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Default Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

Inspired by the awesome fourth film. Rated PG-15 for some lots of blood, guts, and gore galore! There will be more as the story progresses than in the first chapter, so if you don't like it, don't read this.

Chapter One: Vision of the future

“...I declare the St Yasmin bridge, officially open!” the celebrity host exclaimed, speaking into the microphone clipper to his collar, and cutting an extremely long red ribbon, tied to one end of the bridge’s railing, which ran 100 feet above sea level, marking the grand design of the new St Yasmin bridge, which ran right across the sea from Plymouth, England, to Cherboug-Octeville, in northern France.

It had begun construction in 2009, and now, 5 years later, it had been finally finished. The majority of the funding had come from the mayor of Berbatown, whom had taken an interest in the new design of the bridges that where being manufactured, especially this first prototype, so he’d flown all the way over from America to France, where he was the first to be driven over the bridge to Plymouth. It marked 15 years since the flight 180 disaster, relevant only through the mayor travelling with the same plane company whom owned the plane that had exploded in 2000, killing all on board.

The crowd around him cheered, and he smiled, blinking at the flashed of cameras. Darren smiled, clapping along with the audience. His brother Kyle was talking to him, but he couldn’t hear over the roar of the crowd. He’d come to the grand opening with his brother, his dad, Horace, his best friend, Adam, his best friend’s girlfriend, Tiffany, and his own girlfriend, Sarah.

“Ugh,” Tiffany complained, “this is boring. Hey, Adam, can we go see that movie after this? I heard it’s in that new HD 3D type of vision thing...”

Tiffany was a tall, slim blonde, with an athletic body, perfect features, but nice personality. Adam had spiked brown hair, smooth skin, a strong, muscular body, and was very protective of Tiffany. He wore a light blue t-shirt, with a grey jacket, jeans and converse’. She wore a tight yellow top, with a blue leather jacket, a blue miniskirt, and high-heels for the so called ‘special’ occasion.

“Sure,” Adam replied, smiling, “if you want. I’m buying, but you can buy popcorn.” Tiffany scoffed, commenting on how he always spent her money, but he just smiled, innocently, and she gave in, and kissed him deeply on the lips. Darren rolled his eyes.

“Guys, can you please keep your antics for the cinema? God, you’re like Romeo and Juliet for Pete’s sake...” Darren had brown hair, streaked with blond, a muscled, fit physique, with grey shorts, a red t-shirt, and sunglasses. Sarah was wearing a red shirt, denim jacket, and jeans. She laughed with him, as Adam gave Darren the finger.

“Guys, keep it down, you’ll miss the speech!” Horace whispered, as the four of them were receiving weird looks from others around them. Darren frowned.

“What? Dad, there is no speech; they don’t do that anymore, not for years. Plus, that guy’s gotta go back to America straight away.”

“Guys, I’m gonna go grab some drinks from the stands,” Kyle announced. “They’ll start getting in the cars soon, and it’ll be a long, smooth drive over the channel, and I’ll be hungry.” He waded through the crowd, who were slowly dispersing to the nearby park, a vast expanse of grass, trees, and a clear lake, that reflected the midday sun in a glowing shimmer. Benches were being filled, families were sitting on picnic blankets, music was playing from the DJ’s system at the head of the park, setting off the celebrations for the record breaking bridge that directly connected the United Kingdom to France.

Those who had one tickets in a countrywide competition got the chance to be the first to be on the bridge. Darren, Adam, Tiffany, Sarah, Kyle and Horace were just six out of all 186 other winners, and we’re all going to be one of the first to drive over the St Yasmin Bridge, a monument that spanned the English Channel.

Fireworks exploded in the sky, sparks glowing in a spectrum of colours and shades, lighting up the sky in a rainbow cascade, rewarded by a deafening chorus from a crowd of over 2000, 186 of which were getting ready in their cars, to cross the bridge.

“Strap yourselves in,” Horace shouted over the noise of the crowd.

“Dad, it’s only over a bridge. Anyway, have you got the food?” Kyle asked, to which Horace nodded. They were in a silver van with Horace in the front, Kyle next to him, Darren and Sarah in the middle, and Adam and Tiffany in the back two seats.

“Hey, Kyle, pass me a Strongbow, I’m thirsty, and I’m in the mood for a few cans,” Sarah asked. Kyle reached down into the three bags that Horace had placed at his feet moments earlier, and took out a bottle of ‘Sprite’.

“Sorry, Sarah, there’s only Sprite, no Strongbow, is there dad?” Kyle asked, handing over the bottle, whilst scowling at his father.

“Son, you know I don’t approve of you and your brother getting drunk,” he replied, not looking at him. Darren rolled his eyes, and apologised to Sarah.

“Dad, we’re all, like, over 19, we don’t need your permission to drink anymore. Just pass us some—”

“Don’t worry, Darren,” Sarah said, resting a hand on his shoulder, “I’ll survive without some booze... for now,” she said, and giggled. Darren chuckled as well, whilst Adam and Tiffany started kissing in the back, faces lighting up against the fireworks.

“Okay, the time has come!” the host of the event boomed over the microphone. “Could all of those lucky winners please start their engines and get ready to drive,” he said, putting emphasis on the word drive.

“Here we go!” Horace said, chuckling excitedly, whilst turning on the ignition, taking of the handbrake, putting the car in gear, and began to pull out of the parking space and into the steadily growing line of winner. There were 6 lanes in all, 31 cars in each. They were joining lane 6, and were the 23rd car in the line.

Whooping and whistling was heard from all of the cars, the steady trickle slowing progressing onto the metal road. A horn went off, like those big loud ones that were on those old fashioned cars. The world seemed to slow down, and Darren suddenly felt heavy. He looked around, seeing everything in slow motion. Sarah was smiling, peering out through the side window. Horace was, like all of the other drivers, honking his horn, creating a choir of honk-honks and blaring noises. It was like living a disco in slow-motion. He suddenly whirled back into normal time, feeling a little woozy. Something wasn’t right; it was like everything was twisted, distorted, but whenever he looked, he couldn’t see anything, only in the corner of his eyes.

He shook the sudden rush of nausea away, and half-heartedly smiled as everyone else cheered, feeling a sudden cold come over him. The car slowly went forward and with a metal clang, onto the bridge. His sudden nauseous feeling disappeared, and Darren started cheering along with all of the others.

The sea was getting restless. The waves rose high, as if there were a storm, although the sky was cloudless. Something was manipulating the waves, and they were thrashing wilder by the second. On the arches that ran across the bridge, bright neon lights lit up in the darkness, showing a path along the metal road. All of a sudden, a ferocious wind erupted from the ether, howling across the sea, making the waves collide and crash even harder. A handles on a power box on one of the pillars that ran deep into the sea, holding the bridge up, rattled wildly, the cheap metal lock vibrating along its catch, slowly unlocking itself. With a final gust the metal hatch ripped from its hinges and slew into the sea, and, almost at the same time, as if on cue, the sea rose up, water flooding into the sockets of wires that had been ripped off with the hatch. It sparked, and the sparks coursed all the way up through the cables. Up on the bridge, the lights began to flicker out.

The car was just rolling onto the bridge, when the lights began to flicker. The neon lights of almost all colours began flashing, dimming, and then, suddenly, one exploded, sparks flying. All in all, there were about 70 cars on the bridge so far, and one was just pulling up behind them.

Darren gasped slightly, the sudden explosion of sparks taking him by surprise. Sarah laughed, and assured him that it was only lights.

As the car etched further onto the bridge, another light exploded. And another. They started showering sparks in different places, exploding louder and wilder, showering shards of glass across the bridge. One light exploded, sending a shard of glass into a cars tyre. Slowly, it’s air pressure began to go down, but the driver of the car didn’t know.

The exploding lights came to a halt. The host laughed, nervously, trying to calm the audience.

“Ha ha, we apologise for that moment of inconvenience, there seems to be a storm brewing. But, I think that that’s all of the cars on the bridge, so once the horn goes, you’re free to drive... and in 3... 2... 1... GO!”

The front row of cars took off, eager to be the first to cruise along its expanse.

“Woo!” Adam cheered, from the back of the car. Tiffany laughed, telling him not to be so loud. Sarah was asking Kyle to open the sun roof, so that she could stand outside of it and wave to everyone. As it started to slide open, she unclipped her seatbelt, and stood up out of the gap, waving excitedly at all of those who weren’t in cars, who waved back.

Ahead, the slowly deflating tyre suddenly burst, causing the car to swerve, and, with a little help from Death, skid towards the edge of the bridge, where it flew into the air, and crashed into one of the support beams. Said beams cracked and, having being crashed into by the car, crumbled, collapsing onto the road. Cars swerved, some not so lucky, crashing into the fallen concrete and exploding, in a dazzling ball of fire.

The explosion set off all of the other lights, connected to the strong wire ropes that helped keep the road up, and the lights began exploding, this time, igniting into small explosion. Shards of glass flew, as cars crashed into the sides of the bridge. Pillars crumbled, collapsing, crushing some cars, some driving into them and erupting into a giant ball of flames. Horns blared, as the bridge road began to crack. A large section of it detached itself completely, and tumbled into the sea, taking seven cars with it. Screams echoed into the night, abruptly cut off by falling debris.

Sarah screamed, and squeezed back into the car, just as the bonnet of a car, propelled by an explosion, sliced through the air she’d been moments before.

“Quick, out!” Horace screamed, hastily unclipping his seatbelt, halted the car, and scrambled out of the door. Kyle, Adam, Tiffany, and a distraught Darren pushed and shoved out of the cars sliding doors, and began running towards the end of the bridge, where people were running in panic, trying to dodge debris that was falling into the crowd.

A wire cord whipped viciously from its set in the side of the bridge, which was crumbling into the sea, taking cars and people alike with it. It slashed out, and whipped Horace’s head clean off, exploding into chunks of brain and blood, spurting all over Kyle. He screamed, but it was cut short as a block of concrete crashed into him, and crushed him, splattering into a heap of clothes, flesh and blood, like a squished insect.

