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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default Ice Heart [the legend begins]

Ice Heart

Welcome to Ice Heart, a new tale about a Glaceon named Spazz's journey for... something. You have to actually read the story to find this stuff out. I just figured everyone loves the eeveelutions, and they're unlike any other Pokemon family, so they deserve their own fanfic! Banner needed, any artists that would be willing to do it would be great. Character bios coming soon, and chapter directory, you know, as soon as I right actual chapters besides chapter one. By the way, I have serious motivation issues... so please comment, all critiques/comments drive me to write more!!

Chapter 1
Rated: G
Reason: Nothing in here Pokemon doesn't have.

I stood in the deathly silence of what they called the Acuity Lakefront. The snow was falling lightly, covering everything with a layer of white, like the powdered sugar on a human's treat. I don't think anyone has ever actually seen the grass surrounding Snowpoint City, even in the summertime it remained as frosty and cold as ever.

I opened my eyes and looked around. The sky was gray-white and depressingly bleak. The pine trees surrounding the area were covered in snow and strung with multicolored lights and stringy garland, along with ornament bulbs. Christmas. Another pointless human celebration.

In the distance, I could see two shapes vaguely, moving in circles around each other. No doubt another Pokemon battle. Something I had hated since.... no.

I'm not even going to go there yet.

I shook myself off, turning my mind back to what I needed to do. Jazz was coming, and I needed to check on something.

Our parents must have been really tired when they named us. I mean, our names rhyme for goodness sake! But secretly, when I'm not around my brother, I like my name: Spazz. It just sounds good and rolls off your tongue nicely, right?

I padded softly over to a mound of snow, and pawed at it gently, unearthing a pulsing green rock with grass growing all over it. Grass. What a strange, mysterious thing. I had never seen it in all my life. And the way it glowed... I knew it was somehow important.

Softly, I brushed my tail over it to bury it once again and head off to my den. Upon turning around, I was greeted by a yellow, spiky face grinning at me. "Spazz. What a nice surprise. You don't look happy to see me. ...What was that?"

"What was what?" I asked nervously. I didn't want Jazz to know about the green rock. All my life Jazz the Jolteon had been stealing my thunder, no pun intended, and for once I wanted one thing all to myself.

"It was nothing, bro. Seriously, I'd tell you if I'd found something important." I started padding in the direction of Snowpoint while desperately trying to change the subject.

"So, how's the battle training going?" If there was one thing Jazz was obsessed with, it was Pokemon battles. Every time I saw him, he was boasting about his lastest victory against a Machamp or the new battle move he just learned. I figured asking about his wins would keep his mind off the wins. But I was about to experience a different Jazz that I've never known.

Jazz's face contorted till he was almost growling at me. "I know your secret, Spazz. You have the Moss Rock. We want it, now."

I shook my head, not knowing what he was talking about. Could it be the green stone I had found buried in the snow the day I evolved into Glaceon?

Then I remembered one of the first lessons our mother taught us - evolution. Eevee is the evolution Pokemon, and can evolve into many different forms.

Touching a Thunder Stone makes them a Jolteon. Touching a Fire Stone makes them a Flareon. Touching a Water Stone makes them a Vaporeon. Happiness makes them an Espeon in the day, Umbreon at night. And finally, the Moss Rock makes them a Leafeon and the Ice Rock makes them a Glaceon.

I had been training one day when I tripped over something buried in the snow. Unearthing it, I found a pulsing icy blue rock with a frosty tip. The aura emitted from it was cold. I should know, since I can sense auras. I touched it cautiously... and was out cold in a flash of bright light. Upon awakening, I felt different. I was different. I was a Glaceon. The Moss Rock is the rock that evolves Eevees into Leafeon.

"Hand it over, Spazz. We need to harness the evolution of eevee so that our glorious family can triumph over all Pokemon."

"...Okay, that's just stupid, Jazz. The eevee family is remarkable, but so are all Pokemon. All Pokemon are equal, except for Legendaries. That's the way it is," I said fiercely.

