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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 05-30-2008, 09:44 AM
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Default 3˛ = Pe2K Mishap

3˛ = Pe2K Mishap

'Tis a paired story with U&E.
Yes, if you hadn’t already noticed, this story will revolve around Pokémon Elite 2000 struggling for survival. A certain thread about Ryan’s inactivity inspired me. So here you go, and here’s a list of the characters that will appear in the story. Also, my real name is not Tim!

Second notice, all this is fiction, it has nothing to do with my actual account, so don’t worry.

Tim = Dark Thunder
Ellie = Wisp
Ben = U&E (umbreonandespeon)
Black Hawk
Danny = DOD (darkrai of darkness)
magic kid930
Draconic Espeon
Kat (PhantomKat7)
No more.
++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Exams. What will they think of next?

The window of the small classroom could not deny such heat to pass through it and heat everything up. Children’s desks were lined up neatly, with a male teacher standing up at the front, hands behind his back, examining every single child in the room with his big blue eyes.

I, Timothy Brownhawk, was sitting at one of the desks, pencil in my hand, and writing down his answers to the exam questions. It was all about maths, what else?

The letter n is equal to two.
What is 3x (4n + 6n)?

I stared at the question, my mind blank. Beads of sweat steadily rolled down the side of my pink face. My pencil was touching the answer box, a large box in which I had to put an answer. Calculators were most certainly not allowed in this school exam, and I’m not you’re most intelligent boy.

I wiped the sweat off my face and scratched my scruffy, curly ginger hair.

“Your time has expired, everyone. Time to hand in your papers and head for home.”

I saw every student walking towards the teacher, thumping their papers on his desk, and then walking out of the door. I sighed as I dragged my papers towards the desk, my heart beating madly, echoing inside my body.

As soon as he got home I collapsed onto my bed. It was much cooler, the classroom was extremely hot, and they didn’t even have a fan there. I grabbed a pillow and threw it at a wall with intense fury. Three exams in a week. How outrageous. Another bad part was the fact that I knew I did not do even tolerably.

And then the thought hit me. I always went onto my favourite website, Pokémon Elite 2000, to chat with other members, participate in the fun URPG (Ultra Role Playing Game, it’s where you obtain a starter and battle others online with your Pokémon, write stories, purchase items from the PokéMart and participate in exciting contests) and tell them of my experiences so they can comfort me. I had lots of friends on there – in fact, my real life friends went on it – my best friends Ben, who was named umbreonandespeon, Ellie, who was named Wisp, and Danny, who was named darkrai of darkness (nicknamed DOD). Black Hawk and SuperSmashBrawl were also friends who I’ve never met in real life but are still super friends of mine – best of all, we were all URPG participants.

I turned my head and saw my computer sitting duly in the room, computer screen still on (though I could not see what the website was) with three Poké Balls shaking madly on the desk. I got up from my bed, shoulders pulling me down as they ached.


“D-A-R-K,” I murmured as the letters appeared in the box, “T-H-U-N-D-E-R”. I soon clicked on the password box.

One star appeared in the box before I hit the enter button. It was a single letter, I knew it was weak but I really couldn’t be bothered to change it. Sometimes I even forgot the letter and had to ask my Pokémon to tell me what it was.

Welcome, Dark Thunder.
You last visited: Today at 5:30 PM
Private Messages: Unread 1, Total 5

Someone had sent me a message.

“Ben, of course.”

Ben was always getting home before me. He stayed on for hours, making sure to send me a message first, just so I could reply and we could cut to the chit chat.

I entered my inbox, smiling at the computer screen as soon as I realized that Ben had definitely sent me a message. The message had the title, ‘Hey DT, have a look at this.’

Just looking at it made me more curious. Moving my Pikachu cursor to the new message, my Poké Balls continuously shook like mad. I stopped to have a look at them. My voice always cheered them up; I was so glad Pokémon can hear their trainers from within their portable homes.

“Stop it, please. Roselia, Eevee, Wooper. Now!”

But they were still shaking. I sighed, bewildered, as they always did as they were told. I grabbed my school rucksack and placed them all inside. I just got back to the computer in time to click on the message before the system could automatically log me out. I gasped, staring at , whether or not I should.

Ben had written in a serious way.

Hi, bro:
Have you seen anything weird lately? Look around, I found something quite weird.

Ben never wrote this serious. I could tell if it was a prank or a joke. I had a feeling that he wasn’t lying somehow, so I didn’t reply and click on ‘Pokémon Elite 2000’ at the top left, taking me to the index.

But then I thought, where could funny things happen?

I stared at the boards of Pe2K.

Pokémon: News:
Questions/Feedback to Webmaster:

Examples of threads in the board were displayed on the left hand side, the one with the most recent posts of the board always appearing. I sighed and scrolled down to the bottom of the page to see at least fifteen users online. That wasn’t actually very much as lots and lots of people usually went on the website by the time I got home.

Suddenly I gasped with horror. My Poké Balls were shaking more and more and more, so much that I saw the entire desk juddering extremely violently.

I had no idea what was going on, and then I looked at the only forum moderator online, Rust, but only for a split second. I only could look at him for a split second – he vanished suddenly.

“What in the blue blazes was THAT?”

I dared not stay logged in for longer. A small red light was glowing on my screen, and I thought that maybe…

I quickly hit the Log Out button right before the red light could grow any bigger.

All cookies cleared!

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