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Old 03-22-2009, 07:15 AM
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Red face Spring Gift Station, Family

"Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.
~ Anthony Brandt

As the cold of winter fades into the distance, letting the joy of Spring and beauty return to the world, a forgotten feeling arises. These are the feelings of love and hope. The happiness that comes with being with those we cherish the most. The peace of being with family. The Family of the URPG.

Yes, it is that time again. Here you can acknowledge your fellow URPG members as someone you care about. Thank them for their friendship. To bring love to others.

There is only one change from the last time. You are now allowed to give a maximum of 4 gifts. However, you still can only receive 2 gifts. Consider this an opportunity to reach out to others in the URPG family you haven't met before. A chance to form new lifelong friendships.

This is our Family.

  • The gift station is open for a week, from the 22nd until the 28th.
  • You can give or receive any item or any Pokemon, excluding a member's starter Pokemon.
  • You may only give a maximum of four gifts each, and can only receive a maximum of two gifts each.
  • There will be lists below of gifts given and received. Make sure to check these lists to see if your gift can go to who you want. When giving, write what you're giving, who's the receiver, and possibly a friendly message.
  • Pokemon with TMs are considered one item for giving.
  • Gifts received from someone else cannot be given away again.
  • Anybody excessively begging or spamming asking for gifts will be banned from this thread and cannot take advantage of its facilities.
"We love Him because He first loved us." 1 John 4:19
Challenge me in the URPG.
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Old 03-22-2009, 07:24 AM
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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

This post here serves a simple purpose. It lets you know what you have received from others, or what you have given others.

Adding to what HKim has mentioned;

* You can give a maximum of 4 Gifts and receive a Maximum of 2 only.
* If more than 2 people give you something, you can choose which 2 gifts you'll accept.
* You guys can use your newly gifted Pokemon in battle or otherwise after this whole event has ended.

Now that's settled, get up and start giving you lazy, but awesome people! :D

Gift Givers :
Trainer17 (4) Wigglytuff to Queenie Beanie <33 l Treecko to White Wolf of the Snow l Gyarados to Cress Albane l Charizard to Babii Pikachu
-Adam- (4) Jolteon to -Pichu Boy- l Kabutops to Leoblaze l TM Substitute to Xalapeno l TM Focus Blast to Light Sky
Elrond (1) Magmortar to iReign
Haze (3) Blissey to AtaroBot l Omastar to Fossi Fusion l Clefable to Fire Away
Michael (4) Tyranitar to Black Hawk l Vaporeon to kingrptr101 l Dragonite to Jr Trainer l Drapion to Fire Away
AtaroBot (4) Spiritomb to Trainer17 l Free Daycare Trip to U-B-3-R l Houndoom to Eraizaa-kun l Magmortar to Medz
Cipher Lord (1) Phanpy to Tyranitar_Trainer
gun6 (2) Eevee to Fire_and_Dissapear l Water Stone to Fire_and_Dissapear
IceRocket (1) Banette to AtaroBot
Sylux (1) Umbreon to Necromancy
WatchMeBeQuieter (1) Butterfree to Queenie Beanie
Loyal Arcanine (4) Liechi Berry to Trainer17 l Liechi Berry to Tyger Crysis l Tangrowth to Embreon l Jynx to Leman
Fossil Fusion (1) Dragonite to Embreon
DarkGardevoir (3) Gardevoir to ragnajacob l Lanturn to Light Sky l Forretress to Marth
State Alchemist Patrick (1) Water Stone to White Wolf of the Snow
Leoblaze (3) Swampert to -Adam- l TM Sunny Day to Medz l TM Thunderbolt to watergirl2
Fire Away (3) Starmie to Fenix l Emmacario to Haze l Emmastar(Starmie) to Fenix
Soda (4) Lum Berry to Adrenaline, -PK, Dalphos l Cranidos to Brizer
Tyger Crysis (4) Politoed to Ayra l Slaking to Frozen Prince l Lum Berry to Loyal Arcanine l Persian to watergirl2
Eraizaa-kun (3) Leafeon to Tyranitar_Trainer l Vespiquen to Brizer l Flygon to Eeveedude
Seawolf (3) Aerodactyl to -Adam- l Eevee to -Pichu Boy- l Flygon to Lonsie
-Pichu Boy- (2) Dratini to Eraizaa-kun l Starly to leo
Necromancy (2) TM Substitute to WatchMeBeQuieter l TM Ice Beam to Draconic_Espeon
U-B-3-R (3) Mr. Mime to kingrptr101 l Togetic to PhantomKat l Shiftry to Black Hawk
leo (1) Spheal to Cress Albane
Dark Lightning (1) Dusknoir to Daughter of Suicuine
The Jr Trainer (1) Torkoal to Loyal Arcanine
Adrenaline (3) Umbreon to iReign l Mr. Mime to Michael l Clefable to Soda
Spiderc (3) Slakoth to Black Hawk l Togekiss to KFT l Snorunt to Ayra
greensnakes (2) Mightyena to Spiderc l Gible to Light Sky
Cress Albane (1) Zubat to greensnakes
Poke123 (1) Crobat to Trainer17 l Togekiss to Phantom Kat
Black Hawk (1) Empoleon to U-B-3-R
Brizer (1) Pichu to Soda
Iridium (2) Gardevoir to U-B-3-R l TM Roost to Starkipraggy
Marth (1) Charizard to ragnajacob
Tyranitar_Trainer (4) Abra to Shen l Spinarak to DarkGardevoir l Gible to Cipher Lord l Arcanine to Necromancy
Gastlygoo (1) Pichu to Spiderc
Alana Marie (1) Nidoran(M) to Khajmer
Marshymallow (1) Aipom to Lonsie
Babii Pikachu (1) Zubat to Dark Gardevoir
Eeveedude (1) Sandshrew to Frozen Prince
Queenie Beanie (1) Espeon to WatchMeBeQuieter
Light Sky (1) Buizel to KittenGirl2000
ragnajacob (1) Smoochum to PapaLuLu27
Hkim (4) Black Sludge to Tyger Crysis l HM Surf to Flame Master l Eevee to PapaLuLu27 l Bagon to Iridium
The Frozen Prince (1) Charmander to Eeveedude
bryceBAM (1) Froslass to Alana Marie
Leman (3) Mothim to LS the Door Mat l Politoed to Yoda55 l Sandslash to greensnakes
EmBreon (4) Mamoswine to Fossil Fusion l Honchkrow to Loyal Arcanine l Metapod to The Jr Trainer l Slowbro to Leman
Synester (1) Spiritomb to Fire Away
Phantom Kat (1) Dunsparce to Michael
Khajmer (2) Teddiursa to Alana Marie l Water Stone to bryceBAM
Fire_and_Dissapear (1) Shellder to Gastlygoo
White Wolf of the Snow (1) Pidgeot to bryceBAM
Xalapeno (1) Staraptor to Cipher Lord

