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Old 04-10-2010, 01:09 AM
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Default RMT; A NU Sunny Day Team

RMT NU; The Sunny Day Strikers
"A Sunny Day Team that doesn't rely on Exeggutor."

I'm really tired of seeing the same Pokemon in Sunnday Day teams. Exeggutor, Charizard, Ninetails and Victreebel reign supreme, but I want to offer a viable alternative using some of the most ignored NU Pokemon that can do extremely well in the sun without having Chlorophyll. :)

At a Glance;

Solrock / Bellossom / Typhlosion / Castform / Quagsire / Pidgeot


Corona the Solrock
Adamant / Levitate / Focus Sash
4 HP / 252 Attack / 252 Speed
- Protect
- Sunny Day
- Stone Edge
- Explosion

Solrock is here to set up Sunny Day and wreak enough havoc on the traditional NU Leads before Exploding. The first thing to do is to Protect, stopping any Tricks, Thunder Waves/Status or Fake Outs. This also serves to scout out what they may switch into or what moves they possess. Solrock is Sashed, so that it at least gets one more turn to set up Sunny Day or Explode, whatever comes first. Stone Edge is there as an additional move to use later, if I feel the need to save my lead and re-use it at the end instead of Exploding.

Mina the Bellossom
Physical Sweeper
Adamant / Chlorophyll / Wide Lens
200 HP / 252 Attack / 4 Speed / 52 Special Defense
- Sleep Powder
- Swords Dance
- Seed Bomb
- Drain Punch

What? A Physical Bellossom? Are you insane?
No, not at all. I find that Physical Bellossom is one of the most interesting and unexpected Chlorophyll users. Most expect to see a Victreebel or a Special Bellossom, which results in them sending out either a Special Sweeper (such as Magmortar) or a Pokemon with high Defense (such as Steelix). However, with Sunny Day up and Chlorophyll in place, a Wide Lens'd Bellossom has the chance to pull off a Sleep Powder and can either Swords Dance on the switch or SD while the other Pokemon sleeps. Seed Bomb is the resident STAB move while Drain Punch gives Bellossom the chance to dent those high defense Pokemon that will not fall to a Grass move as well as replenish HP.

Firenze the Typhlosion
Special Sweeper
Modest / Blaze / Choice Scarf
56 HP / 100 Defense / 252 Special Attack / 100 Special Defense
- Eruption
- Flamethrower
- Focus Blast
- Hidden Power Grass

Most people laugh at my odd EV spreads, but with a max Special Attack and a Choiced Speed, I allocated the other EVs to HP and the Defenses to allow the Special Sweeping to continue. Eruption is the greatest move a Typhlosion can have, especially when it's under a Choice Scarf. Flamethrower is the alternative, when Typhlosion's HP falls below half. Focus Blast is to take care of all those Normals running around NU such as Chansey, Miltank and Tauros. Last but not least, Typhlosion's main threats are from Rock, Ground and Water Type Pokemon - all of which can be countered with a nice Hidden Power Grass.

Clifford the Castform
Wild Card
Modest / Forecast / Heat Rock
80 Defense / 176 Speed / 252 Special Attack
- Sunny Day
- Weatherball
- Ice Beam
- Thunderbolt

I was debating on whether to use Castform or Lickilicky, and I chose Castform simply because no one knows what's coming from it because of the wide array of Special Attacks it can learn. However, I may replace it with Lickilicky if that is the overwhelming majority. Sunny Day and Heat Rock proide for my second Sunny Day Pokemon. Why does Sunny Day need to go up if most of your Pokemon don't benefit from it? Well, many on my team can dominate with their Fire typed moves or since they resist fire (such as the case with Quagsire and Solrock) they can take down any Fire typed opponents with Earthquake or Stone Edge. Weatherball is boosted by STAB and the Sun. Ice Beam is to take care of Flying or Ground types. Thunderbolt is for Water or Flying types that may want to switch in.

Quagmire the Quagsire
Mixed Wall
Impish / Water Absorb / Lum Berry
252 HP / 4 Attack / 252 Special Defense
- Curse
- Earthquake
- Ice Punch
- Recover

I love Quagsire. He is easily one of my favorite Pokemon and for good reason. Cursecover. Cursing Quagsire can sweep teams and STILL retain being a Wall. Now with max Special Defense, Quagsire can live a majority of Grass moves and begin Cursing up, ready to throw an Ice Punch at any Grass or Flying Pokemon that may come in. Earthquake on a Cursing Quagsire is deadly to everything without Levitate or a secondary Flying type. And lastly, since everyone likes to Toxic Stall this beastly Water Pokemon, he comes loaded with not only a Lum Berry, but Recover. In addition, he comes with Water Absorb for all those who like to Surf away the Fire types and even in the sun, Quagsire resists and packs a punch.