“KYLE!” Darren screamed. The ground was cracking, and the all stumbled. “Come on!” Darren shouted over the noise of the explosions. The bridge was collapsing; Darren could see it in the distance, the ground cracking, the concrete pillars crumbling, huge chunks crashing to the ground, crushing the poor souls who happened to get in the way.

Tiffany was whimpering, and she tripped over a body that lay, crushed by a car, legs protruding from underneath. She tumbled to the floor, scraping her arm, blood seeping through the ripped skin. A few metres away, a falling beam caused a car to explode, which was propelled into the air, helped along by an invisible force. She screamed, as the car fell to the floor, impaling her, killing her instantly. Her body was burning, the skin peeling, blood running down her legs.

“NO!” Adam yelled, running towards Tiffany. Darren pulled him back, screaming over the noise that it’s too late to save her. Suddenly, another car exploded. Its exhaust pipe was ripped from its set in the underside of the car, and, flying towards Adam, impaled him right through his brain, blood seeping through the gaping hole in his head. Darren gasped, putting his hand to his mouth, and Sarah began to pull him away, screaming that they needed to get away now.

They both run towards the edge of the bridge, but with a mighty creaking groan, the section of the bridge they were on ruptured, and began falling into the sea. They had almost reached the edge, but the floor beneath Sarah gave way, and she almost went down with it. Darren was on the solid ground, and grabbed her hand, stopping her from falling to her death in the sea.

“Darren, don’t let go!” she cried, terrified, eyes pleading. He tried to pull her up, but she slipped from his grasp, and began falling. “SARAH!” Darren screamed, trying to grasp her hands as she fell, but she slipped from his reach, spinning and tumbling down. She smacked her head against a jutting out rock on the edge of the ground that Darren was on, blood spraying from her crumpled skull, meeting her grisly end before she even hit the sea.

“NO!” Darren screamed, distraught that he’d lost all of those close to him in mere minutes. The crowds had long since fled, if not dead already, and he could already hear sirens in the distance.

A woman lay, decapitated, a pram on its side, wheels still spinning. Next to her, someone’s legs were sticking out from underneath a chunk of concrete.

He looked on the bridge; it was total carnage. Disembodied and horribly disfigured bodies and cars lay scattered across what was left of the bridge, which was slowly collapsing. A severed arm flew from one final explosion, along with the bonnet of a car, which began to propel its way towards Darren.

He backed away, and started running, but the force of the explosion was amplified by an unseen force, and the hood was sped up, and was mere milliseconds from slicing him in half, when Darren was violently thrown back into reality.

He gasped, clutching his face, making sure that he was still there. He was in the car. He looked around, and saw Sarah asking Kyle for some Strongbow.

“Sorry, Sarah,—”

“There’s only sprite...” Darren muttered to himself, as Kyle said those exact words.

“, there’s only Sprite, no Strongbow, is there dad?” he said, sarcastically. Horace rolled his eyes.

“Look, son, you know I disapprove of you and Darren getting drunk.”

“Okay, could all of you lucky winners get your engines ready, it’s time to drive,” the announcer said, Darren noticing, once again, the emphasis on the word ‘drive’.

Cars around began beeping their horns, whistling, and whoop-wooing, and Horace began to drive towards the bridge. Darren recognised what he was now seeing from his... whatever it was, vision. He panicked, and began to hyperventilate. It had seemed so real! He had felt everything, heard everything, but now he was back here, before it happened. And what he’d seen was what was happening now, which mean...

“No! Dad, stop the car, stop the car!!” he exclaimed, thumping the back of Kyle’s headrest.

“Woah, woah, Darren calm down!” Kyle exclaimed, turning around in his seat. As he did so, Darren pushed him out of the way, leaned forward, and grabbed the steering wheel. He wrenched it to the right, and as Horace stepped down on the accelerator, the car swerved away from the bridge, narrowly avoiding a woman with a pram, who swore at them.

“Darren! Get off, what are you doing!” Kyle exclaimed, pulling Darren away from the steering wheel. Darren pulled open the cars sliding doors, and shouted at everyone to get out. Horace screamed at his son, swearing at him that he was showing them up. Sarah felt awkward, as did Adam and Tiffany, but they all got out anyway. Horace swore, slamming the steering wheel with his hands, and got out of the car, his face red with anger. Kyle sighed, and got out of the car, holding Horace back before he took out his anger on Darren. He had an anger management problem, and since Kyle was the older kid, it was usually up to him to intervene if things got out of hand.

“What the **** is your problem Darren!?” Horace yelled, pointing an accusing finger at him.

“Dad, listen to me, there’s going to be a huge accident, I saw it—”

“What!?” Horace yelled, pushing Kyle out of the way. “You almost killed us, and a stranger, because you had a daydream!?” As he said it a neon light from the walls of the bridge began to flicker, and exploded out in a shower of sparks. Horace turned around, as did everyone else, as the other lights began to spark out as well. Horace’s face dropped.

“Okay, Darren, your scaring me now, what happened?” Sarah asked, her eyes looking at him pleadingly.

Darren was gasping, saying that they needed to get away from here first. Horace, now slightly more convinced began to follow them away, as Darren grabbed Sarah by the hand, and told all the rest of them that he’d explain when they got away.

“Excuse me?” came a voice from behind Kyle. He turned around, and saw the woman with the pram, and a man behind her. Horace turned around, followed by everyone else. The woman walked up to Horace and slapped him around the face, but the man who was with her grabbed her arms gently, and told her to calm down.

“What the hell were you thinking, driving that truck around like that!? You almost killed me!” she exclaimed, threatening to break into tears. A sudden blast of realisation and recognition swept across Darren’s face. She was the woman with the pram from his vision.

“You need to come with us!” he exclaimed. “You’re in danger, your baby’s in danger...” He looked at the man who was with her, who was looking at him, questioningly, and recognised his trousers. He was the man who had been crushed, in his vision. “And you, your going to die as well! You need to come with us!”

“What?!” The man exclaimed, offended at his declaration of his death. He stepped in front of the woman, but she held his arm, telling him to just ‘let it go’.

“I’m sorry, he must have had a sudden panic attack, he just went crazy—”

They all jolted at a sudden, deafening explosion from behind them. They whipped around, and gasped, almost all at once. Cars swerved, pillars fell, crushing cars and people alike. The wire cords supporting the concrete pillars snapped from their settlings at the sudden extra weight, and lashed out. More cars crashed, swerved, exploded. Screams echoed, but were cut short. Sarah gasped, eyes wide, gripping Darren’s arm for support. His vision had been realised.

Chapter 3 now up!
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

Hi. Sorry, I have been unable to log on for quite a few weeks, which is why I've been unable to update. Not that it's got much attention anyway ¬¬ Anyway... here is chapter 2! Note: it's not as long as the first one, but it's just a phase, the following ones will be lengthier.

Chapter Two: Judo's Electricals

Sarah had given up asking Darren what he’d seen, and how he’d seen it, and had resided to gently rubbing him on the back, and resting her head against his shoulder. He sat in the police station, head in hands, surrounded by the eight other people who had been saved. Kyle, Horace, Adam, Tiffany, Sarah, and then the man and the woman, and their child, who had revealed themselves as Justin, Gale, and baby Tyler.

Detective Sergeant Harrison came through the door to the waiting room, in which they were all currently present, and said that they were free to go, having been questioned about the crisis, but asked Darren to stay behind, him being the only who who hadn’t.

“I’ll wait for you outside,” Sarah said, squeezing his shoulder reassuringly, before leaving with the others.

Harrison took Darren to an interrogation room, a dark, square recluse with only a lamp in the middle of a bland table to cast light. There were two chairs, one either side of the table. Harrison sat in the chair, Darren in the other, and a tall, silent man called Tom stood by the door.

“So, Darren, could you tell me what happened on the night in question?” he said, looking him in the eye. Darren gulped, but then explained what he had seen.

“I saw it... I don’t know how, but it was like I was there... I saw it in my head...” he said, stumbling on his words, unsure himself of what had actually happened, never mind describing it to someone else.

“So,” Harrison said, “you saw the disaster before it happened, and that’s why you got everyone away from it?” Darren nodded. Harrison leaned back, sighing.

“Darren, what you’re implying is that you had some sudden and random feeling or vision of a forthcoming disaster, which caused you to act rationally, and do all you could to prevent advancing to the area in which you foresaw the incident. Am I correct?”

Darren nodded, grimly. Harrison sighed. Darren knew downright that he was having a hard time believing him, but there was nothing else they could keep him there for, so he was dismissed.

Sarah, Tiffany and Adam where waiting outside for him. Horace and Kyle must have already gone home, judging by their absence from the scene.

“Darren, are you okay?” Sarah asked, walking up to him and pulling him into a hug. Darren returned the hug, squeezing her tightly, and nodded at Adam.

“C’mon, let’s go,” Tiffany said, and they all nodded.

In the car, Adam was driving, Tiffany next to him, with Sarah and Darren in the back.

“so,” she asked, hesitantly, “what actually did happen? If you don’t mind me asking, that is...” Darren smiled.

“No, it’s fine. I don’t know what happened; I just... saw it, in my head.” He couldn’t think of anything else to say, so he just looked at Sarah, who was staring at him, confused.

“What?” Tiffany said, turning around. “You mean, like a premonition?” Darren nodded, staring at the floor. “Well, you remember that thing on the news about that roller coaster?” she said. Darren looked at her, as did Sarah, both confused.

“What?” Sarah asked.

“Well,” Tiffany replied, twisting herself so she was comfortable, preparing for a long explanation. “A few years ago, there was a group of kids from McKinley high school, somewhere in America I’m not sure. Anyway, they were at a themepark to celebrate graduation, and they were getting on a rollercoaster called the ‘Devil’s Flight’, but one of the kids had a premonition that the tracks would break, and the coaster would derail. So, she got off, and so did some others, and then the roller coaster crashed, just like in her premonition.” She looked at Darren nervously, coming to terms with her own words. “Just like you.”

Darren said nothing, still staring at Tiffany. Sarah had her head rested on her hands, in apparent boredom, but her eyes gave away the fact that she was intrigued by the story.

