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Old 12-11-2008, 01:19 AM
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Default Tower of 100 Challenges 2008 (DT)

I'm back and reviving T100C, but I'd like some input before I put the SU thread up. Any changes you'd suggest or things I've left out? I'm in a hurry tonight and I'd like some input.

=The Tower of 100 Challenges=

Welcome once again to the Tower of 100 Challenges. Those familiar with the previous version should note significant changes from the old T100C- firstly, with a tight schedule, I won't be able to assign individual floors for each participant- instead, I'll be going with a group setup, limiting participants but setting the tower layout in stone.

The Tower of 100 Challenges is a looming skyscraper loaded with many obstacles, ranging from locked doors to broken lifts, precipitous chasms to vicious hazards. Those who are up to the challenge of scaling the massive tower must overcome heinous traps and the devious means of the tower's mysterious owner, in order to collect the nine Sky Emblems and the great Victory Cup.

To overcome the challenges posed in this tower, it is imperative that one selects his Pokémon wisely. Each of the six participants is allowed only one Pokémon to bring along through the tower, and those wishing to join the team that will climb the tower must evaluate the contribution that their Pokémon will bring to the group. The Tower is not about ability in battle, but utility in the face of obstacles. Prepare yourself...


Name: (It's probably your name. Maybe not, though.)
Age: (And your age. 10+ please.)
Gender: (Required unless you're mikey/michelle. Seriously what the pfargtl is your problem man/girl/he/she/it/potato?)

Pokémon: (No legends. Probably a good idea to choose a maneuverable poke with useful abilities rather than a powerhouse. Remember to check against other accepted team members to ensure max efffectiveness.)

Backstory: (Optional, but if you want to be involved in real RPing it's a good idea.)
Appearance: (Pic'll do, but make sure you fill in any missing details if so.)
Personality: (liek how duz u act d00d?)

Tool: (You have the option to bring along some type of tool. Grappling hook, dart gun, hammer, or high-tech insulation forearm bracer that renders your arm invulnerable. Just nothing overpowered, k?)

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