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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 08-10-2008, 07:58 PM
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Default What an Ugly Story

[warning] Mild spoilers are in this introduction, if you are reading the official Uglies Trilogy written by Scott Westerfeld,
so I advise you read ahead to chapter one, or grit your teeth and bare with what you may find in this post.

Who would have thought that being perfect would be normal.
This is a fan-fiction, written by Uomo and I (with some help from Snowball Sunday, of course :3),
about our world in the future, where beauty and perfection is longed for until your sixteenth birthday,
when an operation over your entire body transforms you into a breath-taking god or goddess.
However, the operation wasn’t always so wonderful.

There was a mind-rain, several years ago from the current setting of “What an Ugly Story”,
where there was a breakthrough in what really happened under the knife.
Lesions were placed into your brain, changing the way you think, changing you ultimately.

However, that was all stopped by infamous special, Tally Youngblood.
She risked the life of her beloved boyfriend, Zane,
the loyalties between her and her best friend, Shay, and many others.

This is several years after the lesions were discovered, after everything was fixed,
after everything became the utopia that it was meant to be.
But… we can’t keep malice at bay forever.

Also, both Uomo and I will be posting chapters and such, seeing as we're both writing this.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1

Chapter 2

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Default Re: What an Ugly Story

Chapter One
AutoSurge: Version 3.0


Hail was falling like the stars of the heavens above pelting the earth below. The whole street outside of McGregor Hall lay covered with a blanket of ice and sleet. From his seventh story dorm room, Lex could barely make out the almost white silhouettes of common bystanders while they tried to find places to shield themselves from the shower of the ice crystals above. His handcam, Jag, let out a small giggle as the bustling city-folk of the newly named city “Kyoto” ran around the white streets, their scarves and hats littering their paths below.

Lex looked down at Jag a moment after the soft robotic chuckle. The two centimeter wide camera lifted itself off of his freezing palm with a puff of air from its hollow inside and onto the nearby windowsill. “Jag,” he said, “approximate temperature?” Lex always talked to his handcam like this; with authority, thinking that he could talk like one of Tokyo’s most advanced doctors ever to grace the local hospital. Even in the privacy of his own dorm room, he felt authority should be carried everywhere, even if only to a robot that wasn’t even the size of his finger.

Jag looked at the road below and then at Lex. A beam of multi-colored light was released from the pen cap sized handcam directly into his now glowing iris. The two-day-old eyescreen was in working motion, once more, to Lex’s relief.

“Hm,” Lex muttered to himself as he scanned the floating number on the screen. It was -4˚ according to Jag’s infrared. Next to the hovering temperature was his face rank.

“What?” he muttered again. “Why hasn’t the AutoSurge prototype taken off? Didn’t I tell Kilo to release the kick about it last night?” Lex’s face rank was barely out of extra land (34,921), but according to the most famous foreign tech basher Jeal Tox, he, and a few others, rounded out the top 5,000 tech-heads of the city of 600,000, Kyoto.

The week before he had finished Jag, the only handcam in Kyoto, and was aiming to have the AutoSurge prototype, which had been ready to be kicked for a month by Lex’s friend Kilo Yuri, make him a legend.

AutoSurge was a theory that many surgeons were thinking about trying, but didn’t dare think of the defects. To 16 year-old tech-head Lex Morimoto, the idea seemed very easy to grasp.

As he bit his fingernail, a small orb of orange light appeared in front of him. It had a small mirror that faced him and a small hole that glowed almost white in Lex’s infrared. He winked at it and his eyescreen booted up.

A small voice echoed in Lex’s head that said, “Now booting up ‘AutoSurge: Version 3.0’.” The two versions before left decimeter thick burns that stayed on his gorgeous manga face for a whole day before subsiding. “The program you are using has been certified as ‘Very unstable’. Are you sure you want to start the program ‘AutoSurge: Version 3.0’?”

Lex bit his lower lip hesitantly, before nervously clearing his throat. Lifting his chin proudly, he said, “Yes, operate program ‘AutoSurge: Version 3.0’.”

Lex felt his breath catch in his throat as the eerie silence sent his adrenaline pulsating through his veins wildly. He clenched his fists and dared to squeeze his eyes shut, his teeth pulling nervously on a piece of dry skin from his lip.