“But that’s not all,” Tiffany continued. “They say that all of the survivors who got off the roller coaster started dyeing in weird accidents, in the order that they would’ve died if they’d stayed on the ride. Some people even say that Death itself was coming back to get those who cheated it.” There was an ominous silence after she’d finished it, until Tiffany went ‘BOO’ in Darren’s face, making him jump. She giggled, but stopped after the fierce glare Sarah gave her.

“Well,” Adam said, taking his eyes off of the road to look at them. “You know what I think?” He smirked, looking at Tiffany. “I think it’s all bull—”

“LOOK OUT!” Sarah screamed, and Adam swerved, narrowly avoiding a truck that was parked outside a McDonalds that they were speeding past, which was reversing onto the road. Tiffany slapped Adam’s arm as a flimsy punishment, warning him to keep his eye on the road. Naturally, he did so.

The car pulled into the gravel drive way, and out of it stepped Horace, followed by Kyle.

“Are you sure we shouldn’t have stayed with Darren? I mean, he was quite upset about what happened,” Kyle said to his father, who was in the process of unlocking the front door to their house.

“Kyle, he’s fine, I know he’ll be under a lot of stress, but he has his friends with him. They’ll take care of him. Plus, he’s nineteen; he doesn’t always need his dad to comfort him anymore. Now, come on, help me get some of this stuff put away. That’s an entire holiday in France down the drain.”

Horace slumped down on the red leather sofa in his living room. He’d spent two hours and a half putting his and Darren’s luggage away, as well as tidying up Darren’s room in order to do it. Kyle had long since finished packing his clothes away, and left to some party on a beach his friends had conjured up since yesterday to celebrate Kyle being alive. Of course, he knew they were just using that as an excuse to have a party. He sighed, and headed for the shops.

A few minutes after he’d locked the door, opened the window ever so slightly so that Darren could get in if he came home before Horace got back, Darren got back before Horace got back, being dropped off by his friends.

Noticing that no-one was in the house, he went around to the window into the kitchen, which, like a small shared family secret between him, Kyle and his dad, had a window that was left slightly open when no-one was in the house. He opened it, burying his fingers in between the gap, climbed in, and closed it again.

He went straight to the news on the TV, which was now all BREAKING NEWS about te disaster the previous night. There were no known survivors, and they were still determining the cause of the accident. He flicked it to ITV, but was immediately met by:

“Spongebob! I’m glad I caught ye. I want you to run down to the store and—”

He switched away from the mornings Citv session on ITV, having always hated SpongeBob as far as he could throw him, and onto Channel 4, where the mornign news was playing about a football victory a few nights previously, as it cut to a cameo of a football flying through the air, he switched it over to the next channel, ‘FIVER’, where an action movie was playing, featuring someone being thrown through a cinema screen. He switched to Sky1, where an advert for ‘Judo’s Electricals’ flickered on, before he turned the TV off, bored. He walked into the kitchen, and prepared something to eat. Ever since they’d stayed overnight in the police station after the accident, he’d had nothing to eat, and he was starving. Unbeknownst to him, in the living room, the TV began to flicker. Faster and faster, black, to white, to white, over and over again. A fleeting image of a skull flashed across the screen. And then the screen cracked.

*ding* “This is a customer announcement....” the bored, droning voice poured from the intercom that hung from the wall. Horace had meandered into an electrical store called ‘Judo’s Electricals’, having found nothing of any vague interest in the newsagents. He was in the ‘YesterDecade’ section, and was looking at his slightly anamorphic reflection in an old, large TV, scrounged from a 90s collection. A 4 year old tottered in with an ‘Upsy Daisy’ push-the-button-to-move bed from an old TV programme called ‘In The Night Garden’ that was discontinued in 2010. The kid dropped it and ran towards the kids section, which was directly opposite the YesterDecade section, separated only by the difference in carpet colour.

In the kids section, the kid ran towards a robot dog toy so fast, he tripped over a ‘Bopit’ console and fell onto one side of a ‘SeeSaw’ that played a cheap electrical voice that urged you to go higher as you rode on it. Somebody had left a football on the other end, and as one end went down, the other flew up, and the football flew towards Horace.

Horace turned around and began to walk away from the TV, getting bored with his reflection and, seeing the football flying towards him, put his hands in front of his face, ducking. The football sailed past his head and hit the rack of TVs behind him that was almost as tall as the ceiling, which began to wobble. Being unable to see, still having his arms in front of his face, his foot slipped on the small toy bed with wheels that the kid had dropped earlier, and flew backwards, losing his footing. He banged his head on the rack, which made it wobble even further, and as he sat up, rubbing his head, an old, box shaped TV fell from the top shelf, towards his head.

Horace’s head cracked immediately as his skull crashed through the solid screen of the TV, blood spraying out from the cracked edges. The TV was plugged in, and on, but when it fell, the plug was ripped and sent an electrical charge up through the cable and into the TV. The disfigured and blood-wet remains of a barely alive Horace’s head were fried, as the electrocutical charge flowed into his body. His body spasmed wildly, pure electricity coursing like fire through his veins. By the time an attendant came to see the cause of the noises, Horace Atkins had long since perished.

Chapter 3 now up!
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

You sir have caught my attention. The accident was well planned out and executed perfectly. Continue please.

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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

The phone woke Darren up the next morning. Kyle hadn’t come in last night, because he’d called later in the evening to say that he was stopping over at a friend’s house. Darren had been tired, and stressed, and needed some time to think about what happened, and so had gone straight to bed, falling asleep rapidly. So when he picked up the phone the next morning, and heard Adam say “are you watching the news?” he was quite surprised. He groaned, heaving himself out of bed, dressed in his boxers, and padded towards the TV on the table opposite his bed. He turned it on, and whilst it booted up, went back and slumped into bed, holding the remote. It came on showing ‘The Cramp Twins’ on early morning Cartoon Network. He pressed TV Guide on his SKY remote, and went to BBC ONE, where ‘BBC Breakfast’ was playing.

“—was killed last night in a bizarre accident, in which a Television fell from a rack in Judo’s Electricals store and onto his head, crumpling his skull and electrocuting him. We’ve received news that it was the electrical shock that killed him. His name has been withheld until his family has been notified. It’s sixteen minutes past eight, and now Carol has the weather in—”

Darren zoned out as the sight of the image of his father went around his brain. No, he thought, it must be some sort of mistake. That’s not him. No, it’s not— His thought track was cut short, as the doorbell rang downstairs. He pulled on the jeans he’d been wearing last night, not bothering to waste time getting some new trousers from the wardrobe when he’d only be getting some more later.

He trudged down the stairs and opened the door, to see a policewoman in uniform, with another uniformed man behind her.

“Greetings Mr. Atkins, I’m Inspector Julian, this is Constable Craig. I’m afraid we have some bad news. May we step inside?” she said, kindly. Darren gulped, a tear already falling from his eye, knowing already what they were about to say. She smiled at him and stepped inside, Constable Craig giving a brief smile before following her. Darren closed the door, in silence.

5 weeks later

“Hey, Adam,” Darren said, padding down the sandy steps and onto the beach. It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and Adam, Sarah, Tiffany and he were spending it well at the beach. After his father’s funeral, he’d been upset, expectedly, but had been determined to get over it.

“Hi,” Adam replied, throwing a cricket ball at him. Darren caught it in his hand, and threw it back. It hit Adam in the arm, and they laughed, jokingly. “Where’s Sarah?” Adam asked. Darren turned around and pointed to the ice cream stand that was on the top of a hill, where Sarah was buying an ice cream. Adam nodded, and sat on the deck chair.

“So... I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something, Adam,” Darren said, sitting on the sand. Adam looked at him.


“Well,” Darren continued, “you know what we talked about, about that Death thing?” Adam sighed the moment the words passed his lips.

“Darren, listen, you, me, Sarah and Tiffany went over a thousand different scenarios. You haven’t had any visions lately, and no-one’s been in any danger recently. Just accept it, it’s over! We cheated death!”

“Hmm...” Darren murmured, slightly unconvinced. Adam rolled his eyes, and leant forward.

“Look. It’s been five weeks, Darren. Five weeks. If something was going to happen, it would have by now.”

“No!” Darren protested. “In the previous cases, the deaths didn’t occur for another, I don’t know, month or so. Death is everywhere, no matter how long the space between; I think we’re still at risk.”

Adam sighed, leant back, and closed his eyes. “If you say so.”

Sarah walked in on the scene. “Hey, guys.” She sat down next to Darren, and handed him a ‘Fab’.

“Hi. I was just saying how I think we’re still in danger.” Darren said casually, biting his lip in anticipation to her response; which was a roll of her eyes, like Adam,.

“Darren, you really need to stop this. We lived! Accept it,” she said, with an air of finality in her voice. Darren sighed, and looked around for support from some invisible onlooker, but then submitted, and offered a game of cricket – perhaps purely because of the reason that he always won at it, which might take his mind off of the feeling he was getting.

Later that evening, still unconvinced, Darren sat at his computer in his bedroom, searching about all he could ‘premonitions’. He clicked on a Google link, and came to the official site of conspiracy theories about the ‘McKinley Rollercoaster Derailment’. He saw, in the margins, many other links, a few of which were entitled ‘Flight 180’, ‘Route 23’, and ‘McKinley Speedway Disaster’. After hours of searching through these links, printing off pages he believed to be important, he had a whole file full of images and text that was relevant.

He grabbed the phone and nervously punched in Sarah’s number. When she answered, he simply said “you need to see this”, before hanging up and going over his notes again.

“Okay, look at this,” Darren said to Sarah, who was sitting on the edge of his desk. “Flight 180, a kid called Alex Browning had a premonition that the plane would explode on take-off, so he got off the plane with some others, and then the plane blew up. And then, all of the people who got off the plane started dyeing in weird accidents.”

He looked her in the eye. Sarah was trying mentally to think of a logical reason for it, but she kenw that he was right. He went on.

