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Old 04-09-2010, 11:53 PM
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Default Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

---it is usually easier for you to pm me if you have a trade----

1) please no hack pokemon!!!!....i will check the pokemon's summary before we trade...sorry but i've been dupped before..,
if by chance i have a hack pokemon, please let me know...i will remove it from my thread and return what you traded me....
2) no fan made events either
3) please trade failry....(no trade like: shiny modest latias for non shiny gentle celebi)
4) no begging.....and try not to curse either....
5) please let me know the pokemon that you are offering, with the nature, the level, if it UT, and if it has egg moves...

i will usually trade a shiny for a shiny or event and vice versa, a shiny evd for 2 shinies or 2 events or a shiny legendary/special.......
of course this may vary depending on the offer...
this could also mean that i might trade for a non shiny pokemon, if the non shiny pokemon has some interesting egg moves and a
good nature (i.e. depending on how much i want the pokemon)

LF: shiny regice calm, shiny registeel careful/sassy, shiny regigigas impish/brave/adamant, shiny hasty/jolly beldum, shiny adamant rayquaza,
any good natured shiny-preferably UT, movie11 shaymin, birthday chimchar/pikachu, NZ pikachu, baba flygon, red and green aniv pichu,
e4all/nws/TRU manaphy, placity manaphy or lucario or mew, 10th deoxys or DOEL, GW pikachu, Mitsurin celebi, and any saikyu event pokemon

REALLY WANT!!!: (will trade 2 shinies, 1 shiny legend, or 1 event for these, no shiny evd)
(with high IV's in the speed and Atack or SAtack depending on the nature) [all lv.1]
shiny Eevee-modest/adamant/jolly nature w/egg move yawn
shiny Farfetch'd-adamant w/leafblade
shiny Murkrow-super luck-adamant-w/brave bird, drill peck
shiny Trecko-timid/modest w/dragon breath

* --------Have been Hack Checked!!!! :)

I Have:

Shiny EV'd: (im not too sure of the EV/IV's, but they should be like/almost flawless, and most have pokerus cure)

*Ninetails-lv100-Timid----283 / 159 / 170 / 261 / 227 / 327----Fire Blast/Energy Ball/Hypnosis/Nasty Plot
*Lucario-lv100-Adamant----265 / 350 / 165 / 214 / 176 / 279------Shadow Claw/Ice Punch/EQ/Close Combat
*Houndoom-lv100-Modest----262 / 181 / 122 / 333 / 187 / 276----Will-o-wisp/Nasty Plot/HP-/Flamethrower
*Jolteon-lv100-Modest----271 / 137 / 155 / 350 / 224 / 359----Thunderbolt/Shadow Ball/ Agility/Baton Pass
*Mamoswine-lv100-Adamant---358 / 394 / 188 / 135 / 145 / 258-----EQ/Stone Edge/Superpower/Ice Shard
*Salamance lv100-Adamant----330 / 403 / 185 / 218 / 183 / 299----Dragon Claw/DD/Fire Fang/Steel Wing (thanks elheroeoscuro)

UT TRU arceus-bold and hardy
UT TRU regigigas lv100 adamant
UT TRU Regigigas-bashful
UT TRU Shaymin lv50-modest
UT TRU Dragonite lv50-mild

UT 10 Aniv Dragonite-lv70-timid OT-00010
UT 10 Aniv Articuno-lv70-modest OT-00010
UT 10 Aniv Raikou lv70-Hasty OT-00010
UT 10 Aniv Entei lv 70 (Adamant) 00010
UT 10 Aniv Latias-lv70-modest OT-00010
UT 10 Aniv Latios lv 70 (Modest) 00010
10 Aniv Celebi lv70-Quirky OT-00010 (has a little experience)

UT PKTOPIA Electivire
UT PKTOPIA Magmortar
UT PKTOPIA Pikachu w/pokerus

UT Crown Entei lv30-adamant w/custap berry OT-06180 (shiny)
UT Crown Suicune lv30-relaxed w/rowap berry OT-06180 (shiny)
UT Crown Raikou lv30-rash w/micle berry OT-06180 w/pokerus (shiny)