A soft whirring sound came from Jag, much like an overworked computer’s fan kicking into gear moments before something large was loaded. The main menu of AutoSurge slowly faded into view, and after a few uneasy moments, Lex selected the facial features he’d wanted to try out. He bit his lower lip harder, feeling a warm pearl of blood being drawn.

Lex blinked his way through the selections and, pulling his hair away from his forehead, closed his eyes as he felt the orange light spinning red through his eyelids.

The feeling of his skin being pulled back off of his face was probably the most uncomfortable part of the entire process. It felt as if it were being stretched into soft clay, molding and compressing itself. As he felt the ceramic makeshift bones under his now soft skin being softened and molded into shape, he also felt his cheekbones pulled up, and his bones close in, narrowing his eyes far more than their previous manga-like appearance.

His jaw lines were pushed inwards, shrinking his teeth slightly, but keeping his canines the same size to give him a fierce, predator-like appearance. His irises started to constrict, shrinking his pupil as he felt like they were spinning; changing color and size.

As his skin started to firm up once more, he sensed a searing slash of what felt like a white-hot iron being pressed against his skin; digging into his now sharp, protruding cheekbones. Yelping out and cupping his hand to his cheek - even though he knew very well that you should not touch your skin during this process - he felt his skin turn ashy by the injury, and pulled his hand back, rubbing what looked like ash between his fingers.

Feeling his skin swiftly remold and slowly harden, the ceramic bones beneath his skin retaining their steel-hard texture, Lex jumped up from where he sat, quickly making his way over to the mirror that hung above his dresser.

He was still beautiful, to his surprise. He barely even noticed the deep black singe mark on his right cheek. As his eyescreen moved across his new face in the mirror, he spied the obvious burn mark and then remembered the pain from the laser scalpel.

The painful singe suddenly irked his right cheekbone and Lex was tempted to surge it off. Of course, being an intelligent tech-head, he knew that using AutoSurge would only cause him more problems. Still, the black spot lingered on his new prominently featured, sharp face like a rain cloud in a perfectly clear sky.

“Jag,” he sighed, “scrap the program ‘AutoSurge: Version 3.0’ in the ‘Work In Progress’ file.” He stared into the dresser mirror once more and let out a deep, frustrated breath. His face was a pale pinkish color with no imperfections to be seen. His now seriously manga-styled eyes were narrow and filled with flecks of green, orange, and brown, which contrasted against the small spinning kanji flash tattoos in the corner of his right eyelid. He was beautiful, yes, but any pretty who was spotted with a gaping imperfection was bashed on all the local feeds the next day.

Jag hovered off of the windowsill and beamed a colorful ray of light at the orange orb, while Lex watched as it suddenly went dead and fell to the ground. He picked up the dead ball of glass and placed it on his dorm room’s desk.

He blinked and pinged Kilo, telling him not to kick the AutoSurge story, after all. He didn’t care how much it would raise his lousy face rank of now 34,932, especially if said program was deemed ‘too unstable’ by Jeal Tox. Besides, after he was seen with his singe mark in public, Lex Morimoto would be all over the fashion feeds.

Pulling his flimsy dorm jacket off of the back of the chair at his desk, Lex tugged his arms through their sleeves, zipping the jacket halfway to his ribs. Lex peered into the mirror one last time, brushing his jagged bangs out of his menacing eyes, feeling content and their malevolent appearance.

Lex reached for the door handle, pulling it open as he left a faint, ashy residue on the handle. He glared at it bitterly, and then, nonchalantly, shut the door closed behind him. He started down the hallway of the dorm complex, squinting as the intensified sunlight glaring off the sheet of ice and snow outside blinded him as he stepped into a closing elevator, his pretty reflexes giving him a graceful leap into it.

Lex leaned against the side of the elevator, after quickly jamming his thumb for the first floor of the building. He dared a glance at the man who stood opposite of him. He was about a head taller than Lex, probably in his mid-twenties or so. He had copper eyes with brilliant golden specs, and inky black hair. He wore a black zip-up hoodie, with his hood pulled over his head, and a white scarf was tucked snugly around his neck. His hands were jammed into his khaki jeans, and his grippy-soled iron gray shoes squeaked softly against the elevator’s aluminum floor.

Pushing the oddness of this man’s fashion into the back of his head, Lex tilted his head away from him, letting it thud softly against the wall as he watched the thin arrow slowly slide left on the meter above. The apartment building was meant to have an older Rusty feeling to it, with dreary music playing with an irksome tune echoing around in the elevator. The main lobby had a showy, gurgling fountain that depicted a mermaid surrounded by dolphins, with ruby red sofas surrounding it, even though nobody ever stayed in the lobby for longer than five minutes.

