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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 05-10-2008, 02:23 AM
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Default Virus-

The train crept across the rails through the middle of the night. The passengers unaware that their fate has been sealed the moment they bought the tickets to this train. Going from Boston to Alva via Alva Woods. A bunch of mysterious rumors have been going around since a group of 10 men and women went missing after a trip to Alva Woods, they went in but where never to be found again. Most of the passengers of this train rode in the luxury side of it, this train was especially important as it holds many candidates and politicians running for the Alva state elections in this time of crisis. It also holds the occasional Sport players traveling between states to get to there games on time. During past months this train has been very tight on time and has no recorded lateness, its either been on time or early. But tonight, it will be late, a lot later, it won’t even get there.

Many of the passengers were asleep, the clocks short handed stroked on the 12, signaling a new day has began, the last day of there lives. Nobody knew, but someone was watching them, the trains every move on top of Alva Cliff. A master mind of terror, an abuser of Pokemon, a scientist turned into maniac from the truth. The train halted to a stop. Most of the passengers woke up as they heard the screeching of the trains wheels. The kids started to fear what was going to happen and what is happening, but the adults were there to comfort them, but not for long. The screeching continued but this time it wasn’t the wheels of the train, it was the Conductors loudspeaker microphone. All you could hear was screeching, screaming and the pain the Conductor was going through. The very last words everyone heard from the conductor were:

“May God be with you all.”

These last words had the adults panicking. All the escape doors were shut closed and tighten for no reason and the windows looked un-smash able so they couldn’t get out. The girls started screaming as their mobiles failed to work, with no help and no connection to anyone the passengers on this cursed train was there for the taking. The next the passengers heard was splats and splots onto the top of the train carriages, it sounded like rain but much heavier drops. The roofs started to make a strange fizzing sound and almost instantly the roof started to melt with little circles. As the roof melted small round creatures that looked like a Kabuto feel down from above onto the passengers. They looked like huge leeches that were hungry for flesh and blood, many people tried to fight them off with their Pokemon but it was no use, there were too many of them. They were sucking the life and blood of out every one of the passengers making a sick and twisted slurping sound to note the others this body is finished, the Pokemon were not spared either, nothing alive was left after the feast. Not even the leaches which imploded with the overload of flesh and blood. The remains of the human faces looked like 100 stories. Their skin was torn off, eyes bitten out and pieces of rotting flesh dripping off the bones. The dead children was a worse site, there was nothing left of them but broken and torn clothes that were worn by a skeleton which looked like it was still in pain and suffering. Blood and guts were on the train floor, every seat you passed by looked like a murder scene. The smell of hundreds of deceased rotting bodies could kill. The humans weren’t the only rotting ones, the Pokemon have been demolished as blood drips off their half eaten flesh less bodies, even the big rock Pokemon Golem wasn’t spared, its head, arms and legs on the floor decapitated by the zombie leeches, all that was left was the hard outside exoskeleton of Golem.

A couple of hours later a team of Swat and their Pokemon were informed that the train never made it back and was last spotted outside Alva Woods. They had to be prepared for the worst, no SOS messages, no flares shot, no contract from anyone on the train. There were six members who went on this mission out to investigate the missing train and its passengers, Billy, Tolle, Nicol, Robbin and Assuran. The mission leader was Billy, an experienced Swat team member in beating down the crimes and its criminals. He has a rough bulky outlook; his background is Dutch with a deep Dutch accent. He has spiky light blonde hair; he wields his favorite gun the M-4 Automatic Rifle. The female counter part of Billy is Nicol, she is a brunette but just because she looks nice and cute, she isn’t. She is harsh and fierce to the people who she doesn’t like, tackling her fears and achieving her goal for peace, her favorite weapon is the Desert Eagle a high powered handgun. Then there’s Tolle the youngest one out on this mission, his only 19, and he has only been on a couple of missions, his short, not so well bulked and has a very triangle face, he has long curly blonde hair and wears a belt stored of grenades, flash bombs, smoke bombs and everything else that explodes on site. After him was Robbin, the Swat heavy man, big and heavy weighing over 120kg, he carries most of the Swats heavy machinery and heavy artillery, for this mission his got his favorite weapon around his back, a black with tinted silver Grenade plus Rocket launcher, and also a shotgun if his out of ammo. Last but no least was Assuran, the stealth assassin, going to rescue any hostages or injured personnel’s without letting the enemy notice, his fast and has a lot of stealth tricks up his sleeve, and he wields a little silenced handgun if he ever needed it over his trusty Kershaw Military Boot Knife. Other than that the team they would each have 1 partner Pokemon to assist them in anything they needed, Billy’s partner Pokemon would be Electivire, a big Sinnoh region Pokemon breed from 2 highly leveled Electabuzz. Nicol has a Magmortar which helps her in her daily Swat team missions, Magmortar is a flame Pokemon and can burn anything in its way, it is also a Sinnoh region Pokemon. Tolle’s partner Pokemon was Alakazam, a Psychic Pokemon from the Kanto region. Robbins’ partner Pokemon is Rhyperior, a big bulky and heavy Pokemon just like Robbin.

~Not finished + I found this in a group of missing files lul.


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