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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 11-27-2008, 03:57 PM
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Default Kamen rider

Hey , I'm back after 2 years. Here's a fanfic I have posted on two other forums. This forum along with the others are going to be updated day by day
unless specified.

(Warning: This is akin to a modern American horror/thriller film.)

An Introduction by the creator

This fanfic is based off the old Incredible Hulk TV series , Shin Kamen Rider ,and of course the first Kamen Rider. I am basically returning to Ishimori's original concept of a monster Kamen Rider. This Rider was born of tragedy. In advance ,this will be updated weekly unless something happens in my family ,or if it's a holiday. Without further a due ,Here's Bigdog's KAMEN RIDER.

Chapter 1: The Awakening Part 1

As we veer into a conference room , several middle aged men are sitting around the table in their Nazi and Soviet uniforms ,looking ahead at the front of the barely lit room. Then suddenly the lights turned off and the screen was pulled down. Then a raspy old voice said in Japanese

“This is the most groundbreaking achievement for our project on creating the ultimate soldier. Observe!” His voice faded out and the reel began.

“In a laboratory 40 years ago, a scientist performed a cocktail of experiments on goats to try to cure cancer. The man turned himself into the first Kaijin and went mad ,killing himself with an Axe.” The old man changed the slide and continued “Soon after ,the Americans abandoned the project and took away its secret status ,leaving it right open for the taking by our agents Scorpion and Cobra."

He changes the slide and announced, “We have accomplished in creating our enhanced army of prisoners that attempted to meddle with our agenda. Observe!”

The metal barrier behind the projector slowly and quietly moves , revealing a dark blue canister.An insect humanoid is wriggling in a murky dark sapphire blue liquid container was shown to the men. As they gasped in awe ,it opens its piercing ruby eyes, the container explodes . The monster then stalks them on by one.

As each fall one by one , silk red blood splatters on each of the panicking criminals. As they all try to run to the rear exit, they push each other out of desperation for their lives, but unfortunately for them it starts a domino effect. As they inhale the fumes ,it makes them go into an drunken state, then point their revolvers at each others' heads. They blow each others head's off—more bloodshed— their headless corpses falling to the ground .The monster then walks over to the corpses lying near the exit ,and kicks them into the projector. As the projector sparks and ignites into flames it sets the chemicals on the floor on fire.

The creature then starts to pound away at the door—“screech!” and in a fit of rage rips it apart. A loud screech is bellowed as the monster runs out of the building and into the Siberian forest. The building explodes. As it explodes massive amounts of fiery debris hit the forest ,causing a disastrous chain of events leading to a wildfire. As the creature runs from the debris ,it becomes smaller—and more human-like. Then in the snow collapsed a nude young adult.


Chapter 2: The Awakening Part 2

1st Half

A snowmobile passes the naked adult, on it a stocky old man in his seventies and his aprentice ,a twenty year old adult.

He says in Russian.

(I have to help this poor fellow and bring him to my cabin. Peter, cover him with this fur!)
The old man :Я должен помочь этому бедняге и принести ему к моей каюте.
Питер, покройте(охватите) его этим мехом!

(Grandpa , how do we not know he's dangerous?)
Peter : Дедушка, как мы не знаем, что он опасен?

Frustrated at his grandson he replied calmly:

(We cannot leave this poor man out here. It's our duty as the followers of Christ to help those in need, even if they have done horrible deeds.)
Grandpa: Мы не можем оставить этого бедного человека(мужчину) здесь. Это - наша обязанность(пошлина) как последователи Христа, чтобы помочь тем в потребности, даже если они сделали ужасные дела.

Peter picks up the man and wraps him in the bear fur. He then puts him on a sled attached to the vehicle. He straps him onto the sled.

(I hope this will do!)
Peter:Я надеюсь, что это сделает!

Then grandpa turns on the vehicle and then drives off to his cabin with his guest and grandson.

End of 1st Half
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