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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Default The Pokemon Ranger Chronicles - Part 1 Started= A Rangers Passion

The Pokemon Ranger Chronicles.
Part 1: A Rangers Passion!

Jackson has been training in the Orre region for a long time, waiting to be called for his ranger training.
He has long blonde hair and a cool red jacket that is standard issue in the Pokemon Ranger Alliance. After many years of extremely hard training, Jackson is ready to start his Pokemon ranger journey!
Jackson has just left his big blue house and is walking across a large steel bridge and into the Pokemon ranger facility area.

“Hey Jackson, are you ready yet? “ A man in large black suit said.

“Well I would be, but im not exactly sure what you want me to ready for.” Jackson replied.

“You know the big mission. Operation Overdrive? Do you want the brief again? Oh and my name is Joe.” Joe explained.

“I don’t remember any ‘Operation Overdrive’ but if you need my help Joe, I will loyally oblige to helping you.” Jackson said.

“Thank you Jackson. Well, the main idea of the mission is to test your skills that you should have learnt in the ranger training camp. You have your capture styler with you correct?” Joe asked.

“I never leave home without it. I keep it with me at all times Joe.” I answered.

“Oh, very good Jackson. Are you presently available Jackson?” He replied.

“Yes, and I like were your going with this. You want to start this mission today don’t you?” I asked.

“We should be able to find are transport by the bridge, they should take us straight to the Tundra Island!” He answered.

Jackson and Joe ran swiftly across the street and onto the large grey dusty bridge.
On the distant horizon a small vessel seemed to zoom across the crystal clear blue sea.

“Jackson, I think this is our lift” Joe exclaimed.
Jackson and Joe swung of the bridge and dive gracefully down onto what seemed to be a hover-craft. With one crank of the engine belt they were off at great speed.

“This is as far as I can take you, your on your own for now.


Battle Log


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