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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 05-12-2008, 11:11 PM
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Default The Cave of Mind's Tomb

(Don't worry my story writing as far better then it was.)
Pokemon: Not to sure yet.
Characters needed: ??,???
Characters in story: 9,221
Story condition: Work in progress
Warning: Mild language
(I'm going to keep writing untill I don't feel like writeing anymore, then I will rap the story up, and take my pick at what I think I can catch.)

The dawn's first light starts to trickle into the darkness, illuminating the landscape. An endless desert stretched from horizon to horizon, almost featureless, but a small road was winding its way through the dessert, only a small, dimly-lit inn sat on the road, not far from the inn was a large hole in the ground, there was nothing special about the hole, it looked like a bullet hole in a piece of card bored. the hole was the only think noticeable about this blank landscape though. Then again a thirty-foot-wide, ninety-foot-deep hole in the ground would be noticed just about anywhere.

"'Ey, Jimmy! How much longer s'it gonna take to smoke dim' ribs!!" A man in white yelled to his co-worker, while he himself was grilling hamburgers.

"It takes as long as it takes!" Another man in white yelled standing about ten feet from the other man.

The two men were standing outside the small inn, they were the inn's cooks, and were, what else but cooking 'breakfast' for the people at the inn. Everyone who had been staying at the inn was outside sitting on picnic tables, there were two picnic tables, three people sat at one table, it looked as though they were a traveling group of friends, and one person at the other table he look as if he'd ever had any friends, he'd probably ran them all off.

One of the men in white, the one that wasn't Jimmy, walked over to the table of three people. "yu'r ribs'll be right wit ya!" the man said then turned around and walking over to a small table next to were Jimmy was smoking the ribs, and grabbed three plates. He then walked back to the table and sat the plates downone next to each person.

The three people sitting at the first table looked like a traveling group of trainers, they looked between the ages of twelve and fourteen. One was wearing a dark blue jumpsuit and a dark green hat with a picture of a mankey on it, this boy was about thirty pounds heavier then the other two, and looked as if he didn't get his breakfast ribs soon, he might start chewing on the table he was sitting at. Another one of the kids at the table was a boy in all red, he was wearing a red shirt with the white half of a pokeball on it, Red shorts that came down about three inches past his knees, and a red hat that was on backwards, one lock of black hair sticking out the hole for the adjustable strap. He looked as though he was the leader of the group. The third was a girl with dark, brownish-red hair. She was wearing a white coat of some kind and a knee high white skirt. She was sound asleep, her arms crossed on the table in front of her, her head slumped over in them.

" 'Ey Jimmy! What's takein' so long wit' 'da ribs! This fat'n in blue looks like 'e might just eat me if he don't get 'is ribs!" The man in white that wasn't Jimmy yelled at his co-worker.

The boy in the blue jumpsuit set up and looked at the man in white that had just called him 'fat'n'. "HEEEEEEEEEEYY!!! I'm not fat you little..."

"Shut the hell up you lard!" The girl in white yelled, upset to be awaken from her sleep. She started to lay her head back down only to be annoyed by yet another loud scream.

"GGAAAAHH!!! My hand! damnit that hurts!" The cook in white that wasn't Jimmy started yelling, he had some how or another found a way to press his palm down on the grill.

"Hey Cliff you a'ight?" Jimmy asked as he started to walk over to his co-worker with the burned hand.

"I'm I alright!? Yeah, I'm perfec'ly okay, That's why I screamed and my hand's a bleadin'!" Cliff screamed while holding the back of his right hand with his left hand.

The two of them started to scream back and forth at one another, During all this the kid sitting at the other picnic table had started to get up. He was tall for his age, about five-foot nine-inches tall. He had long black hair, was wearing a long black coat and blank jeans. The coat hung down, unzipped, with a black t-shirt underneath it. The kid got up and walked away from the small inn and started to walk down the road.

"Hey Kid aren'cha gonna eat anythin' before ya go?" Cliff said to the kid, he had started rapping his hand with a cloth he had ripped from his shirt. The kid only continued walking.
" 'Ey if yu'r goin' thata way, watch out for that big 'ol hole in the ground, a'ight!" He yelled to the kid. The kid didn't care or respond, and just continued walking.

