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Ultra Worlds RP With your friends and rivals, journey forth and experience a unique role playing adventure with your URPG Pokémon. Can you master the Ultra Worlds?

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Old 11-07-2010, 06:52 AM
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Smile La Casa de Ultra

“La Casa de Ultra,” you say to yourself as you read the freshly painted words upon the old wooden sign. You glance at the unremarkable shop; it doesn’t stand out compared to the surrounding buildings. You almost turn and continue down the street.

But something stops you. You hear laughing and cheerful chatter coming from inside the shop. Strangely exotic, yet homely smells waft out and your stomach growls with hunger.

“Well… maybe a small rest won’t hurt,” you think as you walk forward.

As you pass through the door, your senses are overwhelmed. Everything is just… amazing. The inside of the shop looks almost impossibly larger than what you saw from the outside. A variety of occupants sit at a multitude of tables spread out upon the shop floor. On the near wall, a long bar extends outwards as a tall, female bartender dries clear mugs with a rag. A small band plays a pleasant tune softly in the background.

However, before you can take in anymore, a portly man dressed in a white smock walks up to you.

“Welcome to La Casa de Ultra!” he greets happily. “Please, please, sit down and take a break from your travels. You must be famished!”

He leads you to one of the various tables, it already occupied by a few others. And that’s when you realize something odd. All the patrons are… a little different. Some are dressed like yourself, but most are quite varied in their appearance. Some seem to wear clothes that haven’t been in use for centuries. Others seem to be dressed in some sort of material that you’ve never seen before. They carry different items; carry themselves in different ways. And you could swear you just saw another waiter seating a Pikachu cloaked in dark sunglasses and wearing a black trench coat. Even stranger, the waiter appeared to talk with the Pikachu as if able to understand it. Humans, Pokémon, and everything in-between seem to be here.

“Pardon me,” you say as you sit down. “But where do all these… beings come from?”

“Everywhere and everytime,” he replies. “Folks from all over the place. You see that trainer over there? He’s speaking English. And that young woman in the purple robes? Japanese. Not to mention any other number of languages ranging from Common to Tryldrawex. But most importantly, here, everyone can understand each other, no matter what language they speak.”

You are about to ask how that’s possible when the waiter, seemingly out of nowhere, places down a plate and a mug in front of you. Wait… this can’t be. It’s your favorite food and favorite drink! How did he know? Where did he get it?

“How much do I owe you?” you ask, reaching into your pack.

“No charge!” he replies happily. “Well, that’s not entirely true. The owner requests that you pay for your meal by talking with the other patrons. Share stories and join together to have a good time! That and no fighting are his only rules.”

You sit back against your chair. This place… could not possibly exist. Perhaps it’s some sort of magic or futuristic technology. Maybe the owner is divinely inspired or a legendary creature in his own right. And the people! They seem to come from everywhere, even places you’ve never heard of. La Casa de Ultra is truly a wondrous and strange place.

As the waiter starts to leave the table, you quickly turn around and ask him one last question.

“If I leave this place, where will I end up?” you ask.

The man smiles, a twinkle in his eyes. “When you leave, usually you end up in the same place you came from… other times, where your heart desires to go… and others, well, where you are destined to travel.”

He turns, but pauses, and then looks at you again.

“Don’t worry,” he adds. “No matter where you are… you can always find La Casa de Ultra.”


1. Here, any of your characters from any of your role plays (including non-URPG ones) may come in and casually chat with others. There is no storyline, merely a meeting place to gather with others.

2. No fighting. Any physical conflict must be taken outside (in another role play or a URPG battle). If you get rough, various waiters dressed in various garbs with various abilities will kick you out.

3. Where is La Casa de Ultra? It is seemingly everywhere.

4. Who is the owner? No one really knows. There are rumors though, that he is a man dressed in white, who rides upon a horse.

A Note from HKim:

When I envisioned La Casa de Ultra, I imagined it as a place where your characters can interact with other characters of other role plays. An interesting concept, and one that you could consider, is that perhaps some characters could leave one role play and enter another. Or in other words, leave one world and travel to the next. To do this, of course, you would need the permission of the creator of the role play you are planning on joining.

Sometimes role plays end, not on a high note, but on a low one as it fizzles out from a lack of activity. Characters become lost... forgotten. But perhaps not so. Perhaps they come here, searching for another journey, another adventure to join. And maybe, just maybe, they find one. After all, these are the Worlds of Ultra. A multiverse of stories of our members.

Feel free to use La Casa de Ultra as a place to chat. And feel free to use it as a way station. A place where one character travels from one world... and into an entirely new one.
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