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Old 07-18-2009, 12:30 AM
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Default Megaman Battle Network Quizzes!

Alright, the title says it all. But WHY, you may ask?
Because im still sad about the series ending.

Basically, this is a test to see if you were a true fan to the series. Ill ask the questions, so no need to strain your brains from that end of the spectrum!

Alright, lets kick it off with a Mr. Quiz-inspired series of questions.


1- What is megaman's japanese name?

2- Why is Protoman's Battlechip code 'B' instead of the assumed 'P'?
(Kind of like how Gutsman's chip code is G, Searchman's code is S...)

3- If you use a 'Boomer' series battlechip after using a 'colorpoint' series chip, how many of your opponents panels will be hit?

4- What made Battle Network 6 the most unique out of all the BN games?
A) Lan got a new netnavi
B) Lan was significantly older
C) Lan moved away
D) Lan got a DNA transplant from a rabid hogmonkey :O

5- Which netnavi had only one time when you could hit them to cause damage?
A) Serenade (MMBN3)
B) Blastman (MMBN6)
C) Quickman (MMBN2)
D) Gutsman (MMBN1-4)

6- How many teammates do you have on your side in Battle network 5: Colonel or Protoman?
A) 7 including megaman
B) 7 not including megaman
C) 6 including your team leader
D) Teams? Pheh, I fight alone

7- ColonelSp+Antinavi+Protoman= which PA?

8- What are the japanese names for megaman, roll, protoman and bass based off of?
A) Uhh, theyre the exact same
B) Theyre based off of Yu-Go-Oh cards
C) Theyre based off of Foods popular in Japan
D) Theyre based off of musical terms

Post your guesses here and wait for the answers!

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Im giving up on pe2k. moving on to smogon. maybe back later, not likely.
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Old 07-23-2009, 05:30 AM
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Default Re: Megaman Battle Network Quizzes!

1- Rockman
2- Protoman's real name is Blues.
3- 7
4- C) Lan moved away
5- C) Quickman (MMBN2)
6- A) 7 including megaman
7- Twin Leaders
8- D) Theyre based off of musical terms

I'm sure most of them are right.
I loved the series.
Capcom will regret ending the series.
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