Jazz didn't even bother replying - he let his skills do the work. His spiky fur crackled with electricity, and in one swift motion he shot a bolt of lightning at me. I may not be a battler, but I do have some skills. Quickly, I concentrated and a film-like substance covered my whole body with a silver-pink. I leapt at the Thunderbolt and it rolled off of me, zigzagging back towards Jazz. Jazz leapt aside gracefully, the electricity making the snow rise like a curtain.

When it fell again, the snow was gone. So was the Moss and Ice rocks. And so was Jazz. If he gets his paws on the Thunder, Fire, and Water Stones, all Pokemon will be in big trouble, I thought. Evolution emits really powerful rays... who knows what they could do if they could harness that power?

I gritted my teeth. I wasn't a fighter. That was true. But this was too big to back down from. I decided to get going right away for Sunyshore. Why? Because Sunyshore is where the ThunderStone is. I'm talking about a giant ThunderStone where all the little ones come from. That's the one they're after. I know it.

Suddenly a small ball of brown fur came tumbling down the mountain and landed in a heap in front of me. Its two pointy ears poked out of its round head, and small black eyes gazed up at me, frightened. I recognized the Pokemon instantly, mostly because I used to be one. The Eevee shook itself off, scattering snow everywhere - not that I minded, being an ice type.

"I heard everything," it said. Its voice was a little squeak - it must be a young little eevee. "Is it true that Jolteon's going to destroy all the Pokemon but the eevee and its evolutions?" I wasn't surprised such a tiny creature could go ten minutes without being noticed - what I was surprised was how the heck that eevee got up the cliff, and when. I hated to tell the eevee it was true and scare him even more, so I decided to get the eevee off my back all the while not scaring it. There was no place for a tiny little vulnerable eevee on my journey. I bent down and dropped my voice to the barest of whispers.

"Don't worry, it's just a game. Don't tell anyone! My brother and I like to play a game. He's the pretend bad guy, and I'm the hero. Sometimes we even fight, but we don't hurt each other bad. So there's no reason to worry, little eevee." I could see the little eevee's eyes get brighter when I mentioned that it was a game.

Uh-oh. I hope I didn't just say the wrong thing.

Sure enough, within the space of ten seconds I had a little eevee jumping and prancing all around me asking if he could join in the game. I calmed down the eevee, and quickly invented a lie to keep the eevee out of danger. "The game is a tough one! Too tough for a little eevee. In fact, we have to keep moving or we lose. That's because the winner is the first one to make it to Sunyshore City, on the other side of Sinnoh! It's too dangerous for a little shrimp like you." I could see the eevee's lip trembling and eyes watering as I walked away.

I looked back one more time, and the eevee was gone. Good, it probably realized it couldn't join in and went home. Now I could get back to my task at hand - beat a Jolteon to Sunyshore, protect the Thunder Stone. The Fire Stone and Water Stone didn't matter. I had seen them with Jolt already. Protecting the Thunder Stone was our only hope.

Looming ahead of me was a giant rocky tunnel. Mt. Coronet! Had I walked that far already? I looked back. At my snow. My ice. My home. I'd see things I've never seen before. Pokemon I've never met before. But it would be worth it. I hoped.

Now for the matter of getting into Mt. Coronet, as the entrance was fairly high and I wasn't a Leafeon. During my limited battle training, I got to choose between Strength and Rock Climb. Oh, why didn't I pick the former? That's it! Moves! I backed up a bit and formed a glowing ice-blue circle in my mouth. I shot zig-zagged beams all over the place, forming steps out of ice. I climbed the slippery steps one by one and made it to the top.

I was about to go inside, when something fell on my face, yelling and shrieking. I was under attack!
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Default Re: Ice Heart [the legend begins]

I enjoyed the first part. I can't wait to read more!

Sorry, I can't be a help with banners and such.

^Banner made by ME!
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Default Re: Ice Heart [the legend begins]

This has been a while, are you going to post the next chapter?
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