“And then, this happened. One year to the day, exactly one year,” he said, taking a picture out from the file. It show crumpled cars, fires, and logs dotted around a highway. “The Route 23 Pile-Up. A girl called Kimberly Corman had a premonition of the pile-up, and so she parked her car in front of the road so that no-one could pass. And then, the pile-up happened, just as she saw it. And again, over

the next several months, all of the people who should have died started dyeing again. In the order that they would have died.”

He passed the picture to Sarah, pointing to a sign that could be seen through the smoke in the picture, that said ‘Construction next 180 feet’. Sarah gulped, and passed it back to Darren. She then pointed the a picture of the McKinley Speedway arena, after the race car crash. “What about that one?”

Darren glanced at it, and picked it up. “The same. A guy called nick O’Bannon has a premonition, get out, the disaster happens, and they all start to die. I think it’s happening here.” He looked at Sarah, and could see in her eyes that, even if she didn’t want to, she believed him.

She went over to his bed and sat down. “Well, I know that it might be happening here, but what if it isn’t? I mean, I know your dad died, but that was weeks ago. I mean, all of the visionaries related to these disasters saw in visions or signs how they’d die. Did you see anything?”

Darren shook his head, and thought for a moment. But then, a grim look of realisation swept across his face, as he looked up at Sarah in terror. “Yes.”

“It was the day it happened,” he said, now downstairs with Sarah, squatting in front of the TV that had been repaired. “I watched on the news, what happened on the CCTV footage. A football went flying in his face, because it was on a seesaw that dipped, then he slipped on a toy, fell, and the TV crashed onto his head.”

He pointed to the TV, still looking at Sarah. “On the day it happened, I turned the TV on, and it was playing that episode of Spongebob where Mr. Krabs makes him go down to the store. Well, that’s where dad went, to the electrical store. Then, I flicked to the next channel, and it was a news programme about a football match. I switched to the next channel, just as a picture of a football flying through the air came on. After that, it was an action movie of someone crashing into a cinema screen. That could be dad’s head and the TV. But after, that’s what kinda confirms it, there was an advert for the store that dad died in.”

He looked Sarah in her eyes, deadly serious, and she knew now that what had happened in the previous disasters was definitely happening now. She raised a hand to her mouth and turned away, stifling a gasp. Darren got up and rubbed her shoulders comfortingly.

“Hey, listen. I have a plan. In the past cases, if someone intervened, then it skipped them, whatever ‘it’ is. Well, maybe we just need to keep doing that,” he said, but Sarah whipped around, tears streaming from her eyes.

“Until when, Darren!? We can’t keep it up forever! Sooner or later, we’re all just going to end up... end up...” she couldn’t bring herself to say it, instead breaking down in tears. Darren pulled her into a hug, unsure of what to say.

“Okay, okay. Hey, listen, in the past cases, they all died in the order that they would’ve died, right?” he said. Sarah stepped away from his embrace and, wiping her eyes, nodded. “Well, in my vision, I was the last to die, you died before me. Which means you’ll be nearly the last to go. And, if in the event that it comes to your... our time, then we’ll probably have figured out how to defeat it by then, don’t you think?”

Sarah didn’t look too happy about it, but realised he was right, and nodded. “But that means, shouldn’t we be looking out for whoever’s next? I mean, who died next in your vision?” she asked.

Darren thought, but then, his face dropped, as he realised who was next. “Kyle.”

Darren bounded into his red Mondeo, which was parked around the back of the house, and once Sarah was inside and strapped in, sped away from the house. He skidded over a bag of pebbles that they had collected from a beach last summer. The big tipped, and as they started pouring out, just for a second, they formation of a group of rocks looked extraordinarily like a skull, before it was washed away by the rest of the rocks.

Chapter 3 now up!
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

I must admit, I never thought that anyone could quite pull off a Final Destination story. However, you have most certainly proved me wrong. Your description of events is basically perfect, and the accidents - especially the main one - are planned out and described amazingly well. It seems that you really know your FD movies. The way you're using the incidents in past movies is great, too.

You're doing a really awesome job so far; I'm really looking forward to the continuation of this story. Keep it up. :D
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

This would have been an awesome movie in the series. Keep up the good work.

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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

Thank you both for your comments ^^ I'm please about what you thought of it. I do know my FD movies quite a bit, yeah. I'd stalled writing it because I had writer's block. But recently, I got FD4 on DVD and have been watching it, so I'm back in the Final Destination mood. ^^ Thanks again, and I hope you keep reading! :D

Chapter 3 now up!
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

Chapter 4

“TJ! TJ, open up! TJ!” Darren banged on the door. Sarah stood behind him, waiting for Kyle’s friend to answer the door. After a few seconds, said TJ answered the door. He was a tall lad, but a bit of a chav. He didn’t have his cap on, strangely, but was weary a t-shirt that was too big for him and some baggy jeans. Despite his chavish demeanour and look, he smiled brightly when he saw Darren at the door.

“Hey Darren. Sarah,” he said, nodding at her. “Anything I can help you with?” Darren tried peering over his shoulder, but he could see nothing except the small hallway that led to the living room and kitchen.

“Is Kyle there?!” he asked. TJ shook his head.

“Um, no, he left about ten minutes ago. He left something at the beach; he’s gone back to get it. I don’t know what it was, maybe his phone?” Darren and Sarah darted back to the car before he’d finished his sentence, which meant TJ had to slightly raise his voice. Darren, babbled a small word of thanks, which was all he could manage, before he slammed the car door shut and sped away.

They pulled out of the side street and sped down the road, Darren frantically trying to dodge the cars on the road. He was thinking how mad he was for dodging the traffic, when it hit him. A blast of pain in his head, like his breath had been sucked right from his lungs.

He gasped for air, but his vision clouded over. He was seeing flashes of things. He saw a tumbling rock. A toy tractor. A plank of wood, flying through the air. A plant pot, falling and smashing on the floor. He saw somebody falling over, but it flashed by at such a pace that he couldn’t quite tell who it was. He then saw a large, rusty-brown object flashing by his eyes, but he couldn’t quite make it out. It was a—

“Darren!” Sarah shouted, as she grabbed the wheel and jerked the car away from a car going the opposite way. They’d swerved onto the wrong side of the road, and Darren was dragged out of his vision, when the car swerved back onto the left side of the road. He came up choking, and had to swerve to the side of the road to avoid crashing into another car. They were nearing the beach, and they skidded around the bend that led to the path to the beach. People dived out of the way as the car charged, uncontrollably, down the gritted path. It came to a screeching halt, as it skidded around in a circle as it came to the end of the path, but it tipped over onto the sand.

The windscreen cracked, and the car was steaming smoke. People were rushing over to see if they were alright, but Darren had Sarah in a hold, and was busting open the windshield. He climbed out, and coughed from the thin smoke that was seeping from the car, which was now quite battered, but nothing beyond repair. Darren was still choking, and he stumbled to the ground. He felt like his mouth was filled with water, only it wasn’t. But the feeling wouldn’t go away.

“Darren! Darren, are you alright?” he heard Sarah saying, but it was faint. He could hear cracking sounds, but he didn’t know from where. He felt Sarah shake his shoulder, but the feeling was getting number and fainter by the second. He felt a warm liquid on his forehead. He steadily reached up to it, and, pulling his hand away, saw it was blood. He could now feel a gash on his head, and it was stinging as blood poured from it. The cracking noise was getting louder and louder. He groggily looked around, and saw the, in the side of the cliff, the rocks were cracking. He saw some pebbles tumble, and had just enough time to point it out to Sarah, before Kyle came on the scene. He could see it now. The falling rocks, the tractor, which he could now see on the sand, by his feet. He was standing there, with his phone in his hand, and as he started to walk towards them, he stood on the tractor and sliced the sole of his foot.

He winced, as he bent down to look at the cut, which was beginning to bleed.

“Ow,” he said, as he looked as the sliced open skin. Darren only now noticed that he was barefoot. He pictured together the pieces just in time, as Kyle fell to the floor to look at his foot.

“Sarah!” he shouted, pointing at the rocks. In the split second that the first rocks began to tumble towards the sand – directly above where Kyle was sitting – she knew what he meant. She sprinted towards him and, hands under his armpits, heaved him out of the way, just in the nick of time. The boulders crashed into the sand, and she had to drag him further away to avoid him getting hit by rocks that bounced off of the first one.

Kyle was panting heavily. Onlookers where quite shocked by the sudden turn of events. Kyle was just glad to be alive. He was panting, but his short, sharp breaths were turning into laughs.

“Jeez, guys, it’s a good job you were around! Hey, what are you doing here, anyway?” he asked, even moreso suprised when he saw Darren’s Mondeo.

“Kyle, we need to talk,” Darren said, wearily. His coughing fit had subsequently subsided, and as they began to walk, – to where, they weren’t exactly sure at that point – Darren explained to Sarah what he’d seen.

“Wait, so you’re saying you saw how I’m gonna die?” Kyle asked. Darren nodded, running his hand through his hair. Kyle laughed to himself. “Right. Okay, Darren, I can understand that you might be under a bit of stress, and all that, but this is kinda taking it a bit too far, don’t you think?”

Darren sighed, looking away, annoyed that his own brother didn’t even believe. Sarah tried backing him up.

“Well then, how did he know about the rocks? He saved your life. Kyle, it’s happening, whether you believe it or not,” she said, to which Kyle just laughed. They were now nearing a train station. They tried not to talk when there were other people around them. The bell started ringing, signalling the coming of a train. Its tall tower of smoke could be seen from behind a clump of trees.

“Right,” he said, turning to face them. His back was facing the train track, which was about a metre and a half away from the ledge they were stood on. “Even so, if you saved me, and this is purely hypothetical, you understand, then that means that Tiffany’s next, right?” he said, still quite unconvinced. Sarah nodded.

“No,” Darren murmured to himself. Sarah and Kyle turned to him.

“What’s that?” Sarah asked. Darren looked up at them.

“In the vision that I had in the car, there were some other things, not just what happened at the beach...” he tried to think of what it was that he’d seen in his vision. Kyle sighed, laughing lightly, and turned to walk away down the edge of the tracks. Darren felt that cold feeling he’d been feeling the night of the accident. He began seeing things he recognised, although he didn’t know where from. A bench, one of the planks of wood rattling in a ferocious wind that was now picking up.