UT NZ Jirachi lv5-bashful
UT Wifi Jiraichi-OT-SMR2010-timid
UT Gamestop jiraichi-timid
UT Channel Jirachi lv 5 (Adamant) 40122

UT Gamestop Deoxys
UT Space C Deoxys lv70-impish

UT Gamestop pikachu colored Pichu - OT-GAMESTP-strongly defiant, likes sweet food
UT Wifi pikachu colored pichu-OT-SPR2010, likes to relax, likes sweet food
UT Shokotan pichu lv30 jolly-shiny

UT VGC09 Miloti-Timid-lvl 50
UT VGC10 Eevee lv 50 (Hardy) 05080
UT WCS eevee lv50-hardy

UT WORLD08 Lucario-adamant-lv30
UT WORLD09 weavile-jolly lv30
UT WORLD10 crobat OT-08150-*'Strongly Defiant', 'sturdy body'

UT Ageto celebi-31121-lv10-jolly
UT Mitsurin Celebi lv 10 (Modest) 60720
UT Movie 10 Celebi-lv50-hardy-w/jaboca berry

UT Mattle Ho-oh -Jolly-lv70
UT Concert Chatot lv25-jolly
UT Placity Lucario-lv50
UT Goon Scizor lv50
UT 2007 b-day charmander OT-
UT 10th Anniversary Mew (Wifi Mew) lv 5 (Jolly) 11219
UT Michina Arceus -mild
UT Alamos darkrai lv50-naive
shiny JBHF Manaphy lv50-timid
Mystry mew lv10-docile
Regigigas id07198-movie08-bashful and naive (naive's moveset has been altered)

The format for the shinies coming up:
Pokemon name-gender-level-nature-OT-OT#-Characteristic-Stats (not IV's)-Egg moves (if any)-ability (except for the ones that already have a preset one)
--i'll put the IV's ones i figure it out how to--

