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Old 09-06-2009, 08:07 PM
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Default Poke'World: The Complete Game

Welcome to the Poke'World thread.

I have posted this idea all over Pokemon Forum sites and have had mostly positive looks. So please enjoy.
These are possible starter ideas for one of the regions



MMORPG (Massive Muliplayer Online).

-Game Play-

-In Poke'World, you will be able to design a highly customizable character avatar to play as. With this character, you are to pick a job (currently of which there are 5) and fulfill individual goals with your Pokemon. The game, when finished, will be rendered in full 3D (sort of Pokemon stadium graphics). The first installment of the game will be probably of the Kanto Region includeing some 70 visitable locations. The region of Kanto is almost completely mapped out. However, I may decide to start with a new region with new Pokemon as most people will be eager to play that and are will most likely be bored of Kanto when HeartGold and SoulSilver are released. As the design process to the first region approaches its end, a job search has been issued. Anyone is welcome to help in the creation of this truly EPIC game.

-Regions Included-
-TCG Islands
-Orange Islands
-Sevii Islands
-TCG Islands
-Event Areas
-Kanto Underground
-Region ???


-There are currently 5 jobs in the game concept: Trainer, Assistant, Breeder, Coordinator, and Rocket. Each job has its own storyline, advantages and disadvantages against other classes. They are as followed:

A)Trainer- Trainers are as the name implies. You will follow the Trainer
storyline and strive to become a pokemon master by collect as many
species of Pokemon as possible. Trainers also try and aquire Gym
Badges from Pokemon Gym Leaders and participate in the Pokemon
League. They can purchase Pokemon from specialized ranches run by
Breeders. However, they may not sell Pokemon, instead, they may sell
information on Pokemon obtained from the Pokedex. The number of Pokemon
that a trainer can hold is up to the limit in the PC box. (18 Boxes Total).

B)Assistant-As an Assistant, your goal is to reseach as much as possible
on the world of Pokemon. You may buy Dex information from passing trainers
or conduct fieldwork. As an Assistant, you are granted 3 Pokemon that reside
in the backyard facility of the Lab. Pokemon that appear there will appear at
random so you don't know what you may get. Only basic stages will show
however. You will be working for the Professor head of the region. As an
assistant, your main goal is to earn your title as Pokemon Professor. Assistants
do not normally battle with Trainers but instead battle wild Pokemon to gather
information. However, this does not mean that you cannot participate in battles.
They may capture Pokemon but the Pokemon they capture areput into the
backyard facility. Assistants are only allowed to own 10 Pokemon

C)Breeder-As a Breeder, you will follow the Breeder's. Your main goal is
to breed every Pokemon known to and Unown to man. You will find out valuable
information in evolution techniques and can even start a ranch for pokemon. As
a Breeder, your story will begin as the grandchild of a Daycare Couple and you
will run the Daycare Center. After a while, you can choose between 2 different
paths, you may stay at the Daycare Center and continue progress, or start your
very own Pokemon Ranch. If chosen, you will be given a small plot of land for
the Ranch which will continue to upgrade, grow, and diversify as you gain Breeder
Points. The Pokemon you raise there are able to be sold to Trainers, Rockets, and
Coordinators. Breeder jobs will include caring for sick Pokemon, protecting them
against the elements, other Pokemon, and potential thieves, build habitats, and the
buying and selling of Pokemon. If a Breeder catches too many Pokemon, the extra
Pokemon will be automatically sold to Breeder HQ for profit (at a very low price).
A Breeder can only hold up to 2 Pokemon and own a total of 25 Pokemon. The
Pokemon on the Ranch may be owned by the Breeder but cannot be used for
battle unless bought from another ranch and trained.

-Extra Breeder Info-

-They could also buy a stove, to cook food for thier pokemon.
I`m not sure if we have this, but when they don`t have the ranch
yet, only the day care-center, they could buy new pieces of land.
Those pieces will always have a new terrain. So whenn you buy
a new piece of land, you could not only have more pokemon at
the center, but also new types.

-Example: At the start:
-1 "piece" of land
-room for 3(or so) pokemon
-types: Normal

-After you buy second "piece"(maybe a "piece" with some trees)
-2 "pieces" of land
-room for 6(or so) pokemon
-types: Normal & bug

-After you buy third "piece"(maybe a "piece" with some water)
-3 "pieces" of land
-room for 9(or so) pokemon
-types: Normal, bug & water
And so on and so forth.

D)Coordinator-Coordinators select and train Pokemon to participate in Contests.
Coordinators will start out with a starter of thier choice from each of the 4 regions
+ 2 new regions. They can capture Pokemon and train them just like trainers abd
can battle Trainers outside theCoordinator Contest Hall. Instead, they must battle
wild Pokemon to gain EXP.Coordinators may purchase Pokemon from the Breeding
Centers. A Coordinator's goal is to obtain all Contest ribbons. Coordinator have the
ability to make Pokemon Foods such as Poke'blocks and such which can be sold to
any of the other four classes. Coordinators can only own a total of 20 Pokemon and
hold up to 3.

E)Rocket-As a part of Team Rocket, you will start off as a lowly Grunt. Your main
goal is to achieve Boss status and collect every Pokemon. Rockets have the unique
ability to STEAL other player's Pokemon using a specially made Rocket Ball. The
player will only recieve one Rocket Ball every 3 days and it is not guarenteed that
the Rocket Ball will work. It does have the potency of an Ultra Ball. Rockets can
hold up to 5 Pokemon and a total of 15. The rest are automatically sold to the Black
Market for a small amount of cash. Rockets obtain money by catching or stealing
rare and powerful Pokemon and selling them to Rocket Leader Giovanni. The price
of a Pokemon is determined by its Lv., amount of experience, rarity, nature, color,
origin and healthiness.

