat in them and in a few moments the place was filled with Staryu. Once the place had calmed down the Starmie spoke.

“We have agreed to help you regain our members. Four of my counsel members will accompany you with twenty-six of my Staryu warriors. Our intelligence indicates that the Rhydon clan is 20 miles north of here. If you leave now you can catch up to them, in an hour. Good luck,” he finished. After he and the counsel exited the cavern everyone else also left. Once we made it to land I saw a group of Pokemon, including four Starmie, standing next to a mud hut.

I signaled to Teron, and we both walked over to the group. One over the Starmie looked at us. “This is the task force, it’s not big but it will get the job done. You will have overall command but if my fellow council member or I agree on something it overrides your command. Understand?”

“Perfectly, when do we leave?” I replied.

“Now, You will follow us.”

~6 hours later~

We were all crouching behind a bush as we were spying on the ground and rock Pokemon in the middle of a giant field, thankfully, it hadn’t rain yet, but dark clouds were overhead.. “What do you see?” I asked the Starmie who had better eye sight than I.

“We see twelve Rhyhorn, six Rhydon, and two Rhyperior, with the Staryu and Starmie in the middle of their group,” the Starmie looked surprised and I thought I saw a flash of fear in his eyes. “We did not know they had two Rhyperior. We will be hard pressed to defeat them,” the Starmie.

“How? Rhyperior are weak against water. You should be able to wipe them,” I questioned.
The Starmie turned to me as if I was done. “You may study Pokemon and figure out everything about them but each Pokemon is different.”

“Cool down. How are we going to beat them with out hurting your friends?”

“Well, while are the Staryu and Starmie are in the middle of their group they can not help us, because if they do they will be crushed.”

“So, back to my question. What are you going to do?”
He looked me straight in the eye, “We’re going to charge them.”

After the Staryu were formed in a line with the Starmie and Teron and me in the back, the Starmie gave a signal and we rushed into the clearing where the Pokemon were held hostage. When we were ten yards away everyone let loose with a Hydro Pump except for Teron who used a Bubblebeam. They other Pokemon whirled to face us, and fired Rock Blast at the streams of water. With a boom the rocks blew scattering dust everywhere. Once the dust had settled I saw that two of the Staryu were down, buried beneath rock, and one of the Rhyhorn were down.

“Charge!” the Starmie yelled. And from the distance I heard the Rhyperior call out the same order. As the two sides met, the ground shook from the force causing a small earthquake, and causing me and Teron to fall to the ground.

When I got to my feet I could see the Staryu, Rhyhorn, and Rhydon fighting in small group while the four Starmie were taking on the Rhyperior.

“Teron, lets go rescue the Pokemon,” I said to him. He nodded and we started to run around the battle to the captives when one of the Rhyperior let out a roar. A second later the sky turned dark and a raging sandstorm sprang to life. As the sandstorm whirled about me I reached into my pack and retrieved a pair of goggles. Once they were secure I checked Teron.

To my surprise Teron had used an Aqua Ring attack to shield himself from the sand. Seeing that he was okay I rushed towards the captives, but stopped short as I saw a dark mass outlined by the sand. To my horror a Rhyperior stomped towards Teron and me.

“This isn’t good,” I muttered to Teron as I stepped behind him. With a fierce roar the Ground Pokemon stomped a foot and powerful Earthquake rumbled towards us.

“Use Earth Power!”

Teron channeled his energy and giant rock leapt from the earth and in to the path of the Earthquake, negating it.

“Now use Barrier!” I yelled to him.

While Teron created an invisible barrier to protect us, the Rhyperior wasn’t moving. Instead, it was looking intently at Corsola. And to my surprise a flash also appeared in front on the Rhyperior.

“Uhh, Teron, it just mimicked your move,” I stammered too him.

Just then a cloud surrounded Rhyperior and he was gone. “Watch out, he must have gone underground. Do you know, Earthquake,” I questioned him. He shook his head. “What about Protect and Dig?” both received a negative. “What about Double Team?”

He nodded a yes and a second later twenty copies of him sprang to life. Seconds later the ground shook and Rhyperior attacked. To my surprise he hit Teron sending him and his images to the ground.

“He’s too strong, use Reflect this time!” I called to him.
Another invisible barrier sprang to life around us while the Rhyperior dug another hole and disappeared.

“Use another Double team while I check our help,” I said to him. Looking around the battlefield I could see that the Rhyperior was still standing and two of the Starmie lay unconscious around it. And too my utter horror only one of the Staryu remained and five Rhyhorn and two Rhydon surrounded it.

“We’re slowly losing this battle,” I said to Teron. “I must release the captives or we will lose.”
As I ran off Teron called me, “If you leave me I might not be able to defeat...” As he was finishing his sentence Rhyperior slammed into him, throwing over twenty feet in the air.