Bulbasaur-M-lv1-adamant-ZATTANA-35076-good endurance-12/6/6/5/6/5
Squirtle-M-lv1-modest-Geniva-40173-very finicky-11/5/6/6/6/5
Charmander-M-lv1-modest-Pur-26383-quick to flee-11/5/5/6/6/6
M-lv1-adamant-ZATTANA-35076-Scatters things often-12/6/5/5/6/6
Pidgey-F-lv1-Hasty-ZATTANA-35076-sturdy body-11/6/5/5/5/6-keen eye
NN"PIDGEOT"-F-lv3-jolly-JAKE-18724-often lost in thought-15/8/7/6/7/8-keen eye
Rattata-F-lv4-adamant-Alana-47835-likes to fight-17/11/8/6/8/10-guts
Ekans-F-lv18-jolly-BRANDY-40355-often dozes off-45/30/23/17/28/31-intimidate
Pikachu-M-lv18-modest-Simon-35564-good endurance-42/23/19/25/20/40
Nidorian-F-lv3-docile-ITACHI-20813-a little quick tempered-16/8/8/7/7/7-poison point
Nidorian-M-lv3-impish-ITACHI-20813-strong willed-16/8/7/6/8/8-rivalry
M-lv1-adamant-Chen-25954-impetuous and silly-12/6/5/4/5/6-poison pont
M-lv3-adamant-Eriol-43224-proud of its power-16/9/7/6/7/8-rivalry
Vulpix-F-lv5-relaxed-JOEY-44373-highly persistent-19/9/11/10/12/9-energy ball, hypnosis
F-lv1-Timid-ZATTANA-35076-often dozes off-12/5/5/6/6/6
Zubat-F-lv1-adamant-Chen-25954-highly persistent-11/6/5/4/5/6-brave bird-inner focus
Oddish-F-lv25-naughty-JOEY-19843-somewhat stubborn-58/33/34/43/38/21
Paras-M-lv6-Bashful-Alana-47835-hates to lose-20/14/11/10/13/9-dry skin-
Psyduck-F-lv2-timid-Tsujin-50879-mischievous-14/6/7/8/7/7-damp - NN "Psyren"
*Growlithe-F-lv1-adamant-Baller-28058-loves to eat-12/6/5/5/6/6-crunch, flare blitz
Poliwag-F-lv1-timid-Carlos-25329-often dozes off-12/5/5/5/6/6-damp
M-lv1-adamant-ARREN-60503-mischievous-12/6/6/5/5/7-water absorb
Abra-F-lv4-modest-Keimen-22098-somewhat vain-16/6/6/15/10/12-synchronize
Machop-M-lv1-adamant-JOHNNY-21298-likes to trash about-12/6/6/4/6/6(near flawless IV's)-no guard-thunder and ice punch
Ponyta-F-lv20 adamant-RNC4EVR-47376-scatter things often-55/42/29/30/34/44-run away
Slowpoke-M-lv11-modest-Sophie-07209-alert to sound-43/17/19/16/16/11-oblivious
Magnemite-lv1-modest-MokKish-48229-often scatters things-11/4/6/6/6/6-sturdy-w/pokerus
Grimmer-M-lv1-adamant-ZATTANA-35076-likes to relax-12/6/6/5/6/5-stench
Shellder-M-lv1-modest-ZATTANA-35076-often dozes off-11/5/7/6/5/5-shell armor-icicle spear
Gastly-F-lv16-modest-ShdwVen-56980-alert to sound-37/16/15/41/16/35
Gengar-F-lv25-careful-Stephen-08051-scatter things often-70/40/40/67/50/62
Drowzee-F-lv1-adamant-Chen-25954-alert to sound-12/5/6/5/7/6-psycho cut-forewarn
Exeggcute-M-lv1-modest-~RNC~-18649-alert to sound-12/4/6/6/6/6-leaf storm, synthesis
Cubone-M-lv4-adamant-Simon-35564-often lost in thought-18/9/12/8/9/8-rock head
Rhyhorn-M-lv1-adamant-MokKish-48229-somewhat stubborn-12/6/7/4/5/5-rosk head-EQ, stone edge
Chansey-F-lv1-docile-Meluvia-60452-quick to flee-16/5/5/5/7/6-natural cure
Kangaskhan-F-lv1-adamant-ARREN-60503-alert to sound-13/7/6/4/6/7-scrappy-counter
Horsea-F-lv11-modest-Wiley-08728-capable of taking hits-27/12/23/24/11/18-swift swim
F-lv1-adamant-TRELLIS-19560-likes to trash about-11/6/6/5/5/6-sniper
Staryu-lv1-modest-Lance-40810-often dozes off-11/5/6/6/6/6-natural cure
Scyther-M-lv1-Adamant-ARREN-60503-alert to sounds-12/7/6/5/6/7 (near flawless IVs')-technician-aerial ace, brick break-w/pokerus
Pinsir-F-lv52-adamant-Kate-19764-somewhat of a clown-139/151/119/62/89/105-mold breaker
Magikarp-M-lv9-adamant-BAHAMUT-43667-proud of its power-23/9/16/8/10/20
Lapras-F-lv1-timid-ZATTANA-35076-loves to eat-13/5/6/6/7/6-shell armor
Ditto-lv40-careful-Fruit-43077-proud of its power-98/55/43/40/57/48
Eevee-M lv1-lonely-PL4Z4-06315-a little quick tempered-12/6/5/5/6/6-run away
M-lv5-modest-AUSTIN-41583-quick tempered-21/9/10/11/12/11-run away
M-lv1-Jolly-AUSTIN-40368-somewhat stubborn-12/6/6/5/6/6-adaptability
M-lv1-adamant-ZATTANA-35076-thoroughly cunning-12/6/6/5/6/6-adaptability
M-lv1-Timid-Pikbec-52628-likes to trash about-12/5/6/6/6/6-run away-yawn, curse, wish
Vaporeon-M-lv1-modest-Johnny-21232-likes to trash about-13/5/6/7/7/6-yawn
Kabuto-M-lv1-adamant-Jorge-47012-likes to trash about-11/6/6/5/6/6-battle armor-mud shot
Snorlax-M-lv1-lonely-ZATTANA-35076-somewhat vain-14/7/5/6/7/5-immunity

