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Individual Pokemon RP This is where you'll find both the Main RP and the Individual RPs. Come on in and see what kind of Pokemon you can catch!

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Old 11-18-2009, 03:31 AM
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Default Re: Individual RP: Sequentio

"You want to leave the Park?" Amonea spoke, surprise in her voice. The Dusclops blinked its one large eye and then yawned, clearly not interested in either of the two humans. "Well, if you are sure, than alright. Congrats on a successful visit to the National Park! It was wonderful to take you through here."

Amonea smiled at Seq before setting off at a fast pace, skirting respectfully around the Absol and another Haunter. Neither Pokemon gave them any trouble, but instead looked at them with interest as they passed.

Finally they emerged from the cave, stepping onto the platform of rock and weeds that led to the cave. Sunlight bathed them and showed the grounds before them, the grass, trees and stones of the field shining like they'd been bathed in oil. The path leading out of the valley was about a thousand feet from the caverns.

It took them ten minutes to get to that path, partly due to the fact that Amonea had to stop and break up a fight between a domesticated cat and a Poochyena. The trail was still littered with boulders from before, but to Amonea's great relief a crew of Rangers were hard at work removing them, thus giving her access to their vehicle.

"Well, I guess this is it," the Ranger spoke as she stepped into the jeep, running a finger over the still wet Park logo. "Really, it has been a joy--what the..." Amonea froze, pointing a finger over Seq's head. Above them was a floating Pokemon, giving them a michivious look. What looked like a fluffy cloud floated above its dark head and two brilliant green eyes shone out from its violet face. "Haunter--no, it's like it, but what is its name," Amonea muttered, eyes fixed on the creature. Just as she closed the door to the jeep, it laughed, a spooky, yet oddly friendly laugh and then vanished.

"'ve just seen a Legend."
Encounters remaining: 7
Area effects: Path is partly blocked; Morgan is now a living Pokemon light bulb; in cavern; Max pot. used

Name: Seq
Location: Meteor Valley
Total Items: 3 Park Balls, 4 Super Balls & 2 Max Potions.


Pokemon: Furret. 68.4% {Outta ball}
Nickname: Eli.
Gender: Male.
Ability: Keen Eye.
Nature: Quirky.
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Shadow Ball, Snore & Thunderbolt.

Pokemon: Ampharos. {Out of ball} 15.50%
Nickname: Morgan.
Gender: Male.
Ability: Static.
Nature: Serious.
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Brick Break, Snore & Hidden Power (Poison).

Pokemon: Jynx. {In ball}
Nickname: Rebecca.
Gender: Female.
Ability: Oblivious.
Nature: Impish.
TM/HM/BM/SM/MT: Grass Knot.

Pokemon encountered: Mismagius, Poochyena, Baltoy, Chingling, Absol, Xatu, Haunter, Dusclops, Darkrai

Pokemon captured: [Female--Rash nature]Mismagius, [Female--Rash nature]Chingling[Male--Jolly Nature]Haunter
Pokemon battles:
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