Gift Receivers :
Queenie Beanie (2) Wigglytuff from Trainer17 l Butterfree from WatchMeBeQuieter
White Wolf of the Snow (2) Treecko from Trainer17 l Water Stone from State Alchemist Patrick
-Pichu Boy- (2) Jolteon from -Adam- l Eevee from Seawolf
Leoblaze (1) Kabutops from -Adam-
iReign (2) Magmortar from Elrond l Umbreon from Adrenaline
AtaroBot (2) Blissey from Haze l Banette from IceRocket
Tyranitar_Trainer (2) Phanpy from Cipher Lord l Leafeon from Eraizaa-kun
Black Hawk (2) Tyranitar from Michael l Shiftry from U-B-3-R
Trainer17 (2) Spiritomb from AtaroBot l Crobat from Poke123
Fire_and_Dissapear (2) Eevee from gun6 l Water Stone from gun6
Necromancy (2) Umbreon from Sylux l Arcanine from Tyranitar_Trainer
Embreon (2) Dragonite from Fossil Fusion l Tangrowth from Loyal Arcanine
ragnajacob (2) Gardevoir from DarkGardevoir l Charizard from Marth
Soda (2) Clefable from Adrenaline or Pichu from Brizer
Fossil Fusion (2) Omastar from Haze l Mamoswine from EmBreon
-Adam- (2) Swampert from Leoblaze l Aerodactyl from Seawolf
Fenix (1) Starmie from Fire Away
Haze (2) Lum Berry l Emmacario from Fire Away
-PK (1) Lum Berry from Soda
Adrenaline (1) Lum Berry from Soda
Dalphos (1) Lum Berry from Soda
Ayra (2) Politoed from Tyger Crysis l Snorunt from Spiderc
Frozen Prince (2) Slaking from Tyger Crysis l Sandshrew from Eeveedude
Loyal Arcanine (2) Torkoal from The Jr Trainer l Honchkrow from EmBreon
Eeveedude (2) Flygon from Eraizaa-kun l Charmander from The Frozen Prince
Lonsie (2) Flygon from Seawolf l Aipom from Marshymallow
Eraizaa-kun (2) Dratini from -Pichu Boy- l Houndoom from AtaroBot
Draconic_Espeon (1) TM Ice Beam from Necromancy
WatchMeBeQuieter (2) TM Substitute from Necromancy l Espeon from Queenie Beanie
kingrptr101 (2) Vaporeon from Michael l Mr. Mime from U-B-3-R
The Jr Trainer (2) Dragonite from Michael l Metapod from EmBreon
Phantom Kat (2) Togetic from U-B-3-R l Togekiss from poke123
Cress Albane (2) Spheal from leo l Gyarados from Trainer17
Daughter of Suicuine (1) Dusknoir from Dark Lightning
watergirl2 (2) Persian from Tyger Crysis l TM Thunderbolt from Leoblaze
Tyger Crysis (2) Liechi Berry from Loyal Arcanine l Black Sludge from Hkim
Michael (2) Mr.Mime from Adrenaline l Dunsparce from Phantom Kat
Spiderc (2) Mightyena from greensnakes l Pichu from Gastygoo
KFT (1) Togekiss from Spiderc
greensnakes (2) Sandslash from Leman l Larvitar from Light Sky
Brizer (2) Vespiquen from Eraizaa-kun l Cranidos from Soda
Fire Away (2) Drapion from Michael l Clefable from Haze OR Spiritomb from Synester
Xalapeno (1) TM Substitute from -Adam-
U-B-3-R (2) Gardevoir from Iridium l Free Daycare Trip from AtaroBot
Starkipraggy (1) TM Roost from Iridium
Cipher Lord (2) Gible from Tyranitar_Trainer l Staraptor from Cipher Lord
Medz (2) Magmortar from AtaroBot l TM Sunny Day from Leoblaze
DarkGardevoir (2) Spinarak from Tyranitar_Trainer l Zubat from Babii Pikachu
Khajmer (1) Nidoran(M) from Alana Marie
KittenGirl2000 (1) Buizel from Light Sky
PapaLuLu27 (2) Smoochum from ragnajacob l Eevee from Hkim
Babii Pikachu (1) Charizard from Trainer17
Alana Marie (2) Froslass from bryceBAM l Teddiursa from Khajmer
LS the Door Mat (1) Mothim from Leman
Flame Master (1) HM Surf from Hkim
Light Sky (2) Lanturn from DarkGardevoir l Gible from greensnakes
Marth (1) Forretress from DarkGardevoir
Yoda55 (1) Politoed from Leman
Leman (2) Jynx from Loyal Arcanine l Slowbro from EmBreon
bryceBAM (2) Water Stone from Khajmer l Pidgeot from White Wolf of the Snow
Iridium (1) Bagon from Hkim
Gastlygoo (1) Shellder from Fire_and_Dissapear
leo (1) Starly from -Pichu Boy-

