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Old 05-13-2007, 06:25 AM
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Arrow Free Resources for Webmasters

Okay, honestly, I'm getting sick and tired of so many spammy threads asking simple questions like "How do I get my site online," and "How do I edit my site," or "What's HTML?" bombarding all the other threads created by people that REALLY need help. That's why I decided to post this: To give all you webmasters resources to help your site go forward and beyond.

Please, feel free to contribute by posting your own resource links here.

Free Web Hosting - All right, I'm just going to tell you flat out right now that if you choose Freewebs, do NOT use those crappy free layouts. I'm really serious on this, guys. Choose HTML mode, since HTML is really not at all difficult to learn. Features: 500MB free bandwidth, up to 50 pages(HTML mode only), free little widgets / add-ons, SSI support. I'm pretty sure it supports PHP as well, but I'll have to check up on that. - I used to use 1ASPHost. It's pretty decently reliable, but you honestly don't get too much stuff for the free service, but at the very least it supports almost all web/scripting languages. Features: 100MB free space, 1GB monthly bandwidth, ASP/ASPX support, SSI support, FTP support, PHP support, online unzip capability, Shockwave and Flash support. - Meh. They're decent. Not nearly as functional as 1ASP, though. Features: 1.5GB bandwidth, multi-domain hosting, 50MB space, FTP support.

Will add to list later.

Free Forum Software - I suggest Proboards only if you plan on making a very simple forum, since it doesn't offer too much, especially if you don't know HTML/CSS/PHP. However, even if you don't, you can edit the colors and skins and such - to an extent, as you can only edit the Header and Footers, and there's a limit to that kind of direct editing. It's got a very user-friendly interface, and is easy to work with if you don't care too much about customization. - Not much better than Proboards, however, it is far more customizable as you can go into the Admin CP and edit the CSS for the entire forum. And even if you aren't too CSS-savvy, they have thousands of free skins you can use and edit to your heart's content. And there's not nearly as many ads on Invisionfree as there are on Proboards. - What's unique about SMF is that you can implant the forum directly into your website! Pretty cool, huh? The problem is, your host may not support the type of PHP it uses, or the MySQL database, nor may you know how to set it up, as its instructions aren't very helpful or specific. However, if you do manage to upload everything correctly, it works very well, and its content can interlace with your website itself flawlessly. An example of a website that uses SMF is - Meh. Seems a lot to me like an Invisionfree clone, but whatever. May as well post a link in case anyone's interested. :P Anywhoo, it's basically a combination of Proboards and Invisionfree, and thus has many of the features of both.

Alternative Browsers

Internet Explorer 7 - Yes, the newest and most secure version ever of Microsoft's heavyweight browser is finally here. And yes, now it actually has XML support. AND TABS! Took it long enough to steal Mozilla's idea. :P Anyway, if you are an IE junkie, I highly suggest you download this for faster surfing, tabbed browsing, and far better security than IE 6. - Yes, we all either know or have at least heard of Mozilla Firefox - The Browser Reloaded.Well, let me tell you something right now, ladies and gents: Firefox is cool. Anyway, if you are a die-hard IE person, I still recommend you download FF so you can test your website in multiple browsers, because what renders one way in one browser won't necessarily render the same in another, so it's important to test it in different browsers to ensure everyone can can enjoy your website. - Another great alternative to Internet Explorer is Opera, which, much like Firefox, offers far better security, tabbed browsing, and less memory-hogging than IE. Once again, if you are writing your site to work in another browser, you should probably download Opera as well to make perfectly sure that your site will function in all browsers.

Free Web Resources - The official site of the World Wide Consortium. Here you can find many tips and features of HTMl, XHTML, XML, you name it, you'll find it here. You can also validate your website here for preciseness in coding.

Dragonfree's Website Tips - A wonderful list of things any good site should(and shouldn't) have. - A neat little forum where you can discuss any kind of web scripting, or post a question about writing or maintaining a site and get lighting-quick answers. - This is a cool site where you can find the code for cool HTML features such as clocks, and hover-overs for affiliates or whatever. Only problem lately is that people are starting to overuse these scripts, so don't rely too much on it. Only use around three or four as a maximum. - All right people, seriously - this should be your first stop before actually posting a question here. If you can't find anything on your problem or question after Googling it, and checking the other resources above, THEN post it here. You'd be suprised at how many questions asked here could be answered if you had just Googled it.

