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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Arrow Tundra island: Part 1:Tundra troubles!

Tundra Island
The Tundra Island is a small land-mass that has drifted away from the very peak of Sinnoh. It is said many Pokemon lived here and my still be adrift on the Tundra.
Danny, A young man who enjoys to wear the best clothing, has soft brown hair with a little “tick” shape at the top. He recently signed up for the PHD [Pokemon Help Force] and has been signed for his first mission.
“ Lieutenant Danny, we have a mission for you. Will you accept” A man in a large army uniform yelled.

“ Yes, But would you mind explaining it first?” Danny replied.

“ Well, there has been strange noises originating from the Tundra Forests. We think there may be a pokemon in distress. Obviously, We have chosen you to go and see what is happening.” The commander explained.

“ Thanks for explaining that, and I accept these terms.” I said.


Battle Log


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