*Necessary edits may be done by other URPG Moderators.

Paired with Jaye l My Family l Wifi League

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Old 03-22-2009, 09:39 AM
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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family



Crud, I spent almost all of my money yesterday. x.x

And ref wages have just gone :/

Oh well, I'll have to make do I suppose. I'll edit this post with mah gifts. ^^;
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Old 03-22-2009, 10:06 AM
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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

Thanks Mk. I wanted to post my first two gifts, but I didn't want to double post ^^;
Anyways, here are my first 2 Gifts of the Day.

First up, is this Wigglytuff for my Pe2K Queen, Dayna(Queenie Beanie)<33


Wigglytuff/Female/Cute Charm(Normal)
Battle Record: 13
Hold Item: - - -None- - -
Special Moves: TM Attract, TM Captivate, TM T-Wave, TM Toxic, TM Snatch
Obtained: Bought from Pokemart.

Small Note : You've been a wonderful sweetheart to me Dayna, and I wanted to give this guy to you on your birthday, along with something else I'm making for you.
But hey, thought I'd be the first one to gift you for the sake of it^^. Thank you for everything you've done for me, Dayne! :D

Second up, is this fresh Treecko from the Pokemart. This goes to mah Buddeh, White Wolf of The Snow or Nessa/WWOTS.

It's fresh straight from the Mart. Gender/Nickname is all up to you to decide!
Proof of Purchase

Small Note : Well, although we don't really talk too much, we're still friends. She always said that she loved Sceptile from my stats,
but I couldn't really give it away for now. I hope this guy makes it up to you for the time being, Nessa!

Paired with Jaye l My Family l Wifi League

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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

Yay this is Finnally open :o
Well I have decided on two gifts already and will be giving another two later :]


Jolteon : Lightning ♂
Ablilties: Volt Absorb
Battles: 2
TM's & HM's HP: [Ice][Thunderbolt][Charge Beam]
BM & MT:
To MK/Pichu oy for being an awsome dude that I can always talk to and you ref for me quite alot aswell.


Kabutops : Escargot
Ablilties: Swift Swim
Battles: 0
TM's & HM's [Waterfall][Surf]
BM & MT:
(*The Underground )
To Leoblaze for being a generally nice guy and I know you like Water Pokemon :]

lol, Gift Station is on British Mothers Day :3

[URPG] [VPP] [Knights of the Round Table] [ASB]

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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

Okay, I've got one gift to give so far.