“Use Recover!” I yelled. Once he was on the ground his body started to glow a white light, and his bruises disappeared. “Now, hit it with an Ice Beam!”
As Teron got to his feet, and blue ball gathered in his mouth. When it reached full power he released it, sending a blue beam towards the Rhyperior. The Rhyperior tried to dodge but it was to slow and the beam slammed in to it. Causing it to reel backwards and fall to the ground.

“Hit it with Bubblebeam while it’s down.” I yelled to Teron.
A second later Teron started to fire bubbles at Rhyperior in rapid succession, knocking it to the ground.

“Teron, see if it is unconscious.” Teron hopped over to the unmoving Pokemon and climbed onto its chest. When it did not stir he looked back to me and gave me a move forward gesture. As I move toward Teron I checked the battle and found that the other Rhyperior was gone and that only two Rhyhorn remained and they were facing Staryu and Starmie, the last conscious Pokemon of the task force.

“Hurry up, we need to get to the captives,” I told Teron. I wasn’t able to see them clearly except for their outlines in the raging sandstorm. After we had run the last few yards to the captives I counted their
number. There was four Staryu and two Starmie.

“Teron, use Rain Dance and rid us of this storm, while I give these wounded Pokemon the potions we brought,” I commanded.
As I was tending the wounded Pokemon I heard in the distance a thunderstorm and a two second later the field was covered by a massive storm cloud and it started to rain. After that the Staryu and Starmie approached the group dragging their unconscious comrades.

After I spread the potions equally between the Pokemon and they all started to come through I took a Starmie to the side, as I wanted to talk to him about our arrangement.
After talking for a few moments the Starmie gathered the other Starmie into a circle and they started to talk in hushed tones.
After a few minutes of, what I took to be a fierce argument, one of the Starmie approached. “We will uphold our agreement,” he pointed a limb at a Starmie and a Staryu, both with a black jewel, “that is Talchala and his son, Himu. Talchala organized the attack but our leader has stated that you will be allowed to only face his son. If you win you have the right to capture it, if not,” it shrugged, “Teron will just have to accept his clan’s defeat”

As it walked off I approached Teron. “You get to face the Staryu, not the Starmie. I’m going to sit down and watch. This is between you and him. Good luck.”

As I found a seat the Staryu and Starmie had formed a ring around Teron and the Staryu. The Staryu attacked first as it launched into a Rapid Spin attack. Teron sat in his spot until Staryu was five feet away before firing a barrage of Pin Missile at Staryu, hoping to stop it, but he failed as the Starmie smacked into him, and sending him back a few feet. As he got to his feet the Staryu turned like a boomerang and tried to hit him again, but this time the Staryu was firing water out from its star shaped limbs, making it look like a small cyclone.

To my surprise Teron stuck with his plan and fired another Pin Missile barrage. And as before Pin Missile failed to work and Staryu slammed in Teron doing four times the damage it had previous done. Staryu stopped its spin and approached Teron who was struggling to his feet. As Teron staggered to face Staryu fired a Hydro Pump at him. As the attack flung toward him Teron called upon Ancient Power and columns of rock rose from the ground, stopping Hydro Pump and also hitting Staryu.

Then, just as Staryu and Teron were going to launch another round of attacks a Diglett appeared in the middle of the ring.

“Stop!” the little thing shouted. As everyone turned to look at Diglett, I turned to the new sound the loud and getting closer. As I felt the thing approaching the ground began to shake so hard that everyone fell to their feet, including myself. While I was on the ground the rumble got so loud that I was unable to hear anything. And to my surprise and everyone else’s, a Rhyperior leapt from the ground. This Rhyperior was double the size of the two we had defeated already.

“Thank you,” it said to the Diglett. He turned to the rest of us, “What happened here?” he growled.

Then, as if on cue, two Staryu jumped to attack him with twin Hydro Pump attacks. Rhyperior lifted a giant hand and rocks the size if Rhyhorn shot out, hitting both Staryu and knocking them unconscious. He gave us an evil eye, “Anybody else? No, then tell me what happened.”

Nobody stepped forward, I sighed and stepped in front of the giant Pokemon. “It’s a long story, but,” and I launched in to the details of what had happened, leaving nothing out. After I was finished he stood there and mulled over what I had said.

“Well,” he began, “I feel that you have done nothing wrong so take the Staryu that you were talking about, he is over there, underneath a rock. And you can have one of my Rhyhorn, as I find fault in them.” He walked over to the Staryu with the black gem, lifted the rock off of it and threw the unconscious body to me. He repeated the process with a Rhyhorn. “Now, if any of you ever have a problem, come see me. I reside in Blue John cavern. Ask for Lord Brocktree and you will find me,” with that he turned and walked away.

I then grabbed two Pokeballs out of my backpack and pointed them and Rhyhorn and Staryu, and a second later a beam of red light shot from the balls, incasing the two Pokemon before pulling them into the Pokeballs. Once the Pokemon were inside, the small white and red balls began to shake softly, once twice, signaling either a capture or a failed attempt...

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