Some men were walking out of the shops with some boxes, which they set down on the floor. There were very few people around outside now, so they moved the bench with the wonky plank out of
the way, near the train tracks. Kyle stopped walking away to help them. An old woman stopped to help move a big plant pot on top of a box that a man was struggling to carry.

A spark of recognition burned in his mind, and as the train rattled and charged down the tracks, nearing the station, he had an overwhelming feeling that something was going to happen. The old woman was walking over to Kyle to give him the plant pot, asking him to put it down, since she was in a hurry. She passed it to him, but it slipped from her hands before she could, and landed on one edge of the wonky plank of wood. It smashed, and broke the weak connection between the wood and the bench frame. Its weight made the plank swing up, pivoting on the nail which held it to the bench. It hit Kyle in the face, and he gasped, stumbling backwards, and falling over the edge of the ledge.

He fell onto the tracks, and in that moment, the train roared upon him. The wheels sliced right through his body, mashing his guts and bones with sickening splatters of flesh and blood, and cringe-worthy crunches of cracking bone. Blood exploded from his head, showering the surrounding area with blood and brain meat. Sarah screamed in shock, cupping her hands over her mouth.

“NO!” Darren screamed, falling to his knees, tears erupting from his eyes. He felt as though the world was falling down upon him. He fell forward, his tears staining the pavement. The moving men and the old woman rushed to the edge, some calling 999, even though there was no help. Kyle had been dead since the moment he was sliced by the wheels.

Darren sobbed uncontrollably, distraught just by thinking about the blended remains of his brother. He tried to get out some words, but they were caught up in the aching pain in the back of his throat. He let himself fall into Sarah’s embrace, though he knew that it wouldn’t help. Kyle was gone. His brother, whom he had known since he was a child. The guy who had been his best friend, someone who had always been there to help him. Gone, forever. He’d never hear his voice; never talk to him about brotherly things like he used to do so much in the past. Kyle was gone. Forever.

“Those of you who would like to pay your final respects, please do so now,” the vicar said, gesturing to the coffin that held the last of Kyle’s remains. Despite what remained of him could be called, in no way, a body, Darren had insisted that he was treated equally, and would not stand for anything but a proper burial. He faught back tears, fiercely, as he went over to the hole in the ground. Other people thought it reasonable to stay back until he’d finished, so they did. Darren muttered a few words of his love and praise for his dead brother, and dropped two red roses into the hole in the ground, where the coffin had been lowered down. They landed in a resounding ‘X’ where his heart would have been, but Darren thought nothing of it, blinking back tears. Sarah dropped in a white rose, rushing forward seeing how he was about to cry. As soon as it left her hand, she pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back comfortingly. They walked away, without looking back.

Darren flopped down into his bed quite undaintily when he got home. Having taken off his jacket and tie from the funeral, he lay in his shirt – which was unbuttoned – and trousers, legs sticking out of the end of the bed, grey socks and all. He wanted to cry, so badly, but he felt as though he had no tears left, which made him feel bad. Sarah, teary-eyed, walked into the room and, at a loss of what to say, just sat down quietly in a chair in the corner of the room, and waited in the silence.

“Darren, I...” she started, but her voice caught. Darren didn’t respond. “I don’t want to seem uncaring, but...” she continued, but sighed and stayed quiet; it looked as though he were asleep, and that she was talking to herself.

Seeing as though he was asleep, she decided to take a look, for herself, at the file he’d concocted on their current situation. She flicked through, seeing pictures of past survivors. One was a screenshot of a security camera in a weight-lifting centre for some team, showing a guy’s head crushed between two weights. The next showed a guy’s head, totally shredded at the back, after it was ripped apart by the fan from a motor that was sent flying out when it was crashed into by a truck. [FRANKIE CHEEKS] was labelled below this picture. They were survivors of the fabled McKinley Roller Coaster Derailment. There was a picture of a girl with long brown hair, below which the title was: [WEDNESDAY “WENDY” CHRISTENSEN – VISIONARY].

The next section was of the ‘McKinley Speedway Crash’. There was one picture of a girl, with long, black hair, whose eye had exploded from her head, leaving a huge, red gaping hole, after being killed by a rock, flung by a spinning lawnmower blade. There was another CCTV screenshot; this time, it showed a guy being crushed by a huge bathtub, which fell through the floor and onto him, when it overflowed, weakened the floorboards with a massive excess of water, and fell through. It showed the water hung in the air, the bathtub about to crush the man, his last few seconds frozen in time.

She looked at the rest of the pictures, from the other sections, all showing how the survivors died. She gasped at the sickening feeling she got from looking at some of them; impaled by a ladder that slipped; a girl mashed and splattered all over the road, appendages scattered across the pavement in puddles of blood, and piles of flesh and brain meat. She grimaced, and put that page away.

There was a page that showed four people, connected by lines, each labelled ‘ALEX BROWNING’, ‘KIMBERLY CORMAN’, ‘WENDY CHRISTENSEN’, AND ‘NICK O’BANNON’. The word ME was circled, and connected to the other pictures by lines Darren had drawn. He had written, in capital letters, ‘HOW ARE WE CONNECTED?’

“I just don’t know, Darren...” she murmured to herself.

“Neither do I,” came a voice from behind her. She screamed, and whipped around, hands over her mouth.
It was Wendy Christensen.

Chapter 3 now up!
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

Once again, you've done a great job. Your description of Kyle's accident was very realistic (at least in my mind) and well done, as well as the way you put together the rest of the chapter. Adding Wendy in is certainly a nice twist, as well. Looking forward to the next chapter. ^^

Awesome banner, btw. :3
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

Again. Awesome chapter. I can see Kyle's death happening in real life. And that banner is beast.

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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

Haha, why thank you both ^^ Glad you like the banner ;) I've finished writing this one so updates may be more frequent. I'm not sure if I've said this already, but yeah. I'm already writing the first chapter of the sequel. I might post the next chapter later today, if I have time.

Chapter 3 now up!
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

“B-b... bu....” Sarah babbled, mouth opening and closing like a goldfish out of water. Wendy smiled, slightly, at her naivety.

“Yeah...” Wendy said, walking further into the room.

“What the hell are you doing here? And aren’t you... aren’t you dead!?” Sarah said, backing away as though she were an assassin death had sent to finish her. Wendy shook her head.

“No. I’m here to help. I have something to tell you.”

Darren, now wide awake, sat on the bed beside Sarah, whilst Wendy explained how she’d survived the train crash, which was, at the moment, the most outstanding question that was on their minds.

“I think the public wanted to milk it for all they could get,” Wendy said. “Because of what happened in my premonition, I acted differently, and saved my friends—” Sarah cut in.

“What? You mean Kevin’s alive too?” she asked. Wendy nodded, very slightly.

“Yes.. But only barely. He’s been in a very deep state of coma ever since the accident in 2007, though. They kept him on the life support machine, because every time they made to turn it off, he showed visible signs of reaction. We both died, actually. We were knocked into a coma, because I saved us. And we died, in the coma. But we were revived. But by then, Death had left whilst we were dead, and then when we were alive again, he’d gone, and we were no longer his target. Julie... Death got to her, though. I was too late...”

Sarah’s eyes widened. “So, that’s the only definite way to cheat death? To die?” Wendy nodded, grimly.

“Yeah. You all heard about what happened on Route 23, right? Well, that girl, Kimberly Corman, she was clever. She figured it out, and drove a white van into a lake. She drowned, and death left whilst she was dead. But then she was revived,” Wendy said, Sarah nodding all the while. Darren, however, was still a bit confused.

“So, wait. I heard that she was pulled into a woodchipper. What was that about?”

Wendy leaned back in the chair she was in. “Sometimes, accidents do happen. She escaped her original death, but after that, death will have assigned another one later on. Unless she had another premonition. Either way, death causes death. Everything has it’s time, and everything dies. Even if their time comes a little earlier than expected.”

Darren nodded too, both of them now understanding. “So, the question still stands: how do we beat death?”

Wendy sighed, putting her words carefully. “Other than what I just explained? Well, there is one way. But I’m not sure whether you two could or would go through with it. I mean, it would change your lives,” she said, looking at both of them.

“Tell us,” Darren said, squeezing Sarah’s hand. She blushed, slightly. “It’s better to know what we can do, than try to figure it out for ourselves when we really need to know.”

Wendy thought for a moment, and then nodded.

“Okay. Well, first, it’d involve Sarah getting pregnant...” Wendy trailed off at the look on their faces. Darren wasn’t sure if she was serious, or just pulling some joke that the two girls had concocted for his expense.

After a brief moments silence, Sarah spoke up.

“What, you mean for real?” she asked. Wendy nodded.

“If you were supposed to die on that bridge,” she said, her gaze alternating between the two of them, “but you didn’t, then that means that death will come back for you. But if you had a baby, it would be a whole new living being that was never part of death’s design, dead or alive; it would eradicate the list, completely. It would force death to leave you in peace until... until you die naturally, or until you do something to start it off again. Like, have another vision, or something.”

Darren looked at Sarah, putting an arm around her shoulders. Said Sarah listened intently.

“So, erm, you know,” Wendy joked, “don’t save too many people. Because then you’ll just have to have loads and loads of kids, hehe...” she laughed at her own joke, but quietened down when she saw that neither of them found it funny.

Darren sighed, looking at Sarah. “Well, could be worse. We get to live, and in order to do it, I even have to—”

Sarah gave a warning slap to his chest, which didn’t cause any pain, but told him to not even go there. Wendy smirked at their couple-ish antics.

“I’m not sure, I mean... I’m 19. My dad will totally freak if I end up pregnant, which is sad, but he’s kinda protective over me,” she said. Darren sighed, but nodded. It suddenly occurred to him that he had no parents, no brother, and no family at all except long lost aunts, uncles and cousins. No-one to, if he did get Sarah pregnant one day, see his first child. He shook away the grim thought.

