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Old 07-06-2009, 03:15 AM
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Default Re: Make Your Move 1.0

Rocket Meowth

[ Offense ] ✯✯✯
[ Defense ] ✯✯✯
[ Speed ] ✯✯✯✯
[ Weight ] ✯✯
[ Jump ] ✯✯✯
[ Recovery ] ✯✯✯
[ Control ] ✯✯✯✯
[ Range ] ✯✯✯

Standard Attacks
[ A ] Scratch: Meowth swipes with his clawed paw.
[ AA ] Bite: Meowth jumps forward head first and bites enemy.
[ AAA ] Fury Swipes: Similar to Scratch, Fury Swipes hits multiple times.
[ ↑ Tilt ]
[ ↔ Tilt ]
[ ↓ Tilt ]
[ Dash ] Meowth get down on all fours and runs at full speed with

Smash Attacks
[ ↑ Smash ]
[ ↔ Smash ]
[ ↓ Smash ]

Aerial Attacks
[ Standard ]
[ → Aerial ]
[ ← Aerial ]
[ ↑ Aerial ]
[ ↓ Aerial ]

[ Grab ]
[ Grab Attack ]
[ ↑ Throw ]
[ ↓ Throw ]
[ → Throw ]
[ ← Throw ]

[ Standard ]
[ ↑ Special ]
[ ↔ Special ]
[ ↓ Special ]
[ Final ]

[ Standard ] Click
[ Run ]
[ Ground Dodge ]
[ Aerial Dodge ] Click
[ → Roll ]
[ ← Roll ]
[ Shield ] Click
[ Sleep ]
[ Dizzy ]
[ ↑ Taunt ]
[ ↔ Taunt ]
[ ↓ Taunt ]
[ Entrance ]
[ Victory 1 ] Click
[ Victory 2 ]
[ Victory 3 ]
[ Loss ]

[ Standard ] Click
[ Royal ] Click
[ Shadow ] Click
[ Team ] Click
[ Team ] Click
[ Team ] Click

Snake's Codec
[ Snake ] Otacon, you said I was fighting Ocelot. Not this stupid cat.
[ Otacon ] Look who woke up on the wrong side of their bed.
[ Snake ] God dammit, just tell me where he is.
[ Otacon ] Apparently Ocelot is dead. You'll have to settle for Meowth, here.
[ Snake ] Sure, I'll dispatch of it.
-end transmission-

[ Finished Later ]


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Default Re: Make Your Move 1.0

A Challenger is Approaching
The Flaming Haired, Blazing Eyed Hunter

Fanart by Hikariairien

Series: Shakugan no Shana (anime)

Bio: Raised from very young age to become the Flame Haze of Alastor, the girl shed her name and took on the identity of the Flaming Haired, Blazing Eyed Hunter. She fought against Tomogara, demon lords who devour the very essence of existence. When she befriended Yuji, the container of a powerful mystical object which serves as a never-ending source of this power of existence, who gave her her name: Shana, after her sword, Nietono no Shana. She has since become his companion, protecting him from Tomogara who seek the Reiji Maigo.

Offense: 4/5
Defense: 3/5
Speed: 5/5
Weight: 2/5
Jump: 4/5
Recovery: 2/5
Control: 3/5
Range: 2/5

Standard Attacks
A: Basic Strike-A fast horizontal slash, short range, no lag. 3%
A+A: Basic Strike x 2-Follows up Basic Strike with a diagonal strike. Short range, no lag. 3%+2%
A+A+A: Basic Strike x 3-spins at the end of the second strike and delivers a stronger vertical attack. A second lag, but good damage and knockback, plus slightly larger range. 3%+2%+5%

Up-A: Air Stab-A direct upwards stab. Sort of out of character for a katana but... 5% damage

Side-A: Step Cut-A longer range slash. 4%

Down-A: Leg Sweep-Sweeps out leg to kick. Lags for a second and a half, instant knockdown. 1%

Dash-A: Rolling Strike-Rolls in mid run and ends in a kneeling position, slashes at the middle. 4%

Smash Attacks
Note: All Smashes change Shana's hair and eyes red, and a few wisps of flame surround her.

Side Smash: Crescent Flame-A horizontal crescent slash with added range due to fire coming from Nietono no Shana. 10% sword, 5% fire.

Up Smash: Burning Stab-Air Stab, but with added fire damage and range. 12% sword, 6% fire.

Down Smash: Fire Swipe-Takes two spinning steps forward, then slashes downwards. You know the drill, fire. 15% sword, 7% fire.


Standard Aerial: Sky Swipe-You should know by now that most of her attacks are short range slashes. 4%

Side Aerial: Don't Make Shana Mad-An enemy in range is grabbed and punched. Hard. 5%

Down Aerial: Alastor Surprise-Prepares by reaching into coat for Nietono no Shana, pulls it out and does a spin slash on landing on the ground.

Up Aerial: Upside down kick-Kind of self explanatory. Flips upside-down and kicks up twice. 2% damage each.


Grab: Simply grabs the target's shoulder A lot firmer than it sounds. 3%.
Grab Attack: Emotionless-Slashes repeatedly at close range without moving at all except for her sword arm. 3% per slash.

