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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 08-13-2009, 01:17 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon Missions: Trial Run Discussion

Originally Posted by DarkGardevoir View Post
Hm, well I guess you'd have to retcon one thing or two to make our two schedules match and stuff- good luck I guess.

Oh, and Dragoness- I just checked. You didn't post again.
'Cause I am on vacation. Now and then I get internet access--maybe five to fifteen minutes every other day. This day I am lucky 'cause I have access to my laptop and internet all day and only a few activities to distract me. Expect a post sometime today.

EDIT: And I HAVE POSTED! :D here is the link:

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