The light was crawling more and more, slowly lighting up everything. The kid walked down the snaking road. He was only a hundred yards from the hole now. He wanted to go to this hole, he had heard rumors about it. He knew there were powerful Pokemon in there. He knew they would be hard to get to as well. He brought a backpack full of repelling gear to get down in to the hole.

About twenty minutes later he had arrived at the hole in the ground. He sat down and pulled out his Pokegig. A Pokegig is like a Pokedex with the trainer card, map, phone, and radio built in. He held the Pokegig out and looked at, it was displaying the trainer card:
Name: Jak Everloan
Trainer ID: 1749496650
Age: 15
Pokedex: 117
Metagross - lv.87
Scizor - lv.82
Steelix - lv.79
Ninetales - lv.78
Porygon Z - lv.83
Snorlax - lv.80

He hit a buton and it jumped over to a map, and he started scrolling through and found his location. With a bing, it found the blip on the map, and displayed the name.
"Mind's Tomb? that sounds like an attack, not the name of a cave." He punched a button on the touch screen of the Pokegig that read 'History' The Pokegig started to talk:

"The cave of Mind's Tomb appear in the Desert of Aiig 35 years ago. It appeared suddenly, and there is no known reason as to why. What is known is that strong Pokemon live deep inside it, and most of them are Pokemon that wouldn't live in caves. Dr. Rubert Mind was the first to go down into the cave. he reported that there were 'rooms' in this cave, some of them giant in size. these 'rooms' looked like something in the above world. The biggest 'room' was the Grassland room, this room alone as one and one-fourth of a mile by one mile wide. There were also swamp, desert, sea, and forest rooms. Doctor Rubert Mind went down into the cave four times and each time came back out with more and more information. On his fifth trip, he disappeared. The cave was named after him: Mind's Tomb."

"Wow, how frighteningly interesting." Jak said as he put his Pokegig back into his pocket, He then pulled his backpack off and set it on the ground next to him, And started pulling out repelling gear. He set up the repelling gear and put a small light on his head, miner style, and started to slowly drop down into the cave.

Once he reached the bottom of the cave he looked around at everything, and gave a loud whistle. He then started to look around for an entrance to one of the 'rooms'. He aimed the light on his head around the cave, the cave was almost featureless, not but a pitfall. He started to think that there were no 'rooms' with powerful Pokemon in them, he started to think that there were no Pokemon here at all, except maybe a few Zubat. Then just as he was about to give up, he saw the shine of eyes reflect from his headlamp, he jerked toward the source of the light. Whatever it was it had taken off in to a nearby cave. The cave entrance was very well-hidden by rocks, that must have been why he couldn't see it before.

Jak started to walk over to were he saw the shine of the eyes. He walked slowly, making sure not to trip over anything in the inky darkness. After a while of working his way to the entrance of the cave he finally got there. When he finally reached the cave and started down it. The cave was long and narrow, it made him think of what it would be like if he was to walk through a giant straw. His light only reached about thirty feet ahead of him, but he couldn't see any Pokemon, or anything else for that matter. He walked on, and on, and on, but he never seemed to get anywhere. After about forty-five minutes of walking he came to a three-way fork in the tunnel. He decided without even braking step to take the one on the right.

He walked on for about thirty minutes more before he saw anything. Even then, all he saw was two Zubat, fleeing from the light cast by his head lamp. Then he began to notice a small pinprick of light far back in the cave. He started to walk a little faster, he started seeing more and more Zubat and every now and then a Golbat. He walked for about ten more minutes until the pinprick of light was huge, it was growing and growing as he walked towards it. When he finally reached the source of the light, he found it to be the exit to the cave.

He walked outside the cave and looked around... He was in a forest. At first he thought he was outside the cave, but he remembered he was Ninety feet beneath the floor of the desert.
"Impossible." Jak whispered to himself. He looked up, a large white, very bright Gem was in the center of the top of the cave.
"What is that thing?" He asked himself, it was only now it dawned on him.
"I'm really in one of Mind's rooms... Wow.. This must be the Forest room."
I no longer frequent this site. If you wish to contact me still, go to gaia-online. Here is my account there. I will help you get into gaia as best I can.

I am sorry about my dissapearnce from this site, but to be honest I grew out of pokemon a bit xP I still play the games, but my pokemon sprite work, and comics I did here, just bore me now... I miss some of my friends I had here though.

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