A soft ding and a slow whoosh of the elevator door later, Lex departed the only means of transportation to the different floors in the building, as the man slowly walked behind him, as if he were trailing his steps.

Clearing his throat nervously, Lex attempted to ignore the persistent squeaking of the grippy shoes behind him. He started for the door as his rock-hard pretty body pushed through the spinning glass paneled door and into the bone-chilling streets of Kyoto.
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Default Re: What an Ugly Story

I LOVED the Uglies trilogy! This is very well-written, nice job. =3
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Old 08-23-2008, 02:14 AM
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Default Re: What an Ugly Story

Chapter Two
Haruchi Takahashi


As the rotating door released Lex from it’s spinning indoors, the brisk -4˚ air enveloped his body as his clothes turned purple in his infrared and the whole street in front of him turned jet black. The freezing streets were empty, the pedestrians all indoors he suspected, except for one vivid yellow figure that Lex caught in his peripheral vision. As he stepped forward, the figure followed and Lex realized that the figure was the man from inside the dorm complex.

Lex winked with his right eye and Jag was soon at his side and glowing an eager orange. “Jag,” he whispered with his focus still on the man following him, “go over to that guy and take a few shots of him. Not in infrared, of course.”

After he winked again to confirm the order, Lex started to walk further towards the café at the end of the ice-strewn street and watched as the trembling man behind continued to stalk him. Jag was closing in on the man when he stopped.

“Oh, crap,” muttered Lex - who still wasn’t watching directly - as the man turned suddenly in the direction of Jag’s sneak skinned shape. As the man was about to punch the small pen capsized robot before he could spy any longer, the colorful beam of light poured out of Jag’s tiny body and then raced off towards Lex.

Lex started sprinting away as Jag was suddenly at his side again and watched as the stunned and shaking man stared at them and started walking away. “That was damn close,” said Lex as he ran. He slowed his run to a walk as he came to his favorite coffee shop, Hokkaido Kouhii, and pushed open the door as a soft ding of a bell echoed around the café.

The bittersweet aroma of coffee beans and sweet candy filled Lex’s nose as he entered the café, feeling instant warmth course through his veins, Lex approached a small, circular table in the corner of the café, settling down as he took in his surroundings, scanning the faces of the couples and other pretties who sat around, sipping their steamy drinks carefully, as they glanced at Lex, only to return him with a more curious glance.

Content with the given attention, Lex leaned farther back in his chair, pressing his back gently across the frosty window and felt the freezing water vapor in contrast of the warm café. He took in the faces of the individuals around him, studying their hovering face ranks, determining whom he should make his singe mark apparent to. As he rested his gaze on the last pretty in the shop, he couldn’t help but gawk in awe. Not only did she have a face rank of a mere 93, but also her features were of the utmost bizarreness.

She bore deep oriental features - a rare thing to see - as many people in East Asia often surged such features away. She had jet-black hair that appeared as silky as a stream, shining almost blue in the faint sunlight from her seat on the opposite side of the café. She had black eyes that gave Lex a skin crawling feeling of endless depths, and porcelain-like fair skin. A single, small phrase that Lex couldn’t make out the characters stretched down her left cheek from the corner of her eye even though they were written in basic Kanji.

She adorned a thick, intricately sewn black sweater with a brown-and-black scarf of soft fur wrapped loosely around her neck that was drooping forward over her chest. Lex spotted what appeared to be a faint white skirt under the table, reaching just below her knees. Her calves, though, were covered with knee-high black leather boots, each with a thin layer of fur on the top.

Lex looked up, and felt his breath catch in his throat as he locked his gaze with her. She stared back at him, her expression emotionless, slowly her head cocked to one side, and she lifted a single eyebrow, brushing her choppy bangs to one side so that she could get a better look at the young man who had been observing her.

Lex looked away, feeling a slight blush redden his cheeks, turning his singe mark to become more visible to the oriental girl. Daring to cast a glance back at her, Lex saw to his horror as she rose from her seat, and crossed the few short strides across the café. She settled herself down in the chair opposite of him, interlacing her fingers neatly on the edge of the table, studying his singe mark with a curious expression plastered on her face.

