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Pokemon Battling Center Find an opponent to battle on Pokemon Black/White, Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum or Pokemon Online. Join a clan or tournament here.

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Old 09-06-2008, 12:16 PM
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Default Xtreme Battlers Clan

Hello and welcome to the Xtreme Battlers Clan (XBC), a clan where many of the best battlers gather. There are ranks in this team starting with Grunt and going all the way to Surpreme Ultimate. Can you climb all the way?
All members are allowed to use any non-uber pokemon of any type(s).


How to obtain rank: All members start as Grunts

Superb Member
How to obtain rank: Get 30 Points

How to obtain rank: Get 50 points

How to obtain rank: Get 80 points

How to obtain rank: Get 80 points

How to obtain rank: Get 100 points

Supreme Ultimate
How to obtain rank: Get 200 points *ONLY ONE SPACE LEFT*

==How to join==
To join, you will need to show that you have skill in in battle. You will battle a tester, and if that person deems you worthy enough then you are in. Note that the tester may change the rules for the battle so always be prepared. If the test proves you are strong enough then you are in. You do not have to win to be able to join.

This is how you will be tested:

Strategy: ?/5
Knowledge on Physical and Special Attacks: ?/5
Knowledge on Type Matchups: ?/5
Ability to guess what the opponent is going to do: ?/5
This system was adapted by Sabaku no Gaara of SPPf (and slighty changed me me). Thanks to him =]
You must have at least a 4/5 in each property to get in.

Hall Of Fame

legendarytamer (SPPf)
Reason: for founding the clan
Reason: For reopening the XBC on Smogon and legendarytamer's right hand man
ganonrai (SPPf)
Reason: For building the site, reopening the XBC on SPPf and legendarytamers faithful right hand geek :D! I mean... DUDE!

War Status
War(s): Team Huh? (SPPf) (War still going on)

Banners and User Bars

Supreme Ultimate




1. Follow all forum rules
3. Lv. 100; single battles (though double battles are allowed on certain occasions)
4. No hacked pokemon
5. Standard Clauses
6. Respect one another
7. Once you become a member, state so in your signature

Special Team Rules


Uber Pokémon are overpowered Pokémon. These pokemon have some of the highest stats in the game and are too good for my rules. Below is a list of ubers, on the border OU's, and non-uber legendarys.

-Deoxys (normal, attack, and defense)

On The Border
-Deoxys Speed Forme
*Note: All on the border pokemon are usable, however if the battler you are playing doesn't want them they are banned.

Non-Uber OU Legendarys

Non-Uber BL Legendarys

Non-Uber UU Legendarys

~EV's And IV's~

All Pokemon must be EV trained, this is our #1 rule. We wouldn't Stand a chance against EV'd mons vs Non EV'd mons. Another thing is IVs. You MUST MAKE THE EFFORT! If you do not fully understand EVs and IVs then please visit Smogon. It's a great site for the key elements to nurturing (and naturing!) your pokemon and competitive battling.


If you are going to join our clan then please be loyal! This includes:
-Being active
-Help us as a clan
-Join us in war

~Standard Rules~

(I'm sorry to say but if these requirements are not met, say goodbye to this clan! We take it very seriously here!)

Sleep Clause[/U]
You can't use sleep inducing moves in opponent's Pokémon when there's another Pokémon in his/her team asleep. Yawn can't be used to PseudoHaze (make opponent switch) when there's another Pokémon asleep caused by you. When the asleep Pokémon awakes or faints, you're free to make another Pokémon of his/her team asleep. Sleeping being caused by Effect Spore or Rest are disconsidered from Sleep Clause.

Species Clause[/U]
You can't use two of the same Pokémon in a team.

Evasion Clause[/U]
You can't use moves that increases your evasion. Avoid the use of Acupressure, it has 1/7 chance to double your evasion.

OHKO Clause[/U]
You are strictly prohibited of using OHKO moves. They are Guillotine, Horn Drill, Fissure and Sheer Cold.

No Hax Items[/U]
These are all the items that relies on luck to activate. These items are:
Brightpowder, Focus Band, King's Rock, Lax Incense, Quick Claw, Razor Claw, Razor Fang and Scope Lens. (Tell me if I missed some).
Note: Scope Lens and Razor Claw are considered Hax items, but they are the only one that is accepted normally in Wi-Fi.

No Disconnecting
You can't turn off your DS or move away from signal range to end a battle. People can have weak routers so don't always fight with the people if he/she disconnected.

If members act up they will be booted out of the clan.

Clan Tournaments

Current Member List
Name - Rank - Partner
legendarytamer - Surpreme Ultimate - Quilava
SuperStarly - Supreme Ultimate - Gliscor
Ganonrai - Supreme Ultimate - Metagross

One day, a man called legendarytamer saw many aliances known as clans... He was a relible member of one team on SPPf: Team Eevee. But yet, he disagreed with their ways (some of them). So he made his own clan.... Named XBC!!!!

Clan Gift Shop~


*- Free Upon Entry
$-10 B Points (for example $$ means 20 points^-Free When Ranked Up)

Specail Moves:Roar Of Tme/Spacil Rend
Donated By:Ganonrai

Donated By:Ganonrai

Xtreme Battlers Clan Missions==
You can get B Points and C Points (rank-up points) for missions. To do a misson a higher rank member must asign you to one. Here is a list of the challenging and fun missions you can take part in:

Battle Mission - 5 C Points + 6 B Points:
You'll have to beat the member the client tells you.
Info Mission - 10 C Points + 7 B Points:
You'll have to gather the info your client tells you to get.
Gather Member Mission - 15 C Points + 10 B Points:
Get the member your client tells you to get to join. You can request multiple members.
EV Train Mission - 30 C Points + 15 B Points:
You EV train the pokemon requested for your client.
Breeding Mission - 20 C Points + 25 B Points:
You breed the requested pokemon.
Mega Mission - 50 C Points + 30 B Points:
You do a certain task that is harder and not on the list.

Clans We've merged with:
Team Climax (SPPf)

Things We Sponsor:
None right now.

Strive to be the best!
-SS out.
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Old 09-06-2008, 04:57 PM
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Default Bulletin Board

Well, as you can guess, the XBC is gonna be a pretty bustling clan on PE2K, but not without one thing... Banners! We still need our representing banner, along with the usual stuff. My good friend ganonrai will take care of the UBs.

By creating a banner, you will be promoted to Boss and will be given 50 B Points!

And do not forget, if you join the XBC no matter what and get promoted to Superb Member, you'll receive a free Darkrai and Deoxys! (cloned through AR)

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Old 09-08-2008, 08:53 PM
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Default Re: Xtreme Battlers Clan

SS on pe2k!?!? lol good to see ya, but pm me cause they take stuff diffrent her eon pe2k.
Diamond FC:
3394 2433 5319

Shoddy Username:

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Old 09-15-2008, 11:28 AM
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Default Re: Xtreme Battlers Clan

ok so who are the testers and when can i battle one? i would like to try and join
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