“Yeah... I think we should just try to save them for now, see where we go with that,” Sarah said, looking to Darren for approval. He sighed, relieved, yet slightly disappointed, and nodded.

“I’ll come with you,” Wendy added. Sarah turned from Darren to her.

“Come with us where?” she asked. Wendy shrugged.

“I don’t know, just, around. With you when you’re saving your friends. Just remember that I’m the only one who’s dealt with this before, well, me, Kevin and Julie... but they don’t really count right now, do they?” she said to herself. Darren and Sarah agreed that it would be appropriate and helpful to have her along, though, and so formed a partnership. That was the moment the sun chose to hide behind a cloud, sending an ominous light shadow across the room, a chilly but slight breeze echoing from a tightly closed window.

They gathered at the place in which Wendy was staying out in England; A small, run down, quite battered, but totally death-proof warehouse. Well, not quite a warehouse, more like a small rentable apartment, which could be sold out to businesses who needed offices. There were three sofas in a triangle formation that she’d somehow managed to acquire, in the middle of the floor. There was food in a cooling unit at the edge of the room, and a toilet that was behind a board, so that no-one could be trapped inside if they needed to be rescued, for whatever reason. For this very reason, there was a small vent above the toilet area that was designed to suck air out, and pump air in, filtering any smells.

Sarah had managed to get hold of some phones, cheap ones that were easily replaceable. Wendy sat on a wooden chair, holding the boxes that contained them. Sarah sat on one of the sofas, whilst Darren stood, arms folded, and waiting for something to happen.

The metal door in the furthest corner of the room creaked open, a draught gushing around in the dry air inside, as Adam and Tiffany appeared at the door. “Hello?” Sarah could hear from the other side. They were bickering about whether this was the right place. A shout from Sarah told them that they were, and they came in, frowning at their surroundings.

“Hi guys! Why are we in this dump? And who’s she?” Tiffany asked, narrowing her eyes at Wendy. Wendy mock smiled, as if to say ‘lovely to meet you too.’

“We’ll explain that later, but right now, we’re waiting for the others,” she said, glancing at the door, after the loud clang of it being blown shut startled her.

Half an hour later, all eight of them were present: Darren, Sarah, Wendy, Adam, Tiffany, Justin, Gale and Tyler, who was currently flapping his dody around, flecks of spittle making their escape.

“So, I suppose I should explain why we’re all here,” Darren said once they’d all settled down.

“Well, yeah, I suppose that would be helpful,” Gale said spitefully, her distaste at being involved with the group for the first time since the accident.

“Gale, there’s something you need to understand. Something we all need to know if we’re going to get through this...”

“Through what?” Justin said, rolling his eyes. “What is there to get through?”

“If you just listen, then I’ll tell you,” Darren said, his annoyance barely kept hidden. They couple quietened, but listened.

“Ever since the day of the accident, there’s been something with us. With us all,” he said, glancing around at all of them. “Now, what I’m gonna tell you, I know you will have difficulty believing. But, basically, here’s how it is: On the night of the accident, I saw deaths plan, and cheated it, and got away. But now Death, or whatever it is, is angry, and it’s coming back to get us. Now, it could come anywhere, at anytime, and anyhow, so I want you to take these,” he pointed at the box of phones Wendy was holding. She began to hand them out, but Justin made no move to take one. He looked bored to even be there, which was beginning to tick Wendy off.

“Take one,” she said, putting on a stern voice. Her eyes bored into his own, and he eventually found that he was not going to win, so he surrendered and took one.

“Now, I know that you probably won’t believe what I’m telling you,” he continued, glancing Tiffany, who was beginning to look confused and slightly bored. Adam wasn’t sure what to think. “And that’s fine. But sooner or later, it’s gonna come for you, so I’d suggest now that you start listening, if you want to stay alive.”

Justin looked slightly insulted, but Darren continued.

“So, if I call on one of these phones and say, I don’t know, train, then get to somewhere where no train could get to. Get it?” he said, nodding his thanks to Wendy who had finished handing out the phones, one of which he was brandishing to emphasize his point. Tyler was looking at him, as if he were a gorilla holding an ice-cream, and wearing a joker’s hat.

Justin sighed, having had enough. He stood up, Gale nervously standing up as well, not wanting to cause any trouble.

“Listen, okay, I’ve had enough. I mean, what you’re saying just just pure...” he thought about his words, glancing at Tyler. “...rubbish. I can’t believe I’ve even been listening to this, you’re all crazy. Come on, Gale, let’s go—”

Wendy had finally cracked and, under a surge of anger, stepped forward and slapped Justin in the face. He fell back down onto the sofa, indignantly.

“Listen, you ******* ignorant little *******. It’s happening, whether you like it or not, so you better sit your ass down on that seat and keep it there if you don’t want to get another slap. We’re trying to save your life, we’re not going to apologise for trying to help you,” she snarled in his face. He stood up, drawing to his full height – about an inch taller than Wendy.

“Hey, don’t you ******* touch me, *****! You can’t seriously expect me to take any of this crap seriously—”

She slapped him again, a small tear pouring from her eye, as she pulled out a Polaroid photo from inside her camera. She shoved it near his face, forcing him to look at it.

“Well you’d better ******* take it seriously, cause that’s what happened to my ******* sister because of it,” she spat. Justin gulped, wincing at the photo of Julie. “And yes,” Wendy added. “That is the blade of a ******* ceiling fan in her head...”

Gale saw the photo and slapped her hand to her mouth, in shock. Julie lay, face up, the blade of, indeed what appeared to be a ceiling fan, embedded in her brain. Blood was splattered up the side of said blade, as well as streaming down here lifeless face.

Justin gulped, again, and sat down; it could be said he was now more convinced that the situation was indeed occurring. Gale joined him on the seat, Tyler close to falling asleep.

“Now,” Sarah said, before Darren could speak. “Just because Darren and Wendy are the ones who’ve had the visions, that doesn’t mean we aren’t all capable of seeing signs ourselves. If you see anything which looks suspicious, you must not ignore it. Like, any in-your-face irony kind of stuff usually means the difference between life and death,” she said, looking at Wendy, who nodded.

“Like,” Adam suggested, “if we’re near the cliffs and we hear things on a radio like, I don’t know, reports of tidal waves, or radio plays that have avalanche-like sounds or something...?”

Darren nodded. “Yes, that’s exactly the kind of thing. But it could be in anything, form reflections to shadows, to visions, or maybe just a really bad gut feeling that’s something’s not right, or that something’s gonna happen.”

They started to nod, as if they were now starting to understand. There was then a long silence, filled with awkward shifting and fidgeting, all of them unsure of what to say.

“So...” Tiffany said, dragging it out. “What now?” Nobody spoke. But after about a minute, Wendy broke the silence.

“We need to watch out for each other. Stay together, watch out for any signs. But first, we need to know the order. Darren?”

“Well,” he began, “first it was my dad, then my brother, which makes Tiffany next...”

Tiffany looked horrified, looking like she would faint any minute.

“... then Adam, and then... and then it’s...”

He frowned. “What’s wrong?” Wendy asked.

“Well, from what I saw in my vision, after Adam it was Sarah then me...” he looked at Wendy, as though he were asking for help. “But I didn’t see Justin, Gale or Tyler die in my vision, never mind when. Come to think of it...”

He had a sudden flash of memory, a small shard of the vision from the accident.

“... I didn’t see Tyler in my vision at all!”

He looked up at Wendy, hopefully. “Maybe that’s it? Maybe Tyler doesn’t die! I mean, I saw his pram, but there was no sign of him!”

Wendy looked unsure of what to think. She was quite flattered that he was asking her, seeing as she was kind of the expert, but also quite annoyed at the thought that he expected her to know everything.

“Well, we’ll have to look out, just to be sure. But if not, then we’ll have to redo the order. They obviously survived until after Kyle died, but that means that they could die anywhere in between Adam, Tiffany and Sarah. And we don’t even know if they died after each other or at different times...” she sighed. “This really complicates things. Should we assume that they died after each other, or...?” she shrugged, lost.

“Well,” Gale said. It was the first time she’d spoken in a while. “We could just wait until someone almost dies, save them, and keep saving them until we get to the end of the list. Then we’ll know the order.”

“Death’s smart. Unbelievably creative and intelligent,” Sarah said. She’d read it online. “It’d take a phenomenal amount of effort to even intervene and save one person! Each time we think they’re going to die, it could just be a hoax, or something that will lead to their death at another time so that... ugh, it’s too complicated.” She sighed.

Wendy was about to start speaking, when a long, thick screw that held part of a support beam to the roof detached itself from its setting, and began to fall towards Wendy’s head.

She had the sudden urge to jump out of the way, and did so just as it hit the ground where she’d been moments before. The iron beam it was holding snapped from its case on the ceiling, and began to fall, straight through the air, down, down, down... towards Gale’s head.

Chapter 3 now up!
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

Chapter 6

Tiffany wiped a small tear from her eye, as she walked away with the rest of the group, those grisly images flashing through her head.

The pole spun around in an arc as it fell, cracking the back of Gale’s skull. The bone cracked and her head ripped from her neck, blood spraying over Justin. The head bounced across the floor, leaving a trail of blood. The smashed bone, ripped veins and saggy, bloody flesh could be seen in her now detached neck, and her eyes were jammed open in a look of surprise, and fear.

She closed her eyes, shaking the thought from her head. It was the same thought that was going through all of their heads. Justin had refused to leave his wife, in denial that she was dead, despite the graphic evidence he’d just seen – and been sprayed with.

He stayed behind, with the police and the ambulance, the sirens of who were now blaring behind them. Justin had taken Tyler with him in the ambulance, adamantly ignoring their protests that he was most probably next. The ambulance had sped off, even as they shouted through the cold, metal doors. Little did they know that the brief flash of him through the windows was the last of him they’d ever see.


“Sorry, what? Sorry, I can’t hear you, what?” Sarah said into the phone. She was getting on a boat with Darren, Sarah and Wendy. They were going on a cruise, as a sort of replacement for the trip to France that they never got to go on.