Magmortar... AKA Fire Claw

Gender: Male
Ability: Flame Body
Item: Magmarizer
Battles: 10
Tms: Psychic, Brick Break, Thunder Punch, Rock Climb.
Obtained: Received from ATF in the Christmas Tree Event '07

All Attacks: Ember, Leer, Smog, Fire Punch, Smokescreen, Sunny Day, Flamethrower, Confuse Ray, Fire Blast, Fire spin, Lava Plume, Faint Attack, Thunder Punch, Hyper Beam, TM Psychic, TM Brick Break, HM Rock Climb

To a rather fiery individual, mah URPG buddy, iReign.

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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

I promised you this in like December so....

Ability: Serene Grace/Natural Cure
Moves: Pound, Charm, Copycat, Refresh, Sweet Kiss, Tail Whip, Double Slap, Sing, Growl, Minimize, Defense Curl, Light Screen, Double Edge, Egg Bomb, Softboiled, Fling, Healing Wish
TM/HM: Counter, Seismic Toss, Grass Knot, Ice Beam, Calm Mind, Thunder Wave, Stealth Rock, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast, Psychic, Toxic
SM/MT/BM: Aromatherapy, Wish
Obtained: Summer Auction
Value: 93,000

Going to Ataro

I hope you make better use of it then I did :x
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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

Species: Tyranitar
Gender: Female
Ability: Sand Stream
Battles: 0
Level-Up Moves: Leer, Bite, Sandstorm, Screech, Rock Slide, Thrash, Scary Face, Crunch, Earthquake, Hyper Beam, Dark Pulse, Payback, Stone Edge, Thunder Fang, Fire Fang, Ice Fang
TM/HM: Surf ; Thunderbolt ; Ice Beam ; Taunt ; Rock Polish ; Brick Break ; Rock Tomb ; Attract.
Other Moves: Dragon Dance
Obtained: Trade with Soda

Going to Black Hawk, since he wants one. <3
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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

Oh my, thanks Haze. :O <3

[Battles: 0][OT: Ataro][Obtained: A Spirit with Vengeance]
[No BM/MT/SMs yet]

Level-Up Attacks: Confuse Ray, Curse, Pursuit, Shadow Sneak, Spite, Faint Attack, Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Ominous Wind, Sucker Punch, Nasty Plot, Memento, Dark Pulse
TM/HMs: None

Going to Trainer17 for being such an awesome bud. <3

That's all for now.
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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

I'm giving this TM Substitute (once it's approved in the mart) to WatchMeBeQuieter for just being cool really. I think a lot of people have such a negative attitude toward newer members, and lump the genuinely nice ones in with the fail ones. So here's a TM Sub for you Phil, thanks for being such a nice guy and not being fail, and I hope you use it well! ^_^
If you hadn't noticed, I'm inactive at the moment due to school and the like. If you need anything, drop me a PM and I'll reply ASAP, I try and visit every couple of days. Activity will pick up when there's a school break, I promise. D:

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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

I'm giving a newly bought Phanpy (Male) to Jess. She's an awesome friend and a fellow Hellsing fanboy/girl. Oh, and btw, the nickname is Jan ******* Valentine:3 Has to be approved first :/

And if I can get enough money, I'll gift you, Nate =o
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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

I'm gifting a shiny new Eevee and Water Stone to Fire_and_Dissapear.

Good luck with the URPG. :]
If you want to challenge my gym, please send me a PM on PE2K or message me on AIM (gun6gun6) ! I'm sorry if I can't respond immediately sometimes. :x

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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

I am going to give my Banette to Daniel (AtaroBot), who has always supported me <3
You do not realise how hard it is to get you something that you don't already have O_O

Gender: Female
Battles: 0 (-|-|-)
Ability: Insomnia | Frisk
Moves: Knock Off, Screech, Night Shade, Curse, Spite, Will-o-Wisp, Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Snatch, Grudge, Shadow Sneak, Sucker Punch, Embargo, Trick, Thunder (TM), Thunderwave (TM), Psychic (TM), Substitute (TM), Attract (TM), Hidden Power Ice (TM)
Obtained: Trade

Thanks, danny <3

[ Oh noes! My old account committed suicide! ]
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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family


OT: Chris
Ability: Synchronize
Double Team, Toxic, Substitute,
Attract, Taunt
Egg Moves: Wish
W/L/D: 1/0/0
Traded for Octillery

I feel like giving this to Necromancy for being a pretty cool guy.
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Default Re: Spring Gift Station, Family

Originally Posted by gun6 View Post
I'm gifting a shiny new Eevee and Water Stone to Fire_and_Dissapear.

Good luck with the URPG. :]
huh, i believe that counts as two gifts... Somebody clear this out?
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