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Old 08-31-2008, 12:48 AM
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Default xkiers trading thread

looking for :
shiny ditto

For trade
crobat lvl 58
servipe lvl 75
squirtle lvl 1
piplup lvl 1
charmander lvl 1
ditto lvl 30
luxray lvl 56
rotom lvl 15
drifbloom lvl 22
kabuto lvl 20
evee lvl 1
scizor lvl 25
metagross lvl 45
charizard lvl 36
ekans lvl 12
arcanine lvl 16
some dittos lvl 30
kindra lvl 32
salamence lvl 50
cradily lvl 40
flygon lvl 45
manaphy lvl 8
delibird lvl 32
tyranitar lvl 55

groudon lvl 62
Heatran lvl 70}UT
registeel lvl 40}UT
palkia lvl 62
dialga lvl 63
shaymin lvl 70
zapdose lvl 50 UT
articuno lvl 50 UT
moltreas lvl 50 UT
mesprit lvl 50 UT

pokemon sapphire, ruby, leaf green:
i can get most the pokemon from these games so ask

also can get chancey with sesmic toss or a pokemon from leaf green and teach sesmic toss

i can get al the starters from all generations lvl 1 tho
some with moves they hatched with:
charmanders lvl 1 knows : flamethrower
piplups lvl 1 knows : hydro pump surf brine
squirtle lvl 1 knows : water pulse

miltank lvl 100
suicune lvl 51
Mudkip lvl 5
umbreon lvl 100
crobat lvl 28
evee lvl 1
darkrai lvl 40
kyogre lvl 45
torkal lvl 28
poochyena lvl 5
fortress lvl 34
starly lvl 3
aipom lvl 10
seel lvl 39
snubbull lvl 34
floatzel lvl 40
ralts lvl 4
cyndaquil lvl 5
rhyperior lvl 55
lapras lvl 100
espeon lvl 70

ask me and ill see if i have

fc:1934 2676 7634

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Old 08-31-2008, 03:04 AM
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Default Re: xkiers trading thread

I'm interested in a bulbasaur. Please pm me for what I can offer...
My Completed Sapphire Nuzlocke Run:

My Completed Leafgreen Nuzlocke Run:
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