“Listen, wait for me, I’m stuck in traffic, and it’s not moving,” Tiffany said into the phone. There was a long traffic jam, and she was stuck in the middle of it. “It would’ve been so much easier if Adam could’ve come with us. Stupid University... look,” she cursed, “just go without me, I’ll get the next ferry. Ask if you can swap my ticket, this ****** traffic jam is going too slow,” she said, saying goodbye and hanging up her call. There’d been some accident up ahead of her in the road. “Come on!” she shouted.

Sarah turned to Darren. “She’s stuck in traffic, I’m not sure if she’s gonna make it in time,” she said.

“We’ll have to ask at reception,” he said, turning around, “if we can switch our tickets to a later boat.”

“I’m back!” Wendy announced in a cheery voice, holding two strawberry ice-creams in one hand, and a mint w/ chocolate chips ice-cream in the other.

“Ah,” Darren said, with a small laugh. He took the mint one, and handed Sarah a Strawberry one. “To survival!” he said, raising his ice-cream. Wendy and Sarah chuckled, and raised their ice-creams as well. Sarah’s got too close to Darren’s, and got stuck together. Wendy laughed loudly, as they tried to unhinge the two treats from each other.

“So,” Sarah said once they’d gotten their ice-creams back, “you really think it’s over?”

Darren looked at her eyes, smiling. “Yes, I do. I haven’t had any strange feelings, visions, or anything like that for months now, I think...” he looked at Wendy. “I think it’s finally left us alone.” They both grinned. “So,” Darren carried on. “How long until you’re off back to America, Wendy?”

“Oh, I dunno,” she replied, looking out to sea. “I think I’m gonna stay here for a while, might as well explore a bit whilst I’m here.” She grinned.

Tiffany’s phone rang as the traffic began to move slightly. It was being redirected onto another road, because there was a possibility that the vehicle involved in the accident could explode. She picked up the phone and held it to her shoulder, by tilting her head. “Yeah?”

“Het, Tiffany, where are you!?” It was Adam. Urgency was clearly present in his voice.

“Adam? I’m on the road, goin’ to the ferry, remember? Why?” she asked, frowning.

“Tiffany, its Justin... he’s dead! You need to get outta there, wherever you are! If he’s dead, that means you’re next!”

Tiffany missed the next words, because the deafening roar of an explosions blasted out any other sound. She dropped her phone to the floor of her car, as the small charred remains of car parts exploded onto the road, showering themselves onto – and into – cars. Tiffany swerved out of the way of an engine, and her car uncontrollably shot down into the forest area at the side of the road.

The car vibrated violently, and Tiffany was having a hard time staying up right. She saw the car heading for a tree trunk, and hastily undid her seatbelt, opened the door, and jumped outside, just as the car crashed into the tree, exploding. The surrounding area burst into flames, the fire spreading quickly on the dry growth that mapped the floor. She gasped in shock, as she stumbled over a tree root.

She began to tumble down the grass hill, thorns ripping at her skin as she rolled past. She managed to stumble to her feet, for a second, but went flying head first into a long, thick fallen branch. The stubby end cracked right through her brain, bursting out of the other end of her head in a torrent of blood, and brain. Her body slowly slipped down the branch, lumps of brain squeezing out of her exit wound, and as the blood made the branch slippier, and her body began to slowly make its way down the branch – towards a river.

And her body would have flopped lifelessly into the river, had two protruding branches not slowly punctured her eyes and halted her progress.


Adam was disappointed that he wouldn’t be going on their holiday, that the others had planned, but he’d gotten into a University to study something he’d wanted to for a long time, and he didn’t want to miss out. He was at Tesco’s, stocking up on food, when he saw Justin.

He was pushing a trolley full of food, drinks, and toiletries. Tyler was sitting in a chair that was fitted into the trolley. They were at the far end of the isle, and Adam was at the other.

Grace stretched to reach for the string she was being passed by Brian. They were putting up the fourth out of seven signs in the supermarket, advertising their new pre-Christmas range of merchandise. She groaned as she stretched, tying it to the long metal pole that ran along the ceiling. She felt herself about to fall, but leaned back in just as she finished tying the string.

“Ah, that’s that done. Next one now?” she said, to which Brian nodded.

At the other side of that section, an employee was advertising a new range of cookers to the passing shoppers, most of which said “I’m sorry, I’m not interested,” or “I’m fine, thanks,” some simply not replying to his hopeful smile.

He frowned, and sighed, walking away. He put a sign on top of a counter that said “back in 10 min?” As he began to walk away, he tripped over a tube that ran from inside the wall to the back of the oven. A high pitched whining sound hissed from the open socket, as gas began to pour out.

“J- Hey! Justin!” Adam called out, taking a few steps towards him. Justin glanced around to see who was calling him, his eyes eventually resting on Adam. He shook his head slightly, and began to walk away. Adam ran after him, but he’d already turned a corner, into the pastry isle – almost directly under the electrical section on the upper level.

In the upper level, a woman with a small child browsed the kitchen ware, letting her child on the floor and looking at the range of pans. A few minutes later, the kid came back, brandishing a huge carving knife in her hands, proudly. The woman squealed loudly, and snatched it away, placing it carefully on the cooker – the one with the leaking gas. The kid began to run off, ignoring the mother’s instructions to stay with her. The woman groaned, commenting on how she needed a cigarette, and looked around before lighting one she took from her pocket.

She took a long drag, before she spotted a security guard walking towards her. She stepped backwards, holding it behind her back. The guard asked her to show him what was in her hand. She dropped it onto the floor and showed him her hands, to which he nodded gruffly, and walked away. She sighed, and sauntered away as well. The cigarette began to blow, pushed by a sudden draught from an open window, towards the escaping gas.

Adam eventually caught up with Justin. Tyler was giggling at being pushed so fast in the trolley, but Justin just looked somewhat angry.

“Justin, please, listen to me. I’m sorry about what happened to Gale, but it’s not over. Darren thinks your next, and we haven’t seen you in weeks! We thought you’d”

“Adam, just shut up!” he said, taking care over what he said, his young child being so nearby. In a more hushed voice, he said “I didn’t ask for your ******* thoughts, now piss of before I knock you flat.”

“Hey, dud, there’s no need—” Adam started, but Justin square dup to him, telling him that he wasn’t in the mood, and that he should just quit while he was alive.

The embers on the cigarette floated into the gas, and ignited. Fire erupted from the air, powering up the hole in the cooker, and into the machinery. It exploded, glass and metal exploding everywhere. The knife flew from the top of the oven, and slashed through the string that tied the sign to the ceiling. It began to arc downwards, sharp metal edges glinting in the light.

“Oi, Justin, please, just listen—” Adam tried again, but Justin wasn’t having it. He turned to him, glaring daggers.

“Look mate, I swear, if you talk to me again, I’ll pound you so hard, and hell, I’ll rip you in half—”

He didn’t even finish his sentence. The sharp, blade like edge swiped down through the air, right through the top of his body. In clean, out covered on blood and guts, and small flecks of bone. Justin froze, rigid. It had all happened in a flash, Adam didn’t quite register. He had recoiled initially, and some others around him had yelped, and were now watching him, in horror.

“Justin?” Adam asked. The sign swung back down, and hit him on his left arm. The front of his body slowly peeled down, blood pouring from his sliced open torso. His heart and other organs flopped onto the floor, a dark red pool of blood slowly expanding, and as the front of his body sagged forward, the skin ripping, his two halves fell to the floor, soggy and red.

Adam staggered back, gasping. Surrounding shoppers screamed, running for help, even though there was nothing to be done. He slowly stepped back, out of the puddle of blood that was slowly creeping its way towards him. Amongst the screaming panic, and the terrifying wailing, in the bloody puddle, Adam saw something. It was long, and white. It looked like a fan. There were three of them, and they were spinning... they got closer, and closer, until there was a spark, and they flew at him!

He ducked, putting his hands on his head, but when he looked up, there was nothing, no propellers, no nothing... No blood. He gasped, looking around. That was impossible. He’d just seen Justin die, it couldn’t have been... unless— Justin was shouting at him from behind. He whipped around, and said “LOOK OUT!”

But he was too late. He heard the loud, guttural sound of the explosion, the slash of the sharp kitchen knife, the whoosh of falling metal and plastic. He saw the jagged, metal shape sweep in from the corner of his eye. He ducked away, closing his eyes – already hearing the dripping and flopping of Justin’s organs and blood.

Adam didn’t want to speak to the police. He had ran from the supermarket as fast as he could, leaving his trolley behind, as well as a small trail of blood. People were staring at his bloodstained clothes, and the specks of scarlet red on his face, but he didn’t care. He just dearly hoped that he could get to Tiffany in time.

Safely behind a skip behind the supermarket, he took out his phone, speedily dialling in Tiffany’s number, and waiting impatiently for the call to connect.

“Yeah?” her bright, cheery voice answered from the other end.

“Hey, Tiffany, where are you!?” he said, urgency clearly present in his voice.

“Adam? I’m on the road, goin’ to the ferry, remember? Why?” she said.

“Tiffany, its Justin... he’s dead! You need to get outta there, wherever you are! If he’s dead, that means you’re next!”

He had barely finished his sentence when a loud fiery roar filled up and blocked out any other sound. He heard the dull thud of the phone falling to the floor of the car, and tears slowly dripped down his face as he heard the indignant rattle, and angry crash of the car against a solid object. He heard glass smashing, and a small scream of terror, before the line was cut.

Chapter 3 now up!
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

Penultimate chapter!

Chapter 7

“Ah,” Darren said, smiling, smelling the sea breeze wafting in and around his nostrils. “Smell that sea!”

“Ugh,” Sarah complained, holding her nose. “Smell that Chinese those kids are eating over there. It’s disgusting.” Darren just laughed, as did Wendy. They were on board the ferry, after having acknowledged that Tiffany would not be able to join them, and switched her ticket.

Their ferry was called the SS Majorie, which apparently meant something in French. Sarah tried calling Tiffany, again, but there was no answer each time, and she was growing somewhat worried. “We should’ve waited,” she kept saying, but Darren told her that she’ll have been just caught up in traffic.