Up Throw: Sayonara-Releases and immediately does a spinning high kick, sending them up and on a slightly forward arc. Says Sayonara as she does so for added affect.

Forward Throw: Seriously, Don't Make Shana Mad-Yells and then punches hard in the face.

Back Throw: She's Done With You-Tosses backwards uncaringly.

Down Throw: Grind Your Heel In-tosses to the ground and steps on head, twists it twice, then releases.

Note: All Smashes change Shana's hair and eyes red, and a few wisps of flame surround her.

Standard Special: Blazing Eyes-A spinning slash attack, with the added bonus of being on fire. Similar to Link's Up-B, but without the rise ability or the multiple-spins. 7%

Up Special: Fire Wings-Shana turns to face the camera, and two large fire wings sprout from her back, dealing damage to anyone caught by them. In the air it acts like Pit's Up-B.

Side Special: Urusai, Urusai, Urusai!-Three consecutive forward slashes. Similar to the Basic Attack x 3, but completely without lag and longer range. Each strike requires precise timing in the same way as Marth's. 5% each.

Down Special: Fuzetsu!-Creates a Fuzetsu (Seal) which lasts forseven seconds or until another one is cast. A fuzetsu is a circle on the ground in which only the caster can move. Any enemies caught in it or thrown in it will be frozen, unless knocked out of it.

Final Smash: Flame of Alastor
Being the Flame Haze of Alastor, a God of the Crimson Realm, Shana is able to execute an extremely powerful Unrestricted Spell with a hefty price. By releasing Alastor himself, Shana releases a massive flame which covers the entire stage for five seconds, insta-killing anyone caught in it (meaning anyone who isn't really good at surviving in mid-air off of the stage). Shana herself then takes 300% damage and falls to the ground.

Standard Pose: Shana stands with her arms crossed, her sword stored safely in the Bag of Holding that is her coat.

Running Pose: Shana runs with her arms trailing behind her.

Ground Dodge: Draws her coat around her and sidesteps, then returns to position/stays where she moved to.

Air Dodge: Spins in the direction that was dodged to.

Forward Roll: A simple forward roll.

Backward Roll: Shana backflips for this.

Shield: Draws her sword and holds it in a basic defensive kata.

Sleep: Falls to the ground, sleeps in slumped sitting position.

Dizzy: Stumbles from side to side slightly, swaying.

Up Taunt: Pulls a loaf of melon bread from her Bag of Holding coat and takes a bite with an anime smile on her face.

Side Taunt: Crosses her arms and looks in the direction pointed to with a smug glare.

Down Taunt: Angrily shakes her fist and shouts "URUSAI USUSAI URUSAI!"

Entrance: Flies down with fire wings, lands, crosses her arms, and then assumes her stance.

Victory Pose 1: Sitting crosslegged, munching on melon bread.

Victory Pose 2: Slashes the air several times while red haired and says (in Japanese) "I am the Flaming Haired, Burning Eyed Flame Haze of Alastor. SHANA!"

Victory Pose 3: Stares off to the side with her back to the camera. "Yuji..."

Losing Pose: Crosses her arms, stares at the ground and kicks the dirt while pouting.

Standard Costume: See picture, plus black trenchcoat. Hair is black and eyes are brown except when using Smash and Special attacks.

Travel Costume: Hair and eyes stay the same, coat remains the same, school uniform replaced with black clothes.

Festival Costume: Entire outfit replaced with a purple kimono with light purple flower pattern. Hair remains the same, no coat (kimono acts as bag of holding).

Blue Team: Standard costume with blue school outfit.
Red Team: Standard costume with red school outfit.
Green Team: Standard costume with light green school outfit.

Kirby Hat: Kirby gets epic black coat, hammer replaced with sword (which does the same amount of damage as his hammer).

Snake's Codec
Otacon: Snake, be careful of her!
Snake: Why? She's just a little girl.
Otacon: That little girl is playing host to a god!
Snake: Oh... crap. Any advice?
Otacon: Just maintain your distance, she's more powerful than most of her kind but unlike them she can't project fire except through her wings and sword.
Snake: Noted.


Name: Misaki City
Theme: Joint-Mimi Kawada (
Description: A medium sized layout in the style of Battlefield with a city background. Occasionally large barriers will appear surrounding the stage, making kills impossible (or, pending timing, rendering those on the outside hopeless.

Symbol: A loaf of melon bread (for the record, she's the one with the melon bread obsession)
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Default Re: Make Your Move 1.0


A=quagsire slaps the opponent. 2-3% damage

side A=quagsire headbutts the opponent. 3-5% damage

down A=quagsire does a small jump(about the height of metaknight) and belly flops the ground

B=mud bomb. shots a hard packed ball of mud. 10-13% damage

down B=stockpile. inhale some air. can be done up to 3 times

side B= spit up. spits the stockpile air at the opponent.
1 stockpile=10% damage
2 stockpiles=20% damage
3 stockpiles=30% damage

up B=swallow. swallows stockpile air.
1 stockpile=15% healing
2 stockpiles=30% healing
3 stockpiles=45% healing

final smash= muddy water. sends a large wave of muddy water across the stage from left to right.
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Default Re: Make Your Move 1.0

Just waking up the thread-It's a sticky, and you can bump stickies without officialy BUMPing.

Thanks, Kayla Ann!
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