Chikorita-F-lv1-timid-Sean-60962-alert to sound-11/5/6/5/6/6-leaf storm
Totodile-M-lv1-adamant-L-BOT-53564-often dozes off-12/6/6/4/6/6-crunch
M-lv1-jolly-KARL-02160-often dozes off-12/6/6/5/6/5-metal claw
Cyndaquil-M-lv1-modest-David-23306-likes to trash about-12/5/6/6/6/6-fire blast, flamethrower
Natu-F-lv25-bashful-TERRY-56676-strong willed-56/30/30/43/32/41-synchronize
Yanma-M-lv1-modest-JORGE-64071-loves to eat-12/5/6/6/6/6-speed boost
Murkrow-M-lv1-Jolly-ZATTANA-35076-somewhat stubborn-12/6/5/5/6/6-insomnia
Togepi-M-lv1-modest-MokKish-48229-strong willed-11/4/6/5/6/5-serene grace-nasty plot
Mareep-F-lv1-modest-ARREN-60503-often dozes off-12/5/6/6/6/5
Slowking-lv1-calm-RLAFFY-01579-likes to trash about-12/5/6/7/7/5-own tempo
Misdreavus-F-lv1-modest-ZATTANA-35076-alert to sound-12/5/6/6/6/7
Pineco-M-lv5-adamant-Sammo-19066-impetuous and silly-21/12/15/7/9/7-sturdy
Qwilfish-M-lv1-timid-ZATTANA-35076-capable of taking hits-12/5/6/6/6/6-poison point
Heracross-F-lv8-adamant-Zaraki-49165-likes to fight-32/28/18/9/21/19-guts-w/pokerus
Teddiursa-F-lv1-adamant-Sammie-25084-highly curious-12/6/6/5/6/6-quick feet-fake tears, lick, rest
Shuckle-M-lv52-careful-Loucas-50744-often scatters things-96/24/244/23/282/23-gluttony
Sneasel-M-lv33-jolly-Jaye-29988-proud of its power82/74/45/30/60/90-keen eye
Elekid-F-lv1-adamant-MokKish-48229-mischievous-12/6/5/5/6/7-ice punch and cross chop
Magby-M-lv1-modest-MORGAN-49105-alert to sound-11/5/5/6/6/6-w/pokerus
Miltank-F-lv1-jolly-Lance-40810-quick tempered-13/6/7/5/6/7-scrappy-EQ, Hammer arm
Larvitar-M-lv1-adamant-DUSTY-48916-capable of taking hits-12/6/6/5/6/6-DD,EQ, bite, pursuit