“Yeah, you’re right. Sorry. Come on, let’s go buy stuff,” she said, grabbing Darren’s hand and pulling him towards the shops. Darren gave a helpless chuckle, and Wendy laughed, tagging along.

The ship ploughed along the sea, a churning torrent of white water flying up from the front of the ship, spraying white entrails along the clean, dark blue metal. As it gently sliced through the waves, it got closer and closer to a huge, sharp, rock solid chunk of ice berg under the water.

“Ooh, look at this! Darren, look!” Sarah said, pointing at an accessory in one of the stalls. Darren was too busy looking at a market advertising HD films, the current one showing dancing women in some “revealing” clothing, and was joined by about four or five other men. Sarah slapped him on the arm, and he snapped out of his trance.

“Yes? Sorry, I was listening. Look at what?” he said, squinting at where she was pointing, sproting a flimsy attempt at persuasion. She rolled her eyes and dragged him away. He splayed his arms defensively, but allowed himself to be pulled.

They went to a stall selling dress-up items, and Sarah had a good laugh putting a fake beard on Darren’s face. Darren laughed as well, saying that he “wouldn’t look too bad with a real beard,” stroking the slight stubble on his chin, his voice dripping with sarcasm. Sarah chortled, and they both laughed at Wendy when she put on some comical glass – plastic nose, moustache and big bushy eyebrows included.

The huge chunk of ice collided with the ships underside, and the jagged peak ripped through the steel. The boat shook, grinding along the ‘berg, as water began pouring into the ‘wound’.

Darren, Sarah and Wendy stumbled as the boat jerked. Wendy’s novelty glasses fell to the floor, forgotten, and were crushed by someone’s heel as a crowd of tourists rushed to the edge of the boat. The boat was still struggling along, which meant that the ice was slowly slicing through the bottom of the ship – with more and more water gushing through by the second.

Adam raced to the port, having run all the way from the nearby Tesco’s. The car he’d hijacked from the car-park screeched as he swerved into the port. The ferry was already out of sight, but he knew which way it was headed. He scrambled out of the car and sprinted full speed towards a speed boat, jumped in, and yanked the chain. It jerked left and right as it sped along the water uncontrollably, as Adam wrestled with the engine, trying to figure out how to make it work.

Once he’d finally got it going straight, he made a beeline for the direction he guessed the ship must’ve gone. He took his mobile out of his pocket and called Darren. “Come on, come on, come on,” he muttered to himself as he waited impatiently for him to pick up.

Darren glanced over the edge of the ship. Something was churning the water, but the foam it produced was too thick to see through. The ship shook, and he stumbled to the floor. Sarah and Wendy grabbed hold to the rails, eyes wide. With a mighty groan, the ship suddenly, but slowly, began to lurch to one side. The metal creaked and cracked, the steel crunching and bending.

Below deck, the engines were going wild. The gauges were pumping up to max, and machines were steaming. All that power ready to move the ship was overloading, because the ship wasn’t moving and it had nowhere to go. The turbine thrusters began to whirl and pump furiously, letting out a cloud of steam that flitted through the engine room.

A mechanic bounded through the smog to another working, exclaiming “The auxiliary engines are down!” The second employee proceeded to alter a set of buttons and levers at a control panel, and hit an “emergency engines” button. It promptly exploded in his face, sending metal and glass and plastic through his head, leaving him to slump onto the floor. The turbine thrusters began to thrust so powerfully that the bolts holding the great iron bars began to unscrew themselves. Now partially unscrewed, the thrusters exploded into the machinery, crushing ten workers and destroying many machines. They crashed into the hull of the ship, crushing the generator. One by one, the lights on the ship began to run down.

“Come on!” Darren said, picking himself up from the floor. Clouds had suddenly swirled into the sky, and were threatening to add more water to their situation. He grabbed Sarah’s hand and began to run, steering Wendy along by her shoulder. The ship shook again, and they looked on in horror as one of the huge chimneys began to fall. The wood splintered and exploded, giving way, to the huge metal cylinder. Cries and screams where cut short, as the ship slowly began to deteriorate.

Several machines exploded simultaneously, blowing yet another gaping hole in the side of the ship. Water began to thrash inside, crashing wildly between the machines, making the machines spark.

“Get away! Get out, now!” a technician exclaimed, sprinting towards the door. He pulled back the lever, and wrenched it into Deadlock position. It began to descend, but a machine exploded and sent a pipe into the machine. It sparked, and the door juddered. It jumped up and down, undecided, before going back up again. He hastily re-entered the command, but the outcome was the same.

“Ahhhh...!” he screamed. His wails were lost as he was swallowed up by the water, and swept off by the current. He slammed against the hull of the ship, next to the hole. The current led two different ways, and the pressure ripped him apart, his blood and organs staining the water, flowing in different directions.

Sparks, water and blood. They were almost all Wendy could see. A wave of seawater had exploded onto the deck, and separated her from Darren and Sarah. Another chimney collapsed, this time destroying almost half of the ship. An almighty ball of fire erupted from the lower deck, ripping up through the floor and sending Wendy through the air. She landed hard against the cabin, banging her head. Her vision swirled, but she was tethered to consciousness by the sound of someone shouting her name. She turned her head to the right, her vision seeming to follow a few seconds after. She could see Darren, waving his hands at her. She scrambled up, her head burning. But suddenly, without warning, she was slammed into oblivion, her world turning black.

“Come on, pick up the phone!” Adam exclaimed. He was about to repeat cursing, but then he saw the ship, and dropped his phone into the sea, forgotten, in shock. Half of it was wrecked, with holes all over the ship, water pouring out. Two chimney’s had collapsed, and it was slowly sinking. But he had to be sure. They couldn’t die until he was dead. That meant they were still alive. Although the chances that he would die on the ship were almost 100%, he knew he had to get to the others. Tell them that Death was still with them – if they hadn’t figured that out by now.

“Wendy!” Darren shouted, after seeing her being slammed into a wall by a huge chunk of metal from one of the chimneys. He couldn’t see any movement, and he thought he saw blood. No... he thought, but he knew he had to find Sarah; they’d all been separated in a giant wave, and now he was getting worried as to whether she was dead or alive. He dearly hoped for the latter.

Adam sailed close to the ship, trying to find a way up. He considered climbing in one of the holes, but initially rejected the idea. But after further scouting of the ship, he judged it as his only option.

He drove the boat up close to one of the holes, and made a flimsy attempt at exiting the boat. The current suddenly jerked, and he felt into the water, taken by surprise. The shock overwhelmed him, and he found himself gasping for air, struggling to the top of the water. He found himself being pulled backwards, and swirled around, and somehow lost his sense of direction, unknowing whether he was upside down or downside-up. He slammed into the side of the ship, and saw a fleeting glimpse of the propellers spinning impossibly fast, before he was pulled in. Slice-slice-slice! His bones were ripped through cleanly, his organs ripped to shreds, blood exploding into the water, bones and flesh being ripped into ever smaller pieces before being jettisoned into clear water, where it began to sink.

Sarah snapped awake by the feeling of water gushing into her mouth. She spluttered, coughed and spat, managing to stand up against a fierce current. Water was gushing up through the floor, which made it difficult to walk. She took a step, but groaned in pain, noticing a bloody gash on her right shin. She winced, but forced herself to walk, grabbing hold of some stair-rails nearby. Unexpectedly, a huge explosion ripped through the floor, and a shock wave sent her flying. She landed roughly on the floor, twisting her arm, hearing the sickening wrenching of bone.

“Ah!” She gasped in pain, propping herself up on one arm. She picked herself up, with some difficulty, and managed to get herself walking again. Her vision was cloudy, and she was soaking wet with water and blood and sweat.

“Darren!” she shouted, her voice breaking. She called his name again through a sob, wiping her nose with her arm. With a sudden lurch, the boat began to tip, and she stumbled, but managed to keep herself up. It wasn’t long before she was walking up the boat at an angle.

Darren slipped, as the boat began to close towards a 40 degree angle. Items and objects began to tilt and slide, and he found himself dodging and dancing out of their way. By now, other people’s screams were in the air, some stopping short by god-knows-what. He took big steps, supporting himself on the rails, but with a groan and a creek, the boat reached an almighty vertical position, and his feet came off the floor. Ironically, he found himself sitting on a pillar, one of few that hadn’t already cracked and crumbled.

“Sarah!” he shouted, his throat hoarse. He ducked out of the way as a badly burnt body flew in his direction, and watched it fall into the ocean. Looking up ahead, he finally saw Sarah step out of a corridor. Her arm looked badly broken, and her face was smeared with blood. He could see she was crying, and she turned when he shouted her name.

“Darren!” she called back. She was about to take a step towards him, but as something exploded on a lower level, a fireball ripped up through the floor and sent her flying. Darren managed to grab hold of her arm, but the momentum threw him off balance. He managed to catch the rail with his hand, but the weight was almost too much. He looked down, and suddenly, a wave of nausea came over him. He felt an overwhelming feeling of Déjà Vu, as he saw Sarah once again, hanging on to him for dear life. As a tear escaped his eye, so did she his grip. He shouted her name as she fell, but could only watch in horror as she met her maker. A stray water pipe suddenly burst, leaving the other end stuck out. Her head power right through it, and ripped through her brain and her eyes and her neck, and the blood and bones and skin ripped, and her blood-covered body flew into the ocean as her head stayed, lodged onto the pipe, looking at him in one final glance of fear.

He cried out, but determination to survive deterred him from totally giving up. He pulled himself up onto the rail, supporting his feet on the spherical ends of the pole. Without a backward glance, he took a deep breath, and threw himself into the ocean, as far away from the boat as he legs could propel him. Behind him, the boat ruptured with one might, final fireball, and the shock sent him into a deep concussion, unconscious before his limp body hit the water.

Chapter 3 now up!
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Default Re: Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise - PG-15

*clap* *clap* *clapclap* *clapclapclap* *clapclapclapclapclapclapclapclap* That was amazing. Is, is it over?

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