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Old 06-21-2010, 05:47 PM
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Default The Infection-{Part 1:Accumulation}(D)

The government of Sinnoh has always been eager to tamper with Pokémon and Human DNA. Without consent of any of the other regions, Sinnoh did just that. All attempts to create a Pokémon human hybrid have failed. If the human was injected with Pokémon DNA they died and if the Pokémon was injected with human DNA they became rabid and would attack the first living thing they see. Sinnoh killed off these rabid Pokémon buried them and continued to experiment. Soon it was found out that the Rabid Pokémon can infect other Pokémon and turn them rabid, even when dead. Sinnoh quickly removed the bodies, but had nowhere to store them. Even without proper storage, Sinnoh continued to experiment, hoping they would be successful and the product would help with the situation.

News of Sinnoh’s experiments soon reached other regions. They quickly called in on a meeting and ordered the experiments to be stopped. Sinnoh’s government stopped with the experiments, but soon enough and underground group of scientist took up the task of creating the hybrid. Just as the government scientists were, the underground scientists were unsuccessful and just created more rabid Pokémon. These scientists opted against killing the Pokémon and instead locked them in cages, feeding them and treating them like pets. They allowed them to grow, and noticing they wouldn’t attack other rabid Pokémon let them out in a contained area. The scientist found away to control the Pokémon to an extent though. They realized that high pitched noises would calm them for at least three minutes. That was enough to put them back into their cages.

The scientists steadily made progress each and every day until they were finally successful. They created a Ninetale/Female human hybrid. She was calm; she could talk as a human, or use Pokémon language. She even was willing to help find a cure. They eventually realized that the cure was to mix the female hybrid blood with male hybrid blood. The scientist quickly went and attempted to do so, mixing Arcanine DNA with human male DNA. This experiment was half successful. The male would switch from normal to rabid at unpredictable times and would go on rampages. He was to strong to be locked in a cage and soon killed all the scientist, leaving but one alive but wounded. The male hybrid took it upon himself to let free all the Rabid Pokémon into the region of Sinnoh. The last living scientist gave humanity its only chance of survival, using a government radio broadcast to tell anyone who was listening about the Rabid Pokémon that were coming. This was what he said.

“I am Ethan Banes. I am… Was the head scientist in an underground organization whose mission was to create a Pokémon/Human hybrid. My team was successful, but several times before that we weren’t. We created volatile Pokémon that harbor a virus. They will attack human and normal uninfected Pokémon at first sight. They are fast, strong, and damn near unstoppable. If they kill your Pokémon, leave as quickly as you can. However you can stop them. Extremely loud noises will cause them to run away, or calm down for a few minutes. That won’t hold them for long though. There are two successful hybrids that have also escaped. One is safe to talk to, she is female. The other is male and is very hostile, even worse than the Rabid Pokémon, but you will need him to save yourselves, and the world. You need to find both hybrids and collect a blood sample from each of them. In order to do this you must find the Ninetale hybrid, and you must capture the Arcanine hybrid. Considering the infection should be reaching Kanto by the time I finish announcing this, I don’t know how you’ll be able to disperse it to the whole world. I’ve offered all the helpful information I can give. Good luck.”

It’s been two years since the Rabid Pokémon got out, and barely anyone listened to the scientist’s advice. They assumed someone would come and take care of it, and because of it, less than twenty percent of each region’s population is left. With the rabid Pokémon multiplying and the human population dwindling, the survivors would have to decide if they would die trying, or accept death. You have chosen to try and stop the infection, though it may be too late. You might be living in a settlement of a few survivors, but for the most part you’re alone. However you must find the others willing to try and find the two Hybrids and restore what’s left of the world. The task will be difficult as the electricity is gone for the most part, Rabid Pokémon roam day and night though it’s impossible to tell if it’s day or night. The skies are gray and depressing, dead bodies of human and Pokémon litter the grounds, and foul stenches flow through the air. The Rabid Pokémon smell your blood, they smell your flesh, and they smell your fear. Surviving is unlikely.

Your Role: It’s simple, find the Hybrids, make the cure and save the world. Well, it sounds simple.

-Keep cursing to a minimum.
-No killing off characters without that character’s consent. If you want to kill of your character consult me first.
-No bunnying or godmodding
-Be nice to each other
-Leave romance to kiss and hug only if you start a relationship
-Have fun
`````````````````````````````````````````````````` ````````````````````````

If you have any questions pertaining to the rp, or if you wanna discuss the goings on in the rp, then say it or ask it here. If you have any questions and are thinking about joining still, you can ask here as well.
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