“Don’t think I’ve seen you before,” the girl stated, leaning forward slightly, and lowering her voice, “I’d imagine that Nobu would have told me that we had a new member, though. Probably slipped his mind, though.”

Lex narrowed his eyes, taken aback by the girl’s sudden approach.

“Uh… pardon?” Lex questioned, furrowing his brow in utter bewilderment.

“Oh, that’s right. He’d still be Nobuyuki to you. It’s a weird tradition of the group, but you kind of get used to it,” she explained, lifting her hand forward as she prepared to shake Lex’s hand, “I seem to have forgotten my manners, I apologize. My name is Haruchi Takahashi, but you can just call me Haru.”

Lex eyed her expression and wondered if this was some kind of a crude joke. Who the heck was Nobuyuki anyways? And what situation had he gotten himself into this time?

“Please, could you just leave me alone? I really have no idea who Nobu…” Lex’s nervous voice trailed off into silence as he stared into Haru’s deep black eyes. “My name’s Lex,” he managed to spit out as he wiped some drool off his chin.

Haru chuckled uneasily as she eyed his singe mark, her expression fading from amusement to demoralization. Her eyescreen flickered to life and she turned to face Lex again.

“Lex Morimoto. How come Nobu never told me about you?” As the words escaped her mouth, Lex felt his cheek burn for a moment, and then felt an ashy powder fall off of his face. “Oh,” muttered Haru. “Your singe…wasn’t permanent?” She lifted her arms and pinned back her bangs with a green vivid Rusty clip that had been hidden on her sweater’s collar.

Lex stared at her again and spied a large black singe mark where her cropped bangs had been and realized that she must’ve been in a clique where the members singed their faces with iron rods or something. He suddenly felt a sharp jab at his stomach as he thought of people so beautiful and kind burning their own faces for excitement, or even fun. But then again, the people who conducted the Mind Rain, the Cutters, slit their wrists for euphoria.

“Oh, no.” Lex lifted his hand to his still sore cheek and brushed the remaining ash off. “I was just…fiddling around…” He suddenly felt mesmerized as Haru unbuttoned her navy sweater and revealed a bright pink shirt.

Haru stared at him with a slightly disgusted look on her face and said in a slightly angry voice, “Are you ever going to get some coffee? If you’re not, then why the heck did you come here, pervert? To stalk little girls?” Lex’s stare at her bosom while she was unbuttoning her sweater obviously freaked her out a little… or a lot.

Lex returned his gaze to her face and felt a strong red appear on his now perfectly clear face. “I was…” He suddenly drew a blank on what to say out of his embarrassment. "I’m…going to get a cafe macchiato, actually.” He saw Haru stand up and he stood to face her again.

“You have good taste in coffee, at least,” she muttered while the two of them walked over to the café’s counter.

Lex approached the counter unsteadily, glancing down at Haru as he suddenly realized how short she really was. She must’ve been at least half a foot shorter than him - at least, that is.

“Yes, what would you like?” The pretty behind the counter asked, leaning forward as she interlaced her fingers wryly, taking glances between Lex and Haru with a wide smile.

“Ah…” Lex began, his eyes scanning the menu just behind the woman.

“Two café macchiato, please,” Haru interjected, briefly looking at Lex apologetically as she nudged him over, diving her hand deep into her pockets as she carefully pulled out and counted a dozen small, silver coins, before dumping them in the outstretched hand of the woman.

“All right,” she mused, quickly counting the coins before depositing them in an old Rusty device that was perched unsightly on the counter next to her, clinging noisily as the coins rattled in its metal tray.

Lex and Haru waited for a few awkwardly silent moments, quietly observing the pretty’s proficiency at handling the large machines. Not even a minute later, she turned back to the two of them and slid the drinks on the counter as she wiped her hands swiftly on the apron tied tightly across her front, smiling warmly at them.

Lex turned around, facing the table as he started back towards the corner of the shop, while Haru steered off in the other direction, heading for the door.

“Hey,” Lex called, stopping as she paused with an outstretched hand resting on the door, “where are you going?”

“These always taste better in the cold,” Haru explained calmly, smiling in a most pretty-making way, “I thought you’d come with.”

“Ah, um… yeah, of course,” Lex stuttered, weaving between the close-knit tables as she pushed the door open, giggling softly as a bubbly guest of bitter wind buffeted them, making the drinks in their hands feel extra warm.

Of course, however, maybe it wasn’t just the drinks…
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