I know this only touches the tip of the iceberg, so if you have anything you would like to add, feel free to post it in this thread.

yeah yeah yeah

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Old 05-13-2007, 07:41 AM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

HTML Resources

HTML Goodies
- A great site that explains almost everything to do with HTML. There is no way that you can read through that site and need to ask about something that can be answered without deep delving into the web and coding books. It also has a great deal on CSS, PHP, and ASA.

Webtip's HTML Guide - Not as good as HTML goodies, but still a quality overview of HTML.

HTML Source - I have finally found a site that is just as great as, if not better than, HTML Goodies. (which used to be my turn-to-for-everything site) This is a very easy to understand site with a lot of things on the minor details, such as all the different aspects of CSS, and other smaller but cool things you can do wtih HTML. I definitely recommend you visit.

Paid Hosts

Yahoo! Hosting - Yahoo! is a great host if you pay. Don't base an opinion off of Geocities, because those do in fact stink. The paid service is just like any other paid host: you upload the HTML, you have a site. It is also compatible with things like Frontpage and Dreamweaver.

Freewebs Premium - If you plan of having a small to medium sized site, then you can just get the premium Freewebs plan. It's really cheap: $5 a month a the cheapest, and you can have a domain for a year for one payment of $19.95. So, for those of you not wanting a PHP-based megasite, this is perfect if you just want to seem professional yet simple. ^^;

Dreamhost - This is a pretty amazing host. They have many one-click installs, a ton of webspace, and you can host others if you'd like. They are easy to use, and very responsive if you need support.

Layout Templates

Cave of Dragonflies - Okay, so it's not pre-made with fancy images. It is, however, a good stepping stone to making your own layouts. This one is based off floating DIVs, and is pretty neat. It has the basic code for you to edit to your heart's content.

Eonlight Valley - This is a good layout template with tables, which aren't quite as customizable as DIVs, but are commonly used and simple.

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Old 06-25-2007, 01:33 PM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

HTML Resources
Boggie Jack- BJ is a guy who sure knows what he's doing. The part of the site in this link leads only to the web design tutorials (most of which is about HTML, while the other stuff is CSS), but don't be fooled. HE knows many things, and even sells books that give a more detailed look on what you're trying to learn.
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Old 07-02-2007, 05:44 PM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

Waaaay more free layouts
Cave of Dragonflies Free Layout: Simple Strecthing DIV Layout
Cave of Dragonflies Layout: Fixed Width Layout(WARNING: This one may be harder to edit, so I recommend the DIV layout.)
Eonlight Valley's Free Basic Template
Eonlight Valley's Free Basic Layout 2
Nightmare Valley's Simple Layout
Nightmare Valley's Basic Template 2

*=You cannot change the background color, header or anything. You may only change the content and links.

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Old 08-23-2007, 03:50 PM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

Other hosts:

200 MB Disk Space
5 GB Bandwidth Montly
2 Domains
5 Subdomains (of your domains or of

50 MB Disk Space
Unlimited Traffic
I think 2 domains and 5 subdomains.

Awardspace is obviously better, and if you want cheap paid hosting, there's a 1 GB disk space, 100 GB monthly bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, and I think a free domain name (actual domain that you own). It's 5.99 / month.

60 MB disk space
Domain and subdomain hosting, allegedly unlimited websites.

Go with Awardspace. I use that one, because it's so good.
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Old 09-24-2007, 08:57 AM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

Web Tutorials

W3 Schools - Definitely a great resource for all sorts of tricky html codes to use in just about any area. This site and its resources are recommended for those who have a little html knowledge already, as some of the things are a tad advanced. I know that I had trouble understanding this stuff when I was first starting out.