Treecko-M-lv1-Timid-Karl-51073-likes to trash about-11/5/5/6/6/6
M-lv1-jolly-ZATTANA-35076-capable of taking hits-11/6/5/5/6/6
Mudkip-M-lv1-adamant-Meph-53581-often dozes off-12/6/6/5/6/6-ice ball, mud bomb, curse
Torchic-M-lv5-adamant-IK-21383-a little quick tempered-20/13/9/10/10/10
Poochyena-F-lv4-adamant-May-42674-mischievous-17/11/8/7/8/8-run away
Wurmple-M-lv3-Adamant-EDUARDO-43096-likes to relax-16/7/7/5/7/7-w/pokerus
Lotad-F-lv15-Quirky-EDUARDO-43096-highly persistent-37/15/17/18/20/14-swift swim
Taillow-M-lv1-jolly-ARREN-60503-loves to eat-12/6/5/4/5/6-guts-brave bird
Ralts-M-lv5-adamant-Brandon-28674-capable of taking hits-18/9/9/8/8/10-synchronize
F-lv18-timid-Darian-01690-sturdy body-39/15/19/24/19/22-synchronize
*Shroomish-M-lv1-Adamant-ME2HACK-01406-alert to sounds-12/6/6/5/6/6
Nincada-M-lv1-Jolly-MokKish-48229-proud of its power-11/6/7/4/5/6-pokerus cured
Azurill-M-lv1-adamant-BlueSh.-42409-often dozes off-12/5/6/4/6/5-huge power
Aaron-F-lv5-adamant-Nathan-29491-likes to trash about-21/14/16/9/10/9-sturdy
Electrike-M-lv9-rash-Nick-11979-good perseverance-28/13/14/20/12/18-lightingrod
Plusle-M-lv1-timid-LyDFrvr-13881-often dozes off-12/5/6/6/7/7(flawless IV's) w/nasty plot, baton pass, agility, thunder
Minun-M-lv1-timid-LyDFrvr-13881-capable of taking hits-12/5/6/7/6/7(flawless IV's) w/nasty plot, baton pass, agility, thunder
Swablu-F-lv1-timid-ANGEL-24987-scatter things often-12/4/6/5/6/6
Carvanha-F-lv1-sassy-ASH-56487-quick to flee-12/6/5/6/5/5
*Trapinch-F-lv1-adamant-DUSTY-48916-somewhat vain-12/7/6/5/6/5(flawless IV's)-arena trap
Zangoose-F-lv18-adamant-Shroud-16013-strong willed-58/50/27/25/32/38
Seviper-M-lv1-impish-ZATTANA-35076-likes to trash about-12/7/6/6/6/6
Feebas-F-lv1-modest-LEXIE-28101-somewhat vain-11/4/5/5/6/6
Keckleon-M-lv1-adamant-ZATTANA-35076-impetuous and silly-12/6/6/5/7/6
Duskull-M-lv1-Impish-Luis-54624-mischievous-11/6/7/4/7/5(flawless IV's)-Pain split
Absol-F-lv20-adamant-Eryne-34358-very finicky-57/68/32/36/33/35-super luck
Clamperl-F-lv1-modest-Erinn-35477-good perseverance-11/5/6/6/6/5-
Beldum-M-lv1-adamant-JON H-44245-quick to flee-11/6/6/4/6/5

Piplup-M-lv1-modest-Geniva-40173-often dozes off-12/5/6/6/6/6
Chimchar-M-lv1-jolly-Meluvia-60452-strong willed-12/6/6/5/6/6
Bidoof-M-lv3-Hasty-Matt-63870-often dozes off-17/7/7/7/8/7-simple
Shinx-M-lv5-adamant-RION-18899-hates to lose-20/12/8/8/9/9-intimidate
Starly-M-lv4-adamant-Tai-Chi-36918-strong willed-17/11/8/6/8/10-keen eye
Cranidos-M-lv1-hasty-Dorado-55380-likes to trash about-12/7/5/5/5/6-mold breaker
Combee-F-lv7-adamant-Lilth-47955-strongly defiant-21/11/11/9/12/15
Drifloon-M-lv15-timid-HUNTER-59423-quick to flee-52/18/16/26/18/33-unburden
Rotom-lv1-modest-Pikbec-52628-alert to sounds-12/5/6/7/6/7
Spiritomb-M-lv-1-modest-Maria-24485-quick tempered-12/6/7/6/7/5-shadow sneak
Gible-M-lv1-Jolly-AKIRA-22284-likes to trash about-12/6/6/5/6/6-outrage
Riolu-F-lv1-modest-Geniva-40173-strong willed-11/5/5/5/6/6-inner focues
M-lv1-Adamant-Meluvia-60452-somewhat of a clown-12/6/5/4/5/6-bullet punch, blaze kick, crunch, cross chop-inner focus

Shiny Legendary:
UT Psychoward86bg's Mewtwo lv70-Arren-33413-often dozes off-Timid-250/162/152/242/152/228 (Flawless IV's)- Psycho Cut/Amnesia/Fire Blast/Shock Wave

