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Old 01-19-2009, 07:19 PM
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Default The Tales of Yesteryear(SU)

Before you read this, you must know that this Role Play will be mixing the real world and the Pokemon world


Imagine a world, where one action can lead another to stop, where one action can cause one already done to never happen, where the very rift of time is being ripped apart so that the very laws of causeand effect are being torn at the very seams. A world where crime happens because a law is made, where a man goes deaf, and ten mintutes later, a twig is shoved up his ear, which would've caused him to go deaf. Now imagine if this world, is your world.

After a Afghan mobster, Muhhammad Denato XIV, murders the President of the United States, Barack Heussein Obama II on the day of his inaguaration, havok strikes. The greif stricken Vice-President, Joe Biden, goes to the peak of Mt. Coronet, taking an army of soldiers with him, planning to use the power of Dialga to reverse time and prevent what would soon be known as the Assasanation of 2009, or as many called it-The End of Time As We Know It. He succeeds in subduing Dialga, but in an amazing feat, Dialga is able to go back in time, and stop the creation of many of the weapons that were used to subdue it in the first place. Now, Dialga has the upper hand against the President, and goes in for the kill, but just as disaster was about to strike, Palkia, rips space open, and swallows Mt. Coronet into the abyss, thefore destroying Dialga, Joe Biden, and countless other soldiers and milions of dollars in technology.

Because Dialga no longer exists, the fabric of time is being warped, letting time skip fowards, or jump backwards in time, a second could be a year, or one day you're driving a hovercraft, and the next, you're in the Stone Age. Where Mt. Coronet used to be, is now a black abyss, where religous men say is the realm of the dead. Palkia, who escaped being destroyed, has taken refuge atop Mt. Everest, protecting itself by turning the entire mountain into a virtual fortress. While various other legendaries are being captured by governments and terrorist organizations, trying to find a way to get to the almighty Arceus, the only one that has the needed power to restore order to the world.


Most people are in shambles, due to the isolation of places from others, for example, one house may be in 20,000 B.C.E., while the other may be in current times, while the neighborhood down the block could be in 3,000 C.E. Travel from one time zone to another is possible, but when traveling to past times, one must be extremely cautious not to mess with anything that could cause the future to be screwy. Also, future technology is not utilisable in eras where the technology has't been invented yet.


The entire world is prone to Time Warps. Time Warps is when an isolated area or a large area automatically jumps fowards or backwards in time. All warps happen at random, but semmingly uncanny intervals. Space warps are only affect the land around Mt. Coronet and Mt. Everest, or other signifacantly large Abysses or wherever Palkia is. When a space Warp happens, a small peice, sometimes medium, but never large peice, of land is sucked into the abyss. If nothing is done about the enraged Palkia at the top of Mt. Everest, the entire world will eventually be sucked into the abyss.


Previously stated above, all sorts of people are attacking legendaries, trying to use them to access Arceus. For restraint, I'm only allowing legendaries that have A. something to do with time B. Are reasonable to be able to access Areceus C. Calm Palkia. As an added rule, no one can utilize Palkia, for that could lead to all sorts of nasty complications.]


No Whining
No God Modding, flaming, Spamming, etc.
What I say Goes
Have Fun



To Be Continued

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Old 01-19-2009, 07:25 PM
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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear(SU)

Sign Up

Name:first and last
Personality: This and the next two must be good length
Goals: Keep world domination to a minimum
Pokemon:optional1-6 no legends
Weapons: also optional
Skills: 5 is the maximum

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