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Old 08-23-2009, 12:56 AM
MadeofOranges Offline
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Default Help With Pokemon Team

Hi, I'm looking for a sixth for my Pokemon Emerald team. I'm also looking to see if I should change any moves around and what items I should give them. Don't list any Pokemon that can only be obtained by trades because I really don't have any one to trade with.

Sceptile :: Nature : Modest :: Item [none] :: Level To Be - 60

Leaf Blade
Dragon Claw
Aerial Ace

Gyarados :: Nature : Adamant :: Item [none] :: Level To Be - 55

Dragon Dance

Salamence :: Nature : ? :: Item [none] :: Level To Be - 55

Dragon Breath
Hyper Beam
Brick Break

Aggron :: Nature : Brave :: Item [none] :: Level To Be - 55

Iron Tail
Focus Punch

Camerupt :: Nature : Brave :: Item [none] :: Level To Be - 55


Thanks for your help

-That Orange
Old 08-23-2009, 01:06 AM
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Default Re: Help With Pokemon Team

I would look closer at your moves. I see no ice, rock, water, electric or dark moves. (Most of those are important!)

I like Sceptile's moveset.

I would teach Gyarados Surf and Thunderbolt.

Hyperbeam on Salamence seems like a wasted move-set. If you use Hyperbeam, then you have to wait a full turn to use anythingg, while the ther person could just throw a devastating move. I'd suggest Ice Beam instead.

Aagron has so many TMs that can be taught. I'd teach it Shadow Claw, Flamethrower, Dark Pulse and Ice Punch for a good varied bit.

Camerupt has a nice moveset, but I'd replace Fissure. A 1/5 chance that it'll hit isn't very reassuring, especially if the pokemon you're facing has STURDY or a band.
Old 08-23-2009, 02:03 AM
Brit134444 Offline
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Default Re: Help With Pokemon Team

Nice, but, it does need some work, I suggest Miltank, I have a good Moveset and it is a great fighter.

Miltank-Impish-Silk Scarf

Milk Drink
Focus Punch

Mine has Max EV's and is at lv.70. You do not have to have t but it WAS just a suggestion. Have fun! {P.s., they can be caught at the Safari Zone Extension and are rare!}
Old 08-23-2009, 02:56 AM
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Default Re: Help With Pokemon Team

1st thing, if sceptile is going to be modest natured, u want to get rid of the two physical moves and teach him a couple of special moves or support moves.

gyrados is fine. i would teach him a water move in the last spot to give him a stab attack that would be super effective against stuff weak to water

salamence should learn dragon claw over dragon breath and anything else over hyper beam (hydro pump or fire blast maybe?)

Because aggron has a brave nature, i would stick with physical moves on him. his current moves are good. I would give him substitute so he can subpunch (i believe substitute is available as a move tutor move in emerald.)

Camerupt's moveset is fine for that of an ingame pokemon

Brit's miltank moveset is pretty good, and would fit in well with your team. However, I am going to have to recommend one of my personal favorites, Heracross, who can also be found in the safari zone.

Heracross - Choice band preferably but for an ingame pokemon, silverpowder or blackbelt will work fine too.
Adamant (should be easy to get if u put a red pokeblock in the safari zone feeders)
Rock Slide
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Old 08-24-2009, 06:48 PM
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Default Re: Help With Pokemon Team

Im gonna get down to the point and just state what i think of each member of your team, and make a suggestion like you asked. normally id write a small paragraph for everyone, but im tired and lazy today

first thing's first: make everyone on your team the same level: 100. it may seem like a stretch to do, but its worthwile in the end to have a balanced team.

Originally Posted by MadeofOranges View Post
Sceptile :: Nature : Modest :: Item [leftovers]

Leaf Blade
Dragon Claw
earthquake/leech seed

opinion: youre on the right track with this one. subseeding sceptile is the fastest subseeder in 3rd gen, so make use of it if you can. otherwise go with all-out atacker thunderpunch and earthquake. although EQ isnt special, its strong enough to cause damage even with sceptile's weakest attack stat.

you can get thunderpunch via battle frontier move tutor (48 bp) [its a stretch, but worth it, trust me]
you can get substitute from the move tutor on lilycove's roof
earthquake is via TM
and leech seed you have to breed for.

i use the all out attacker set, so trust me on this one.

Gyarados :: Nature : Adamant :: Item [choice band]

Dragon Dance
hidden power ice/rock/fighting/etc.

opinion: gyarados is a fantastic pokemon, and with a choice band not many opponents will want to take a hit from it. hidden power is a great move in that it can be any type. if you can, figure out which hidden power gyarados has and if its good coverage then keep it. the best way to figure it out is to use hidden power on a wild keckleon.

bear in mind that even though it may be hidden power electric or fire, its still treated as a physical move, working off of gyarados' fantastic attack.

you can buy hidden power from someone at slateport market. make sure its HIDDEN power, not SECRET power!

choice band can be bought at the battle frontier for a fair chunk of BP.

Salamence :: Nature : adamant/jolly :: Item [scope lens, maybe?]

double edge
hidden power flying/rock slide
Brick Break

opinion: god, im awful with item choices other than lefties and choice band. anyways, salamence is essentially a gyarados with more speed and attack. hard to believe, i know, but they play the same way: work off their strong attack stat by firing off equally powerful moves. double edge>hyper beam because you dont have to wait to recharge, and with salamence you want to dish out as much pain as you can as fast as you can.

if i recall correctly, shelgon learns double edge level up. if not then i think you have to go with a move tutor somewhere.

if all else fails just scrap double edge and go with rock slide.

Aggron :: Nature : adamant :: Item [leftovers/chesto berry]

Iron Tail
sleep talk
Rock slide

opinion: if you have rest, first use chesto to wake up, then the second time around use sleep talk to keep on fighting. you can go with lefties too to keep recovering every turn.

Camerupt :: Nature : Brave :: Item [i really dont know, i dont use camerupt...]


i guess this is fine, i dont use camerupt so i wouldnt know.

Thanks for your help

-That Orange
overall, id say your team too offensively inclined. for your 6th poke, get someone like blissey or skarmory to be a wall. they're really useful and seem to fit into your team well.

there are blissey and skarmory sets all over smogon, so follow the links below and look around.

id recommend getting both, and dumping camerupt and aggron. those two are the weakest links in your team in my opinion.

let us know what you decide on, im always eager to see how teams change!

PS@ AUfan:


Platinum FC: 2750 9224 1685

Im giving up on pe2k. moving on to smogon. maybe back later, not likely.

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Old 12-24-2009, 12:38 PM
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Smile Re: Help With Pokemon Team

I think u should capture an electic type pokemon like pikachu/raichu or electrike/magnectric or many other pokemon. this would balance ur team b'coz no one in ur team knows any electric type attack and u don't have any electric type pokemon
Old 01-31-2010, 03:46 PM
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Default Re: Help With Pokemon Team

I need help with my emerald pokemon team
Old 02-02-2010, 11:21 PM
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Default Re: Help With Pokemon Team

Originally Posted by bigpoke View Post
I need help with my emerald pokemon team
EV train a Gengar, there is no going wrong with Gengar.
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