Javascript Source - Nobody has mentioned Javascript, so here is a great resource for this tricky little coding. Just click the category in the top box.
Javascript Kit - Another great source of javascript. Especially for games ;) This site is great as most of the scripts are cut/paste. No scripting knowledge required. :D
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Old 09-25-2007, 12:16 AM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

I Dont Really Have descriptions for them But Heres a few Sites,Tuts and Forum Hosts
FORUMS (hosted on your domain.) (hosted on your domain.)(not Free) (hosted on your Domain) (hosted on your domain)


I'm leaving because of MonkeyBoy and L is real, they cursed in my pm box and spammed me to hell because I mispelt a word, they called me names, and I dont think telling a mod was worth it. GoodBye. =/

There are only four people who are actually good friends of mine.

Pikahero2, Dratinilover, MegArticuno and GoldenSilver.

Thanks for being my friends. =]
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Old 09-25-2007, 12:18 AM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

Heres More I Discovered

Tutorials - Recommended - Great

Free Forum Softwares All hosted, most with ads. (very good) - phpBB (meh...) - MyBB (recommended)

Free hosts All support PHP and SSI. None have ads as far as I know. All host domains.

Remember, it's always best to pay for hosting. - Great
* 2 GB Storage
* 50 GB Bandwidth
* Latest Cpanel Pro
* Fantastico
* PHP Version 5.2.0
* MySQL v4.1.20
* phpMyAdmin
* FTP and Web File Uploads
* No Filesize Limits
* Daily Backups
* Traffic Reports
* Custom Error Pages
* 24/7 Tech Support
* 99.9% Reliable Uptime - Recommended

Absolutely FREE
No setup fee
Data storage: 250 MB
Monthly bandwidth: 5 GB

Customer Support
Free 24/7 technical support
Detailed video tutorials
Extensive documentation
Integrated ticketing system
Response time: 24 hours

Domains and Subdomains
Hosting for 1 domain
5 subdomains

Free Features
Elefante free scripts (?)
FrontPage Extensions

Site Statistics
Detailed bandwidth stats

E-mail Features
3 POP3 accounts
3 Email aliases
SpamAssassin protection
E-mail filters
Webmail service
POP3 access/no SMTP
"Catch-all" e-mails

Scripting and Database
1 MySQL database
10 MB MySQL DB space
Perl enabled
PHP enabled
Over 3,000 Perl modules

Site Management Tools
Advanced Control Panel
Multi-lingual control panel
1 FTP account
Web-based file manager

Misc Features
Instant account activation
SSL with certificate gen
SSI (Server Side Includes)
RAID secured data storage
Easy upgrade options

OS and Backup
Stable Linux with Apache
UPS & diesel generator

Server and Connection
Dual P4 XEON 2.8/1GB RAM
2x160GB HDDs in RAID
100 MBits conn. per server
320 GBits data center conn.
99.9% uptime guarantee - Great

200MB Disk Space
5GB Monthly Traffic
2 Domains Hosting
5 Subdomains
Free DNS Server
1 MySQL Database
FTP/FrontPage Access
5 POP3/IMAP E-mails
Instant Account Setup
Web-based File Manager
Easy-to-use Control Panel
Reliable RAID Backups
GRID Hosting Platform
Super Fast Servers
Reliable Data Center
99.8% Uptime Guarantee
24x7 Network Monitoring
Forum Support
Fully Upgradeable

Free domain names

They aren't TLDs. (Top Level Domains)

Believe it or not it is possible to get TLDs for free. Well someone pays for it, but it's not you. ;) It's 100% legal, safe and free. PM me for details.


- It's always best to pay for hosting.

- There is no such thing as 'Unlimited Bandwidth'. Even the servers that run Google have a limit, no matter how hard to reach it may be. When a hosting company says they offer unlimited bandwidth, they just mean they offer so much that there's hardly any chance of your site breaking the limit.

I know it's not much, I'll add more later.


