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Old 11-09-2009, 02:28 AM
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Default [WAR XXX-XX-II+.5] Pre-Parody WAR Events: I need you! (Sticky please)

Hello everybody!

Just want to get some discussion going on here for a new idea! WAR XXX-XX-II+.5 is only a few times away from now! One month or so! Still how about we get things cooking with some Pre-Events! What are Pre-Events you say? Well they are events! That are....happening before the Parody WAR! Think of it as a way to keep interest going seeing that we have a lot of time before the Parody WAR.

Still the problem is that Mikey is getting old and she can't think so well anymore. Hosting two Parody WARs can be tiring on a girl and can drain the creative juices (also school doesn't help either). So I need you guys! Yes you! To come up with some ideas for some Pre-Events! So just post here with some ideas (and fill out the form) and if it looks like something that can fly then we go with it!

Pre-Events can be almost anything. They won't last long. Maybe a day or two, week tops. If you are lucky then maybe we will do them in the actual Parody WAR!

So start thinking!

Pre-Event Form
Pre-Event Name: (Name of Pre-Event)
Description of Pre-Event: (What is it and how will it be done)
Estimated Time Needed: (A day? Two? Week?)
Will you be able to judge Pre-Event: (Self explanatory)

For Pre-Events, notches (As in what is given out for Run Arounds) will be given to winners. These notches will be used during the Parody WAR in a chance to get some extra points. So start thinkin!
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