Mel Gibson the Pidgeot
Mixed Attacker
Lonley / Tangled Feet / Life Orb
4 HP / 252 Attack / 100 Speed / 152 Special Attack
- Brave Bird
- Heatwave
- Roost
- Quick Attack

Pidgeot CAN work well on a Sunny Day team, as long as Magmortar is exterminated, since a Scarf'd Thunderbolt can eat through any Flying type. Brave Bird helps dent ANYTHING with STAB, max Attack and a Life Orb. Heatwave works exceptionally well on a Sunny Day team, and most don't expect it from a Roosting Pidgeot. Roost works to recover Life Orb damage and Quick Attack is a STAB, LO priority move.

Final Glance;

Solrock / Bellossom / Typhlosion / Castform / Quagsire / Pidgeot

Suggestions? Replacements? Counters?

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Old 04-15-2010, 04:12 AM
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Default Re: RMT; A NU Sunny Day Team

Idc that this is old, I like NU.

First off I have no idea what the hell you are doing with Typhlosion. 40 HP / 252 SAtk / 216 Spd Timid is what you need to keep ahead of ScarfApe and beat the crap out of it with Eruption. Typhlosion is not surviving anything with that Bulk anyways, so who cares? And Solar Beam>HP Grass, and then HP Rock>Focus Blast.HP Rock hits Flareon and Ninetales. You also have two Pokemon weak to SR (one of which is Typhlosion, who just becomes a worse Magmortar at 75%). So I suggest switching out Solrock for Sanslash, so you can get the Spinning, and you can use it to set up SR (which you need, so Charizard and Magmortar don't maim your team) and set up Sunny Day. A simple 252/252 defensive spread should work. You also have a Skuntank problem, so he helps there.

Some other nitpicks: Bellossom needs Max Speed to beat Typhlosion. Even then, I'm not sure why you would use it over Shiftry. (I'd suggest Exeggutor and Victreebel, but you've already said how you dislike them so... they are indefinitely better though.) Still, Specially based Shiftry would be the best. (physical ones cant get past Charizard or Miltank or Meganium, or any of the other 80 Pokemon with decent defense or a Grass resistance)

Weatherball is the move you want on Castform, as it is slightly stronger than Flamethrower.

I think standard support Quagsire would work better than Cruse, since you should be using it as more a sponge for Water attacks, so you can get in something fast easily to set up Sunny Day again. Encore/Earthquake/Recover/Sunny Day (if he gets it, but I don't think so) or Ice Punch. Encore can grab you a lot of free switches to get your sun up and start hitting again.

Again, I want to suggest a Pokemon that you don't want over Pidgeot (Charizard in this case :x) but I dont want you to yell at me. Even then, I think you really need to have another dedicated Sun Abuser on the team, and hopefully one that can set up Sun too. Solar Power Tropius is an interesting option, that you might want to look into. He is uncommon. I don't think Pidgeot is the best Pokemon to abuse sun, just because he gets Heat Wave. (besides the fact that Rock types wall him here, so that wont even help). You shouldn't completely discount the regular sun sweepers though. People us them a lot, because they work well.

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Old 04-18-2010, 12:54 AM
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Default Re: RMT; A NU Sunny Day Team

Leman; I don't see why Typhlosion needs to outrun ScarfApe when this is NU, not OU. However, I added bulk to try and keep my Scarfer around longer. Since he is also Choiced, that's why I did not pick SolarBeam. It was a toss up between Focus Blast and HP Rock, but since I had HP Grass to prevent any Rock, Ground or Water, I figure Focus Blast is best to take out the Normal types that litter NU (especially Miltank).

I'll certainly replace Flamethrower with Weather Ball.

I also may replace Curse with Encore, which can mess up several teams. Yet, the main reason I wanted Curse was because I put this EVs in HP and Special Defense - not Attack. And a CurseSire can easily sweep a team while taking hit after hit.

I may replace Pidgeot with Tropius, who does get Whirlwind. I'll look into that. Thanks for that suggestion. =D
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