*Suicune- lv40-bold-Dew-16867-capable of taking hits-140/60/119/81/101/78
UT Ho-oh- lv70-adamant-Jamduck-25298-often lost in thought-233/224/142/160/228/145
UT Lugia -lv45-timid-Arren-33413-often dozes off-164/89/135/99/157/128

UT Latios lv40-timid-MattJ-00986-alert to sounds-125/76/81/121/105/115
Regirock- lv50-adamant-(japanese)-15191-likes to run-149/118/213/61/118/70-pokerus cured
UT Kyogre- lv70-modest-Baynonet-60502-mischievous-234/132/145/256/215/140
UT Groudon -lv45 adamant-Ferath-00518-quick tempered-154/165/140/90/87/86-pokerus cured
Rayquaza -lv70-impish-TOMMY-48570-very finicky-244/223/150/211/145/152

UT Dialga lv47-timid-.-62200-sturdy nody-157/111/131/157/111/97
UT Palkia lv70-modest-DANIEL-62656-likes to run-213/162/156/239/173/166
UT Cresselia-lv50-bold-Donovan-55154-mischievous-185/81/163/105/153/114-w/pokerus
UT Giratina lv70-modest-REBECCA-45568-somewhat of a clown-294/132/180/173/179/150
UT Azelf -lv50-modest-Acai-52430-highly curious-141/117/78/159/86/121
UT Darkrai -lv50-timid-Lacesso-16966-capable of taking hits-145/93/110/149/97/159
UT Phione -lv1-lonely-Rui-06183-somewhat vain-12/6/5/6/6/6
UT Heatran -lv70-modest-Brennan-18255-loves to eat-224/127/163/222/154/116
UT Regigigas -lv1-bold-KOOL-58690-somewhat vain-13/7/7/6/7/7

Shiny Snover Lv. 1 UT (nn: Noelle)
Modest, Snow Warning
OT/ID: Jasmine 39218
Hatched on Dec 25, 09 @ Snowpoint City
Moves: Powder Snow, Leer, Leech Seed, Blizzard [HP Ground 70]
IVs: 30 / 31 / 31 / 30 / 30 / 31
This RNG'd beauty is fully redistributable as long as you do not edit her nickname!

will add more as i trade more..please offer fair trades.....

P.S> im finally starting to put down the name of the person who traded the pokemon to me....of course with the exception of event pokemon...
if you see a pokemon that is yours that you traded to me, please let me know and i'll give you credit by putting your name next to the pokemon...

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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...


[Rezent] (Pkmn HeartGOLD):
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

Is your shiny slowpoke female?
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

the shiny slowpoke is male...
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

Originally Posted by grokusama View Post
the shiny slowpoke is male...
pm'ed again.

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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

I'll trade my Touched shiny munchlax or shiny golem for your Female riolu
diamond fc PAT
2493 6066 7431

Trade thread under maitenence

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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

I want your Shiny Trapinch. If not, a Normal one, will give Fan event pokemons or Shiny Gravelar.

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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

i might trade for the shiny graveler...what nature and level is it??
Old 04-13-2010, 12:01 AM
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

What do you want for Beldum and Darkrai?
Old 04-13-2010, 12:27 AM
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

if you could be more specific...on which beldum and darkrai....but i will usually trade for other shinies or events....of similar quality (ie. nature and level)
Old 04-13-2010, 12:29 AM
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

Shiny Adamant Beldum
Regular Darkrai (No shiny, nature doesn't matter nor event)
Old 04-13-2010, 12:33 AM
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

Originally Posted by TheKid View Post
Shiny Adamant Beldum
Regular Darkrai (No shiny, nature doesn't matter nor event)
well, i am kinda liking your soul silver it UT?? what nature is it??
Old 04-13-2010, 12:38 AM
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

Only thing that happened was I taught it Rock Climb. I can delete that before I send it over. I can teach it Earthquake instead. Let me check the nature real quick.
Old 04-13-2010, 12:43 AM
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

It's gentle.
Old 04-13-2010, 12:59 AM
purple monster
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Default Re: Grokusama---Shinies, Events, and other...

u still up for that?
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