-Extra Rocket Info-

After sucessful steal, your "reputation" will go up some points.
They have to be careful though, as thier reputation grows,
they are most likely to be caught by officer Jennys that are
wandering about. Stealing from special places such as the Lab,
Silph Co. or Gyms can result in you getting arrested immediantly.
But thats not to say that it cant be done. So stealing from other
trainers will be by the 4th or 5th promotion.

(More information coming soon for all classes)

-Character Customization-

-At the beginning of the game after you choose your job, the Custom
Character Builder screen will pop up. On this screen and based on your
job, you will be able to customize a character with amazing diversity. From
the hairstyle, clothes, and face to the skin tones, expressions, and emblems,
all parts of the character will be customizable. There will be stores placed
around the regions outfitted with new upgrades for your characters that can
be purchased via Job Points.


-Money is essential in the everyday lives of the Poke'Players. Money is used
to purchase anything ranging from Pokeballs to Potions and Medicines to Herbs.

-Job Points-

-Job Points are earned when specific tasks are completed that pertain to your
particular job (EX: Trainers get Trainer Points or TPs and Breeders get Breeder
Points or BPs). These points act as money but do not allow to purchase normal
items. These are hard to obtain and can be spent of a variety of things ranging from
Mystery Crates, Ranch Expansions, Rocket Balls, Journal Information, etc. The
amount of overall points you have also determine your rank. If you should fail to
complete a task or your Pokemon faints, you will lose these points. If you should
lose too many points, your rank will fall. In a Rocket member's case, Job Points
are extremely important as they will increase your rank in the Team Rocket regime
and allow new skills.


-For the beginnings of this game, battles will be in 2D, but once completely finished,
you will have full control over your Pokemon which includes dodging, attacking, and
defending. You will also be able to move around the battle field as well. In order
to initiate battles between other users, simply ask and open up the Invitation Screen.
If your invite is accepted, you will automatically start a battle. For computer based
characters, you simply walk into thier line of sight and they will automatically initiate
the battle sequence. For wild Pokemon however, battles will be entirely different.
To initiate a battle with a wild Pokemon, In order to initiate the battle sequence, you
just walk up to the pokemon and touch it....that is if you can catch it. Catching
Pokemon will no longer consist of\randomized battles. Once ready, a user may attempt
to catch a Pokemon. Pokemon in the wild will behave in different ways depending on
thier Nature. A SHY Tangela will likely run away and you will have to chase it in order
to initiate the battle sequence, where as a BOLD Nidorino will most likely come
running after you.

-Trading Cards-

-Throughout the game, a player may obtain a set of in game Trading Cards. These cards
can be sold for money or a very small amount of Job Points. Trading Cards can also
be used to make a deck. If you make a fully operational deck, you may recieve a ticket
to participate in card battles on the TCG islands. Prizes are issues and special Pokemon
will be rewarded.

-LV Gain and Loss-

-Pokemon level up via gaining experience points by completing certain tasks such as battling.
Unlike other predecessor Pokemon Games, Poke'World Pokemon are able to lose experience
and levels. This can be a result of bad caring, fainting, blacking out, etc. As a result, Pokemon
will lose STAT points and thier moves will weaken. As another negitive effect the overall mood
of the Pokemon will decline as well and if low enough, that Pokemon will not listen to you.

(Soon to come information: Regions and Info, Experience Points, Region Bios, Pokedex, Journals, Blacking Out, Fainting, PokeFood, Pokemon Care, Badges, Gym Leader Bios, Trainer Cards, Holidays, List of Items, Storyline, Quests, Side-Quests, Locations, Poke'Moods, Poke'Natures, Following Pokemon, Legendaries and Event Pokemon, Famous Charactor, Appearances, TMs and HMs, Traveling, Time of Day, Seasons, Safari Zone, Surfing, Digging, Poke'Viruses and Diseases, Ranks, Rewards, and Secret Bases.)
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Old 09-09-2009, 11:28 PM
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Default Re: Poke'World: The Complete Game

Sounds like a pretty cool game, Do u know what program ur going to be useing?


Originally Posted by Lord Khajmer View Post
Looks like Craig isn't the only one surfing PE2K while high as a kite.

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Old 09-17-2009, 10:22 PM
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Default Re: Poke'World: The Complete Game

Looks good.. but wont everybody pick team rocket.. so they can steal evreybodys pokemon?
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Old 09-17-2009, 10:47 PM
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Default Re: Poke'World: The Complete Game

Hm... you managed to create an MMO that actually forces people with different classes to go different paths... you've piqued my interest. It seems a little Farfetch'd for an unlicensed fan game though. I'll believe it when I see it go public.
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Old 09-18-2009, 08:12 PM
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Default Re: Poke'World: The Complete Game

Originally Posted by Khajmer View Post
Hm... you managed to create an MMO that actually forces people with different classes to go different paths... you've piqued my interest. It seems a little Farfetch'd for an unlicensed fan game though. I'll believe it when I see it go public.
I and my team are still in early development with this game. No, not everyone will choose team rocket. Ive taken pole results and most people tend to choose Breeder as the most popular job. after that is trainer, rocket, and assistant.
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Old 07-15-2010, 10:08 AM
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Default Re: Poke'World: The Complete Game

you've piqued my interest. It seems a little Farfetch'd for an unlicensed fan game though. I'll believe it when I see it go public.
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