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Old 03-16-2009, 04:33 PM
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Default Re: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue!

Originally Posted by riolu42 View Post
I just think i'll read this.

Cause I wanna see that tiki pikachu, if he's in here.
lol. If you mean the Tribal Pikachu than yes, they'll be in the story. they won't have a huge part, but I am going to be putting them in somewhere. Haha.

=^^= Nya


Oh and just as a head's up, I may be adding members of the site without asking or whatnot. I did that with the first addition and from what happened, no one had any complaints. this would mean that I'd chose your name based around how I call you or even based around your username. It also means I'd pick your Pokemon, but don't worry. I always pick based around your personality or even if you've expressed a liking towards a Pokemon.

For example:

*Seawolf (used to be Megumi) was never asked. but she was placed as a Vaporeon named Megumi because at the time, Vaporeon were her favorite Pokemon.
*Neo was never asked and I made him a Pikachu named Neo (clever huh?). lol
*the same goes for Loyal_Arcanine, Gun6, Pidegeot79, as well as others.

So don't worry if you're added without being asked. If you do have some problems then just VM or PM me about it and we'll fix whatever you don't like. And if I can't figure out what to make you, I'll just ask.

Also, when it comes to the personality of your characters, that's determined by me. It's much more fun that way for both me and you. xD

=^^= Nya
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Old 03-17-2009, 08:00 PM
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Default Re: Team 9 Lives to the Rescue!

Just read the prologue. ^^ It's gotta be easier to write when you already know where you're going with it. XD
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