Wow, posted this on the 15th of January. Never got around to adding more. But here's another free host, it's really good: - Excellent

Free Hosting Technical & Support Overview
- Powerful Clustered Servers
(Intel QUAD XEON Processors, SCSI Hard Drives, 4 GB+ Ram etc.)
- Major Multi-Gigabit Bandwidth Providers - 99.98% Server Uptime
- 24/7 Server Monitoring By A Minimum Of 10 Staff - Community Help Forum [»]
- Live Helpdesk Support [»] - CentOS Operating Systems (Community ENTERPRISE)

Free Hosting Package Features
- 15 GB Disk Space (15,000 mb) - 250 GB Bandwidth (250,000mb)
- AWSTATS Site Statistics HOT! - MySQL 5.0
- GD 2.0 Support - PHP 5 HOT!
- Mod_Rewrite Enabled - CHMOD Permitted
- CURL (PHP) Enabled - Shockwave & Flash
- ZEND Optimizer Encoded Script Support - Full File Manager
- Domain Hosting Provided - Advertisement Free Hosting!!
- Application Installer (Easy To Install Popular Scripts) - ZLIB/GZIP Activated

789mb - Its Official
It has officially arrived, the host that has built itself on the idea that everyone who wants a website, deserves a website. We exist only to bring you the most dependable & feature-enriched, free web hosting possible.
The first host who is not actually in it for the money, we are trying to provide a service you will ENJOY using. We confine ads only to our control panel and put NO ads on your website, ensuring your users dont look at ugly ads! Take a look at our faq,
No domain? Get a sub-domain!
You can use a domain you already own or use one of our subdomains, its up to you!


I'm leaving because of MonkeyBoy and L is real, they cursed in my pm box and spammed me to hell because I mispelt a word, they called me names, and I dont think telling a mod was worth it. GoodBye. =/

There are only four people who are actually good friends of mine.

Pikahero2, Dratinilover, MegArticuno and GoldenSilver.

Thanks for being my friends. =]
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Old 12-01-2007, 07:50 PM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

Ok so..Grovyle's html guide...The Basics...Dun Dun Dun!!

<b>Bold</b> Makes your text bold.

<i>Italics</i> Makes your text italic.

<u>Underlined</u> Makes your text underlined.

<a href="Your link here"> The name of your link here. </a><br> . Is a link.

<img src=" Your image Link"> Makes images.

Freeweb hosts
Its what I use, Its very good for beginners or people who are stuck for a host.
Freewebs has raw html accounts and normal ones.
But dont use the crappy free layouts, They are not teh pwn.
Freehostia, as I've heard is very good for beginners also.
But you should be good with html, As they only have html accounts here.


| Vote me and PyreTheTorchic in MoTM when it comes. :3 |

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Old 02-21-2008, 12:10 AM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

Forum Software:
Free Forums:
As far as it goes, it's just one of those little forum makers, but a lot of people tend to use them as for forums, so I don't know, you might want to try them out.
With the ability to place right in your directory for any URL you want, installation can be really easy, and it has some really great features as well.

What this forum uses, it's quite expensive, but can literally be the "mother of forums" if used correctly.

The host that I use, as well as many other GREAT Pokemon websites, it has a decent (but not needed.) setup fee of the original 60 or so dollars, but it can allow the Admin to host multiple domains (______.yourdomainhere.____). It allows the Admin to create accounts, with access to certain pages and domains..And 1TB of transfer width! That should allow you to have..Oh say...5,500 or more pages on your site.
If you are looking for some sites that use Dreamhost, check out these sites: This is my site, and I currently don't have even 2% of my amount of usable memory used up. (If you need hosting, PM me. XP) A nice site that shows that Dreamhost not only handles Html, and Shtml, but Php as well. This is hosted by Dreamhost, and is just an example of a sub-domain.

With these three sites compared side-by-side-you learn how much Dreamhost can vary, and how much it can be used for.

***Dreamhost will not support Free Layouts, you need to know a form of coding (HTML!) to actually create a website layout like the above three.

Adding more when I feel like adding more when I feel like adding more when.
One step forward, is one step away from where you started.
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Old 08-27-2008, 01:58 PM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

Thanks alot, theres alot here that I didn't know about that will be great to use in the future.

0989 7772 7033
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Old 02-04-2009, 03:11 PM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

Been using for bout 5-8 months and since then, i have never had any problem what so ever!
there no limits to what this forum, has to offer, it just keep giving and providing the best service!

There`s more you can do when you do know what to do with there no limits to it!!!
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Old 08-01-2009, 03:32 PM
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Default Re: Free Resources for Webmasters

Zymic - this site gives you 5 GB of storage, 50 GB bandwidth, FTP, and no ads! You get a free subdomain, i.e., and as many sites as you want! I love Zymic...
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